I Got Bitches

das it mane
I love Christian rap.
Pepperoni nipples
Paracosm State
How it feels to chew 5 gum.
Isabelle Longo
*PePpErOnI NiPpLeS*
Justin Daigle
I went to my local Walmart connected to a random bluetooth... AND LORD BEHOLD THE SPEAKERS WAS ONNN!!!!
AtalicKes Skeleton
This song got rid of my depression
cinnamink daddy
Play this at my high school graduation 😂
Horror Anonymous
Cameron Stark
Who’s here because of library prank?
shambla isby
Play this song at my funeral!
Jo Pike
stick it in dat booty hole😂😂😂😂
Biggie Talls
Who else really wants to hear cartman from south park sing this
SepticEye Shay
When you just turned 18 and can say whatever you want😂
Who else is here because of sips?
Bruce tv
Lol play this at my wedding and funeral🤔😂😂
the boss
Still waiting on the kidz bop version
Swagger: *holding pistol going up and down*
Samuel H
Connected to my TVs in the commons and blasted this every day for 2 weeks they can’t figure it out😂
waymon productions
Pepperoni nipples 😂😂
Emo Nemo
why did this song just pop up in my head lmao 2018💪😂
Ronaldo 12
0:27 is the funniest part
This is my ring tone and it went off during health class I got detention😂
Zeanna Wilson
my mom slapped the soul outta me wen she heard me listening 2 dis😂😂💀
This song make me have a greater relationship with God
Big Daddy
“Pepperoni nipples”
I'm deadass thinking about joining a femimist class just to set this as my ringtone and go off full volume in the middle of class XD
1k likes and I will play this in my school computer lab
Where are the rest of the comments
*Pepperoni nipples*
Erin Chambers
Showed this song to my grass now I have weed 😂
This is the most beautiful piece of artwork i have ever seen i cant explain what im feeling right now *tear falls* a true piece of art
Kevin in the back
this is LITERALLY.....the best song ever.
Brendan McPherson
Who else is here from SwaggerSoul's video?😂 "JAZZY CSGO MOMENTS"
Emmettthegman r
This is so good to show to your Cristian friends it's Soo Christian
Bryson Alford
This is the definition of christianity Enough said...
Brianna Bush
This is the male version of "My Neck, My Back"
Tempted to take a feminism class just for this ringtone to go off
Jaden Mendez
loveliveserve 😂😂😂😂😂
I want them to play this at my funeral xD
Tea 3
Swagger souls brought me here
Hasan Yousaf
Loveliserve brought me here
Imagine playing this full volume in class, " oh, sorry, that's my ringtone"😂
Tommy K
My voicemail greeting when my bm call😂😂
anthony pinto
The ring in the background is my phones notification sound and i never knew till my teacher told me 😂😂😂 omg
Nathan Schmick
Here from sips laughing compilations
I showed this to my sisters Now they're pregnant
Bubba J s
Is this, it gets 30 likes I play the song in class
Kingston VEVO
My 10 year old cousin played this while I was driving😂 that was the quietest drive back home.
adin baker
Best youtube recommendation ever
bluray 69
Who else is here because of blasting innapropiate song in the library part 2
Black eyed Biker
When your ex says she misses you
Loveliveserve ❤️❤️
dat one gurl123 Mill
Bruh one of my friends fell when they heard this
Swaggers vid? 😂
kayandra roper
I only found this song because my friends were listening to it in class and singing it out loud , it is the funniest shit I've ever heard .
Hondos extreme fishing Martinez
I played this at school on a speaker. It was the funniest thing ever
This song is so lyrical 😂😭
Daniel Hernandez
play this at my wedding
Nathan Cremin
These are some inspirational lyrics 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
When you forgot to turn off your phone and this is your ringtone
Clorox Bleach
I Heard This From Roblox You Too? TELL MEH NOW!
Saucy Pickles
My brother got the aux cord and played this in the car with my mom and dad in the car.... he was grounded for 2 months😂😂
Katlyn Richey
Anybody come here from Swaggersouls?
The funniest part is how they pronounce balls just like Cartman from South Park...
Your Friendly Neighborhood Trap Haus
I blasted this while slowly driving by the McWomen's March earlier this year. LMFAO
Finn Md.
On guy turns on this song in my class during lesson😂
Lina P
Kyden Nuorala
Unhooking the church bells in my town plugging big speakers in and everyday you will hear this
Andrew Bell
Someone played this on my backswing in golf😂
The Real Eh See
This song makes me nausous for some reason....
suckin on my bawls lickin on my bawlz
MaKenzy 010
I want this song at my wedding 😂
madelyn trepka
my step brother played this on the Bluetooth speaker 😂
Brandon Alegre
Came from loveliveserve called Blasting Inappropriate Songs in the Library Part 2
freezy boi
Swagger souls anyone
Gooptroop G
"Biggie cheese walks in"
lil Panzu
This acc pretty fresh👏👏
Bobby Millette
Well I'm never going to get this out of my head lmfao
Medic Is Here
Play this at my graduation
Someone blasted this on the bus with a speaker everyone was singing and the bus driver didn't give 2 fux
Official Card Tricks/ Flourishes
😂😂😂😂😂😂 this is great
Ze Slushy Mango
OMG Me Dying Btw This Song Is Fire 🔥
Jean Joseph
This is grazy bro but the music is good
Me Me
Everybody be singing this in school including me
Maurice Trevino
I'm here because of the Jews lol
Neymar Is a GOAT
2017 was lit
best song every time you got the blast I saw u gasps ho
I’m here from RohanTv and this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Who came from loveliveserve
John Brock
This sounds like something Cartman would rap
YnG Dagger
Still booming in 2018
Activision with all the cod YouTubers XD
Presley Mullet
this is my jam play it at my funeral
Killer Raven574
You know when your a super lit Classroom Party and that one kid who does everything asks for song requests Me : this song
Mr. Noodles
A guy played this at my school 😂 he was casting this on a TV at school btw😂
Adam Harmon
Was at a festival and one of the DJ’s sampled this to perfection.
Wild 1
I was bumpin this driving through the hood. Niggas were like “wtf??”. I had some gangsta’s laughing 😂 The end tho 💀😂😂
Bthe Legend
this is so good
Bello 1924
My friend played this in class everyone was laughing
This would be the song your girlfriend socks you in the jaw for playing.