I Got Bitches

das it mane
I love Christian rap.
baby baby unicorn
Who else is here because of blasting innapropiate song in the library part 2
SepticEye Shay
When you just turned 18 and can say whatever you want😂
Pepperoni nipples
Jesse Bosche
This is why North Korea wants to nuke the U.S!!!
1k likes and I will play this in my school computer lab
he says "balls" the same way as Cartman 😂
MarioLord 14
Where's the KidzBop version?
Kevin in the back
this is LITERALLY.....the best song ever.
Paracosm State
How it feels to chew 5 gun.
Horror Gaming
Who else is here because of sips?
Tempted to take a feminism class just for this ringtone to go off
This is my ring tone and it went off during health class I got detention😂
AtalicKes Skeleton
This song got rid of my depression
Señor Noodles
A guy played this at my school 😂 he was casting this on a TV at school btw😂
Isabelle Longo
*PePpErOnI NiPpLeS*
Brayam Gomez
Who came because age restricted on the other channel? Loveliveserve!
Brett Swolo
This Vs. Deepthroat, who wins?
Josh Girard
this makes me want to call in sick for my doctors appointment
I beat my meat to this song
Jo Pike
stick it in dat booty hole😂😂😂😂
Everything is Connected
kidzbop version is lit
cinnamink daddy
Play this at my high school graduation 😂
Bris Breezy
Cameron Stark
Who’s here because of library prank?
Bubba J s
Is this, it gets 30 likes I play the song in class
Lilac Kitty11
I'm gonna play this tomorrow cause its the last day of school 😂
Horrorfanboy 75
“Pepperoni nipples”
Fox McCloud
Does anyone have the sheet music for piano?
the boss
Still waiting on the kidz bop version
Bruce tv
Lol play this at my wedding and funeral🤔😂😂
Michael Ryan
Someone played over the Bluetooth speakers in the gym when everyone was in there
Ashton Bowman
This is clearly a tribute to Big Chungus
real racing 363
im fucken dead!!!
shambla isby
Play this song at my funeral!
waymon productions
Pepperoni nipples 😂😂
This song make me have a greater relationship with God
Your Friendly Neighborhood Trap Haus
I blasted this while slowly driving by the McWomen's March earlier this year. LMFAO
Turkish Mapper
came here from playing innapropriate songs in library
Lawson Black
This song is the funniest song I’ve ever herd
urBoiBiggieCheese •
*jesus has left the server*
Ronaldo 12
0:27 is the funniest part
savagekill 667
What am I doing with my life now?
Nataijah Wright
I've been looking for this forever omg! Finally found it! Haha
Jessica Lee
Conspiracy theory: trump wrote this song😂
Daniel Hernandez
play this at my wedding
TrxSTeR Trxster
I want them to play this at my funeral xD
Erin Chambers
Showed this song to my grass now I have weed 😂
Where are the rest of the comments
2018 anyone???
Trenton Williamson
What perves listen to this?
Sebastian Ampudia
Who came here from loveliveserve?
Tavian Miller
why did this song just pop up in my head lmao 2018💪😂
Samuel H
Connected to my TVs in the commons and blasted this every day for 2 weeks they can’t figure it out😂
Biggie Talls
Who else really wants to hear cartman from south park sing this
Hasan Yousaf
Loveliserve brought me here
Itsyoboy Martinez
Every mans dream
jack grazer is papi
my crush sent me this song, I guess he horny 🤷
Jaden Mendez
loveliveserve 😂😂😂😂😂
Zeanna Wilson
my mom slapped the soul outta me wen she heard me listening 2 dis😂😂💀
Nathan Schmick
Here from sips laughing compilations
Jj Jjjjkjk
Loveliveserves brought me lmao
*Pepperoni nipples*
Loveliveserve ❤️❤️
Firby V
This song is the physical representation of how guys would be serious and how honest we would be when we go to the club at night to be lit asf
John Brock
This sounds like something Cartman would rap
Angel Cruz
This song is hilariously funny
Gonna play this in my funeral
Brianna Bush
This is the male version of "My Neck, My Back"
kayandra roper
I only found this song because my friends were listening to it in class and singing it out loud , it is the funniest shit I've ever heard .
Maurice Trevino
I'm here because of the Jews lol
This is the song the Albert Einstein was listening to when he came up with the theory of relativity.
Finn Md.
On guy turns on this song in my class during lesson😂
Christian Pate
Eh See
This song makes me nausous for some reason....
dat one gurl123 Mill
Bruh one of my friends fell when they heard this
Joellina Poff
We play this song everyday on my bus and everyone screams ''stick in that booty hole'' over and over
YnG Dagger
Still booming in 2018
Tj and Ryan
I played this song in school I got 2 schools and 3 after schools and 1 lunch deation
Hondos extreme fishing Martinez
I played this at school on a speaker. It was the funniest thing ever
i just imagined this going off as my ringtone in class with the girl i have a crush on
My new ringtone!
Gooptroop G
"Biggie cheese walks in"
Breece 8445
i want to see the music vid for this LOL
This song is so lyrical 😂😭
Janay Fitz
This song soooooo freaking funny!!!😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
This would be the song your girlfriend socks you in the jaw for playing.
Ashley Johnson
I just wanna know why he made this song? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
ass- throwl
This was my ringtone and it played during class , and some black dude and chick started singing and dancing to it , I got suspended and my phone took lol
Tiger H. Lore
“C’mon... Mah ballz... mah ba-hallz...”
MaKenzy 010
I want this song at my wedding 😂
Ewan Walker
When my mom came in my room I switched to porn hub because it was easier to explain XD
Emma Jackson
when i first listened to this song i was like 😧 then i listened to it again and i was like 😁😁😁 now i am like in love with it.
Prince Henfield
"Stick it in that bootyhole" 😂😂😂
finesse kidd438
I got suspened at school for playing this out loud at silent lunch
I love this song
finnley equestrian
please play this at my wedding
Medic Is Here
Play this at my graduation