Nekromantik 1987 theme

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weird weird movie. kids do not watch the movie.

Christine Wilton
The way they used such a beautiful upbeat song for this film definitely reminds me of Cannibal Holocaust and it's beautiful soundtrack as well. I think that really contributes to what makes these films so memorable- the music is so out of place! It's almost hilarious but it kind of adds to the disturbing factor of those movies. The filmmakers did a fantastic job
Fyrrust Pantsuraider
beautiful song for a beautiful movie
Schachter Factor
I love the description: "weird weird movie. kids do not watch the movie."
Sarah Heckinsiger
Oh so adorable song, just like the movie haha...
This got me in the mood to get my spade and go to the nearest cemetery.
Dulo Clan Ov Death
i fucking love that music its so relaxing and the movie too :)
Stuart Leeder
along with cannibal holocaust has the most emotional soundtrack to 2 of the most extreme horror classics ever made - beaufiful- dont make em like that anymore..........
damn she sucked that eyeball pretty good!
random person that likes Buddy Holly
This is EXTREMELY disturbing. I m in depression now
Best movie theme ever, no joke IMO
G. R. R. Tolkien
So romantik
Cancerous Cancer
Why does this song and movie poster feel so damn nostalgic?
Nekromantik. With music composed by siphilitic zombie Schubert.
luca g.lisickza
i personally know jorg buttgereit and olaf ittenbach during the pesaro horror festival, in which we saw together the director all his movie horg buttgereit is a tall man, with Frankenstein t-shirt i dont think he's crazy or sick, simply he have the ability to put on the movie the filth of the humanity and this is hard, both for contents of the movie both because there are who make that shit for real
Jackson Likes Movies
Judging from this music, are you sure the corpse in the movie wasn't Laura Palmer?
Im here because of Cinema Snob.
I finally saw it! Greatest movie ever!
Zakir Hasanov
gertold grecht
Einer der derbsten Filme die ich je sehen durfte. Ein Kult Film.
Julie Lehoux
I love the buttergeit's work. A french fan
Kasaja Reborn
Movie is a sick and disgusting but a soundtrack is a beautiful
Hilda Marchand Lavigne
me encanta este tema♡♡ es tan dulce
Sadistic Misanthrope
This Movie is not that bad. Sure it is shocking but it has some humour in it too. I like the funny scenes about the protagonist's thoughts
Nicholas Hansen
fucking awesome
Albino Goat 666
so sweet
viktor reznov
What a Sick film that was
Sgt Pot
Alright people, check my cover of this track and let me know what u think:D
Ofis Dorionas
Just a better budget and I swear, this movie would be a masterpiece
Madeleine Hammersmith
GAH I love this 
Eddie Menzzi
I think there´s a great mixture and contradiction of feelings, but hell, there´s the magic of it.
Chris Horsfield
I would like this played at my funeral before I get rest!
I was recommend to listen to this piece and I got to say not bad. But do I want to see the actual movie that is tied with all of this? Maybe.
Nước mắm nhĩ
Nekromantik and cannibal holocaust.Disturbing movies with very very beautiful soundtrack.I don't know why :))))))))))
grégory deydier
LOVE JORG'S WORK!!! magnifique ce son!!!
How could such a simple, yet beautiful soundtrack belong to such a disgusting, repulsive underground movie?
Dal Jenn
I want to exhume my grandmother from the grave now  and dance with her.
I wanna see this movie so bad!
Jacuzzi Banzai
Upbeat music for Upsetting cinema.
Пилар Цукерберг
Pan Twardowski
I disagree with those who tell that the music is out of place. The truth is, you wouldn't have such pervertion if you had a normal childhood. Maybe parents of main character didn't want him, wanted him dead in their hearts. As a child, he felt it. So spending time with corpses, he felt himself closer to death, closer to that statement his parents wanted him to be. Something like that. And so he felt something he wouldn't feel normally by any means. He felt parental love. Pure love, a something that he really wanted, but couldn't obtain, feeling just a hollow inside. When i'm listening to this music, i have a feeling of long-awaited love i never had. It's not a cold corpse skin, it's coldness of his mother inside. So for me, that suits movie just fine.
Szymon Owczarek
Kiedyś powiedziałem sobie, że obejrzę jeden obrzydliwy film w całości, padło na NEKRomantik. To były najstraszniejsze chwile mojego życia. A ta spokojna muzyka muzyka jest najgorsza. Gdy tylko ją słyszę to od razu przed oczami pojawiają mi się te wszystkie chore sceny :/
This was a movie.  Just so you have a reminder.  This existed.
Darryl Scotty Spivey
So Beautiful!!! I am choregraphing to this now
Susan Jones
Beautiful. Brilliant movie about love and death.
Chris Young
This theme encompasses  precisely what this film is about! But, within the confines of art, we're expected to look beyond . This is a great film. I hate the rabbit scene, but think of it as I do. He's looking to repair himself;. It's the same way he couldn't stomach the snuff film he was watching. That is why there exists the juxtaposition. Yes, I can convey correctly.
Mr. Milgram
Moa Morgenstern
I've tried so much to find somewhere to stream this movie online with English subtitles but I can't find it and that makes me sad.
Alex Xela
it makes me thing about the last scene of the film... mmmm.... awesome!!
Moa Morgenstern
Where can I watch the movie with English subtitles? I've been looking for ever.
Rodrigues Marcos
Música muito bonita, para um filme escroto
This movie is seriously fucked up in the head but the soundtrack is very well done including this
Euge Dm
es muy buena la pelicula ,me encanto la verdad hermosa
Nekromantik é foda , com essa música tocando em quase todas as cenas fica ainda mais perturbador
Caldeirão TV
Beautiful song ever!
This music is as good as the movie :P
TYTD Reviews
One of the strangest movies I've ever talked about...but I dont necessarily think it's the most disturbing film I've ever seen...I can definatley feel the John Waters vibe...great little movie though :)
walter feaser
One who "Romances" the dead. In direct relation to Necrophilia(cs), which is also known as necrolagnia or thanatophilia. A person who quite literally wishes to "jump ...
Ioana Andreea Alexandrescu
The movie is actually shocking, not scary or horror. I watched it yesterday and in conclusion it's made incredibly good. Good effects.
Thank you My MIx for unearthing this masterpiece
Erdan 711
J'aime bien
Knurre Von Kukhagel
Derek Mactavish
God, such a beautiful song
Jorge Allende
Berkay Edinciklioğlu
Ölü babannenizi sikiyim
Helmut McFranklinstein
I'm a big horror fan - love Carpenter, Romero, Argento, Fulci, Hooper, etc, but could not get into this movie at all. I first saw it years ago and didn't like it..then tried to watch it again several years later and still couldn't get into it. It wasn't because of the subject matter..I just thought it was a terrible movie.
Perennial Loser
<3  <3  <3
Sadistic Misanthrope
This movie has a disturbing old school feel to it. I like it
Alejandro Torres
What's is the name of this song?
Carlos Maya
Luv it ♡
Zac L.
I figured it out after leaving this comment, it sounds like Clapton's "Layla"
Daniel Bascombe
in my opinion it kinda sounds like "Playing with the boys" by Kenny Loggins from the Top Gun Original Soundtrack
beautiful song for the most horrifying movie..
Schachter Factor
I would assume it's the people who have sex with corpses.
Zac L.
WHAT SONG DOES THIS SOUND LIKE! Its fucking killing me
Denny Edström
and more?
Bethany Hardicre
What's this called and where can I learn to play it?
Andre Bonadio
i can´t stop hearing this music
Raúl Olivares Santos Castro
Que bonito soundtrack
rogelio rodriguez
si es raro ver una escena tan perturbadora y a la vez la banda sonora te hace sentir un sentimiento raro
Mory Chan
spiritual necro
Raúl Olivares Santos Castro
Es interesante que peliculas tan macabras tengan bandas sonoras muy hermosas como La naranja mecanica, Holocausto canibal, salo 120 dias de sodoma y nekromantik Pero creo que es parte para que una pelicula macabra triunfe, no, no creo, ES CIERTO. Combinar lo macabro con lo alegere para dar una sensacion de ¿ Debo ponerme feliz por esta cancion o estar perturbado por esta escena? Me gusta que hagan eso :0 Denme like :c
Denny Edström
I wonder if there's sex scenes with humans and zombies or something dead .__. I'm a Necrophile.. I get turned on by zombies... but I wuld never fuck a dead corpse..
jum hitty
This movie sucks so bad lol
Fatty Cat
Someone has masturbated watching photos of corpses on the Internet?
Fatty Cat
Yeah, That its true!
What is it about an inappropriately cheery theme song that sends an already disturbing movie into the stratosphere? This, and the Cannibal Holocaust theme give me chills, man.
Martha Rocha
I couldn't get this song out of my head until now... I kept whistling it all around the house.
Ingrid Foxx
Is it wrong that I sometimes blast this while in the bath? No, I didn't think so either.
Schachter Factor
Such a morbid yet brilliant way of filmmaking.
Mój stary
Diane Duende de Góngora y Góngora
Lindi Rufus
You're funny. That's why I will screw your corpse last. >:)
Sometimes I wonder who the real corpse-fuckers are?
not true at all
Der Film ist schon krass, aber die Musik ist geil.
};-) <3
XD :D :))) ;))) :D