How to remove stripped screws – 7 different ways

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In this video I look at how to remove some stripped screws by using everything from an elastic band to a dedicated damaged screw removal bit. The 7 techniques used in this video are- Elastic band Impact screwdriver Damaged screw remover Trend Grab it pro Left handed drill bit Centre punch Cold chisel There is no one method that works on all screws and if you get a long wood screw with a stripped head you have not much chance of removing it.

ex-PFC Wintergreen.
I wouldn’t believe a thing he says, he’s clearly got a screw loose
is the swearing and pleading method not useful?
Big Will
The bloody rubber band trick worked you legend!
Its all fun and games until you need to remove a screw from your pc
Richard's World Traveler
You have one more to remove. Try some homemade explosives on it.
Duh just use a damaged screwdriver
May I add another method to your armoury - after hours of struggling to get a screw from wood I eventually got my electric soldering iron and placed the tip on the remains of the screw head for about five minutes (this expanded the screw) I then let it cool, the screw then went back to original size, but the hole it had made didn't. I then got the screw out VERY EASILY just using a pair of grips. I haven't tried this method on a screw into metal but screws holding door hinges onto wooden frames or a wooden door can sometimes be a right [email protected]$*@rd. I recall back when we had coal fires a red hot poker would perform this trick - but an old screwdriver and a gas hob will do the job if a soldering iron isn't available.
Santosh Kiran
Nothing except the Rubber Band is available in my country.
Ty Kellerman
What needs to happen is philips head should be banned and replaced with the Canadian Robertson
Patrick McIntosh
Cheap screws and cheap tools equal stripped screws and wrecked tools. Invest and rest.
Steve Huffer
A piece of coarse sandpaper can have a similar effect to the elastic band.
I wish philips screws would just disappear, so many mangled screws due to so many people confusing philips and pozidrive.
Lord Krythic
You forgot to mention the power of God and Prayer! With God at your side you can overcome any obstacles!
Lawrence Patrick
stripped screws is my worst nightmare and can be off putting in diy projects. screw this, im outta here
Doug van der Hoop
Good video! The eighth method is to use a small drill bit to drill down into the center of the screw then use an easy out to remove the screw. That's how it's done in avaition.
nightmare in action
Thank you none of fthese workes it made it worse
Wes Soflomia
I use Voodoo and peanut butter, works 1% everytime.
Richard Roberts
I just use my telekinetic powers to turn the screw out with my mind.
Chromer Pimpson
your rubber band trick helped me fix an old bicycle. I think that's worth a thumbs up. thanks man!
Idk why philip heads are used on anything.
Wi Gs
Once I rounded a internal hex screw in an engine block that had red loctite on it, in order to remove that sob I put super glue on the bit and allow it to set in the fastener. It worked like I hoped it would have then I burned the glue of the bit to get it out.
Aman A
What surprises me the most is that people use power tools to remove or tighten a euro lock screw....
Your methods work great on newer screws with nice and clean threads. I just removed 4 number 3 head screws in the rear of a '78 Bronco this afternoon using the classic "weld a nut to the screw head" method because the threads were rusted and wouldn't come out unless extreme measures were used. I welded a nut to the head of the screw, and used an open end wrench / socket wrench to remove the screws. works like a charm every time.
I think he said hassle but it sounded like something else ;-). 2:40
Any tips on how to remove a very small stripped screw? It's on the plastic case of a laptop! :-S The only one of the 7 methods I could apply to my case was the 1st, with rubber didn't work unfortunately.
Gordon Aitchison
Never knew about the rubber band trick. Re the last one, the wood screw, what I've done before is to grind out a straight slot using a Dremel with a cut off disc.
Another Viewer
Nah I just grab a gun and shoot a hole through the screw 😎😂
Wow, I got recommended this video at impeccable timing! I have an old screw head in my scooter that stripped and couldn't take it out. This video gave me some great tips. Thanks!
Wasting Time
If you don't have a drill and want to use the left handed extractor do you need a left handed screwdriver?
Jo Baecker
An elastic band...we'll I'll be...
Saucy Boi
Stripped screws is why we should all invest in torx screws. Standard Flathead screws can cut, Philips screws are nothing but strippers, Squareular screws always get stuck, hex screws also get stuck, rivers can’t be removed, nails can split wood or pry off, staples also can split or pry off, triangular screws require special tools. torx are designed for heavy duty
Jr Hill
Have u ever heard of a screw extractor??? Very easy...
Michael Tricker
Many times you can take the proper screw bit and file 1 - 2mm of material of the point. Tap the bit into the damaged screw hole a few times with a hammer and then unscrew as usual. Cheap, and some finish screw heads, are not very well formed during manufacturing and the point of the screw bit hits the bottom of the screw head stopping the lands of the screwdriver bit engaging with the form of the screw head. And so when you try and use a cordless to remove the screw it cams the head out. This trick also works with screws that are filled with paint for the same reason. One last related trick is when you are making forms for concrete. Screw heads that get filled with concrete are a nightmare to get undone. I get a tube of cheap caulk and squirt some over the head of each screw before the concrete i poured. When you come to break down the forms just push the screwdriver bit through the caulk and the screw will come out every time.
Jesus loves you read John 3:16 and Romans 10:9
Trev SpRks
What about using a Dremel and turning it to a flat head and then just used a flat head to get it out but that’s depending on the situation
I have seen the rubber band trick a few times but I have never put it into practice, I can't believe it really is that effective! Great to see some other methods of screw removal as especially in older houses like mine you see a lot of screws that have seen better days and are almost impossible to remove with a regular screwdriving bit.....well not anymore! A great video showing some really useful tips on to remove those massacred screws heads that can sometimes really ruin a perfectly good day. I have often just used a Dremel with a thin cutting disc to almost score and reinstate the screw head grooves enabling me to get in with a screw driving bit and remove the great....if you have a Dremel.
Patrick Stoute
Cheers mate,just the info i needed 😎🤘🏻!!
A GREAT useful video on youtube, like the good ol days.
Chris Bailey
Great info. But try removing screws in aviation. It’s a totally different beast.
Yeah Caitleen wow
Thank you this is really helping coz I have the same problem.. Thanks once again for sharing Stay healthy and keep sharing useful tips...
Peter Parker
All good tips. I've tried all of those except the elastic band one. Interesting. Another one to add to the list is, hammer a Robertson screw driver into the head and just unscrew to remove. I find the square bit bites into a damaged Phillips head very well.
Miguel Almanza
I want to make a comment on the fact that i havent searched for anything related to stripped screws. I was however on the job today and we were dealing with a stripped screw. We did talk about it but never searched it. Big brother is listening i guess lmao
Mircea Constantinescu
How would you remove a screw from a stripped hole? Thanks!
Make one for Alan keys
Willy Rivero
Amazing. Didn't realize there were so many ways to do this job. Thanks a lot. I subscribed right away!
Dominique Buzon
You made a very good, useful and well presented video!
David Twigg
Hmm...the rubber band trick has me thinking. I wonder how a bit dipped in plastic coat would do.
EvHexRC 1
I don’t know who you are, but I know genius when I see it. Greetings from across the pond. Subscribed.
Damn thought the Grab it drill side was a shit....wasn't drilling in reverse. Thanks from Canada.
Greg Jordan
Well they weren’t tight were they. How often does it unscrew after half a turn on left hand drill bits or anything.
theres another way but some people wont seek it
Great video 🤔 but 10 to 15 pounds of what ???
Who’s Phillip?
Roger Gustafsson
Usually the screws are rusted and stuck in there badly as well.
Edgar Allan Poe
That’s very useful and awesome 😎 there’s nothing nastier like such damaged screws with ugly rounded off heads
Another great video. Is there anyway to remove a screw holding down a upvc window opening rail where the head has rusted and broken off?
Mark Conger
Excellent tutorial. One tip I would offer which seems rather obvious but human behavior being what it is, do not reuse a screw with a damaged head. Throw it away!
kturst s
8 methods
Bible Boy
Cómo quitar un tornillo barrido( Spanish translation)
Craig Nevermind
I wonder if you could drill a hole into a screw, then glue something hard into it, sticking out. Then just clamp onto it with the drill. The grab it bit, is that principle really Like hard wire.
Max TheWinCat
But how to remove tiny stripped screws from electronic devices?
Ian Rivlin
Is that a Rochdale accent?
Transgender Twilight Sunrise Brigade
this guy sounds like King Leonitus
Mohammed Ali
Steve Leahy
Thank you
naveed khan
Excellent guy always making my life easier!
Graesen James
There not in there hard at all the clutch on the drill is set on 8 well he's drillin with the left hand bits
what about screws where you can't press down hard? small, t10 stripped screw on a carbon fiber element...
beaky cole
Typed in 'stripped' 'screw' & ' different ways' ...i feel cheated..
How would you recommend taking off a screw that’s stripped but is in a small space? One of the screws in one of my desktops got stripped and now I can’t open the case
Chris Campbell
Rubber band worked for me. However, I finished watching the video because his accent is so cool. It's as if one of the boys from Trainspotting made good ,found a trade, and a good job.
Gareth Wigglesworth
Upload more videos please.
How about if you only have manual tools?
The Crazy Man From Ireland
Holy shit a rubber band didn't think that would work great tip thanks for sharing super video
Thank you sir....
U know I’m a great fan of urs, I need ur help once again top man... 1st of all I hope ur year has started well 🙂 as a NHS plumber 👨🏾‍🔧 I change a lot of pan connectors n as a experienced man u know these screws either rust or are soft brass 😕 what’s ur advice on removing these screws 🔩 as u know how delicate a pan 🚽 is? Pls once you have a moment get bk 2 me m8 👍🏾 Btw another great video 🎥 💯
Huie D.
The best video I have ever seen for removing screw that are stripped
Juan Ramon Martin Albo
Le felicito por su trabajo, señor... Saludos desde Madrid...
I've never got a stopped screw out with a rubber band. It be easier to get a stripped screw remover kit. I have no idea where to buy one.
Sayit AsItIs
Good video but maybe you haven't heard of the 'friction screw drops' like Screwgrab. No cussin' no sweat just a drop and it grips almost any knackered head. Used it for years on yacht teak decking and it works every time
Slotted screws should not come with curtain rod kits. I'll go rummage and find a Phillips.
I used to be an electronic tech.. screws in VCRs TV's etc..are notorious for stripping. I was taught by an older tech carry diagonal cutters on me. it works best on screws that above the surface. Grab middle and grab the outside or outside to outside. The important thing is a notch.. it gets out nails and staplers. my 2 cents. I wonder how innertubes would work.
Eino Peto
Great video. Saved my day. Thank you.
James Drissel
For the wood screw, there are very small and deep hole saws that fit over the shaft of the screw (after you break the head off). You can improvise if you have a piece of tubing of an appropriate size. Just make a very rough cut on the end (the rougher the better) - the screw shaft will keep it running straight. These also run counter-rotating, so quite often you do not have the drill out the whole depth of the screw. The only ones I ever had to fully drill out we're either rusted or had been epoxied in the hole. If you use brass or copper tubing, it will often twist and bite down hard on the shaft and turn the rest of the screw. But go slow when this begins because sometimes the tube twists off instead.
Therka Marka
thank you very much sir! I had totally stripped screw on my very expensive knife and I used hammer to loosen it a bit and it worked.. Basically home made impact driver..
Kevin Urban
OH yeah yeah
There is a first choice that's was missed. If your drill has clutch settings put it on the lowest one in reverse then while pushing hard on the drill try to remove the screw with the correct bit. This creates soft impacts. Gradually turn the strength of the clutch up till either the screw comes out or the bit slips in the head. Slow increases are better than fast ones to give the drill time to work. You can also try using a small punch in the centre of the screw and give it a tap or try to tighten the screw first before loosening. This works just like removing gun nails from timber. You hit them deeper to break the glue then pull them out.
UK Tony
This video is a life saver. Many thanks for yet another incredibly useful video.
Super merci
Ę.Ž. FęTTy Currillo
The scwew dwiva yeee awesome tho
Easy to tips and tricks etc etc
Good job you made that look easy, I'm fairly new to your community look forward to hearing from you Ken
Josh Sparks
This is shit half the people don't have in the first place usher than the rubber band
Matthew Knight
Eh try getting harder screw's out ex; cellphone, Tablet, Electronics stuff like this isn't gonna work on them, bigger screw's are a lot easier
Nathan H
I just punched my screw in the face after a couple of hours and it bled out of the hole.
Romilton DE SOUZA
Muito bom
dan 1989
Bloody good job sir, done every one except the rubber band one, in a sick way I look forward to rounding off a screw head to give that one a go. But I'll go next level, try rounding off an M6 stainless countersunk screw, Allen head, 25mm long going into stainless steel bar, blind hole. Countersink must be deep enough so screw head is slightly below level. Yes this exact scenario has happened to me and I know the solution. Bar was totally undamaged during removal.
Steven Hair
I worked with a British man named Kevin many years ago and he was an expert and removing stripped screws. I also learned the words "poofter" and "tosser" from him as well, names he loved to call me when Id bring a stripped screw for him to remove. He had epilepsy and we knew how to handle it when he would have a seizure. One night a seizure stopped his heart and he passed away, age 39. This was 18 years ago and I still miss him.
This is why your channel is so important and a fantastic one-stop-shop for all the resources a DIY'er needs. I never knew any of those methods and the rubber band one just knocked my socks off. Fantastic video Chez and one I shan't forget! Thank you