How to remove stripped screws – 7 different ways

In this video I look at how to remove some stripped screws by using everything from an elastic band to a dedicated damaged screw removal bit. The 7 techniques used in this video are- Elastic band Impact screwdriver Damaged screw remover Trend Grab it pro Left handed drill bit Centre punch Cold chisel There is no one method that works on all screws and if you get a long wood screw with a stripped head you have not much chance of removing it.

is the swearing and pleading method not useful?
Big Will
The bloody rubber band trick worked you legend!
Its all fun and games until you need to remove a screw from your pc
Duh just use a damaged screwdriver
Santosh Kiran
Nothing except the Rubber Band is available in my country.
ex-PFC Wintergreen.
I wouldn’t believe a thing he says, he’s clearly got a screw loose
May I add another method to your armoury - after hours of struggling to get a screw from wood I eventually got my electric soldering iron and placed the tip on the remains of the screw head for about five minutes (this expanded the screw) I then let it cool, the screw then went back to original size, but the hole it had made didn't. I then got the screw out VERY EASILY just using a pair of grips. I haven't tried this method on a screw into metal but screws holding door hinges onto wooden frames or a wooden door can sometimes be a right [email protected]$*@rd. I recall back when we had coal fires a red hot poker would perform this trick - but an old screwdriver and a gas hob will do the job if a soldering iron isn't available.
Richard's World Traveler
You have one more to remove. Try some homemade explosives on it.
Lawrence Patrick
stripped screws is my worst nightmare and can be off putting in diy projects. screw this, im outta here
Ty Kellerman
What needs to happen is philips head should be banned and replaced with the Canadian Robertson
Tipsy McStagger
your rubber band trick helped me fix an old bicycle. I think that's worth a thumbs up. thanks man!
Richard Roberts
I just use my telekinetic powers to turn the screw out with my mind.
Steve Huffer
A piece of coarse sandpaper can have a similar effect to the elastic band.
Wes Soflomia
I use Voodoo and peanut butter, works 1% everytime.
Gordon Aitchison
Never knew about the rubber band trick. Re the last one, the wood screw, what I've done before is to grind out a straight slot using a Dremel with a cut off disc.
I wish philips screws would just disappear, so many mangled screws due to so many people confusing philips and pozidrive.
Patrick McIntosh
Cheap screws and cheap tools equal stripped screws and wrecked tools. Invest and rest.
Idk why philip heads are used on anything.
I think he said hassle but it sounded like something else ;-). 2:40
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That was awesome. Thanks for the tips, brother. But, for the sake of fun, tell us: Haw deeya feks a krayza oksent loyk yozz? 😀
Huie D.
The best video I have ever seen for removing screw that are stripped
Firdaus Elis Majid
Damage screw?.... Ahhhh damm it screw!
Aman A
What surprises me the most is that people use power tools to remove or tighten a euro lock screw....
Patrick McCutcheon
No shit, I'm fighting with a screw on a storm door latch haha
Ferdinand Vanko
You are going way to fast with that driller...
Yeah Caitleen wow
Thank you this is really helping coz I have the same problem.. Thanks once again for sharing Stay healthy and keep sharing useful tips...
Eino Peto
Great video. Saved my day. Thank you.
Randle Richardson
I’ve got a screw rounded out on the master cylinder on my four wheeler I’ve got to get it out.
HMO KardopaLツ
none worked
Mr TriL
Phillips screw . Worst invention ever . Robertson screw . Best invention ever .
Wasting Time
If you don't have a drill and want to use the left handed extractor do you need a left handed screwdriver?
I have seen the rubber band trick a few times but I have never put it into practice, I can't believe it really is that effective! Great to see some other methods of screw removal as especially in older houses like mine you see a lot of screws that have seen better days and are almost impossible to remove with a regular screwdriving bit.....well not anymore! A great video showing some really useful tips on to remove those massacred screws heads that can sometimes really ruin a perfectly good day. I have often just used a Dremel with a thin cutting disc to almost score and reinstate the screw head grooves enabling me to get in with a screw driving bit and remove the great....if you have a Dremel.
Firdaus Elis Majid
Wearing a glove to make it look more tactical and manly.. that's all
Patrick Stoute
Cheers mate,just the info i needed 😎🤘🏻!!
Unmarked K
I tried this and it made it worse.
Alabama axe
60% of the time, it works every time.
julian petschek
this is the best video on youtube
Ę.Ž. FęTTy Currillo
The scwew dwiva yeee awesome tho
idk why I'm watching this but They stole ma bike
Jesse Congdon
Nah I just grab a gun and shoot a hole through the screw 😎😂
Willy Rivero
Amazing. Didn't realize there were so many ways to do this job. Thanks a lot. I subscribed right away!
Those screws were not even tight... but the the grabits work very well, also valve grinding compound on a good tip works pretty good as well
Your methods work great on newer screws with nice and clean threads. I just removed 4 number 3 head screws in the rear of a '78 Bronco this afternoon using the classic "weld a nut to the screw head" method because the threads were rusted and wouldn't come out unless extreme measures were used. I welded a nut to the head of the screw, and used an open end wrench / socket wrench to remove the screws. works like a charm every time.
For damaged wood screws, weld a bolt to it.
Cory Langford
Idk you can strip ur nails like that Wdh
Wim Widdershins
Great video. Thanks for the tips. Rubber band method seems unlikely but works. :)
Doug van der Hoop
Good video! The eighth method is to use a small drill bit to drill down into the center of the screw then use an easy out to remove the screw. That's how it's done in avaition.
Big Loser
When you say good quality tool I always thing you say “God quality tool.” Love your accent by the way! Thanks for the video! this helped me a lot!
martyn fenton
He didn't mention tightening it and this works as it loosens the grip
Corey Ras
The only thing can be use on a screw in a j3 phone is the rubber band, will try it out and let you know the out come .
Aman A
Never knew AEG / Electrolux made drills....
Lloyd Repton
Got right to the end.... Yeah I have a wood screw problem
Michael Tricker
Many times you can take the proper screw bit and file 1 - 2mm of material of the point. Tap the bit into the damaged screw hole a few times with a hammer and then unscrew as usual. Cheap, and some finish screw heads, are not very well formed during manufacturing and the point of the screw bit hits the bottom of the screw head stopping the lands of the screwdriver bit engaging with the form of the screw head. And so when you try and use a cordless to remove the screw it cams the head out. This trick also works with screws that are filled with paint for the same reason. One last related trick is when you are making forms for concrete. Screw heads that get filled with concrete are a nightmare to get undone. I get a tube of cheap caulk and squirt some over the head of each screw before the concrete i poured. When you come to break down the forms just push the screwdriver bit through the caulk and the screw will come out every time.
Jason Xie
Thanks a lot! The rubber band and drill set did their work surprisingly
You just saved my sanity with the rubber band tip. Thanks mate, Deborah
Jo Baecker
An elastic band...we'll I'll be...
Thot Slayer
Well screw this
Donquixote Rosinante
SUPER GREAT ! this will come in handy in near future
You can jbweld driver to the screw as well.
Shishu Ali
love the elastic band trick will keep that in mind
Jonathan Pendley
Do any of that with a coated 3 inch deck screw
Michael Matthews
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Anti-clockwise? Lol
Jan Lewis
Loved your video! Informative, well presented and helpful. Thank you.
watching this to remove my laptop :D
Ten 4
Usually the screws are rusted and stuck in there badly as well.
A GREAT useful video on youtube, like the good ol days.
Ian Mackenzie
As usual, very well presented and educational. Thanks for another useful video. God bless!
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Thank you so much for this video. Brilliant!
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Great tips. Thanks for sharing!!
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WHO THE HELL would thumbs down these useful tips??? (smh) This was great. Than y You so much. Subbed!
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Jesus just get to the damn point. I’m working on my car rn
Anthony J
Ultimate Handyman, you're the best!
Frank Crossword
Needed these on second hand aluminium door, had to drill through key way of euro lock in the end.
Oscar Ruvalcaba
you speak much abbreviated little more
Paul Deakin
Another superb and insightful video mate. Thanks!
Damn thought the Grab it drill side was a shit....wasn't drilling in reverse. Thanks from Canada.
Easy to tips and tricks etc etc
Good job you made that look easy, I'm fairly new to your community look forward to hearing from you Ken
Genius man 👍🏻👍🏻
Dave Larue
Brilliant! Thank you so much!
Who’s Phillip?
Davina Test
Yes! Great video...Grabit,got it, broke it!
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Excellent video. Keep up the good work. Cheers from Alaska!
Thanks for this! You got a Sub!
Unconscious Atmosphere
The impact hammer 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 thank you
But I don't have a power drill. Don't fail me rubber band method.
Wow, I got recommended this video at impeccable timing! I have an old screw head in my scooter that stripped and couldn't take it out. This video gave me some great tips. Thanks!
Ron J
What a great video and instruction U.H. thanks for posting! I think we've all be in this position to remove fasteners. I had seen most of these before but never had seen using a drill bit in reverse or the rubber band / elastic. Amazing.
Great tip,couple i never knew! That elastic one is genius!
I don’t know who you are, but I know genius when I see it. Greetings from across the pond. Subscribed.
EvHexRC 1
Any tips on how to remove a very small stripped screw? It's on the plastic case of a laptop! :-S The only one of the 7 methods I could apply to my case was the 1st, with rubber didn't work unfortunately.
Kuttapan Aalumoodu
Extremely helpful video . Thanks
andrew scribner
Has no one heard of a Johnson bar tool???
Nikos DIY
Thank you! This will go viral..!
Rubber band worked for me. However, I finished watching the video because his accent is so cool. It's as if one of the boys from Trainspotting made good ,found a trade, and a good job.
Wi Gs
Once I rounded a internal hex screw in an engine block that had red loctite on it, in order to remove that sob I put super glue on the bit and allow it to set in the fastener. It worked like I hoped it would have then I burned the glue of the bit to get it out.
Thanks the one with the centerpoint? Worked tot get my fuelinjector loose thanks🤙
danny black
Very helpful, thanks for taking time to make this video 😎👊🏽