Manchester United's Top 10 FA Cup Final Goals | Ronaldo, Lingard and more! | #EmiratesFACup

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Watch all the official United build-up from Wembley on MUTV /> We've put together our top 10 FA Cup final goals, scored by the likes of Ronaldo, Lingard and Cantona. Comment with your favourite! #EmiratesFACup Subscribe to Manchester United on YouTube at /> Visit Manchester United at />Like Manchester United on Facebook at />Follow Manchester United on Twitter at />Follow Manchester on Instagram at />Subscribe to Manchester United on MUTV

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farman siddiqui
More people need to talk about the FA cup final in 1977. Us beating Liverpool in the final was the reason they hadn't won the treble.
Ray Wilkins, what a goal. R.I.P <3
Kaushick MadhuKumar
30 yard screamer from smalling will win it for us on saturday
AllTheseHateComments Not really
RAMADAN MUBARAK! I'm so anxious to see the finals. Anyone else?
Willys Chitumba
How did Cantona kick that???
Daniel Smith
Hard to believe they used to do Final Replays
Ray Wilkins RIP. Great goal!
Man it'd is gonna win InshaAllah
Lord Mozaner
O man I think Lingaard might even deserve first place. That volley was outstanding
The Human Lion
We’re signing Alex Sandro,Alderweireld and Milinkovic will join us soon during the window. We can and will win the league next season🛑
Let's get the cup back home on Saturday! 🔴🔴🔴🔴⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️ 😈
That ray Wilkins goal though
Dragon Gamer007
Add Pogba to that list next cause on May 19th Pogba going to score a brilliant overhead kick lol
Khalid Alnajjar
Cantona the king 👑
H.Hussamy 99
I hope united will win who is fasting?
They all looked the same in the 80's
Bashori Zaeni
Man utd win 10-0 in final tommorow
Meow Meow
Great goals. RIP Ray Wilkins
Grazan MQuila
Luv Bandhu
hope we win this fa cup
Richard Neeson
Where's Sanchez goal Vs Chelsea in the 2018 final....😏😏
Ian Deeley
Cantona's goal is the best FA Cup final goal EVER!
Jamal Jubeh
رمضان كريم 😀🌙
EA 86
Eric the king..👑
Charlie Graham
Glory Glory Man United 🔥👍❤️
Michael Griffin
RIP Ray Wilkins. 😔
Allan Kelner
Ronaldo ❤️🔥
announce Sandro right after Lukaku’s winner at Wembley
Mark Warner
Norman Whiteside in the 85 final. Ron Atkinson's final years as manager. What a goal. I remember in an interview he said, "I'm sure Norman was aiming for keeper's water bottle"
Abhishek Raj
Just get over cr7’s time in man united it’s over between you two Move on smh
Imraan Omar
ooh aah Cantona
Drozdik Patrik
Cantona- Liverpool 2018- Sanchez- Chelsea
Waleed Abd El-Fatah
Giggs goal Vs Arsenal 1999 ??
Haych Kay
RIP Ray ♥️
Francisco J. Mena Girón
😈 The Legends of Manchester United 🇬🇧
Висша сила! Благодаря ти!
Beckham's semi final FA cup goal against Arsenal will always stand as one of the greatest
Steve Monti
I'd go with Lingard
Вячеслав Тоницкий
Alex Sandro in Man Utd? Can not wait
2-0 Lingard and Sanchez with the goals
Sabrine Sehanine
متي ستعودون يا شياطين حمر
Lawrence Stewart
Those were some short shorts 😂
Mourinho should go for Ballotteli to replace the departed Ibrahimovic 👍💯💯✔️👏🙌🙌Abdulaiye Dacoure from Watford to replace Carrick ✌️
CalJ Vlogs
giggs at arsenal???
Amirul Awe96
Pogboom 6
Gustavo Fring
Whiteside's is number 2
Rest In Peace Ray Wilkins <3
Luv Bandhu
cant wait for the Cup Final.
Bashori Zaeni
Ggmu Mufc
Luv Bandhu
come on UNITED 👍
Aaron Cooper
RIP Ray Wilkins!!!
Luv Bandhu
Gurpreet Singh
thuy vu
Jayant Calla
King Matic and King Lukaku will deliver again
Amazing scores.
Lingard's goal is kinda clumsy..shouldn't be in the top 5
Edward Elgar
Pearson's goal reminds me of Rashfords against liverpool this season
Anônimo 000
Barü JKS
Ray Wilkins R.I.P
PictureMane L.
John Motson! Love that voice!!!!
Mandip Singh Rai
belta from lingard
Petar Jović
We will win hopefully we have enough great players to score winner,or to win etc 3-1 lets win trophy Reds😈👹
Arno Ranks
Best in business
Mcr is RED
The King ......
Luv Bandhu
Gading Bintang
Win the FA Cup lads
Iza Borojot
Bye Ray Wilkins 😇😇
c ss
Ray Wilkins, R.I.P brother
I love watching these videos with footage of before I was even born. Amazing quality as well. RIP Ray ♥️
RIP Ray Wilkins king of al cockneys.
Sam Worsley
RIP Ray Wilkins🙌
kasir abidi
Where is wayne rooneys goal against manc??
Manchester United <3
callum millward
Ray Wilkins R.I.P 😭😭
Akshay Kocharekar
Only one Ryan Wilkins
Sanyam Sood
Come on United bring this home
Tilbs 11
What’s the song used for Lingards goal in Number 2?
hmd h
Hope for another final moment this Saturday
PictureMane L.
May Ray Wilkins rest in honor. 🙏🏿
Squek Squek
Lord Jones with a rabona to win it in 93rd Minute
Wembley is RED 🔴🔥
Lukaku _9_
What a goal ray Wilkins rip 🙏🏿
Przemek G
update needed after 19.05 ;)
V1710 Swag
What is the music for the number 5 goal?
LORENZO ðōs Santos
Whiteside should have been #1.
Usman Ahmad
the hell is that on number 10.Surely we have scored better goals than that
I'm actually honoured I got to see my team play against possibly the greatest player ever.
Any goals from this generation?
Jesse’s goal should’ve won it in my opinion. It was always going to be either Jesse or Cantona though wasn’t it