MEAT LOAF - Live London 1987 (Full)

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Original : Meltdown Live 1987. Setlist : 1.Blind Before I Stop 2.Masculine 3.Rock 'N' Roll Mercenaries 4.Execution Day 5.You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night) 6.Dead Ringer For Love 7.Modern Girl 8.Bat Out Of Hell

0:00 Blind Before I Stop 4:04 Masculine 10:40 Rock 'N' Roll Mercenaries 15:56 Execution Day 22:46 You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night) 29:39 Dead Ringer For Love 37:37 Modern Girl 46:33 Bat Out Of Hell
The two background singers are insanely hot...
AbsoluteFlanker 7
easy to forget in recent years what a absolute powerhouse Meat was in his day. He's a beast here, definitely his best era vocally.
chris hood
Blind before I stop was an underrated album, I think
John Ryan Gallagher
Meat should reunite this lineup and tour football stadiums. The Dead Ringer made my face melt. This is the best thing I've ever seen online AFTER the live Duran cover of Come Up And See Me Make Me Smile
i remember seeing this when it was on TV ,,,, in 87 ,,,,,, just as good today ,,,,, :) and those Gough sister's can put me in a Meltdown every time i see this ,,, :)
Steve Victor
meat with a rock and roll band ... cool, must have missed this 30 years ago , who are these guys? they freakin rock, even if it was the 80's
Dead ringer for love,Blind before i stop and modern girl 💋
chris hood
Shame a lot of these songs dont get played live these days
Rick Moore
wow havent seen this in ages! i always had a vague memory of seeing a Meatloaf concert with two very hot blonde backing singers on tv ages ago but never thought i'd see it again so thanks for posting! there is a great live raw sound to this concert and Meat is on top form. it is awesome stuff!!
Roger Holt
The epitome of rock n' roll. Killer.
Channel 6133
I love Amy and Elaine Goff on the background vocals. Masculine is a great pop tune.
I love this concert😇
Maria Alvarez Rocha
Guauuu meat😰👍👍👍
I love it
is that bob kulick on guitar???
I still can't believe I was actually at that show and saw meat, because I wasn't. I live in the US and have never been to London.
juan alt
Where's Ellen Foley? She was the best.
Saw this in Hammersmith it was one of my all time fave concerts. So loud I couldn't hear when I came out. Thanks for posting.
Michael S
Great! Thanks for posting!
Meat Loaf in his best form ever. This is the only one with his best song "Execution day" beginning at 16´00"
Jay Mentzoni
Thank you for the post my VHS is currently in limo
Sławek B.
Would love to go to a concert like this :)
Tony Guinn
Such a great voice. So sad whats happen to that voice in the last few years..
Sherikana Munni
So glad someone put this up - hubby made me delete it soon after I videoed it as he wanted me to record the next Top of the Pops and I didn't have a spare video - I was gutted and have really missed it. Now at last I can watch his performance with the English twins again. Thanks!
Blind Before I Stop songs much better than on the record, especially Execution Day!
Blue Box
I don't even remember these song, this is awesome!! Just when you thought you've heard all Meat Loaf put comes some more!! Thanks!!
Rob Day
Saw Meat on this tour in 87 at the Birmingham NEC - absolutely brilliant - glad this was uploaded - saw it on TV years ago and not seen it since.
And bat out of hell
I'll go blind before I stop, was a song he wrote about masturbation in his teen years.
Really enjoyed that
Elton John Tribute Dean Torkington
at his best here
I think that's the exact line up as Meat Loaf had when I first saw him live here in Dublin, Ireland in 1990. Unbelievable concert! I was (no kidding) barely seventeen and became an instant fan! Only went to it cos Dad had his records and I liked them. Went to all subsequent eleven gigs he had here after!
Terminal Crazy
Fantastic, thanks for posting.
Carlos Magdo
Back vocal homan no.
Relax and Ride it!
6:24 :D
Aussie Outlaw
AND it was ALL down here from then ON
Meat Loaf was an absolutely electrifying live performer in his prime.
Gaelic American Craic
I saw him at a show years ago and then again last year. He's lost his great old voice. This concert is a great example of the Meat in his prime. Truly a legend.
Those girls aren't the best singers, but they sure look fine.
Paul Snape
I saw TV Dec..87 still 1 best rock bands metal
Renan Matos
Brazilian Meat Loaff Rock n' Roll ☠
william weir
26:05 best shot
Jayme Fretta
Love this Man.....GOD Bless Your Soul'' I Love You Always.
😍😍😍😍😍😍Blind before i stop and dead Ringer for love
Dennis Hermanzo
Bob Kulick on guitar!
Patrick Newaere
Bob Kulick on guitar ?
Marion Gran Bruheim