Parkway Drive Interview at Sonisphere 2011 with Kelly D. (Total Rock)

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Kelly D chats with Parkway Drive frontman Winston at Sonisphere festival, Knebworth, July 2011

My left ear is pleased
Albert Camus
HIFTH and atlas <33333333
Colum Sheridan-Small
Fuck yes ill probably be swinging into by accident this year while parkway play...and youl never know it was me haha. Cya there!
josh edgar
Download 2013 is going to be even bigger than Sonisphere :D
John Russell
Winston Is So Humble:) That's Why I Love PD<3
AllShallPerish BeforeMe
I didn't know Spain was in Eastern Europe.
AllShallPerish BeforeMe
They're both a from different ranges of metalcore. BMTH isn't melodic metalcore, like PWD is. PWD and BMTH are both good in their fields and it should be left at that, don't start a war between Oli fans and Winston fans. Don't feed the trolls.
Kristin Werthmann
favorite guy ever, so happy and nice but a monster on the stage!
you forgot andy six
This chick fancied the ass of winston
Liam Thomson
only started listening to parkway drive since yesterday.. so glad i did.. THEYRE FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!
he's a better vocalist, but they're good friends. So chill.
He got head right after.
James Carter
Fuck me. I love this man.
Livvy Burrough
they're friends
Porkwoy drovo is protto owosomo!
Interviewers must love people like Winston - he's always willing to talk and give an elaborate answer, rather than those guys who are shit at being interviewed and answer the question with 'yes' or 'no' and sit there waiting for the next question.
he's already killed every hardcore vocalist!
Dylan Griesbach
my right ear is lonely
Tim Pieper
just using his voice :D
Joeri Van den Eynden
correction, this guy does kill oli sykes in every single way, the band included!
Emilis J
How is asking a question about band's name bitching lol
Emilis J
Why is your band called like that?
plz check out my band : Gather you heroes :) find us here on youtube and on facebok :) ty <3
i saw him live once wearing a shirt. and visit iheartdropdead dotcom and go to "family". you'll find PWD there too.
Oliver Knox
I've never seen him rocking Oli's clothing line, what are you talking about?
Jorge Urbalejo
He got pretty nice taste on t-shirts!
but he rocks olis clothing line so..
he could :) but he's too nice a guy ;)
he could :) but he's too nice a guy ;)
Luuk D
Using a paper clip.
My right ear is sad.
Freddie Brandt
fucking hell winston had fuck loads of interviews at sonisphere haha
woman in background leaves at 6:16
Sergii Temchenko
Матрёшка on his shirt! Nice!
in the background, who the fuck brings a baby to sonisphere?
Jared Popkins
He sounds like an American from 0:41-0:45
Charlotte Miskin
@rhcpkzi I love you. Best comment ever.
@rhcpkzi who?
@rhcpkzi thats an understatement if I ever read one
felix knott
what the fuck hapened to the sound
@rhcpkzi should*
the baby rocking in the pun intended
Michael Minton
i right ear is really lonely
@rhcpkzi dont think he would.. Winston seems too nice ^^
Joshua Johnston
yeah no shit, australia are fucking starved of Parkway shows
He's so fucking down to earth, a lot of metal bands lose that once they hit it big.
uh so true, you dont pay lots of $ to stand fucking still -_- i dont get people who go to the front and dont have a good time
Tom Wallis
"If you collect them you get 10p for each cup" Winston: "Amaaazing" Lol the enthusiasm. I love Winston
Andrew Doherty
Croud SURFED 8 Time during thier set!
@PwDFan112 LOOOL I'D hump winston dude! And take his shoes, socks, pants.. EVERYTHING and hang it on my bedroom wall (;
Seriously!?!? Winston's right there around those people, and they don't even give a crap? Wtf!?!? - that women playing with her baby? God.. These people??!?!!
Garrett S
Winston always has the coolest shirts
Jack Harvey
what a great interviewer and wintson what a top guy
Endezeichen Grimm
Why is the audio only on the left?
HeyDale !
there's a woman at the back doing a Mamba dance
What was that intro song