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Earth 2100 is a documentary from 2009 depicting the Worse Case Scenario of what Earth may become in the not-so-distant future unless mankind change their way of life and become a sustainable species. I took the liberty of cutting out over half of the documentary to show you uniquely Lucy's story: a fictive character born in 2009 that lived through the apocalypse to come. This character was created to make the story more relatable. Please see this documentary as a wake-up call, a warning of the dangers and struggles that are to come. Share this with your friends and family. Together, if we all change our ways of life, we can change the future from dystopian to utopian.

Death Angel
Lucy got deported. Stories over.
Andrew E.
well, everyday many are working on more energy efficient vehicles, and cleaner methods of getting energy, some countries such as Costa Rica, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland have all recently gotten much cleaner with what they use to get their energy.
Sonic Ranger
I don’t want to survive I want to live
10’000 subs with No content
I was born in February 24th 2009
Relax... Everything will be fine in the year 2100..
Puro loco
its 2017 and miami didnt have a hurricane and gas was low in 2015
Wait are you a time traveler? Cause then how would you know and if you were born in 2009 then its now 2018 then you would have be 9 if not then why is your voice like an adult
Giga Gerald
Their are a lot of possibilities that could be true in the future that are in this movie, but fortunately most of it is exaggerated
Barbara Pallante
something to think about to be sure....
Joshua Gamingz
Welcome to 2100, Population: 1 (Lucy)
Did I heard "Mussolini River"?
2014=no dragonfly epidemic 2015=gas prices tanked 2016=Paris climate accords 2018=still doing fine
Josh Iz Not Vlogz
Remember, this is 8 years ago
Prabhava Kini
Liberal propaganda
Well the good news is that the first bit of it didn’t happen
Yellow Jackets
2018 I predict by 2100 climate Change will destroy all civilization 2100 I predict by 2200 climate change will destroy all civilization
Orion Nebula
I feel as though the Rapture will happen before all of this, but no one will ever be sure... except for God.
And then there is flying cars in the future so no more gas
But in the future they will have better technology and they could take salt water and do something to it to make it fresh!
Ed Ed
Nothing really happened?
Rachel Bauer
Good video but not likely
Lion sin of Pride Esconor
Well in 2071 I probably would most likely die because I am alrgaic to sulfur
Average Alien
apparently Americans fail to grasp that the USA is not = the whole world
Stank Nugget
Can you imagine the memes in 2100? Awesome.
Failed Abortion
I really not think the population will get to 9 bil
Play time's over liar!
Mr. Heathen, sir.
The rage virus has spread, and the dead were walking the Earth.
2100? Probably just more memes tbh.
The Only Pro.
Didn't that happen back in the past
American Painis
also those 2009 - 2018 stuff didn't happen XD
Brian Castle ROCK RXR 9
Gosh! This is a wrong timeline! I don't believe 82 years from now, we will be in this misery!!! If so I am glad I won't be here!!! ;-)
Pedro Kantor
Sorry but Lucy, & most of her generation, are going to be too addicted to their devices and virtual reality to give a damn about the environment.
Gudetama LOVER
Why cant we just put all these theories aside and think about our life? like how were gonna look like,how the buildings will change and our new just scares me to look at these videos 🤔😓
HongKong Transport Video Channel
i was born in june 2009 too!
amanda claireon
i lived in Miami my whole life and not once did i ever see a swarm of dragonflies or need to wait so long just for gas lol these predictions are so far off.... good show though
Avatar Raptor
this is fake
Quang Huy Nguyễn
screw it!
5:16 It's 2018 and gas is 2.69 a gallon
Gottlieb Graumann
Huge "Miami Storm Surge" literally about to happen in hours lol. I know this documentary was unrealistic but still.
planet x
no she born in 1934
American Painis
this is gonna change my perspective of the world forever
Jaden Imler
In 2100. I will be 94 years old
Milla Pecaric
Lmao i don't even think i will be alive by 2100
Oriond34 Mega
I remember one Black Friday I think last year the gas stations I go to the line was stupidly long
Glitchy [GD]
Funny how there was a flood and then a drought
Vlad Kronos
She has a power of the chronos? She can predict the future?
IAlwaysWin :D
Is that Barack Obama at 18:56???
Evan Wilson
What if it's true?
lego 356
Actually more the years go on humans will find ways to solve these problems so just relax guys
Zen-Oh Sama
Y2K spoiler alert!!!
But I was in Boston all my life
smol fluffy
So... Plague.Inc?
Vlad Kronos
Only in america
smol fluffy
Okay this is pretty over the top, Jesus lol
I love watching old LEFTIST propaghanda films and noticing that their enviro-doom predictions ...NEVER come to pass but people still believe them. We are in 2018 and the first of their DOOM predictions dod NOT happen. STOP PEDDLING FEAR.
Crazy Gamer PvZ
2100 roblox will become so bad that no one will play it anymore
I like the rain
Well that failed
Brian Linville
Jesus is not coming back soon, because the 2,000 year idea was a typo, it was really 200,000 years.
Stephen Locksley Fernandez
Is these scenarios, made of drawing?
The Super AmazingAlex
2100 will be fine.
I think the David Fincher inspired bombastic titles are a mistake. DISASTER PORN!!!!!!! Does this alienate the sceptics?...................The answer is yes.
Elisabeth Huacuja
It is to late we are almost out of time :c the earth is to warm now I if we did not make all this factory
Youtube Gaming With Aaron
June 2nd, 2007 is my birthday.
Barbara Beswick
I'l be 91
JR railroad Crossing Channel
Is This Fake?!
ah let the Earth end by 2100! we're not gonna live to see it anyway.
Youtube Gaming With Aaron
wait. It is 2018 and we haven't run out of gas.
Dr. Sounds - Music for Yoga and Meditation
This is why capitalism should be banned and communist rule
FirstEastern Perspective
this movie deserves an oscar
Atta boy Douche
Funny how in here it said the summer of 2015 was going to be the hottest and in reality it was one of the coldest in vancouver like lmfao
Anyone else realize that they are less than 10 years older than Lucy and have a mental freak out?
Global warming is a lie to manipulate the population to justify implementation, of the new world order, one world government
Tom Nisen
Climate propaganda
Daniel Moysez
Alan walker is right about the future
It’s funny because they actually want to inject sulfur into the atmosphere.... this can’t be happening
Joshua Smith
I remember when this came out, watched up until she went to NYC and thought it was ridiculous and turned it off....thought it wouldn't happen. Nine years later I am still skeptical of it, the one thing I do agree with is their point with burning Methane. More research needs to be done to see if our new theories and "green energy" aren't doing even more harm than leaving things alone...
EXpoSIN DemBabylonians
The End is Nigh GL Heathens
ari rubin
Way too depressing. Look more positively in some moments. Realax.
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Where's the ghosts of the past warning everyone, and santa, where's santa?
sub to pewdiepie plz
Yes so true!!
Eddy Vaita
Agenda 21 fascist propaganda
Mitsukai Dokuro
lucy is actually a time-traveling amy rose!!!
Hychael Zaidi
Hate China and India!!! Those countrys caused this!
Hey,If you relax, Go die in Auschwitz
Arby 96538
Lucy is 8 years old right now if she is real
sub to pewdiepie plz
Pelodophobion, (or however you spell it) said that China isn't on Earth, and he got that from searching google: earth population
bull mastiff
hope I get cancer b/4 this vid ends.
Sargon George
dont believe in this crap folks.