Cultist Simulator | Bright Young Thing Finds Enlightenment

Kyle dons his most charismatic cult leader attire and proceeds to go from rich kid, to esoteric artist, to enlightened immortal all in the course of a few hours. Enjoy the ride, and welcome to the Mirror of Glory.

kyle you look like a televangelist! lol
Recently found you with this game and got to say you can really bring me into this game!
Jacob Hook
Wow, I watched your 8 hour slog to (almost) enlightenment yesterday. Now you are getting there in 4. That's a heck of an improvement. Oh, and the all white suit is perfect. It is the light of the lantern that bleaches away the colors. I guess I'm going to just keep the comment edit train rolling through this video. For the benefit of those who don't know: combining or subverting lore (no matter the level) has 3 checks that happen one after the other. Each check will randomly ask for erudition, glimmering, or reason. If you can meet all 3 checks then the lore gets combined or subverted. If you fail any of them you fail overall. I think, at least in earlier game, it feels like just reading and exploring would get you where you need to go with lore a lot faster than repeatedly trying to combine would. One last edit. That was a great win. I totally would have stalled the timer on the splendour and summoned Teresa to help me with the final rite just because I could. Beat the game with style and all that.
Will you ever do the Dancer DLC legacy? Also there are two more DLC releasing on the 30th. It was interesting watching you figure everything out but if you'd read things more you'd have done it sooner xD
I love the way you explain the game
Thank you, Kyle. This was a treat to watch! I look very much forward to the continuation. I wonder if perhaps there is another ending still, which you have yet to try: The apostle new game plus where you decide to betray your ascending master in order to ascend yourself. I believe this possibility opens up if you beat the opponent long.
Ben Priest
Where has Kyle gone? :(
At around 1:17:54 you worry about what to do with the damning evidence and sent a rookie moth cultist in to deal with it, but since you already had the sunset rite, the solution was easily at hand. Get contentment (easily generated from painting or by using funds with sleeping), then the winter 6 lore, your knock cultist, and the contentment will generate a winter 6 moth 6 summon who's disposable and skilled at removing evidence. Alternatively, you can abuse the timers on painting to earn money while causing notoriety to decay even while being investigated. To do that, let the investigator chew on one of your mystique cards (just paint with the notoriety until this happens). While he's chewing on it, let the notoriety count down (keep your work slot empty). Just before he's finished, start painting with the notoriety so he grabs another mystique. Since painting takes less time then investigating, so long as you're careful, you can let the notoriety time out in 15-20 second intervals until it's finally all gone at no risk to yourself, other then requiring you to pay close attention to timers and spin some plates. Edit: Any knock 2 follower (doesn't have to be a disciple, but they do have to be in the cult) is good enough for summons (other then maid in the mirror, teresa, etc, the very high level ones). The sunset rite is also excellent at cleaning up dread and fascination. To get rid of Dread, use it in the ritual with Heart 6 or Lantern 6 Lore and Neville/Enid. To get rid of Fascination, use it with Grail 6 Lore and Neville/Enid. Sending waves of restless dead after evidence and hunters, and then using rites to burn dread and fascination almost makes the game too easy. In addition, the summons you get this way, such as Hints, are aspected very well to be *very* useful on expeditions. You can honestly just beat the game by burning all your troubles away with rites and using the summons that you get as a byproduct to go do expeditions, without ever touching cultists.
lol just paint for glimmering while combining and dream for erudition