Hellsing Ultimate Seras Victoria vs Zorin Blitz BD 1080p [Part 2] [ENG DUB] - [Ultimate Quality]

Second part of the fight. Enjoy! P.S. I couldn't find anywhere good to end it, so... yeah.

Admit it. When you saw this, you instantly fell in love with Seras.
Vitor Leite
Finally a anime with nazi and vampires.
Isamu-Noble Wolf Warrior
"How can that be...the same sweet girl we knew before?!" he says. Dude..you piss off the wrong person in the worst of ways...they will become unlike anything the world has ever seen. True anime logic lol
Spyro Fan
I just realised that techically Seras and Pip beat Zorin with the mind shuffle strategy from Yugioh duelist kingdom
Dr. M Hyde
Fool, Seras is Alucard's first born, the strongest vampire ever to exist and he sired Seras she was a fool to underestimate Seras
Angel Stocking
Technically, both Pip and Seras died here. Drinking blood was the end of Seras the human, and now we have Seras the Vampire.
Alucard: I *love* the new paintjob by the way!
Azren Delmare
Zorin Blitz- Cause of death: Excessive grating. Seras Victoria wins: Fatality!
And you know what we, british, are saying? *GOD.* *SAVE.* *THE QUEEN.*
PenDragon 24601
Anyone else get goosebumps when the music played?
That is one long hallway.
that is one way to suck a man dry.
Trevor Belmont
Schroedinger was a troll.
"Hey what's with the tears ?" .... I didn't know you can cry without eyes.
Crow Mar
"Even if I were about to die, I wouldn't drink a single god damn drop of your evil blood. I don't want you inside of me!!" As much as I love TFS, I just love the original way more. This episode sent chills down my spine.
Zorin forgot Seras is the fledgling of Alucard, you think anything Alucard sired is that easy to kill?
Trais Varicose
Seras: yes sir integra Integra: i want u to redecorate the house. Seras: why? Integra: its almost christmas Seras: K!!!' *redecorates the hpusw with the nazi and zorin* Seras: DONE! *Integra looks* SSSSEEEERRRRRRRAAASSS!!!
6:19 How cute, she inherited Alucard's slasher smile!
"It's Bullscheiße!" XD Mischung aus Deutsch und Englisch und das ist alles, was Zorin zustande bringt? XD
{ɪɴᴄᴏɢɴɪᴛᴏ} #1̴9̷̛́99̸̶
sorry to interrupt this dramatic fight scene to say this but... Seras got nice legs.
Looks like Bernodette finally got inside Seras
Jacob G
And here we see a clear demonstration of what happens when you pit a cheap knock off against a genuine article.
Now these are real vampires, can we get a sequel to this anime
When I first saw Schrodinger (as in, my first time seeing him EVER) I thought, "Why does he look similar to Seras?"
Inet Guardian
Here lies Zorin Blitz She ACTUALLY decided to fight against Alucard's creation.
Blood Raven
Let's see: Zorin: An unnatural, artificial power with mind manipulation. Pretty powerful. Seras: A naturally made vampire with a power similar to Alucard, able to manifest an arm of dark magic. Ungodly powerful. Zorin never stood a chance.
Alexa Baeza
I wished the series would have given Pip and Seras more time to develop together
"It is the most unholy of things, the union of a Frenchman and an English woman"
Joshua Ashby
Anyone else feel that Alucard is sensing this? I'm betting he's like "That's my Seras."
Elizabeth chisum
Well, at least I'm gonna die with a raging boner...
Jon Bob
and its already trending. god save the queen.
hannah Auberstag
that's why Alucard does not make wrong choices 😂😂😍😍😍 go seras
Steven Richardson
Seras transformation is the most beautiful thing I have seen😆😍
10:10 redecorating the walls. hellsing style
Mikya Thomas
you dont know how happy . i felt when zorin got her face dragged on the wall. i was laughing.
Anyone else hearing Living Dead Girl?
NR NamRin
Is there anyone or someone who ships Seras and Bernodette? No? Nevermind..... A lot of you are only talking about Seras and Nazi And a few talking about Bernodette, that's fight scene OuO
Royal silver
the awakening of seras The bloodscythe!
Seras literallg deserved her own spinoff. I love how she turns into a blender and is absolutly terrifying
SHES like a blender, turnding my men into paste, A GERMAN BLOODY MARY! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE DO PROPER RECOONASISANCE?
Chloe St-Maurice
Hell hath no fury like a vampiress scorned.
AlphaDiego 343
This is making me play wolfenstein
Zis is terrible! Vhy didn't anyvone do proper reconnaissance?!
ICSVortex IV
Why did you push her that hard, you knew she was going to play her Alucard!!
Cici Rosie
Wow Seras, that was just overkill, but a pretty good damn one
One of the 4 Horseman of Apocalypse
pretty nice hentai would watch again
Terrell Peoples
TFS makes his death less depressing
Saino Blitz
I'm curious, could Seres grow her arm back if she wanted to? I mean she got her eyes back and such.
"Say my name SAY IT"
Morpheus Volk
"Hey Zorin...." "Yes....?" "Choo.... Choo..." "Ch-" "CHOO CHOO!"
Kanuri Kamihada
Is nobody talking about the beautiful kiss Seras and Pip had?! Both drenched in blood, on the brink of death, crawling to each other for a last kiss... Am I weird to think it's absolutely heartbreaking and super romantic at the same time?! 😭❤️😭
Topaz 13
She basically went super sayian Get it Because of the hair ?
Joseph Knezovicz
this was definatly the most satisfying kill in hellsing... but seriously how long is that hallway?!
That's my girl.
Badal Das
I dont understand is this from OVA or is this just the regular anime episode.....coz I never saw this . In one of the OVA I saw Walter vs alucard but in a regular anime I never saw that
Lucero Ruiz
the feels, I remember when I was seeing this on tv, I cryed so hard, I mean y shipped them. why he died? WHYYYYYYYYYYY???
Sean H.
Come to think of it, TFS did the HQ-siege episodes one major favor: shaving down Zorin's gratuitously padded gloating & giving her juuuust enough humor to tamp down watchers' "frickin' kill this asswipe already" itch. Plus, the "wasn't finished playing with that yet" line. Still not sold on their big 'psychic convo with Alucard' switch, though.
Thegamer89 Bond
God I like this scene so much!! :)
She doesn't have *"Eyes for Days"* yet.
Sanguine Knight
I love this scene because it shows that actually that everyone thing that alucard absorbed he loved
Cabria Cousins
Seriously, most heartbreaking death to me in this series lol
Andrew Rogers
This fight was awesome, but surprisingly better in the abridged.
Skyward Sora
God....save...the queen
Jonathan Gillooly
Shrodinger is priceless
Lord of Tartar Sauce
Y'know, I think both the Abridged version and the Japanese Version actually managed to do this scene a lot more justice than the dub, which is a shame because the dub is REALLY good.
nicky klomp
Daniel Placencia
9:53 damn! Seras performed The Ridley on Zorin
Archy ,
Seras is the hottest anime vampire girl i have ever seen
yeah the abridged version of this fight is better
Just Racoon
I really love the dub on it!
does anyone know the piano that plays in the background when pip dies.
Am I the only one that prefers the original Hellsing Ultimate to the Abridged? The Abridged is downright hilarious, but the episodes were too short and it didn’t have many serious moments.
I think this is one time besides DBZ, where I like the abridged more than the regular series. I like the stuff between Zorin and Seras a whole lot more and even though it was an edit made by TFS, the stuff between Seras and Alucard. Plus to me, Shrodinger ruined this scene. But that's all my personal opinion.
Seras and Revy are the two coolest chicks in anime
The feels.... So many feels. :'-(
Daniel Haire
Seras, meet Blitz. a wannabe Blitz, meet Seras Victoria. First Born of Alucard and future No-Life Queen. Feel free to DIE!!
killstreakbob 6969*
That must of been some good ass kool-aid to give her all that power.
Sean Rydell
Gotta say the the abriged version was actually MORE badass
The Soviet Union
What does zorin say at 6:21
Jaylynn Kellar
Thats one long ass hallway
Seras is a bad ass
Chloe Banana21
• WelshDragonXIII •
Question: Does that mean that seras loved pip?? The Sound Of Icebergs Hitting SS Alucard X Seras
Mariah McCray
My mom walked it at the wrong time 😂 she was like “deeper and deeper wtf are you watching!?”
Poor Seras ): And I feel sorry for the guy that's gotta clean up that mess (._.')
Mark Garcia
Haha I like the teamfourstar's version better
Neat Gamer
When the guy said how can that be the Sam sweet girl we knew before I instantly said everyone has to snap sooner or later no matter how sweet they are
When seras killed those guys I was like... 😯😲😍 I LOVE YOU!
succ boii
seras ate those punches, literally
Viktor Dracon
when you are german this is even better XD "bullscheiße" XD
I feel a little sad the TFS version leaves out Schroedinger from this section. The added conversation with Alucard on the other hand was pretty damn cool.
Supernatural Neko Girl
does anyone know that Zorin is a girl?
Cat Lover
Aachen Elsinghorst
After the T4S treatment: "SAY MY NAME! SAY MY NAME!"
As Seras was pounding Zorin into the ground, a thought occurred to me: Are the two supposed to be mirror opposites of each other? I mean, think about it. Zorin's *right* arm is unnatural, her eyes are *green*, she's a Nazi. Seras' *left* arm is unnatural, her eyes are *red*, she's English. Also, Seras' new powers are the only thing to break Zorin's spell.
Gerardo Azofeifa
The animation that Berserk deserves :']
Jaden Omega
That ending doe lol that felt so satisfying lol Seras is badass