OZORA Festival 2013 (Official Video)

The official OZORA Festival video from 2013. O----- CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ------O rules for watching: 1. switch to HD (720p or 1080p) 2. full screen 3. turn up the volume!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEB: />FACEBOOK: />--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRACKLIST ------------------ 00:00 Bird Of Prey "Kiva" (Kalya Scintilla Remix) /Merkaba Music, 2013/ /> 04:45 Aurafood & Wegha "Constructing Ozora" /written for the 2013 soundtrack/ /> /> 09:20 Beats Antique "Overture" /> 12:00 E-Clip "Overload" /Iono Music, 2012/ /> 14:59 Zentura "Sonic Masala" /Sourcecode Transmissions, 2013/ /> 17:44 Braincell "Space Union" /Boom! Records, 2013/ 20:45 HypoGeo & Freedom Fighters "Machinery" /HOMmega Productions, 2013/ 22:19 Ajja & Flooting Grooves "Jack the Tripper" /Blue Hour Sounds, 2012/ 24:47 Drumatik "Time Out" /Temple Twister Records, 2013/ /> 26:30 Banco De Gaia - Apollon (Kaya Project Remix) /Disco Gecko, 2013/ 29:43 CBL - Epicentre (Second Movement) /Ultimae Records, 2004/ /> 33:17 Sensient "Galaxians" /Zenon Records, 2013/ 37:47 Freq "Avatar" /Mikorkosmos Records, 2009/ 40:05 Tristan "Talking Technicolour" /Tip Records, 2013/ 42:25 Circuit Breakers "Congadroid" /Nano Records, 2013/ 44:55 System 7 - Song for the Phoenix /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Produced by the O.Z.O.R.A. Festival Dániel Zimányi Árpád Zimányi Producer: Attila Nikléczy Concept: Erik Kocsis Ádám Bedzsula Péter Böszörményi Camera (in alphabetical order): Ádám Bedzsula Dániel Benkő Péter Böszörményi Samu Czabán Kristóf Deák Júlia Halász Erik Kocsis Csaba Mecseki István Mráz Attila Nikléczy Duncan Ridgley Anna Rubi Zoltán Telek Pawel Wieloch Additional footage: Laurin Döpfner (timelapse and regular footage) Krisztián Pamuki (Magic Garden) Igor Vucurevic (helicam) Sound recording: Bence Mladin Camera Crew Helpers: Iván Bagi „Csonti" Flóra Szeglet Flra Gabriella Vásárhelyi Kornel Szabó Steadycam: Attila Nikléczy Csaba Mecseki Pawel Wieloch Crane operators: Péter Böszörményi Iván Bagi „Csonti" István Mraz Editing: Erik Kocsis Ádám Bedzsula Music editing: DJ Tsubi Sound editing: Péter Terner 3D animation: Souldust (Sebő Ferencfy-Kovács) 3D composition: Miklós Már Graphic design: Zsófia Kanalas Colorist: Bence Mladin Erik Kocsis Production manager: István Mráz Subtitle translation by: Greek: John FASMA / Aris Stratis Italian: Marco MENTAL Portugese: NUNO Deconto Spanish: Ákos "Bodysurf" Kőváry Hungarian: Ozorian Prophet Russian: Notabenoide Special thanks to the Zimányi family Dániel, Árpád, Erzsébet, Andrea and the whole Ozora crew! festival management: Wegha (Festival Promoter) Marti (Art Manager) Gerely (Press Manager) Pumpui coordinators: „Samu" Péter Samarjay „Henzi" Gábor Tóth „Katamii" Kata Miklós The Pumpui Stage and Cinema Crew: Julia Nagy, Attila Nikléczy, Gabriella Vásárhelyi, István Mráz, István Bagi „Csonti", Tamás Kántor, Mathew Sandeep, Adrienn Bagi, Pisti Barkovics, Kornél Szabó, Ági Körtvélyesi, Benjámin Nyári, Garamvölgyi Gábor,Benedek Tamás, Ákos Bánhidi, Lilla Bánhidi, Ipek Turkoglu, Bálint Liptai, Gergő Sárkány, Linda Varju, Viktor Fülöp, Mátyás Petőfi, Tímea Frank, Sipőcz Petra, Földvári Zsófia, Csernák Janka, Murányi Klára Catering: Balint Nagy Stella Toth More thanks for the support: Kata Miklós Kornél Szabó Ákos Bánhidi Lilla Bánhidi Tibi Tibi for the love and support Ágnes Pataky

humanity at its best
OZORA Festival Official Video
Thank you all for all the feedback, we really appreciate it!!! \o/ 00:00 Bird Of Prey "Kiva" (Kalya Scintilla Remix) /Merkaba Music, 2013/ 04:45 Aurafood & Wegha "Constructing Ozora" /written for the 2013 soundtrack/ 09:20 Beats Antique "Overture" /Beats Antique, 2013/ 12:00 E-Clip "Overload" /Iono Music, 2012/ 14:59 Zentura "Sonic Masala" /Sourcecode Transmissions, 2013/ 17:44 Braincell "Space Union" /Boom! Records, 2013/ 20:45 HypoGeo & Freedom Fighters "Machinery" /HOMmega Productions, 2013/ 22:19 Ajja & Flooting Grooves "Jack the Tripper" /Blue Hour Sounds, 2012/ 24:47 Drumatik "Time Out" /Temple Twister Records, 2013/ 26:30 Banco De Gaia "Apollon" (Kaya Project Remix)  /Disco Gecko, 2013/ 29:43 CBL "Epicentre" (Second Movement) /Ultimae Records, 2004/ 33:17 Sensient "Galaxians" /Zenon Records, 2013/  37:47 Freq "Avatar" /Mikorkosmos Records, 2009/  40:05 Tristan "Talking Technicolour" /Tip Records, 2013/ 42:25 Circuit Breakers "Congadroid" /Nano Records, 2013/ 44:55 System 7 "Song for the Phoenix" /A-Wave Records/
amazing..!! love & positive vibes from greece...!
Love you all so much. Peace and Love from Finland. :,) <3
Carbon Based Lifeforms!
I've been under the weather lately and I think there would be nothing better than to see the latest Ozora fest after drinking a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup. Thankyou, I needed this.
Thomas Carlson
this is amazing! one place I must go before I die!!
Karl Dali
I used to go to Ibiza every summer, then i went to Ozora 2013......needless to say that i will no longer be going to Ibiza!
summer 2014 , see you there :D
Its so perfect place to be. One day I want to be at Ozora.....enjoying and glorifying the freedom of psy. I just love the videos. Great work folks. Keep it up. #BoomShankar
Gábor Lakatos
I just can't stop dancing in front of my pc... :-)
Goga Moga
My god so amazing!!!!!
Prashant Raikar
wow!!!! amazing...
Isaac Alejandro Limón Hernández
subtitles please! in many languajes (:
Ewan Mclaughlin
PsyTrance has such a great feel and deep meanings, the community is soo vibrant and if this was on all year round, I would live there :D Thank you OZORA
efto mihajlovik
Masters of Light are coming next year!
14:59 im in love *___*
haris anju
waiting for dis long tym bak happieeeee :)
What about to built there the first The Venus Project's city?
Frank Bienenstein
noch mal tut gut ist gut schreibt Mr.Sound !!!
I love how much work you guys put into these videos! Thanks for putting the tracklist there as well. 
i see this video, and just think in the girl of the min 15:00 how the girl more beautiful of the earth!
Lucas Vander-Bartlett
Soo awesome! I really would like to go but I don't know anyone who would be good company there as I don't no one person (in person) who likes Psytrance let alone the rest of this amazing craziness!
Martin Vos
Wow the black pirate at 16:30 is really enjoying her trip!
Nutsa Lashkhi
what's the name of the song from 15.00 ???
16:30 She invokes the spirit of the earth, ahah.
Germfried Weber
Rahul Khanna
Track at 15:33
Biagio Il Temerario
I've been very close to cry! Emotions overdose!  Thank you Thank you Thank you! See you everybody this year :)
Tierra Azul Barcelona
i was thereee
sin duda alguna, uno de los mejores festivales que existen en todo el universo!!
gracias a toda esa gente,que a hecho este video...un 10
are we there yet?
Pijus Malaškevičius
15:00 Love Sensuality Devotion part
i MUST go there!
this. was. just. AMAZING!
A-MAA-ZEENG!.... Fantastic job.... *** CATCHED THE SPIRIT *** ...going for 2014...
Falling With The Rain
Jose A. Encarnacion
Ozora Festivaaaaaaaaaaaaaal 2013!! yeaaaahhh!!! good vibe my brotthers!! I wish peace an love evertybody! ((( <3 )))
Miguel Maisonavo
Tanx for having me in the video. It's is an honour to be part of this amazing event! peace <3
Einfach Super das Video ;-) ;-)
woow that looks great! reminds me on the Vision Festivals in Switzerland. back then... and as it's in Hungary i bet the food is great too :-) very nice work on the video too! wish you all the best for this years event!
Oskar Condado
hermoso festival de azora, BUENAS VIBRAS
Adas Adam
the person that made this movie all togheter...omg...man u should be working for best budgets movies u are brilliant
see you there 29 jul. - 3 aug :D peace
wonderful. some of the slow motion clips are absolutely stunning.
vlad david
this is more than beautiful
Ça donne furieusement envie d'y être !!! :D
This was, pretty explosive. EXCELLENT production and festival!
chanel X
where when its next bcz i likde to go in 2o16or
Edwin Daniel Fierro R.
mi sueño resumido a un video u,u
Freedoom - Hornet Invasion watch this!
How many beautiful girls at this festival! Ozora 2014 : I'm coming
Lore B
What is the track at 34:00 please??!! <3
Ricardo Mau5
Perfecto <3
goa-jonny- swiss
¤ø„¸ ¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨ ¸„ø¤º°¨ ¨°º¤ø„¸ OZORA „ø¤º°¨ ¸„ø¤º°`ॐ 2013 ॐ``°º¤ø„
brien steve
its HOME..... I miss you OZORA
Robin Huguet
Extraordinaire !
Jason Chesworth
This video is absolutely incredibly! Wish I could be apart of it. So exPSYted to attend my next festival! Greetings from South Africa
KG Shooter*
Афигенски! :)
Nixatra Nyxatra
I've been to O.Z.O.R.A. for 2 editions and I always had a magical, wonderful time of my life in that beautiful countryside <3
Abner Ruelas
Alex Grey, best of bests ozoras. set list?
Fronteguy Garner
the heat that year at ozora was the same as E-clipse 2012, Oh How I missed the green grass and the mud....  
Brian Lament
Why doesn't this have like a gazillionmilionthousnadquadrupilemileniumbillion views? Peace :))))))))))) and see ya'll this year!!!!
Adem Babović
<3 see you next summer!
Wesley Martins
Esse festival <3
jhon kout
ΤΗΕ ΝΕΧΤ WOODSTOCH IS Coming soon.....>>>>
Master kaos
MAN I CRIED WATCHING THIS AS I MISSED THE 2013 PARTY.cheers n peace ozzy dabba 420
András Kertész
Ez most komolyan Magyarország?
theytell toomanylies
Its all coming together now. I pray we can too. We are all pieces of his puzzle. Not our own story. His story. The enemy dont seem so divided right now. Come quickly lord jesus
Mustapha Elkoutali
I would be giving ozora paradise ;) :) <3
Zoran Stankovic
Psihodelija bolest naj veselija!
the name of the trak at 15'' please????
Machu Martin
Rules for watching :D cool
So beautiful! I'm totally in love! :::D will this and the 2012 official video be available to download in HD on Vimeo or anywhere else?
This is really awesome festival!
pilou co
Mário Dias
Zentura's - Sonic Masala music is something else!Love it!
This is just perfect festival with all of these performers as well. Love to be in Ozora someday. 2nd best festival for me after Tomorrowland. Cheers from Estonia.
Stacey Ponton
Great Video. Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar.
The tracklist is listed just click on the Show more vladimir dusanic
Tom Johnson
I bloody love Raja Ram
Matus Bubeliny
Ozora pecka
dyls mate
that is beautiful cant wait to go some day
darrell church
Its a wonderful festival full of happy people enjoying themselves,you religious god fearing loons need to keep your views to yourselves.
Marcin Walewski
i can't stop watching this...
Best festival video ever!
Alexandre Skull
Muita Vibe massa !!!
andrea catta
la cosa piu vicina al paradiso terrestre SIETE GRANDISSIMI
Pingouin intrepide
Ok, we all agree the girl at 14:59 is a godess, need to find her identity to do a fan page or start a new religion.__
Steve Moran
The Beats Antique track, 'Overature' is actually beginning @8:58, and so is not accurate in the tracklist
Justin Chaos
best festival EVER
Jhon Sniff
The curly girl on 15:00 is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. If you "Curly Girl" are reading this... know it! :D ahahah