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Superhit Bollywood Movie Maa (1976) Starring : Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Ajit, Nirupa Roy, Ranjeet. Producer : Sandow M.M.A. Chinnappa Devar Director: M.A.Thirmugam Synopsis: MAA is about the bond between a mother and child, which is the strongest and perhaps the most unselfish, at least from the mother s point of view. Maa, the movie, delves into this relationship. Laden around a plot involving the relationship of an elephant cow and her calf, it re-establishes the universal bond of unselfish love. Vijay a poacher, who supplies trapped animals to Balraj a smuggler, never realize the intensity of harm he does to the animals when he separates their babies. However, things change when an elephant cow in a fit of anger kills his mother. Vijay realizes his mistake, only after loosing his own mother. Vijay separates himself from Balraj with a gigantic task ahead of him to rescue the baby elephant. Vijay sets out to do the needful. Is Vijay successful in his task? Is he able to rescue the baby elephant? Does the elephant cow get its baby back? For all these answers, watch this fast moving adventure, Maa on Ultra DVD.

bhatkal lighthouse
Songs, story and Dharm Ji done very good job. Perfect movie. Still I like this movie.
Satnam Sond
Great Movie
Ultra Movie Parlour
Thanks a lot for appreciating the movie.
raeesh alam
very nice
Akande F A
Educative and cool movie
Azik Alek
Soy Qo’shig’i
saif ch
bete tume sllaaam
derlond dollars
cool movie
This message is for the distructive actor in this movie donot disturb the animals , donot kill them .they never bothered you AND donot bother them .
maria do rosário barreto machado Machado
lindo este filme....e com os elefantes meu deus adorei
Amaan Khan
Tanjeet Singh
Dharmendra RaaZ
Kya movie hai dekhkar mazza aa gaya very nice movie, thankyou dharmendra and hema
Dharmendra RaaZ
Kya movie hai dekhkar mazza aa gaya very nice movie, thankyou dharmendra
net Math
net Math
Oh maa tujhe salaam
Manpreet Singh
nice movie . can you please upload hema ji ki paraya dhan?
sonu ahmed
nice movie
Zonera Anjum
all time favourate movie
Zonera Anjum
all time favourate movie :P
Coolest movie I've ever seen! Dharmendra and Hema are so cool together!!! and there're very deep maternity love, even in animals mother and child love each other unbelievably and strongly! LOVED THIS MOVIE VERY MUCH!
juned ansari
evergreen beautiful movie
Grow up and learn maturity.
Manoj Mishra
those who dont like this movie dont know love of mother.
Imtiaz Ali
evergreen beautiful movie
idrees kiyani
my fv move
Ruth Frimpong
try clicking on the cc button on the right side down....if it turns red, then the english subtitles will appear.
Rajesh Vishwakarma
Nice vidieo
Zahid Asghar
i love this movie
Surjaman Limbu
वहुत अच्छा लगा
very unhealthy to drive the jeep inside the house
nazir hossain
nazir hossain
baby elephant & dharamji scenes r so lovable.
Rita Bawa
This movie is so touching yet so funny as well in the end....SWEET....
Zohaib Zulkarinen
LOL THIS MOVIE IS old so yea
nyima madina
no eng subs
Harjit Singh
dude its a movie anything it possible
Rajarshi Chakrabarti
lions and tigers in the same forest !!! Also tigers in herds haa haa.......
Rajarshi Chakrabarti
Leopards do not live in herds. They are solitary animal. The movie is full of wrong information about Indian wildlife, their behavior, distribution everything.
Manjur Alam