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Join me in this very strange and oddly delicious apartment makeover where I accomplish a lifelong goal of mine.... to create a wall made entirely of Doritos in my studio apartment! If you're reading this I love you and thank you for watching the things I make. Download "Dollar $tore Walk" /> ___________________________________________________________ Music Credits: Music used in video is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license ( /> Wallpaper by Kevin MacLeod Source:

Aria Draws
Someone protecc this precious child
hannah f
"hAvE yOu SeEn ThAt cOoL gUy WiTh ThE dOrItOs ArOuNd HiS nEcK?"
kacey Marshall
Where can I buy a Garrett??
Sarah & Lizzie Marlin
Dollar store walk Dollar store walk Yesterday This Guy Tried To Sell Me Meth
Elisabeth Alonso
I am in love with this boy
lenny's neck
i love his dorky ass
Julia L
How df does Garret have no boyfriend?
Potato Chip
Teacher: what did you do this summer? Me: I watched a grown man make a wall out of dorretis
Why do all the cute boys have to be gay 😏😂
Tyrone the Llama
DoLlAr StOrE wAlK, dOlLaR sToRe WaLk, YeStErDaY, *this guy tried to sell me meth* I'VE WATCHED THIS PART LIKE A BILLION TIMES
The Smart Kookie
I love the ranch at Shane's house 😂
Just Naomi
i’m not craving doritos... i’m not craving doritos... i’m NOT CRAVING DORITOS... IM CRAVING DORITOS!!!
Garrett:"Im jealous of the kids who got to lick the fruits on the wall" Me: "Ya mean the girl who licked the snozzberries"
Rainbow Madness
I love how there is literally ranch bottle outside Shane's house😂😂😂
Vivian Garms
My grandma watched this video and said the only reason I watch him is because he's cute
Holy crap I'm really glad you're still alive and hopefully have your tetanus shot.
Lola M
It’s my birthday I spent it watching Garret make a Dorito wall Best birthday ever.
"Yesterday this guy tried to sell me meth😂😂
Westend Girl1991
Omg you little ball of sunshine ❤️❤️❤️
Christa Guariglia
"Sorry I'm yelling at you, I'm just nervous" 😂 I love you Garrett
i once had a charlie and the chocolate factory based birthday in kindergarten and so my parents hung fruit roll ups from the wall and i was watching all these kids eat them and my dog secretly walked up and licked one AND A KID LIKE 2 MINUTES AFTER AND ATE THE ONE MY DOG LICKED. that was random but this reminded me of it
1:27 Dollar Store Walk needs a full, equally hilarious album.
ally is a loser
i’m watching this at 4 am i’m fine i swear
Katy Greenwell
Why is the marshmallow getting steadily browner with every square? I'm concerned ... haha Also, you are so lovely and fab <3
Yeemily Burton
I’m guessing he bought the meth..
Ava Stetter
Someone please make a "Is Drew okay part 2: Garrett edition"
Tracey Balfe
I'm so proud of the human race for Garret... Yes Garret.... Hes Awesome
Mal Hale
I wish I could do this with garret
youtube you snakeu
mom, can i have him for christmas?
CottonCandy Fox
How does he not have a boyfriend yet *oml*
Ada Florescu
The Dorito bucket is genius
Kiki Wolf
That's ok Garrett I forgive you for yelling
Jaimee Farnworth
Oh ma Jesus wtf came out of UNO????????????????????????🤣🤔😄
Should have covered it in modge podge and kept as your back ground.
Carri Thompson
Garrett needs an award for being the most adorable human alive no ever the most adorable person ever.
Ellie Bellie Watermellie You Smellie
“ I have a security deposit to get back” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Memelovelyboo Queen
When they licked the walls that’s when he became gay SNOZZBERRYS
Carina Miller
2:40-2:50 I watch this every day for self care we need to give all the love in the world to this precious child
Miamore Cadenza
so late but I wanted to live in a library maze. One of those old ones with hundreds of those sliding ladders and balconies everywhere. and I'd use stacks of books as stairs to get to other levels or high shelves. urgh still a dream of mine.
Garrett is growing insane by the minute
Toni D'Aloisi
garrett watts is like the best person t have in your life he's so precious
Blue Cookies
Me going to the store and buying 40 bags of Doritos and 90 Halloween stickers😐...................already done
Kiki Wolf
The 567 people who disliked are losers
elizabeth_rouge .k.k
Dollar store walk Dollar store walk *yEsTeRdAy ThIs GuY TrIeD To SeLl Me MeTh*
julie p
I think me and Garrett are related some how because I would put Doritos on my wall too
luna •
My dream house was a farmhouse but I only wanted to have a lot of dogs and have a lot of watermelons ( I really love watermelon.. And dogs).
Masøn 51
D Do Dol Doll Dolla Dollar Dollar s Dollar st Dollar sto Dollar stor Dollar store Dollar store w Dollar store wa Dollar store wal Dollar store walk Dollar store wal Dollar store wa Dollar store w Dollar store Dollar stor Dollar sto Dollar st Dollar s Dollar Dolla Doll Dol Do D
Me as an adult
1:27 There ya go 🙃🙃
Am I the only one that thinks Garrett is attractive af ?
Rainbow Bow
You are like the human equivalent of a golden retriever and that's just too adorable.
Alana Greene
cadence frazier
i don't think you want a snoze berry it means pe----
Ellie Bellie Watermellie You Smellie
I love how you accidentally made a giant Scnozberry.😂 If that’s how you spell it lol
it's just Erin
I think I just might do this
Tip of The Day
Garrett.... stay way from beauty. You are your own type of beauty. And NO, your nails wouldn't be Dorito dust!
Dat_gurl Dabria
Garret with animals is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen 😭
Chaima Kenache
Garrett : I love u Then throw the witch and ghost Haa I love him
eb love the tea
this is the good content. yes garret. yes. thank you.
McKenna Patrick
Wish I could do a photo shoot in from of the wall
Ñöthîñg Häppêñd
no wonder he has a garbage bin as a house 😂
shister shooketh
Garrett literally just made a neck basket oh my god 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Elyse Tavernier
I wanted to live anywhere else then a small confederate town in the middle of no where.
Giselle Ramirez
Garrett:"Does anyone wanna come do this with me" Me"I WOULD DO ANYTHING WITH AND FOR U CUZ I LOVE U" 🤣🤣😂😂💍💍💍👑👑👑👑
Leilanie Lewis
2:21 Hi mom
Rae Bundrick
Can you build me a house made out of Doritos, ill pay you in Chipotle.
Jayci Taylor
I wanted to live in a double Dekker bus with my bff Kimber
Maggie G
Please do a food nail tutorial
Rainbow Sisters
Garrett you should do a reacting video of you reacting to videos/edits of yourself.
galaxy kitty
My dream house Is a cake with a waterside to the kitchen #FOODHOUSE
Sofia Sparrows
They are so adorable!!!!!!! 😝😝☺️☺️☺️
Jennifer Sibre
Mine was pie wall
Sarah And Jess
Only Garrett would do this
Lps Raindrop
Me! I volunteer to do it with you! ✋🏻
who else wants to eat doritos after watching this, an BRUH HE SO FUNNY ):C
Sophia Cullen
Why are you so like me...
Courtney Helphinstine
I was feeling sad... Watching you makes me happy.
Eden lecompte
Why is Garrett the cutest grown man I've ever seen??
Anime Fan 2005
Did he clean this up by inviting everyone over to eat his wall?
marysol losada
Excuse me but was the purpose of the Doritos Wall to make a masterpiece lol I’m jelly
Garrett! Could you make a playlist with your music? It sounds amazing in the videos, but I can't find what is it. *too lazy to download shazam*
Foster Smith
Thank you for being so amazing Garrett. You made my life more than metiocre
autumn nifong
Garrett is so wholesome and pure we must protect him at all cost.
Chas ety Christensen
Because I'm a go- gre- DECENT YOUTUBER ***
Twenty one pilots panic! At chemical fallout
Garrett is such an amazing smol bean
Leah Marshall
Why wouldn't you use dip instead of marshmallows!
Jimin Park
"I'M 6'4"!" You're too tall. You have been cancelled.
Darcey Haynes
I wanna live with Garrett
*honestly this is QUALITY CONTENT.*
8:36 that wall lick has jeffree quivering oml
H Moonlight
Garrett you would be an amazingly entertaining boyfriend
mercedes woodward
I will gladly eat the Doritos with you
Buddy Guye
Shane better find safe ground, because this has him QUAKING!
ITZ Blackie
U should have named one dirito
Jahra I.
Lyrics (Even Though They're On The Screen) Dollar Store Walk, Dollar Store Walk, Yes, Ter, Day, This guy tried to *sell me meth.*
Eva Boricua
A unlimited editable house with a lot of beds cuz I love eating and sleeping that much
“The snozberries taste like snozberries” Snozberries means something that isn’t a berry 😂
Ava Dixon
Who are the 421 people who disliked this video? Shame on them!