GeForce EVGA GTX 1080, PCI-E 6 pin to 8 pin adapter, Will it work??

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SEE THE REVISED VIDEO, all the fans and everything are fixed and it's 1+ year of using this adapter and everything is working perfectly fine. It was a bad time for the CPU fan to die, but still wanted to show the first time I got the adapter if it would work or not.

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John R Perry
4 minutes and 20 seconds to say, "yes it works"!?!?
Logan Lenamond
connect the 8 pin connecter cable to the GPU
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It's not that a new power supply would be too expensive, it's that it takes forever to set up.
Looking to upgrade my GTX 980 (requires 2x 6-pins) to a ASUS GTX 1070 Turbo (requires 1x 8-pin). My PSU has no 8-pin connectors, but several 6-pins. My PSU is an FSP 500W 80+ silver. Will the adapter be fine for this? Thanks.
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Edvin Komarov
So question 6+2 will work for 8pin connection? Yes or No. Thank you.
Ty S
my little connector doesn't work, Idk why....I also have a 6 pin and 8 pin to plug 14 holes in total
Where did you buy adapter?? Amazon link???
Your powersupply fan bearings need a replacement
Give me reasons why is the video 4:20 minutes long?
Just Mea
could you please link the adapter piece?
Glad you got that sortied out. My latest build is about a year old. Playing battlefield 4 and mass effect 2 with a dash of Half Life 2 at the moment. Enjoy your new graphics card.
Brian Clark
Thanks I will get one of those adaptors
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X Gamer
i have a GTX 580 and it requaires 1 6pin and 1 8pin power connectors but my PSU has 2 6pin connectors and no 8 pin all im asking that can i use a converter to convert one of my 6pin connectors to 8pin and will it work fine in GTX without any issue ?
Will 6+2pin work on 6pin?
Ninja Redux
6+2 pin work?
tl;dr YES
of course it works.. haven't you seen all teh extensions? Plus most of them just branch off on the side anyways.. not actual 8 pin into PSU..
Lucian schwartz-croft
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Gamesta 4Life
6 (6 pin on psu) to 8 pin (8 pin on gpu) ok?
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FaZe eliav_mg5
I got 6+2 on my 1060 and it not working the gpu not work i will try this adapter hope it will work
In my case I realized that GTX 1080 will need 2 6pin VGA adapters, not only one from power supply.
this is the answer and the pure proof that i want, after all the confronting using this 6 to 8 pin adapter.. i just happened to buy this RX480 RedDevil, and i thought it has 6pin, but dang, its 8 pin :( my PC is Thinkstation P510 with 490W 80+gold with ONE 6pin PCIE, i thought this problem led me planning to buy this 6to8pin adapter, but many people said on websites IT IS NOT SAFE... so in my case, i about to buy this adapter...will it work for me?(regarding my specs and the GPU i just bought)
got an rx480 and have the same problem. adapter arrives Monday, hope it doesn't blow up my card. if it does I send it back and say it wasn't working :] I have heard their pins are connected wrong sometimes. they mix up earth and 12v gotta watch out for that or it kills the card
thank you I had this same issue and cybertron's cable management is a nightmare the way they have everything zip tied together. I just got a gigabyte 1070 yesterday
I can tell you what I did when faced with a card that needed one 6 pin and one 8 pin connector The power supply had just two 6 Pin connectors but no 8 pin. I used an adaptor to plug the two six pin from the PSU to make an 8 pin plug and a molex convertor to provide the power for the 6 pin plug. it worked perfectly with a gtx 780 Card and a very old OCZ brand of 600 watt PSU
John Scofield
Have same problem. Older Dell xps 420 has a 6 pin plug, but video card has 8 pin. Plugged 6 pin into card and got exact same message you did. Went to Amazon and saw what looks like the exact 6 to 8 pin cable. Have ordered it and hope I have the same success you did. By the way your video was the only one to really show the issue I am having. Thanks, I'll let you know how I do.
Austin s
Power will be a problem. 550w isn't much. My rig ran the same then I got a adapter for a 780ti and the thing would just shut of when throttling.
Christian Wendey
Hi, just came across your video. great vid btw. but i need extra info. i plugged a 6 pin to a an 8pin rx480strix and its working just fine, but i need to know is there any problem will occur by doing this in a long run? will it hinders the gpu performance? will it shorten its life or anything? pls help ty
Adam Vasquez
good video. but i have a question i bought a gtx 1070 ftw edition which requires dual 8 pin. can i use a adapter the y splitter kind to turn my 6 pin to a dual 8 pin?
istvan spoelstra
gaste je kan het 6 pin rune videokaart
istvan spoelstra
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Darrick Girardi
if my power supply (585 watt) has only a 6pin but I need a 6pin and an 8pin for the card am I stuck needing a new power supply or would an adapter work?
istvan spoelstra
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WTF is that sound , is it because of the adapter cause overuses the power supply?
Rohit Venkatesh
man upload gameplays am waiting can u tell ur specs
Cool. Thanks for the vid. I just got the 1080Ti with 11GB. 800 bucks!
you can just plug a 6 pin cable into an 8 pin header. You don't need the adapter.
ayman masry
it is more safer to use 2-molex to 8pin PC-IE or not ?
hehe lol : LAUNCH FURMARK 10 minutes before "its works"
John R Perry
The only part of the video that matters starts at 3:40 and ends at 3:45
John VFX
What store had these for only $3? I just got an Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti and ... same issue. Looked these adapters up and see them for $15 - $ 20. $3 would be great. BestBuy didn't even have them. None at Office Depot either. Where did you get it from?
Steven Wessel
Hey nice Video 👍🏻i got a question. Can i Plug a 6+2 in a 8 Pin? Ty for any answers :)
Thank you for this video I just order the adapter off of amazon
1080 for old games?
Sean Eredia
Have you actually tried plugging the 6pin on the card with no adapters? Cause I have an GTX 960 AMP that needs 8 pin but I tried 6 pin and it worked fine.
Hey I'm from Germany and I have the same problem. I have a 550W psu with one 6 PIN But my RX 480 need a 8 PIN. So I ordered 6pin to 8pin adapter. I hope it will work
Just Mea
In am having the same problem x.x
Why is it so loud??
My power supply has two 6 PCI pins and I am trying to upgrade my 1060gpu to 1070 which needs 6 and 8 pins. If I use that adapter will I be okay? I googled it and many people didn't recommend it
Raouf Spawn
same problem here
Kashmiri Rebel
bro i have gtx 970 with the same issue but when i connected the adapter when i play games the pc is shutting down automatically
Friedguy Friedguy
cool video