GeForce EVGA GTX 1080, PCI-E 6 pin to 8 pin adapter, Will it work??

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SEE THE REVISED VIDEO, all the fans and everything are fixed and it's 1+ year of using this adapter and everything is working perfectly fine. It was a bad time for the CPU fan to die, but still wanted to show the first time I got the adapter if it would work or not.

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John R Perry
4 minutes and 20 seconds to say, "yes it works"!?!?
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Sebastián Slrzn
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Logan Lenamond
connect the 8 pin connecter cable to the GPU
Just Mea
could you please link the adapter piece?
Looking to upgrade my GTX 980 (requires 2x 6-pins) to a ASUS GTX 1070 Turbo (requires 1x 8-pin). My PSU has no 8-pin connectors, but several 6-pins. My PSU is an FSP 500W 80+ silver. Will the adapter be fine for this? Thanks.
a cat
It's not that a new power supply would be too expensive, it's that it takes forever to set up.
Edvin Komarov
So question 6+2 will work for 8pin connection? Yes or No. Thank you.
Glad you got that sortied out. My latest build is about a year old. Playing battlefield 4 and mass effect 2 with a dash of Half Life 2 at the moment. Enjoy your new graphics card.
Give me reasons why is the video 4:20 minutes long?
Brian Clark
Thanks I will get one of those adaptors
Where did you buy adapter?? Amazon link???
Will 6+2pin work on 6pin?
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Sameer Ahmadi
i have a GTX 580 and it requaires 1 6pin and 1 8pin power connectors but my PSU has 2 6pin connectors and no 8 pin all im asking that can i use a converter to convert one of my 6pin connectors to 8pin and will it work fine in GTX without any issue ?
Ty S
my little connector doesn't work, Idk why....I also have a 6 pin and 8 pin to plug 14 holes in total
Ninja Redux
6+2 pin work?
Cesar Arango
I am about to swap out my graphics card from a gtx 750ti to a gtx 1070ti and just realized this same problem. Hopefully the adapter will work. Thank you.
Ebraheem Alshapi
Thanks a lot, it was really informative for me.
Andi Sadler
Ive got gtx 970 which requires 6 pin and 8 pin. Ive got 6 pin free like you but ive had to buy a sata x2 to 8 pin for the other connector of the card. I had 2 choices could have gone sata x 2 to 6 pin, then use my 6 pin to 8 pin with your adapter.
Ahmed Al-khawi
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David Matheja
does a double molex 4pin to 8pin work? i also bought a molex splitter cause i only have one molex left. i have a 400W energy supply. it should only use 300W because my computer now needs 150, and the GPU i bought needs min 150W. SO, Will one molex do it?
Gaming Gangsters
Thanks man i have that problem just where did u buy it
Kingy B
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of course it works.. haven't you seen all teh extensions? Plus most of them just branch off on the side anyways.. not actual 8 pin into PSU..
Lucian schwartz-croft
This is exactly what i have done lmao
Alexander Reiss
Thank god, i want a GTX 1060 gaming X but my PSU only haves a 6 pin, unless it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer (i want the MSI gaming X 1060) it should be ok i suppose, a wattage calculator says that all the system should use 300w and my PSU is 430w so im gonna try
tl;dr YES
This guy is a winner
Gamesta 4Life
6 (6 pin on psu) to 8 pin (8 pin on gpu) ok?
Darrick Girardi
if my power supply (585 watt) has only a 6pin but I need a 6pin and an 8pin for the card am I stuck needing a new power supply or would an adapter work?
thank you I had this same issue and cybertron's cable management is a nightmare the way they have everything zip tied together. I just got a gigabyte 1070 yesterday
Adam Vasquez
good video. but i have a question i bought a gtx 1070 ftw edition which requires dual 8 pin. can i use a adapter the y splitter kind to turn my 6 pin to a dual 8 pin?
Hello, I want to get a gtx 1070 but I have the same problem after some research I found that there are different opinions on every site you look... What me bothers the most is that some people say that a 6 pin can only supply 75W compered to a 8pin 150W which could lead to issues like gpu stops working when playing demanding games... did you have any of this issues?
got an rx480 and have the same problem. adapter arrives Monday, hope it doesn't blow up my card. if it does I send it back and say it wasn't working :] I have heard their pins are connected wrong sometimes. they mix up earth and 12v gotta watch out for that or it kills the card
this is the answer and the pure proof that i want, after all the confronting using this 6 to 8 pin adapter.. i just happened to buy this RX480 RedDevil, and i thought it has 6pin, but dang, its 8 pin :( my PC is Thinkstation P510 with 490W 80+gold with ONE 6pin PCIE, i thought this problem led me planning to buy this 6to8pin adapter, but many people said on websites IT IS NOT SAFE... so in my case, i about to buy this adapter...will it work for me?(regarding my specs and the GPU i just bought)
Rohit Venkatesh
man upload gameplays am waiting can u tell ur specs
Austin s
Power will be a problem. 550w isn't much. My rig ran the same then I got a adapter for a 780ti and the thing would just shut of when throttling.
Thank you for this video I just order the adapter off of amazon
FaZe eliav_mg5
I got 6+2 on my 1060 and it not working the gpu not work i will try this adapter hope it will work
Steven Wessel
Hey nice Video 👍🏻i got a question. Can i Plug a 6+2 in a 8 Pin? Ty for any answers :)
hehe lol : LAUNCH FURMARK 10 minutes before "its works"
WTF is that sound , is it because of the adapter cause overuses the power supply?
In my case I realized that GTX 1080 will need 2 6pin VGA adapters, not only one from power supply.
Sean Eredia
Have you actually tried plugging the 6pin on the card with no adapters? Cause I have an GTX 960 AMP that needs 8 pin but I tried 6 pin and it worked fine.
What pisses me off is this 1080 is my 1st top tier card and also the 1st that had zero adapters in the friggin box. I just drove an hour through dc traffic from best buy. Now I may have to go back for an adapter if I can't find one around the house.
I can tell you what I did when faced with a card that needed one 6 pin and one 8 pin connector The power supply had just two 6 Pin connectors but no 8 pin. I used an adaptor to plug the two six pin from the PSU to make an 8 pin plug and a molex convertor to provide the power for the 6 pin plug. it worked perfectly with a gtx 780 Card and a very old OCZ brand of 600 watt PSU
Christian Wendey
Hi, just came across your video. great vid btw. but i need extra info. i plugged a 6 pin to a an 8pin rx480strix and its working just fine, but i need to know is there any problem will occur by doing this in a long run? will it hinders the gpu performance? will it shorten its life or anything? pls help ty
Jack Sagrafsky
Have same problem. Older Dell xps 420 has a 6 pin plug, but video card has 8 pin. Plugged 6 pin into card and got exact same message you did. Went to Amazon and saw what looks like the exact 6 to 8 pin cable. Have ordered it and hope I have the same success you did. By the way your video was the only one to really show the issue I am having. Thanks, I'll let you know how I do.
John VFX
What store had these for only $3? I just got an Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti and ... same issue. Looked these adapters up and see them for $15 - $ 20. $3 would be great. BestBuy didn't even have them. None at Office Depot either. Where did you get it from?
istvan spoelstra
gaste je kan het 6 pin rune videokaart
Cool. Thanks for the vid. I just got the 1080Ti with 11GB. 800 bucks!
istvan spoelstra
verkop sterker zonde geld kon ook 6pin idd
Hey I'm from Germany and I have the same problem. I have a 550W psu with one 6 PIN But my RX 480 need a 8 PIN. So I ordered 6pin to 8pin adapter. I hope it will work
John R Perry
The only part of the video that matters starts at 3:40 and ends at 3:45
My power supply has two 6 PCI pins and I am trying to upgrade my 1060gpu to 1070 which needs 6 and 8 pins. If I use that adapter will I be okay? I googled it and many people didn't recommend it
you can just plug a 6 pin cable into an 8 pin header. You don't need the adapter.
ayman masry
it is more safer to use 2-molex to 8pin PC-IE or not ?
Kashmiri Rebel
bro i have gtx 970 with the same issue but when i connected the adapter when i play games the pc is shutting down automatically
istvan spoelstra
12 dole weg idd
1080 for old games?
Just Mea
In am having the same problem x.x
Why is it so loud??
abderraouf bendjerbouh
same problem here
Friedguy Friedguy
cool video