THE OMEN live in Vienna

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Eerily beautiful performance of Jerry Goldsmith's THE OMEN in Vienna Concert Hall at the film music gala »Hollywood in Vienna 2015«. ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra & Keith Lockhart Neue Wiener Stimmen

An Magi
I'm sure the temperature in the hall dropped several degrees
momo niikura
I really fell in love with this beautiful song. I cant stop listening.
Chainsaw Romance
I mean... I love this. One of the best movie tunes ever composed... but imagine if a christian is in the choir... that must be like being Jewish and singing Nazi anthem :D
Данил Новиков
putin s usual rington
GREAT Goldsmith.The number one
Samuel Oldham
Best live performance I've heard yet. LOVE THIS.
Rich Hopkins
Jerry Goldsmith won an Oscar for the music score, and this main title was also Oscar-nominated for Original Song.
Strong Mountain Runner
I use this music to PRAISE MY FATHER SATAN....
Joycelyn Lum
sandwich. . mini moose. . .car pool. .
David James
5:10. I didn't know actor Ed Harris played timpani drums too.
Willy Rose
Aparna Dahanukar
Flex Skelter
wakute keeble
Some say that the real omen was in the audience....
Ave satani
Großartiger Sound, und großartig gesungen!
Nik Reece
One of the most haunting horror movie scores ever...RIP jerry goldsmith
Bamboo Gameplay
holy shit best version ever
ron burkosky
drain the swamp.
Juan Garcia
This song is perfect for a video compilation where Swift, Werner, Covenant and CR England trucks have accidents or even just passing by!
Marcela Barrozo
Jesus amado! Que medo! o___________O
david munteanu
why do they all look possessed
Edwin Vasquez Martos
la lucha del bien contra el mal....adorable suite!!
grave digger
damn thats amazing
sata apareça!!!
Luciane Albino
Danny Manuel Valdez Moquillaza
Grande Jerry por esta obra musocal. Si la pelicula ya te resultaba inquietante la musica le dio un plus exponencial. Los coros decadentes y desesperanzadores y los vientos que te sumergen en el mismo infierno.
a. banks.
I have always love the theme for the wife.. Very beautiful, so feminine, loving, delicate stron, yet fragile ... definitely personifies a wife, mother/woman.... and with the cello piece added reflecting the love of her man/husband. I would someone to create a theme about me, that could match the beauty of that. I have seen many orchestra and choirs try to recreate this whole suite/sweet piece of the Omen. This musical composition is excellent, both choir and orchestra. The conductor did a most excellent job! I love this version because they highlight what dolo instrument is being played in certain instances and by who... They all must have had a blast, putting this all together, during their many creepy, yet thrilling rehearsals.. BRAVO EXCELLENTE!!!!
Rafa3l III
Hubiera estado bueno que con esa invocación alguien se hubiera poseído pero no pasó nada ... No lo sé Rick, me parece falso
They’re reading the standard movie contract translated into Latin.
Damien Nova
They need new tenors.
Allison Ruiz
Hermoso (゚▽゚)/
Strong Mountain Runner
does any one know...of an instrumental version of "Ave Satanic"....thanks
C Grant
rest in the finished work of the cross the good news
Kristine Snarky
the original is scary AF. the new one sucks balls!
Very good but for fuck sake! If you open with 'Ave Satani' then why do 'The Dog's Attack' a minute later? It's the same cue!!!!!! Couldn't they have had a stab at 'The Demise of Mrs. Baylock' or 'Killer's Storm'????