People and Power - Tunisia's Dirty Secret

In January 2011, driven to despair by high unemployment, food inflation, corruption, a lack of political freedom and poor living conditions, Tunisians ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and introduced democracy to their country.As the celebrations of this remarkable achievement began to quieten down, people got ready to enjoy the benefits of liberty - especially those to do with fairness, human rights and equality.And indeed, many of those benefits did follow; even though many Tunisians continue to feel economically marginalised and the country faces security problems, for the most part the repression that was such of feature of the Ben Ali years has gone. Tunisia is widely regarded as one of the few successes of the Arab Spring.But not all Tunisians would agree. Five years on from the revolution, the country's large black minority - roughly about 15 percent of the population - say they have yet to fully experience the freedoms that their fellow citizens enjoy. They say that racial abuse and discrimination are still widespread in a society that is supposed to have done away with inequity and prejudice - and that the authorities are failing to take action.People & Power sent filmmaker Nada Issa to investigate.- Subscribe to our channel: Follow us on Twitter: Find us on Facebook: Check our website:

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Marian Ali
It's absolutely amazing how Arabs complain about racism in the west, when they themselves practice racism and Islam is against racism.
Sadiq Rahman
Allah will punish those who are racists
Kundai Gotore
This is so informative. I'm shocked, I used to believe that the whole of Africa was a safe place for my people.
Marian H
These Arabs seem to forget that they are not indigenous to North Africa nothing but invaders have been since the 7th century. Their "country" is on the continent of Africa and yet they have nerve to dehumanise and disrespect the black people who belong in Africa. Arabs are more than welcome to go back to the Middle East where they belong and give the land back to the Indigenous people the Berbers/Amazighs.
moe saeed
poor black folks, they can't even catch a break in Africa. Hopefully Mars will be free of discrimination.
Roc Steady
If the black Tunisians mums were whores the light skin Tunisians mums were whores too. Most likely they are descendants of European slaves captured by Barbary pirates. History tells us there were thousands of European women in the harems of sultans throughout North Africa.
Firas Baklouti
I am Tunisian, Its only very recently that I have been informed of this, I hope legal action will be taken. My family and I really like diversity and I dont understand why there are people who are racist like this.
Sakhile Nkosi
I officially hate Tunisia
PongN Chant
Not surprised. I've been hearing about the racism faced by black Africans in North Africa and the Middle East for years. The funny thing is that all of these people who are racist believe they are good muslims and when they talk to you, they say that Islam is a great religion because it doesn't promote racism. Go figure. Black Africans need to get out of Tunisia because it's not worth it. What do they gain by being in a place so uncivilized ?
عبد الله دعاله الصومالي
This is a world of unjust, inhumane, and immoral!
Primitive country
yellow River
all Arabs are like this !
The Judge
They feel white while white dont like them here in sweden people love black and respect them   me personally I do not like the Arabs they try to talk to me but I say no I would rather be with whites and blacks people
Rodia Shema
Arabs are invaders to Africa
T 1001
as sufficiently white , let me tell you : i dont see color difference between the 2 and if i have to decide they are both black
HB the youngster
I am glad this documentary was made
Shame on Tunsia! God is watching! Their racist hearts & acts he will judge!
black is beutiful, you only feel that when you are black. but its sad to see how muslims left their releigon. and the haters of islam will pick up like this incidents to attack islam evreytime. theirs no doubt that evrey corner in the world exsist less or worse conditions like this. I hope they should abolish such acts and learn that diversity is the only way out of ignorance.
The funny thing is, People from tunisia think they are white like the people in the west, but in reality the west spits on them and sees them as black, just like how they see the black people in tunisia
Zey nue
No Wonder that Every single arab Country is in war ... Like arab spring Because of their sins inschallah all Arabs will be eliminated By Allah
rogea john
hall black people we have to be united we have enemy all over the world
Mbusoh Matte
even after accepting Arab culture totally but they're still not qualified as equal to arabs. shame on us all
Vi Team
These Arabs are disgusting, funny how they cry foul when the West don't respect them and mistreat them.
oussema trabelsi
Why dont you talk about positive stuff : tunisia was the first african country to actually ban slavery in 1848 and we actually have alot of successful blacks who are doing fine
S500 Triumph
amina lo
i used to live in tunisia, from 12 to 16 yo and i m from an.african country. My parents were diplomats and lets say that i was privilidged as a kid, i used to go to the best schools etc... but lemme just confirm you that racism is real there, as a child i couldn' t get out without being treated of keukhla or guere guere ... people used to shout it out on me everytime i was walking in the street.... racism against a child... like really? its a such a nice country but racism is very strong in there. i used to insult them.back as a kif because in my mind my blackness was and is still a pride ... Lets just say its awful to be black in Tunisia and this aljazeera documentary just shows the pic of the Iceberg ...
Francesca Fontana
كذب الجزيرة
Al jazeera = zionism Propaganda chanel
Hedi Tehinti
only the idiot people can believe what they see in media racisme is a very ware in the around the world in my cuntrey we speak about it and can fix
Faizo Abdirahmaan
the Poor white Tunsian are very recist . majority of Arabs are so.
SJWs need to see this. Stop complaining about the West.
This is why I'll never feel sorry for Arabs who get discriminated in the west. Hope Trump keeps banning these graham crackers. Hope they keep getting stopped on planes
Black Panther
Arabs and Berbers should go back to the middle east.
Evil Pagan
Perhaps all the people whining about "racism" should ask themselves what the ROOT of it is. Usually there is a reason for people not liking other people.
Renaldo Smith
I didn't see any white people in the video. so for the country to be 85 percent white is kind of confusing. I guess those that travel to Europe are going to get there document since they have European genes in them.
Reminds me of apartheid in South Africa
Nile ابن
All black origin of North Africa like 🇹🇳🇲🇦🇱🇾🇪🇬🇩🇿 are black and they are suffering of racism, I'm sorry for's time for black peoples to united ✊🏿
Sajeda Makda
I can't believe this am sorry I will not be going to tunis
sarah aras
I am Tunisian and I am so sorry that you,my brothers and sisters, have to suffer this racism. May God give you strength and change your situation.
Firas Baklouti
what's the name of the rapper's song??
Joanteiro J M
What a sad country!
Black Panther
The white Tunisians are the descendants of slaves.
First Name Last Name
Where can I find this rapper's music?
..good luck and all the heart goes out to the lady who was attacked and the son
Tabital Pulaaku
It shouldn't surprise you white supremacy is heavy in Arab culture
This is just Aljazeera promoting more problems in North Africa like they promoted the destruction of Libya, radicalism in Mali, Nigeria ...etc
This must be the most biased short documentary I have ever seen. While there is no denial that racism does exist in Tunisia, however this TV channel made it look way much worse. After all, what do you expect from such biased low level TV channel such as Al Jazeera. Perhaps they should make a documentary about Qatar and the racism there and corruption.
Hiba Hammami
It's really embarrassing as a Tunisian to find out that such people (racists) exist, but please don't think all Tunisians are this ignorant!! And yes we are not white, we are most likly a mixture of a lot of races.
This and That
Every country has its bad sides. TV could demonize litteraly every country like that.
munchitheguy 95
No surprise racism is global. A lot of racism in USA and no surprise in other countries there’s racism
Keron Smith
White take our wealth plus our land history
den m
The Arab man and woman think they are white. But white people don't want anything to do with them
Power and Blessings to the black people of Tunisia! Keep fighting because you are the salt of the earth and you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
Ali Hassan
Shame on you Tunisia, we were thinking to come for a vacation but we're now going to Morocco instead.
Ahmed Habichuela Adam
Lol, They will Never Accepted as "White"
Paul Davidson
What were are seeing here is not surprising. In many countries that were colonized you will find a pecking order, e.g. India, islands in the Caribbean (I am from one and know about light and dark skin issues). But what is ironic the very same people espousing racism will scream injustice when faced with it in places like Europe. Will we ever learn?!
Abby Nixon
You would think that the abundance of this which is global would 'force' Africans of the diaspora to always look towards each other to counter and buffer this but instead we're just as divided as racist or nationalistic towards each other.
Sarah Abbassi
I have aunts and uncles cousins that are dark skinned Tunisians and have light skinned almost white family we live together peacefully clearly people weren't raised right it's how they think that's messed up
sahrabrown brown
makes me sick
Yet Ade
I always say ARABS that cannot live of the AFRICAN continent with AFRICANS should go back to ARABIA. Simple by the way Berbers are people from the Sahel that are from West African mix.
In Qatar and the UAE Bedouin Arabs don't have full citizenship because they're from the wrong tribes and Shia people suffer from all sorts of discrimination despite the oil is under their ancestral lands. 90% of the people in Qatar and UAE don't have Citizenship even if they were born there.
Fernando Muslera
absolutly discusting,these arabs should be ashamed of them self'  I am an kurdish muslim,  arabs respect me,but if I am black than not?  discusting'  in islam racisme is haram,  the companion of the Prophet SAV billal was black and an slave,  and was freed by the Prophet SAV becouse racisme is haram''  if I saw the low life that beaten the black old women with the headscaf''   I would beat that scumbag real hard!
Mary gorretty
Just like their is no one white in this video. Come to Europe then you'll see a real white person
Thorium Gallery
I had to stop at the "interracial marriage' segment. As if there wasn't a half a shade of brown difference between them. I hate "whiteness" a little more every day.
Soumaia Cherni
I'm Tunisian and I really want to hug all those dark people in this video, especially the couple who were victims of abuse. Racism is not okay ! How can muslims cry about racism in the western world or threaten dark people like this? Did they forget that their first man who appealed to Azaan was dark? Bilal? I am very sorry for this beautiful people. My heart hurts I swear..
Elite Perfumes
They should be happy they don't have me as a black person living in Tunisia I would laying them down
Robert Wussah
Unbelievable this is serious how do they see themselves superior or something compare to our beautiful chocolate colour this is Africa not middle East
Norman Wong
why are people so mean? makes me want to cry.
Al Jazeera thanks for bring this to the light
They're just jealous the sun agrees with them and doesn't turn them into raisins at 25yrs old. #melaninmagic
Thelma Chimani
racism is everywhere...SMH
Dennis Caruso
sag al
So sad
S Riluvan
Tunisian society is apparently rotten. I can't respect Tunisians anymore until this changes.
kat pierre
sadden but not surprised at all. My heart goes out to the referee and Najiba. Early this year went to morocco and i never experienced racism but i did notice that black Africans were treated poorly . My Moroccan friend explained to me why and as unfortunate as it is, it was understandable. Welp, I've crossed Tunisia off my list of places to visit.
사미 サミ萨米
People are you serious ?! This vidro is a lie. this is completely false. to be honest we do have racism in tunisia( in some outdated regions )racism is in every country on this planet . If a person is racist it doesn't mean that all tunisians are racist BTW i Have a black friend he is the closest to me... He's funny and kind PS :sorry for my english i'm just 12 yo ...
What is wrong with people in the world.... 😔😔😔 Every one is equal regardless of race colour or religion....
Michael Peters Fenwicks
Unfortunately I blame previous governments while in the arab world they don't fixed the roof while the sun is shinning instead when the problem has grown from a root into full tree. This is a lack of reform........but at least the government recognizes its failings......
Isaac Fubara
Let love rule the world...
spicy bunty
i used to think very positive about tunisian but having watched thks video they all have to be ashamed
Mashud Saeed
I thought Tunisia was a civilised country.
houss ahm
Yes I know, the ignorant, Dogs ( killab)of the gulf: Saudi, Qatar, Emirates...etc are abusing weak people but they are themselves slaves of yahuud , what a bad state of hypocrite? Killab , sad is your state of mind and Allah knows better
Sum Alex
this is funny it is true it happens. it also happens Qatar Al Jazeera maybe should look in to its own country.
Adeola Femi
This definitely not good for arabs I hope they change for their own good because what goes around comes!
Mary gorretty
Arabs are not human beings even dog's and snakes are better than them. And they're not white Hazha
ben yeboah
I put fire on all arab nation they are animals people need to kill them n eat since they animal
francis z
I didn't know that these North Africans were racist. Good to know. This is what happens when you give a bunch of homeless wanderers a place to live. We don't have to put up with this, we can just drive them into the sea. That day is coming. We are watching. These ungrateful bastards. We give you a home and you return the favor by hurting our people.
Charles Thompson
racism needs to stop people need to realize these are our brothers and sisters, when a person looks at another person's skin pigmentation, and decide they are better, it is a mockery before our God. you separate yourself from your brothers and sisters, no matter how hard you try. we come from one genetic seed, One race the human race!! I pray of Supernatural favor upon my brothers and sisters, I pray of Supernatural healing and prosperity upon them and their precious children!! in the name of Jesus!!
Oussama ben ammar
come on there is no racism in Tunisia
aziz .j
guys... dont believe no tunisian guy things like that.. i am tunisian and i havr never seen someone.They propebally paid them to act bad
Mario M
Do you see? not even in continent of Africa, black people have a break of racism disease. They believe so much in their God, (Allan) but you’re practicing so intense racism in black people country, they invaded Black Country. God I’ll finished them one day... this happening in 2018 unbelievably.
Ibrahim Mohamed
Tunisians aren't even Arabs. and why do they classify themselves as white. white is blonde hair blue eyes not Tunisian. They don't even speak proper Arabic and they claim Arab
mohamed ouhibi
true. my grandma's neighbor had a slave...
Mr Mickleham
Why does this surprise anybody? Arabs have been maltreating blacks for centuries! And all they can say is, those that discriminate aren't true Muslims? Too many of you, haven't been true Muslims for centuries.......
Luis Lomeli
The power of God through Alpha Omega 65 is going to rectify this. We must judge people by their character, not their color. We will use economic pressure to eliminate racism.
George Macpherson
Tunisia = Russia of Africa. The Tunisian government are to blame. They don't do anything about this.
How funny it is when they called the black guy 'african' when Tunisia itself is located in Africa! LOL
Sara's Fantasyworld
I am a girl from tunisia , the problem is that the media ia focusing on these details to destroy the vision if this country , actually we are not that racist we're kind , but no one could deny that there are some of these bad people who are racist , we're not all black we have about 30% of black people , im white and even my father have green eyes but still we're tunisian!
From what I seen here most of "white" Tunisians don't look white at all!