6 Warning Signs a Stroke Is Coming

What happens when you experience a stroke? Cerebral Stroke is a leading cause of serious disability in the US at the moment. Each year thousands of people suffer from it, and a lot of them are first-timers. According to The Internet Stroke Center, every year almost 800,000 people suffer from stroke, and only for 150,000 of them is it a recurrence. The most accurate way to describe it is “a heart attack for your brain.” A cerebral stroke occurs when some parts of the brain get interrupted. As a result, the body can't function normally and needs urgent medical attention to get back to its normal state. The most confusing thing about a stroke is that even though its symptoms usually develop quickly, it can still take hours or even days to notice that something's wrong. However, there are some red flags you should never ignore no matter how minor they seem at the moment. TIMESTAMPS: High blood pressure 1:29 Vision problems 2:09 Numbness on one side of the body 2:42 Dizziness or fatigue without any reason 3:10 A sudden migraine or severe headache 3:37 Stiffness in the neck or shoulder pain 4:06 Risk factors 4:45 What you should do if you have a stroke 6:06 #cerebralstroke #strokesymptoms #migraine Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - High blood pressure is never a good thing. It can lead to a whole bunch of serious problems, including a stroke, because it damages the nerves in your brain and weakens the blood vessels. - Strokes can affect your eyesight as well. It can cause double vision, blurred vision, and even a notable loss of vision in one eye. - You’ve probably heard that numbness or weakness in the face, an arm, or a leg on either side of your body is a common sign of an upcoming stroke. - A study conducted by the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan showed that vertigo and dizziness are one of the most frequent factors among patients who had a stroke. - Strong headaches and migraines never appear out of thin air. In case of a stroke, it happens simply because the blood flow to the brain is either blocked or cut off due to an interruption in the bloodstream. - A ruptured blood vessel in the brain can easily cause a stiff neck or shoulder pain. To find out whether it's actually “stroke bad” or not, try to touch your chest with your chin. - Risk factors that can get you in trouble include alcohol and drug abuse, obesity, an unhealthy diet, depression, anxiety, and a sedentary lifestyle. All these things trigger certain processes in your body that can result in a stroke one way or another. - If it happens and there’s no one around to help you, call 911 or your local emergency number. Do NOT try to drive yourself to the hospital. As you're waiting for an ambulance, don’t eat or drink anything; your system doesn't need even more work right now. Subscribe to Bright Side : /> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: />Instagram: /> 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: /> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

On a scale of 1 to 10, how healthy is your diet?
LeNora DeNNis59
I went through these symptoms a couple of months back! Especially,when my Mother caught Dementia! Please pray for me & my mom!
Stress is a killer.....
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i shouldn't be watching this i need to stop worrying and live life im fine
Danny Rand
You can't imagine how many lives this video will save. If only YouTube was around 30/40 years ago.
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*High blood pressure is the silent threat to our health*
Clive Harman
stress is another factor towards heart attacks and strokes,
Siim Land
#1 High Blood Pressure #2 Vision Problems #3 Numbness On One Side of the Body #4 Dizziness or Fatigue Without Any Given Reason #5 A Sudden Migraine or a Severe Headache #6 Stiffness In the Neck or Shoulder Pain
I’m in my 50s power walk every day and haven’t ate meat for over 30 years and I feel great!
Deanne Williams
Anyone else here feeling like a hypochondriac today?
Be happy and love God with all your heart and He will take care of you🙏🏼
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I swear to god i will like this comment Well u swore dont look at me
After watching that I feel all those symptoms now!
I’m not ok
All this is happening to my mom, i’m actually kinda worried 😞
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Uncharacteristic anger. Definitely a huge red flag.
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Wow I'm so scared a lot of this or something happening to my parents 😭 Edit: but I've been too scared to research until now
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Hello Everywon I Hope You Have Nice Day
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Great! Now I'm nervous! Thanks a lot BRIGHT SIDE! }:(
Chris Trudell
I've learned over time to reduce stress... Exercises, deep breathing and not take everything so personally to name a few. Thanks.
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"A lot of them are first timers." At some point they all are.
Guess its time to loose 70-90 pounds!
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So...... I’m safe?
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That's OK, I can deal with everything normally ask everyone
Frank Wess
1. High blood pressure 2. Vission problems 3. Numbness on one side of the body 4. Dizziness and fatigue for no reason 5. Sudden migrane/ severe headache 6. Stiffness in the neck or shoulder pain Also: higher chance if you smoke, diabetes, heart disease, alcohol, drug abuse, and an unhealthy diet.
Sherry Brigham
always good to know You can never learn to much! Good advice Thxs
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Anyone 1931? Oh yeah yeah
Karen Closs
Thank you for sharing. Being a silent threat to one's health, need to know all of these.
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Watching this makes me queasy, anyone else?
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Drink plenty of h20water, keep your blood pressure down and do light exercise, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables 🍏🍉🥑🍋🍒🥕🍇🥝🍍🍌🍆🍊
Luke Perry was healthy lifestyle fit and look what happened .. RIP buddy you never know ..
Stephanie le
There’s an act FAST acronym regarding strokes F - face (one side is droopy A- arms (asymmetrical when trying to both raise them up) S - speech (speaking gibberish or irrelevant things T - time THEYRE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!
This Channel Makes My Life Bright🔥🔥🤘🤘
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Very helpful thank you for this posting,strokes has limited my family .😏
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The Government is the cause of most deaths
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Oh God helps us from this problem
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Luke Perry was only 52. Bad advice.
TIMESTAMPS: High blood pressure 1:29 Vision problems 2:09 Numbness on one side of the body 2:42 Dizziness or fatigue without any reason 3:10 A sudden migraine or severe headache 3:37 Stiffness in the neck or shoulder pain 4:06 Risk factors 4:45 What you should do if you have a stroke 6:06
I have number 5 & 6 ! And i'm just 10 ! 😭
Just Moi
Strokes are on the rise due to prescription poisons. Go holistic
Gary Johnson
Yes my foot went limp i could not walk.,it was like that for a few hours .And my foot kept moving around and jumping from side toside.
Zaj lord
You dont even know how u r scaring me right now :O i have all of those things often DX
D L Malley
Concerned about my husband, Too setitary , and atrophied.
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Being unable to find the silverware drawer in your own home or unable to call the refrigerators by the correct name the.big box in the corner .
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Thank you Bright Side. Very informative piece. 👌
Why is there nothing in this that mentions the picture?!!!! Another phony attraction to get you to watch their posting.
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Love you Bright side you are the best .You make a good and helful videas all the time keep up the good contents.
If I had an emergency, I would call Lyft and have them bring me to the hospital. I took an ambulance once, and it was so bumpy and uncomfortable..plus, it cost ALOT. The Lyft would probably be less than ten dollars or so, because the hospital is close by.
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Bright Side, how is your medical education?
I felt every single symptom tff
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I'm so scared I have high blood pressure.
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Much needed and very informative.
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I get a lightning bolt pain on the left side of my head,wakes me up out of a deep sleep.Dont know what it is,told doctors and they said nothing
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I’m hella early, this video was very informative thank you!
Lady Twili Nightcore
I guess it is good that I do 6 month daily checkups in case somethings wrong.
Julie Wigner
Let's not discount dehydration and heat waves. It's extremely important to stay hydrated in the summer.
dr. umar
remember d acronym FAST..
Farheensultana Farheensultana
What about the heart rate if heart rate is high and difficulty in breathing i thik this is also includes
RIP Luke
Imani Grey
1)High Blood Pressure 2)Vision Problem 3)Numbness on one side of the body 4)Dizziness or fatigue without any reason 5)A sudden migraine or headache 6)Stiffness in the neck or shoulder pain For people in a rush😘😘Your Welcome
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Yes you forgot one the constant commercials about illness and medication.
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I can only have my bp taken arterially
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Omg who else is frighten by this video
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The worst things people can do is watch systems on the internet. It will make you worry
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Well why does my heart sometimes hurts?
I fell like I'm having to much blood pressure
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Thank you for telling us 🙂
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Experienced all the signs 😂
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Give coconut oil to drink before calling/ taking to the doctor
LeNora DeNNis59
John flezer Momin
My bp is 89 sugar level is 138. Experiencing blurness of eyesight lens changed
Also, donating blood, if your a man or post menopausal women would help not to get one
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Tq very useful Information 🙏🙏
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Hey tell me something about depression I'm in depression because of my school please help me
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Thanks I never heard some of these symptoms before !
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My grandpa just watched this video and said he has most of these symptoms.. Im really worried. 😣
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I'm always get dizziness, migraine but always really low blood pressure
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this was a very educational video I will pass it on to friends. thank you
Yea ok that is so much easier said than done and take care of stress levels you better get a grip with reality
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How to Scare People: Education Edition
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♡ stay safe kiddos ♡
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I need to take better care of myself thanks for this video.😘
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Call 911 to whom convey this number is addressed to whom ?