PAPA ROACH - Between Angels And Insects [GUITAR COVER] | Jassy J

Papa Roach - Between Angels and Insects - Album: Infest (2000) guitar cover by Jassy =) Be sure to check out my patreon page! For just 1$ per month you can vote for a guitar cover each month out of 4 suggestions I make! Sounds good? =) ► /> ENG: First Papa Roach cover after years!!!! Maaan, Universal Music has blocked covers worldwide on mobile devices for a long time... Glad it is over now!! As I am working of more complex covers, I recorded that easy song for today.... It took me 6 hours to learn, record, mix, render and upload it xD Have fun! \m/ DEU: Nach vielen Jahren endlich mal wieder ein Papa Roach Cover! =D Gott sei Dank blockiert Universal Music keine Cover mehr weltweit für mobile Geräte, das hat teilweise echt genervt! Da ich grade kompliziertere Sachen übe, gibt es heute wieder ein einfaches Cover. Hab den innerhalb von 6 Stunden gelernt, aufgenommen, gemixt, Video editiert, gerendert und hochgeladen. Viel Spaß! Tuning: Drop D PLEASE NOTE: I used the original track and turned down the volume so that you can hear what we play, also I applied an EQ so that my guitar pops out in the mix =) I double tracked the audio and recorded along the video. The fretboard closeup is an additional angle. I used my Panasonic Lumix 4K cam for the video MERCH =D ► ◄ ►Guitar: MGH GUITARS - Eliminator Custom (2016) /> ► My GEAR on THOMANN (you can select your language =) ) : ✷ Amplifier: BIAS Desktop (Positive Grid): />✷ Whammy Drop Tune Pedal: />✷ Software: Cubase LE AI Elements: />✷ CHICKEN PICKS Badazz III guitar pick: />✷ Audio Interface: Steinberg UR 22: /> ► My stuff on AMAZON: ✷ My guitar picks: CHICKENPICKS />✷ My (new: 2017) camera: />✷ Sony Vegas Video Editing Programme (my version: 12): /> * Affiliate-Link: I‘ll receive a small promotion from the store. The stuff you are about to buy WILL NOT be more expensive for you. Thank you for supporting my channel. ►Accesories: Jimmy Clip, ►Meze Headphones: Get yours! /> ►Jassy J: /> /> /> /> ►MY 2 BANDS Oversense: />Notstrom: /> My new band: Oversense - Purgatory , Mr. Mackie's Chase For Love Get the debut album here =) />(I just joined in December 2017 and wasn't involved in the writing process of the first album!) Jassy J Postfach 17 17 36 007 Fulda Please leave some comments here, i would really appreciate it :) And if you want to see more covers, feel free to visit my channel :D -Jassy J Online Gitarre lernen? ;) Dann check den GUITARNERD! :D /> Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All rights belong to the composers, musicians, artists, bands and their record labels! NOTE: This song was written by PAPA ROACH! I neither own nor claim any rights for the song!!!

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First Papa Roach cover after years!!!! Maaan, Universal Music has blocked covers worldwide on mobile devices for a long time... Glad it is over now!! As I am working of more complex covers, I recorded that easy song for today.... It took me 6 hours to learn, record, mix, render and upload it xD Have fun! \m/ Check out my patreon page! For just 1$ per month you can vote for a guitar cover each month out of 4 suggestions I make! Sounds good? =) ►
Jennifer James
Yeah!!!! Mega gut :)) <3
Lukas Quintana
Essa menina é demais, demais, demais, e esse cabelo? SENSACIONAL!!! This Girl is too mutch, too much, too much, and this hair? SENSATIONAL !!!
Thomas Chevet
BORDERLANDS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best game in the world ( hello from france ) and very cool video ^^
Viva la Cucaracha!!! 🤘
Hi, i from Ukraine and i'm a new your follower. U are a so cool, beautiful!
Really nice cover, really nice track. Wish ye all a metal weekend \m/ Cheers
Juan Contreras
god damm, i love this girl so much :D nice playing <3
Jonathan M
When Papa roach was stil good xD
Zach Glendon
Amazing cover, sick guitar, speechless. You've earned a new sub! Rock on 🤘
Alain Picard
Halo, What is the settings/tone for Bias Desktop?
Philipp Juretzki
vielleicht schon einmal gefragt worden aber wie nimmst du die gitarre auf ^^
Pako Bourne
Nice! u are amazing guitar player!... cheers from Mexico
Jose Antonio Gonzalez Pizarro
You are super beautiful cover. Congratulations..
Machine Gunner Charlie
Hell Yeah! You rock girl! Keep'em coming
Zax Drums
JJ you are really rocking out here!! Sehr geiles Cover!! Es hört sich mega klasse an!! Wirklich gut gespielt!!🤘🤘!!
Private Slamface
Bitte bitte mach ein Cover von Papa Roach "Help"
fistbit 45
Keep it up you're doing amazing love you're channel
Love the talent and passion you put into your art!
Zainal Muzaki
I really feel interested in learning guitar with you, best regards from Indonesia 😁👍👍🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Joker Levin
TFW you see gaige and lillith in the background <3
One pretty guitar, one wonderful lady so much skills that so nice ^^.
Tommy Lambert - The Suffolk MadMan
Not only are you mega talented with the guitar, you are seriously gorgeous!
grave digger
Perfection beautifully played JJ
Mariano Mariano
Te veo desde Colombia .....uff me gusta mucho verte tan bien todos tus vídeos todosss 😎😎.. te felicito por tocar tan super ..☠️🤘
Eduardo Tt Gomez
Very good cover, you are an excellent guitarist. 👌✌👍
Karel Van den Dooren
That is such a good nu metal track! And this cover only adds to the energy of it. Very well brought!
CharlieChaz Estabrook
So gooooooood! Love how into it you are!
I like the eyes at the end.
Badass song cover...keep on rockin girl
Aditya Rasaily
Amazing cover girl✌️🤘
Paul Wittek
I just noticed that you have tiny hands, which is awesome. I know plenty of people who've said, "I can't play guitar, my hands are too small." You'll definitely be someone I point out any time I hear that. You're proof that even people who don't have crazy long Jimi Hendrix fingers can be good guitar players.
Bob Jaxson
Love that alexi lahio poster 😮😮😮
richie francis
Hi Jassy, I am writing to inform you that I watched two of your videos (the other one was System of a Down, WhiteSlash) and they were super cool; nice job. Hope to hear from you soon and rock on 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Can you do One OK Rock No Scared Cover?))
Jose Padilla
You touch very well me great taste since you touched this song I hope that you continue extracting mas covers this way wish luck you
Мишаня Воронов
I love this girl! From Russia with big love!!! <3
Nice Alexi Laiho poster in the back. Am I right, that you practice a Children Of Bodom Song right now? :D Hopefully! This would be awesome.
José Ignacio
"Perfect woman doesn't exi... " Love your perfomance <3
Endar Setyawan favorit song.. Hello...From indonesian.
Stein G
Omg what a nostalgic week i'm having! you doing papa roach and i just did machine head, both with songs that i haven't really heard in years! turning out to be a great week after all! :P
nice cover - kisses from brazil ;)
Justin Hall
Firepower. Above with no intentions. You are so great.
Charlou Drouet
Siiiiick cover !!! Great job
Love it!
Kantny CZ
again beautiful and awesome guitar cover :) i love your videos...i claping you :)
ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ
How 'bout some old school Scorpions Rock You Like A Hurricane & maybe Accept Balls To The Wall? If not for me then do it as a tribute to 2 of the greatest bands from Germany. Rock On!🤘🎸
Jaelson Gomes
Jassy, you intend to do more MCR? *-*/// love you, kisses from 🇧🇷
papa roach - time running out
Fisher McLemore
You've done wonderful covers so far, I've been a fan for a little while and each video makes me excited for the next one! Keep up the great work!!
Talios Music
Another great cover by JJ! Between Angels and Insects was the first song I heard from Papa Roach. \m/ Rock oN \m/
Paste mon
Evertime I hear your covers, I practice. Thank you for that! :D
VirusEffect X
Since you mentioned black veil brides could you cover I am bulletproof by bvb Your did awesome thou buddy ^_^
BlackMetal Warrior
Your guitar looking great, very beautiful. Excellent cover, Jassy \m/\m/
Christoph Tschernoster
Einfach immer wieder geil deine Cover! Vielleicht magst du mal Rose of Sharyn covern :D Viele Grüße!
Nate Blond
my favourite band, nice playing!!  from a drummer 🔥 Would be interested what you think of my Limp Bizkit Cover! :)
Shadow Mantra Steve
Really like the design on your guitar 🤘great cover too 👍 👍 If you'r ever looking for people to do a collaboration video with I'd be up for it!
Mike Agajan
Please do Breaking Benjamin -Hopeless
Ivan Yerovi
Cool Laiho poster behind you! Any plans on doing a Bodom cover?
Miroslav Kreuzer
Great Song, Best Cover ;)
I never liked Papa Roach and you made me appreciate this riff! Nice job there!!!
2:21 - 2:26 caveman mode initiated .. 3:00 I mean at this point I just feel like a dentist 3:33 - 3:38 Come play with us Danny .. come play with us
VirusEffect X
One of my favorites thanks jassy ^_^ you did awesome,btw when you get on your have a awesome drawing of you playing guitar waiting for u buddy.from thanks for being so supportive to me. I love how you got into the song,I wish I could find koreys Gibson guitar (Gabriella) he named it after his first Chracter he drew.keep it up ^_^
Underground Legend
an angel playing Wonderful music makes me crazy Wonderful girl very very crazy rock should never stop very good
Nice performing The tone is sick
For me in my bardthday 34 in 15.03.18
Like always, good job and keep doin´ videos :D
Einer der besten Papa Roach Songs meiner Meinung nach 🤙🏼 Gut gemacht!!
diego Korn
Princesa linda....muito bom esse seu cover de Papa Roach Parabens
Metallica-One Cover please!! 🤘😃
George Gabriel
Wooow nice guitar 🙃✌️ aaaand cover, listening for the morning congratsss
Amazing cover Jassy!! Can I ask where can we post questions for the next Q&A video? :D
Paivi Project
Hello. I enjoyed watching you play the song. You are just so uber talented ! Rock on ✌
SoulHealingBeats Blackdemon
Oha das will ich jetzt auch können XD Mega gutes Cover ; )
Owned it like always \m/
Justin Hall
X games needs you. Get your agent working on that. You Rock .
Владимир Теребинов
Oh, thank you dear, pleased the old man!
E James
Please do a sepultura cover?
Ralf O Menino Rebelde
The best performace!!! ♥♥♥
can you do a Do Nothing/Bitchslap guitar cover? (Song by Slipknot)
Love that song and you! Greets from Wiesbaden! ;)
Berto 97
I Hope One Day you cover a song of Cannibal Corpse. You're awesome 🤘
Unknown Ghoul
Amazing! ^-^
Richi lil
We are you from ,
Ada Wong
Excellent, Are you practicing everyday ?
как не крути, а девушка с электрухой это сексуально!))
Hell Yeah Jasmin ! U rocked this song !
Michał Lesisz
We love Papa Roach ,we love you Jasmine
Juhu, endlich Rammstein in Sicht^^ \m/ Wie wäre es eigentlich auch mal mit was längerem? Unto The Locust von Machine Head zum Beispiel?
💙 pour le chandail ouf! Belle performance mais j’aime pas le band , désolé.
AngelHunter Wolf
Is my birthday, have loved , and hated, and have an appointment for my truck ¿ gigglezz
Jacquelyn Tolosa
Cool cover. Again. Good song too. :)
antoxa_94 RUCF
Slipknot-wait and bleed cover please )))
Aaron Walk
Walking through the city, looking oh so pretty ... sorry ... wrong song. Kick ass cover by the way, keep up the good work:)
Chris Wiseman
Always loved this song good cover
Heavy metal rock!!!!!
When I started to play on Guitar, I learn this song))) my first )