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Video from holiday in Tunisia, Sousse. Very popular destination for cheap and high standard holidays especialy for europeans. Nice beaches with white sands, nice friendly people, high standard of hotels, good weather, many many attractions and intresting place to visit. />Copy and use of my video is not allowed. Jacek Zarzycki. www.youtube.com/user/placekz

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Ryz XD
Love Tunisia from India <3
Sheri Dildar
I hope people return
Adan Willams
great country
perfect !
Danish Javery
Nice place really... will visit soon
adel Boulares
tunisia now too safe beleive that i was there and people so good
ljiljana cacanovic
Thank you so much for this great enjoyment!
aydın şevik
rjiba med
you liked sousse my city ? <3
GMLW 2006
been 6 times from 2008-2014 very unlikely that my family will return there, it's just not worth risking it. now go to cape Verde islands 2015-2016 very safe place
It's TRUE, mainly in 06-26-2015, after the terrorist attack! Very scary!
Jamie Greatrex
+Jacek Zarzycki Im staying in Sousse in September and really want to go snorkelling there. Do you know if the underwater marine life is any good if i was to snorkel off the beaches?
Venice Mackay
where isis this is not very accurate needs men with guns being allowed to wonder though resorts for miles shooting tourists .
sasa pantic
Ovo treba svako da dozivi, da dodje u Tunis, najlepsi je Sus, Medina je nezaboravno mesto gde mozete kupiti kvalitetnu robu za male pare od ljubaznih prodavaca, sve je tako neobicno i hrana i pice, njihov nacin zivota, njihova ljubaznost prema strancima.stvarno covek moze nezaboravno da se provede.Sve preporuke
rasha alazawi
ينعمبو زينكم نحبكم ياسر من العراق
Merci et vive la Tunisie ♓❤️
Betty Garcia
beauthiful amazing
Magy vlogs
I love tunisia!! 😍❤️
Antony Mckittrick
Hey, We run Bucket List travels with over 3.5 million followers on Facebook. Could we use and edit this footage and post on our pages. we will credit your work in the caption of the video. is this ok?
Colton Munson
it is cool
Margaret Helena Anna Janicka
Beatiful Meybe future go
Ahmed Ben Mamri
Tunisia for ever :)
Else Wijaya
amazing.....tunisia i am coming soon
Haggai Ernest
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Akira Sandoval
Love Túnez
Learning IT
arabe cavalerie