(Lou Diamond Phillips) (Scott Glenn) (Brooke Shields) 2005 Crime Drama Thriller Serial Killer

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(Rated R) (Plus Marilu Henner) (A defense attorney wrestles with her conscience while representing a multimillionaire who may be a serial killer.)

Great movie thank you.
lynda renaud
Some people can lie without missing a heart beat! They are very adept at being totally amoral!!
volume? and Brooke Shields, well now, thats an actress! NOT! go back to selling those lame jeans at what was it 12?
lynda renaud
How do you not see someone still standing in front of you, in your office...just because you answer the phone? You can't be that onblivious to your surroundings!!
Jerry Nagua
Nice movie...thanx
Lucia Popescu
like it very much!
lee curtis
Great movie and I think the punishment fit the crimes
Monalisa Tselane
Kept me glued to the screen. Well written. Thanx for the upload
Charles Morris
Very good, suspenseful movie with an unexpected twist about 40 min from the end! Scott Glenn usually plays really good parts, and I think this is one of Brooke Shield's best. Thanks for the upload!
Good Movie 🤗
He had to be a better Governor of NY, than the A Hole that is in office Now.?
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Whisper Weeds
Eman Name
That woman who killed her husband should have been jailed and that shriveled up old man is no way as good in bed as that hot woman pretended..
lynda renaud
There doesn't appear to be a great deal of suffering going on. I wonder if the mix was wrong.... Too bad!
Ralph Latham
Oblique? Does she mean obtuse?
Suzy Cardell
Better than I thought! Revenge doesn't pay. It messes you up. What about resolution? Only our creator has the right to deal with the little kids in the sandpit, fighting over toys.
Annie B.
Good movie ...Thanks :)
Carlton S. Campbell Campbell
I enjoyed this flicker very much. Thank You very much for posting 'it' here. Thank You!
Gwen C
Yes, it was an excellent movie. Just when I thought it was over, it continued. What I'm having a problem with is why did she want him to get away with the murders, after she went through all of that trouble?
Brooke proves once and for all that she's not just another perfect face/body/model/woman/actress/talent/star in this one. Wow.
skippy d
This is a good movie, but its old. Just to think how time has advanced, the more deceiving, and vindictive BITCHES are today.
Pockets MacCartney
tx for the movie, however flawed and implausible.
Terry Sprague
What a GREAT suspense/thriller!
Aaron Singh
Wow...what a great movie. A must watch. Thks for uploading.
Tracy Brooks
Good movie! Thanks!!
Pia Salvato
Very suspenseful movie great actors
Ma.Olive Felipe Sumi
Suspensed great, thanks.
Gary Parker
Darn Good Flick , Thanks
Patti Willing
Superb! Thank you.
Garden Glory
this was a really good movie..highly recommend if you want to see a good movie.
Billy Duncan
A great movie.....chilling...well worth watching !!!.
What is the Name of this Movie.?
Norman Scott
that penis at the end.
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Nice 💯
Karla Miller
Fantastic movie! Thanks for downloading it!
George Mulvaney
I started watching because of the actors, but the screenwriting kept me at it. I'm glad I stuck with it. Thank you for finding this. Subscribed.
Christine Guardino
Good movie thanks. Interesting mystery Watch it !!
May Vallar
Brooke Shields of Blue Lagoon main actress nice eyes ..shes good for this Role Lawyer...
WOW...what a great movie.I cant believe I never saw it Brooke could have been better,but all in all a great movie
United Service
WOW, good movie, thank you, great performance by wonderful actors
Wayne Kimpel
Brook was never my cup of tea, but the movies she is getting cast in are getting better
Yanick Etienne
Joe Morton: Papa Pope in Abc's Scandal.
george scarlett
Didn't see Betsy's father in the credits, (Hal Linden)???
Linda Brotherton
Thank you great movie.
OK ya'll, all I see, always and forever.....LA BAMBA!!! I do not see a DA, I see La Bamba! Looking extremely awkward in a JoS. A. Banks original! Or worse, I do not see a man struggling to look like a DA who's teetering, pacing pensively in a poorly-lit lawyer office, on the ege of a moral and ethical crisis of conscious --- ohhh nooo -- I see La Bamba! In all of his troubadorial slick-backed black coiffer glory, posing on the edge of a lawyer's desk, (a propped prop); I can even look deeper, as La Bamba attempts to smoulder and act like a lawyer on the horns of a dilemma -- and I can see beneath the surface and -- lo and behold -- there's Ritchie Valen feeling uncomfortable, all eyes on him, as he poorly plays the role of actor. You can't escape the role of a lifetime -- your reputation and role precede you.
Gionn Caomhin Morpheagh
What a brilliant filum! It's well worth watching right to the unexpected twist at the end. Thanks for posting it. MsG
Classic Cars Classic Rock
Now this is a good long movie
Ninii Tread
Brooke's a much better actress now.. than when she a girl.. forced and molested... think it was her mother that gave over her innocence.. those were jordache jeans
Garden Gnome
You got to be kidding me right? This was rehearsal and they put it up by mistake.
Andrea Paul
Don't miss it great movie 👍🏽
Cliff Works
too many phone calls in script
Natural Kinky Curly―Marie
Great Movie.
Margaret Deans
Really good movie thanks
Earl Guyton
Great three hour soap opera
not bad
Gejor Dominguez
Is this a TV Movie or a real Movie Theater Movie?
Corazon Fernandez
Thank you. It's a great suspend movie & I enjoy it.
Star Shine
Kudos to Robin Riker
James MacKenzie
Enjoyed the movie. Thanks.
Delmus Ingle
Wow ! The twists and turns of the plot are so many.
Claudinet Conrado
the part of the locker being brutalized was very clever LOL
Rachel Kennedy
very good thriller.....kept my attention.
ElPocho DelMundo
39:00 Lou Diamond Phillips movie: This is what they mean when they say "where all the bodies are buried."
Maria Pendergrass
good movie....thank you
Ms. Ellie
Brilliant, thanks.
Star Shine
I thought the chic who played Samantha was Excellent.
Kari Gullestrup
The book was called gone but not forgotten, I read it a few years back and they left 1/2 the book out.
munyaradzi masora
Worth your time...must watch!
Art Hermann
So so not enough suggestive sex
Antoney malcolm
very good movie
rolando salguero
Good movie. Damn so much bad people out there. Where's justice?
Ivory-Rose Ashwell
A very fitting ending to an amazing movie.
Michael Galle
Gone But Not Forgotten (2005 - made for TV) - A serial killer whose signature was "Gone But Not Forgotten" reappears years after the last murder. A local defense attorney begins to suspect that she may be the next victim and that her latest client may somehow be involved. Brooke Shields, Lou Diamond Phillips, Scott Glen.
VenYou Events Nagpur
Nice movie....
Christina R. Wyatt
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Fisher Isle
Terrible recording and low-quality upload, but excellent movie
Paul Palace
Its not rape if you yell: SURPRISE!!!
Douglas Barton
Jose Bruno