Crosby, Stills & Nash - Guinnevere

Crosby, Stills & Nash (1969)

Judith Petree
I still think this is one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded.
Guitar BS
This song is so beautiful and haunting.  The feeling described in this song doesn't seem to exist in the 21st century.  I dunno, I could be wrong but don't think so.
One of the most beautiful songs of the last 2,500 years.
I wore this album out on vinyl, mostly listening to this song over and over.
B. Comer
Is there any way to describe this song? I consider this one of the most perfect songs ever written. Nothing compares to it.
shit. l mean that in a good way. I also just realized how much today's music sucks.
mike kenwright
One of the greatest songs ever recorded, I was around 23 when I first herd this track and it always makes my hair on my neck stand on end. The whole album is superb, but this track stands out from the others.
Elizabeth Hann
Sweet dizzy California rock. Swirling opening guitar-chords. "Guinevere drew pentagrams..." Just beautiful; I'll love it forever.
Adrienne Spy
Still has the magic. This song will never age.
Kent Aldrich
I think that this song and "America" by Simon and Garfunkel are the two most beautiful, iconic songs of the era. I do not know which I prefer. Its a moot point.
Very special to me also,brings back memories of a very different time.
Jose Schmoe
This will always remind me of my friend, Therese, here in Chicago. The years were 1986-1989(??). Blonde, a few pounds extra on her but she was a good friend. In fact she was friends to both me and my first wife. Therese had some type of mental condition and was on medication. She lost her job at the CBOT and ended up working stocking shelves at Treasure Island, a Chicago upscale grocery store. Therese was there at our wedding and she was quite out of it. Everyone noticed it as were were preparing for the reception at my apt. Then my wife and I went through some marriage woes and we lost track of Therese. A year or two late, my by then ex wife, ran into Therese at the airport in St Louis. Therese had moved back there it was her hometown. She seemed to be more steady, on her meds, and I think become quite religious. After that we both lost track of her. The reason this reminds me of Therese is one time I was at her flat and this came on the radio. Therese was entranced by it and said "this song is so deep". Therese, wherever you are, this song is for you. I hope you are well.
Steven Nault
The Vietnam era produced some of the best music I've ever heard, still to this day nothing compares...
Miles Davis - Guinnevere Never heard the original before.
Leslie Kynerd
morning sun on a cold pillow
Nic Caciappo
What is there to dislike? 17 people need help, quick.
Whip Splash
'As she turns with a gaze, down the slope to the harbor where I lay, anchored for the day.' Nearly 50 years and still this line gives me chills every time. @ 2:40
Rhonda Sanders
I love this album.
Perfection. And no other song is anything like it. Crosby totally knocked it out of the ballpark with this one.
Call me a purist but this is THE definitive version of this great ballad. Just David and Graham and a guitar. Pure Bliss....
Pinky G
no one was watching at all......on the wall!
Noe Berengena
I have been informed by several people from this mellifluous era that this song and "Lady of the Island" (also on this album) were written for/about Joni Mitchell. This song by David Crosby and "Lady..." by Graham Nash. Supposedly David and Graham were both involved with Joni -- a delicate and curious dance.
Adrienne Spy
Still think this is perfection. I was a child when they recorded it. I'm old enough to appreciate it now...
Still don't see how David Crosby didn't hear any of their original song in Miles' version
J Ch
Muchisimas gracias, Fernando!
Robert Scott
always the song I need to hear when I haven't listened to them for a while
This song from 1969 is as timeless as they come.  Was 11 then and now at 55, the full power of this piece resonates with me every time I hear it.  I'm not sure music can ever be better than this as it truly sets the "Gold Standard!"
You can really get lost in this one... I've listened so much that when I type in youtube, this URL populates. And then I listen to it yet again, because why not?
Shawn Bruce
Perhaps the Most Beautiful Song Ever Written. I have never been able to get Enough of This. It's a Life Long Labor of Love..
Adrienne Spy
still comforting me.
Brian Elwell
Indeed quite haunting. Almost as Helplessly Hoping is
Oded Fried-Gaon
Beauty. #OdedMusic #OdedFriedGaon #Audioded
Caterina Cappelli
Glenda J
indeed one of many that is frozen in time..
Nicolaas Beets
Jessy Leppert
Art Garfunkel
Qpylffuk Da DubDub WabayododommmHM! [Pt. III]
This song would be so much better at 180 BPM with a breakbeat behind it. 
Somewhere in Switzerland there is a field where I still am 8 years on, and this is still playing.
Jose Assunção
Jason N Stegall
First three songs off CSN's self titled album: "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" (Stephen Stills); "Marrakech Express" (Graham Nash); and "Guinnevere" (David Crosby). ALL CLASSICS THAT HAVE STOOD THE TEST OF TIME.
ruben hinojosa
She’d walk down thru the garden in the morning after it rained. I was there, and she left no footprints just a fragrance I will never forget.
eddie petrofsky
Stills the symphony..Crosby the rhythm guitar.. Nash standing around picking his nose
MoonGrape Wilder
This is the most profound music-evocation- I want to express appreciation!  The opening of this music discourse... it's my belief that some of those in popular music were actually special, noble souls, and this is a reason that people were so greatly charmed by their work.  Their Insight runs very deep, and they "see" things that most people have forgotten about...
Chris Brown
The mood is phenominal. Grab your sweet gaL..pour a fine glass o wine..n fire it up..
Benjamin Snyder
I'm 28 years old and I'm just now discovering Crosby, Stills, and Nash. I blame my psychotic parents for only allowing christian music... Oh well... At least I have it now!
Karen Hansen
my husband who was called home(heaven) and was also my first boyfriend,used to play his guitar and sing this song to me,
Listen to Andre Nickatina - Ghost Of Fillmoe he uses this beat
Larry Reid
I first heard this song in a "head shop" in Greenwich Village. Went home to start college in Nashville. Great memories associated with this song.
Noel Whittington
trippy cats
Brian E
No other CSN song pulls the focus onto the quality of Dave Crosby's singing voice like this one.
YAKOV Yisra' EL Sarahson
The beatiful, forever young TrapNation.
My gosh, David sure did well here.
Ricky Orton
I join everyone else in praise of this song. It haunts me and I don't know why. I couldn't tell you what its about I just know I love it. The chords are so soothing, the harmonies so unusual yet perfect, and the purity of the voices is divine. I've heard them sing it in person, at concerts and while its nice to hear it live, the mystique of this recording is untoppable.
Brian Tyler
Such a fantastic tune. Was in my Radio Caroline Top 15.
sandra burns
the harmony and composition, and melody
I constantly hit replay when I get this song on Pandora. Amazing harmony. Timeless
MoonGrape Wilder
"... gone off into the forest to seek the True Man Of The Chowder Yellow Polar Light..."
guy gélinas
Three different artists had to put their talents, together, to form a whole, a most beautiful song, ever written of all time.
YAKOV Yisra' EL Sarahson
Anthony Mead
Best album of 1969 - no doubts. Super Group status is a bit over used - these, though, were definitely that.
guinevere savedra
It’s my song
One of the best albums ever. Likewise Deja-Vu
Rog Par
Truly lights years ahead of most people
Jacob Peterson
Great song, man.
Exit Strategy
Crosby would have done this song with the Byrds, which would have been interesting. Probably this one and "Everybody Has Been Burned" are my favorites by him. Written for his girlfriend Christine Hinton.
buck downer
...and, so, it was half a century later. In the latent dreams, there we were...young, and I, confused at her advanced intelligence AND, womanhood. How could a callow young man ever understand her patience and then, moved on to her adulthood w/o her young stud...
This is such a good song to kick back and chill to. <3
Guinevere Wolvetang
Love the lyrics.....
Leslie Kynerd
notes. carry strength
Michelle Luna-Wellington
Lovely song...sad..
There's no prettier name for a girl. It's the Cornish (Or Welsh?) variant of Jennifer.
Biggi Bechtold
Just pure beauty and genius. Miles Davis recorded this song.
what a song!
with closed eyes and earphones..not many songs can touch this!
Keith Airey
Genius at work, no one could write this now. This was before formula music and before the computers took over. What happened? We still have this though. Thank you C,S & N., my life is better for hearing you.
the superman
Pretty genius song
Richard Ballard
This is one of my favorite ballads of all time. The harmonies with the cool chord progression just kills it !!!
Terry Holzwart
This reminds us all of our youth simpler times!!!!
Her name was Christine Hinton. She was Crosby's girlfriend.
Fernando Anselmo
Guinnevere died in an automobile accident in 1969.
Patrick Georges Louis Pierre René Doguet
She shall be free, as it says. Times have passed, I dearly hope she is
Thank You friend. There is music that tranports me to the when, i consider it a blessing, Tingles and shrivers, to relive.. Complete harmony with life and my place in it. I hope you are able to feel the same..
Jolie musiclover
I am 1952 and I get everything you are saying - and what I have to tell you softly with a smile is .... "Don't Worry Baby, Everything Will be Allright" - hugs
In 1968, I lived directly across the street from where the photo on this album cover was taken, on Palm Avenue, just above Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood. The small white, 1920's house and faded maroon red, broken down sofa are, of course, long gone. But, the car wash on the corner of Palm and Santa Monica is still there.
What do you get if you have Bing, a device for making whisky and a dog that's grimacing angrily? Crosby stills & gnash.
Did Crosby EVER take of that buckskin jacket in the late 60s?....beautiful tune Jim
Molly Ciliberti
The allbum cover is just like many of us from the 60's and early 70's lived, old funky furniture, jeans, etc. feels so comfortable.
how shallow a reply, as u don't know a thing about me. you, in my opinion are part of the attitude i speak of, but i'm guessing you wouldn't be aware of this. gl.
you don't
Don't count yourself out, that moment made an impression in my heart too and I wasn't even alive. The story's what's alive.
Peter Gerstenzang
@dvs2751 Crosby says it's about Christine, Joni and a third woman whose name he can't mention. So we both right.
Peter Gerstenzang
@dvs2751 Sorry, this one was inspired by Christine, DC's girlfriend who was killed in the car crash. And that started him on that long, sad road. xxx
Typo, glad David is in recovery today. But then, if you're a rock star, maybe it's rockovery.
In 1982 I saw David Crosby in concert in San Antonio just after his first bust for drugs and a weapons charge. He started to play Guinnevere but could not remember the words and had to stop playing. He went on to another song that he could remember. Glad he is in rocovery today.
@thedirtyhippie01 Today it seems they play the same 25 songs from the charts all day long, so who knows there are gems like this ? I bought this record 35 yrs ago, & this song still has this haunting spell, these guitars & vocals - marvellous. Got to play this to my 13 yrs old daughter - she likes the Deja Vu album, so there's still hope for humanity ;-)