Hellsing OVA 8 Part 2 English Sub

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Michel Pas
Watch it all again then you might understand.
That's what Walter said.
thanks, i also didn't know why so i have to watch more :)
Piko Desuroge
12:18 Aaawwww <3
Trehlas I
Walter obviously... What else are butlers for? :)
15:11 Trolololol
03:28 I love this scene
Abigail Harding
12:31 ..And down from the heavens descended Chuck Norris...
Maximillion has a lot of nerve for saying that shit to Alucard when he is killing helpless civilians. The monster is you Max, more than Dracula ever was.
What can I say, Alucard's got appetite.
they are in Brittain, ofcourse the french are :))
Titania TheRedWitch
12:19 mentally death, need a slap of smone to go bk into my body
Does anyone else think alucard is incredibly sexy in his Vlad Tepes form? Wow...
They will have to send in Alucard with a giant straw!
mydas evy cantillan
is this cool or what
A Assad
alucard my hero!
Mr Brown
whats song at 3:15
Deo Dor
can you explain to me? i dont mind f you tell me
12:27 - Anderson, you bloody cockblocker.
0:33 - Nice pun.
wonder what kind of cover story will goverments make up for this....
What's the song that starts 02:48?
That shot at 3:34!!! Does anybody have a picture of it?
Chris B
Alucard-Anderon->Most intense battle I've ever seen
Devil Atelier
I was joking. I know what happens~ I read the manga. :3
Well... Alucard can devour that all blood back any time he wants. He is just giving chance of victory to Anderson and Walter, because he is Mr. Niceguy
Oh my lord he looks so fucking cool as Count Dracula. I would offer up my anal virginity.
Francine, the beast of pain and pleasure who is a member of the GNAA and councel of dicks
thats how KFC was born
Francine, the beast of pain and pleasure who is a member of the GNAA and councel of dicks
lol anderson shoudve sung heyeyayayeayee
Marianthi Xatzilada
Sarah Perez
good point o,o
Negoita Marian
"My name is Legion for we are many"
it was a nice family reunion, until crazy uncle joe came, TCHIIIIIIYYYYAAAAAOOOOO
the spanish maid from family guy who else?
Justin Shengo
12:32 tender moment between alucard and seras anderson heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Justin Shengo
The bird....of hermes is my name eating my wings... to make me tame
all of the people alucard had taken souls from can clean it up... if they can do that they can clean it up
I KNEW shit was gonna go down!! Now lets see twilight do THAT!!
Marcus Anderson
this is why Alucard is epic
julian cooper
3:23 i actually like that look
None of those things are the same in the slightest you dolt.
Hey get a mop then...I have a job for you!!
Devil Atelier
I wonder who's going to clean all that up.
-beeeeeeeep- Someone who hasn't watched Ova 9. I would explain to you why you're wrong, but frankly I don't want to spoil it.
leshawn hugh
if people are wondering why walter is with them, he was beaten in a fight against the werewolf, and was taken, brainwashed and turned into a vampire
Gerardo Ontiveros
Maybe blind people are better than you and being lost is one of many disadvantage that the human has.
and you're blind and hopelessly lost
Gerardo Ontiveros
You're a fool.
far from it
jews, muslims, christians, I don't care about their different sects, they are all the same to me.
chatholics you mean, hellsing is christian but a differant branch of it.
Sarah Perez
anyone else notice how Anderson ruined the moment with a crazy stereotypical terrorist scream?
These are the only actors/characters worthy enough to play the Vampire Dracula: Bela Lugosi, Gary Oldman, and Alucard.
i love seeing christians slaughtered HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Def. Reshie
very nice, also like the copyright disclaimer; hopefully the vid wont be taken down :D
song at the start of video>?name?
I really want to play castlevania now
John Dan
3:13 does anyone know the name of this track ?
jao ratunel
ill give you thums down for that