Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna 4-0 - HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS RESUMEN & GOLES - La Liga 17/12/2017 HD

Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna 4-0 - HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS RESUMEN & GOLES - La Liga 17/12/2017 HD December 17, 2017. La Liga Santander 2017/18. High Definition. By MATCH OF THE DAY. Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna, Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna 4-0, Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna La Liga Santander, Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna 2017, Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna all goals, Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna all goals 2017, Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna Highlights, Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna Highlights 2017, Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna Extended Highlights. Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna 1-0 Luis Suarez Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna 2-0 Paulinho Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna 3-0 Luis Suarez Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna 4-0 Paulinho OAL! BARCELONA 1-0 DEPORTIVO (Suarez, 29) It has been coming for the hosts and they finally make the breakthrough. Iniesta again produces a sublime pass from the middle of the half to pick out Messi near the back post. The Argentinian controls the cross with his chest before squaring to the waiting Suarez, who taps home past a leaping Ruben. GOAL! BARCELONA 2-0 DEPORTIVO (Paulinho, 41) There's the second and Barcelona are cruising now. Messi, though, hits the bar once again as he gets around Schar in the box to strike, but it rebounds off the bottom of the post. However, the ball then lands to the waiting Paulinho who, despite pressure from Sidnei, manages to get a foot onto the ball and poke it into the back of the net. GOAL! BARCELONA 3-0 DEPORTIVO (Suarez, 47) Well they haven't wasted any chance after the break and Barcelona are cruising now. It's a great break from hosts, as Roberto whips in a cross from the right flank and Suarez is waiting at the back post to tap home. BARCELONA 3-0 DEPORTIVO 70: SAVED! Ruben has had a good game this evening and he shows it again as Messi takes, but he dives the right way and gets a hand to the effort to push it clear. GOAL! BARCELONA 4-0 DEPORTIVO (Paulinho, 75) Another goal for Paulinho and it's another rebounded goal, but he won't care. The Barcelona players pile into the box and Alba attempts to slot home at the near post, but Ruben makes the save. However, Paulinho is lurking and he manages to find the back of the net.

Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna 4-0 Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna La Liga Santander Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna 2017 Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna all goals Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna all goals 2017 Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna Highlights Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna Highlights 2017 Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna Extended Highlights Barcelona Deportivo barcelona deportivo 2017 barcelona deportivo 4-0

It's all over at the Nou Camp and Barcelona go six points clear at the top of La Liga thanks to two goals apiece from Luis Suarez and Paulinho. Lionel Messi should have added to the tally but could only find the post on most occasions with his penalty also saved by Ruben, while Suarez had a strike ruled out for not being over the line. But plenty of positives for Barcelona to take into next weekend's El Clasico.
It's Knowledge
What we learned this match : - Barcelona looking more promising before El Classico. - Paulinho determined to get more goals than Ronaldo this season. - Suarez finding back his form slowly. - Messi and posts : a better love story than twilight.
Gold3n Kid
Real madrid 0-3 FC Barcelona on the 23rd
Frosty ICE the original one
League goals this season Paulinho:6 Penaldo: 4 If penaldo works hard he'll reach paulinho´s level one day Messi didn't score today because he's keeping his goals for his biches (Madrid)
could have ended 12/13-0
messi hit the woodwork 3 times this game and missed a pen. so unlucky
Messi doesn't need goals to perform well in games.
Football Is Amazing
Messi luck:0% Paulinho luck:100%
Hakikid Amana
Man of the match : post
Yuzz BuzzGaming
You know you are the GOAT when you miss a penalty and the whole stadium is shouting your name!!!!
William Kelly
All credit to Paulinho, he suffered a lot of criticism when he first joined but he really has become a key player in this team, not just with his goals but his link up play especially with Messi.
Amrit Das
as a madrid fan, I'm glad to see suarez back in form and paulinho proving his haters wrong
Champions League Action
4:21 this is why I love Messi. He is so unselfish.
Messi so unlucky
sher lock
Hits the crossbar three time missed a penalty. Very unlucky day it was for Messi.
k GB
El aphtag El cholo
Seems like Messi is just practicing the post tonight He gonna shut some noisy mouths next weekend
stephen haule
in every goal there is mess move
Matoub Lounas
Wasay Malik
“ But But... Uefalona!!! “ Just stfu up Uefadrid fans
Morihei Ueshiba
Paulinho has just ended penaldo's career😂
Messi played very well but was so unlucky to hit the bar 4 times. Nevertheless it was a fantastic game.
Miguel Velasquez
Only Messi hits the post 3 times in a game twice the same season....
Lionel Messi_fan
Best players in the world tbh: 1. Messi 2. Paulinho 235. cr7
drezzy ATL
Paulinho has more goals than penaldo ahaah
Gaat Je niks aa
Paulinho= king
BuShi Do
This is a Messi's woodwork hat trick!
Znamir no shit
Yo every goal paulinho scored was a second hit from post hits
Was Messi challenging himself how many times can he hit the woodwork?
Paulinho tiene más goles que Penaldo y Benzetronco juntos
Woodworklona vs Deportivo La Coruna 4-0
Jack Jacky
Messi, the greatest ever
Brody V
Best players in the world: 1.Messi 2.Suarez 3. Neymar 4.Pele -9,999.Ronaldo
Yousef Bin ziyad
Paulinho is becoming a master in tap ins!!!
Pro Gamer
Paulinho has more league goals then penaldo
Tomasz Lis
Aumed Ramadhan
Highlights start at 2:16. Thank me later.
كتكوت الساخن
It was just not Messi’s day but the GOAT will be back in form next week for EL CLÁSICO😚👍 By the way, Paulinho > Penaldo
When Messi miss alot of shots the crowd cheer him up Not like Madrid fans...
For you highlight reel football fans, Messi actually played a fantastic game. He was just very unlucky in front of goal.
Nguyễn Phi Anh
Messi doesn't need to score, He needs to assist and become a heart's his team to control everything in every match. The more He sacrifices, the greater He becomes! That's enough!
Messi was just testing the bar and the goal posts today, he succeeded.
Drink Me.
Hits the post 15 times this season Still top scorer
It was a great game, of course we were robbed again but none the less we dominated. We were very sloppy & wasteful in the second half, and Messi’s preformance was under expectations. Hopefully we are more on target and more composed for the Clasico.
HIGUAIN is a Professional Bottler
My boy Messi saving up goals for the El Clasico
How many times did Messi hit the woodworks this reason!!
Jay Kumar
Messi played really well today! He was just very, very unlucky in this match...
Brian Zhao
post op
Elberj Ozanan
Messi ta guardando gols pra balançar a rede do real Madrid 😆😆😆😆😆
Rasmus Skardenni
You can't stop the powerhouse Paulinho from scoring
Guys did you knew that Ronaldo is 32 years old, this is simply incredible because the dolphin's average life is only 20 years
Great game by Messi today. Shows you can still be the best player on the pitch without scoring goals.
Hassan Kazim
Haters say: paulinho have 2much luck
Although Messi played well and made a huge impact on the game today was not his day for finishing
Me Lul
4:37 what dennis suarez???
Giovanni Westerman
Even though he missed a penalty he still played a briliant fucking match.Simply the goat! !
HolaSoy Valentino
Messi didn't want to humiliate Deportivo :D
*Dubstep For Life*
Not Messi's day holy shiet, could've been 8 - 9 goals from barça. but still amazing performance from the blaugranas, 21 shots!!
Man Barcelona is on fire at the moment. Respect for deportivos goalkeeper Ruben, he was excellent today 👏
NEXT WEEK El Classico I think Madrid will win this I don't know:)
Lionel Messi is the G.O.A.T
Messi hits the post x2121231323 times. Fortunately, Suarez & Paulinho strike twice to help us! Remind me again, who has more league goals, Paulinho or Cristiano? You're next UEFADRID! See you at the Santiago BernaLIO!
Eduardo West
Vitor Oliveira
Paulinho mito
Mohamed Abdull
Most unluckiest match. 5 shots hit the woodwork and a saved penalty. Clear goal but not given due to bad refereeing.
although Barca won! a CAMlike Ozil is desperately and imean urgently need in the middle good lord! Messi looks tired
saiful muhmmd
messi hate the crossbar and ruben paulinho love the crossbar
What on earth is going on with barcas finishing lol
Sufiyanansari Iamsufiyan
If only Messi Would Have Converted All His Chaces..He Could Have 7-8 goals Today..🔥🔥🔥
Paulinhio luckiest man alive xD
Good barça now to win el clasico
Lionel Messi_fan
Suarez should go back to 2014/15 and 2015/16 form.
Dom Corleone
Paulinho, un medio que se convierte en un atacante
ataladin 87
12:06 he missed a penalty but he doesn't score tap ins like tapinaldo
Messi is the Man of the Match!
Sue Shi
That Suarez rabona was definitely goal... 😠😕
Emilio Escobar
los goles de Paulinho estilo penaldo
Another game, another robbery.
Paulinho Man of the Match .
D Licious
No post or crossbar or miss pk on the 23rd please.
Simon Murmu
Paulinho crack :)
jalame el ganzo
ballon gold lord paulinho 2018
Shashank Mishra
#MessiFan Messi should have scored atleast 5 goals today. He should not have missed the penalty. Clearly proves he knows how to be a human. But it is not good for his confidence and Legacy. A person of his ability SHOULD NOT miss penalties that often. Imagine, if he gets a penalty in a world cup final, do you guys think he will feel confident enough while taking that? What if he misses there too? He should work on it more. He is clearly not that good in penalties. I just hope Iniesta and Messi are on their best during Classico. Only then can Barca win. PS Iniesta is a genius. Absolute genius.
Instead of complaining over how 'bad' ronaldo is, can you Barca fans give some credit to valverde who saved your club after everyone thought it was going through a crisis.
L.Messi 10
Barca legend Messi too even though if the luck wasn't with him today 😂
This looks scary leading to the Clasico. I am a bit concerned from a Madridista point of view as we are struggling to create goals. Bale will be needed immensely. CR is gonna flop big time.
FeelsBadMan n
Real Madrid next week is going down like titanic.
Messi da Best!
Sanjog Wayne
1. Alexis Vidal is one of the worst players for Barcelona ever. Plays like shit every match. 2. Gomez is made to be at the center. 3. Luis Suarez is in absolutely bad form, time to give chance to Denis Suarez. 4. Messi had a bad day by his standards, would have won the frikkin cross bar challenge. 6. Vermaelen has earned his spot for the El Classico. He was amazing. 7. Messi was dispossessed several times today. He needs to improve to be able to beat RM.
vLadimir L
Beautiful play just beautiful BAAARCAAA
john doe
Messi passing to suarez for the first goal when he could have scored hitting the post 3 times and missing penalty not his day today but still created 3 goals unlike penaldo who goes ghost mode if he doesnt score
gunman 7
Congratulations for victory Barca, though it was unlucky for Messi. Classico next week... Can't wait.
paulinho is funny man's
Paulinho sempre se posicionando bem!
ReDevil Sasi