How to Tell If You Have Dehydrated Skin

This video will hopefully give you a way to tell the difference between dry and dehydrated skin. I've gotten a few questions regarding dehydrated skin after mentioning it a few times in my skincare videos, so I tried to touch on the basics. If you are suffering from dehydrated skin, hopefully this video will provide you with possible causes for the condition as well as treatments! ____________________________________________ Get in touch with me! Twitter: />Facebook: />Instagram: />E-mail: [email protected] ____________________________________________ -Links Mentioned- Caroline Hirons' Blog: /> Dry vs. Dehydrated Blog Post: /> Nightly Skincare Routine: /> Sunday Night Skincare: /> Korres Yoghurt Cream Moisturizer Review: /> Avalon Organics Vitamin C Hydrating Cleansing Milk Review: />____________________________________________ -Makeup- Hourglass Immaculate Finish Liquid Powder Foundation in Shell Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Brightener MAC Select Coverup in NW20 MAC Studio Fix Foundation in N5 NARS Laguna Bronzer Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface LORAC Pro Pallette Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara Revlon Lashes cut in half in #110 MAC Charcoal Brown Eyeshadow Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey ____________________________________________ Thank you for watching!

Krystal Garcia
I realized something was wrong when no matter how much moisturizer and moisturizing foundations I put on, 5 minutes later my face was chalky.
Jorden Ashley
This was so helpful! I too have oily, dehydrated skin. I finally understand how I can help it. Thank you! :)
Thank you so much. I got dehydrated skin from using sulphur soap that was to harsh and dried out my skin. I am using vitamin e oil and Vaseline and the moisture is back but the dead skin is now peeling of. Informative video.
Jessenia Oliveira
Okay you have seriously answered ALL MY QUESTIONS! I was feeling soooo upset cause not until a couple months ago have I suffered from foundation separating on my nose and top of my forehead and had absolutely no idea why and how to fix it. I've tried sooo many different techniques and it just ends up separating like 20 mins. It's sooo embarrassing! But literally you state every single symptom I'm going through! I was born with oily skin and now it feels so dry and tight. Ahhh thank you 💖👏🏽 deff trying these products now!
C Loh
Very informative! Thanks for the video! =) I'm have combo and dehydrated skin.
Jan Graube
I didnt hear what you sayed,but you beautiful face made me feel better.Thank you.
Cicily Ly
Yes! The gels and foam cleansers is making my skin dehydrated! This was very informative I needed this! Thanks!
Amber Wilson
This is kinda weird but, my face is REALLY oily and its also peeling and i have acne at the same time so i try to treat my acne with stridex face cleansing pads and then i rinse my face with water and thats all...and my face feels so tight and oily and pimply and just ewww i feel so insecure. I don't know if i have dehydrated skin or not i need some help :((( ughh.
Tieesha Essex
Thank you for this video. I've been treating the symptoms of my oily skin instead of curing my oily skin from the inside.
Thank you for this video. I will check out the links and for some of those products you mentioned. I've been doing the same thing, getting the wrong kind of cleansers which suck the moisture out of my skin. I did buy a hyaluronic acid cleanser but it's a foaming one. I only used a a bit of it twice so hopefully, the store will take it back. They may have something else. I will see about the milk type.
Amber Ulmer
Thanks so much for this! Been experiencing the flaking but oily stuff for a while now & just went to a reflexologist & he told me I am extremely dehydrated b/c of some liver/colon issues. Makes so much sense now! On my way to fixing my insides which will hopefully regulate my skin again! 
Christina Esposito
ugh i have dry AND dehydrated skin! this was very informative thank you for sharing!
Francisca Guel
Very helpful I just thought I had a combination of dry nd oily skin but now I know I have dehydrated skin thanx
Sherry Ch
Thanks for this video! I know I have dehydrated skin, and I'm trying not to use any cleansers right now, so I just wash my face with luke warm water and then apply a moisturizer after. Its so frustrating because nothing seems to be working for me :(
Thank you! Yes, Caroline definitely knows her stuff- she basically shaped my skincare routine as well. I deal with the flaking skin occasionally. I started using the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask a couple times a week and it seems to be helping! Thank you for subscribing. :)
Blushing Biddies
A great, informative video! I am in love with all the info Caroline has provided, and I've completely changed my skincare routine. I think my skin was -slightly- dehydrated and I didn't even know it- but all that's out the window! The only thing I get every now and then is some dry flaky skin around my nose, but everything else seems more manageable! Subscribed, and looking forward to more videos from you :D
Thank you! I'm so glad this helped! :)
This is so helpful, I'm so glad I've subscribed, I think you deserve MUCH more views. Like a lot more! :)
I haven't tried it out yet, but I think my next purchase will be the Caudalie Vinosource Quenching Sorbet. It's marketed towards dehydrated and sensitive skin and has hyaluronic acid as well. I think that might be a suitable replacement since the SOS serum from the same line has been amazing.
Not a problem, thank you for watching!
I can't seem to find Korres yoghurt moisturiser in the UK - is there an alternative for oily/dehydrated skin you can suggest?
Aw, too kind! I'm glad I could help! :)
Honestly, this makes me SO happy to hear. I'd love to know how it goes with the moisturizers as well! :)
Give it a go and let me know what you think! Haha I'm sure you've heard me rave about a million times already but I promise it's totally worth it.
Emm Grace
Great help! And your smile is totally beautiful! So jealous
Emm Grace
Great help! And your smile is totally beautiful! So jealous
Shelby Lackney
This was very helpful. I continue to use and love the orange face wash milk from target that you suggested a while ago after clarisonic damage and it has helped me immensely. I will definitely try out some of these moisturizers. Thank you!
i still have yet to try that cleanser!!
High class Trash
This was super helpful, Im a red head so my skins super thin and this is a big problem of mine.
Thank you so much for this video! Very helpful! I have been struggling with the same thing for a while now and have yet to find something that works! I am now a subscriber! What foundation do you us? I am thinking about getting the ysl touché éclat but don't know that it's worth the hype.
Orange Fantasy
What about Cetaphil cleanser?
Lois Liu
Thanks for the video! Fits everything you've mentioned... Tried quite a bit of products aiming for dehydrated skin but not so many of them worked well on me. Started using hydraluron gel and the serum today, from a brand called Indeed Lab, recommendation from ThePersianBabe, beautiful YouTuber 💗 relatively affordable, I got them in Boots (uk) but it's a Canadian brand. Hopefully it works out 😸 thanks again for the video xx
Giorgia Bertaccini
Thank you!! SO helpful <3
erin marks
Usually when I put on my moisturizer, my face will get slightly red but it will go away in a few minutes time. Is that normal?
Layla B
Will soothing cream help as well?
Ryan Adkins
Omg! My dermatologist was even stumped. Someone finally described what I've had for like ever! I saw you recommended the Avalon organics cleanser... so I bought their whole skincare line 😂😂 so far it's working like a dream 👏👏
Liana Ge.
Caroline isn't a skincare genius... She knows a bit but mainly her product recommendations are overpriced and full of irritants
Nicole S
So glad you made this video :) :) very helpful and now I know what to look for in products to help my skin
Trisha Lubi
very helpful! thank you!
gais b
oil skin stays young looking gun.I had oily skin my whole life now 54 now it's normal
Sihaam Allie
Ahhh finally found what I was looking for! This really helped me thanks!
Claire Holliday
Super helpful, thank you! It’s odd to be oily but also have peeling and flakes... this is great!
Logan Lynn
Very helpful video!
Karen Garrett
This was so helpful 👍🏻 xx
Trisha Ngo
Thank you thank you thank you!! I broke out on my forehead this past season and was so frustrated. I had clear skin growing up until this summer and could not find a solution. However, I went to Hawaii and found it's humidity helped my skin (it was literally at its peak). But I came back to dry weather and havoc broke loose again. I'm going to try some items you have mentioned and THROW AWAY my foaming cleanser. I'll have an update in a month or so to let you know!
So helpful ,thanks! :)
Angelina Jones
I have finelines because of my dehydrated skin... if i fix the issue will they go away?
Julia Andrea
Really happy to see this because I’ve spent so much money to skin care and nothing is really working well for me & ofcourse it’s making me upset. Now I know what is the reason. Thank you for the infos!
I'm hear because i have heat hives.
im so glad iv watched this it seems like iv had dehydrated skin this whole month, i started breaking out like crazy started using harsh acne cleansers...then used more & more. Ended up getting exzyma on my face. Now im toning it down but still kinda breaking out not as much as before. Im going to try all your tips hopefully they work.
sami justine
I have very oily skin!!!! My skin is pretty flawless, I do have some acne on chin but that's probably due to celiac or hormones. I don't have peeling, wrinkles , etc. Do I just have oily skin?? My foundation can get patchy sometimes and I don't drink alot of water but idk what to think.
Wow, thank you so much! I used to think I always had extremely dry skin and I soon realized my skin was extremely dehydrated. Ahhhh!!! thanks :)
Jeffs world101
you look and talk just like juliette riley (mcjuggernuggets girlfriend)
My face used to be mostly healthy, now that I started using some acne product, my face is extremely tight, white marks (alike to sunburn peeling), and lines all across my cheeks when I smile. I tried washing my face with water, and it got worse. Help?
Clay Duver
PLEASE HELP!!! My skin is very oily, and feels extremely tight after contact with water. I'm assuming this is dehydration? Ive had this for months, been months using easy cleansers. I used to NEVER drink water though. Currently using CeraVe moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides. How long will this take until I feel relief? Any advice would help.
Anj Jimenez
I know this comment is late but I wanna something. Secretly hoping you will notice this. I have extremely oily skin and got tiny pesky bumps on my forehead. It's not acne just bumps. Anyway , I'm currently using Soap free , paraben free gel cleanser and I notice that the side of my nose is drying as well as my chin and I'm starting to have breakouts on my forehead but not much. It says in Caroline blog that its okay to use gel cleanser but not foaming one. I'm confused. Shall I stop using my cleanser or changing the stuff that I'm using? Btw I'm using oil free moisturizer and a hydrating toner.
Moon Dripz
I have SEVERE dehydrated  oily red burnt looking skin... I hope to God that all this works on me.. my skin is also ultra sensitive and am hoping for a miracle. I damaged my skin with face masks, cleansers and other harsh products. keeping my fingers crossed.
Emma Costello
Hi! Do you have any other product recommendations for dehydrated skin?
Osvaldo Torres
Hello, i have been using Differin for around 1 year now for everyday at night only . My skin was dryish I was around 16 and then when I went Differin my skin adjusted to it. Then I started noticing my skin was more combo? My sister has combo skin also but I don’t know if my skin is genetically dry or combination. I don’t know if my skin changed because of puberty.