Papa Roach- Between angels and insects (with lyrics)

this is between andgels and insects by papa roach with the lyrics

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Arthur Washburn
This song Speaks Volumes of Truth
Ed Jr
Money, fame and pleasure is not everything in life. Life is learning, wisdom, passion, dreams, helping and self-knowledge. Thank you very much Papa Roach.
Rex Anderson
this song will forever make me think of fight club.
Benjamin Thomas Naylor Lewis
Lyrics from Fight club :)
"take my possession"...ok, can I have your house and car then? :)
Great song, true message ;)
Jonathan Marquez
never any truer words, nobody listened when we had the time to stop it now the system will be whole
prowler by iron maiden or nah??
Squat and deadlift music.
Angsty Lady
This is my new anthem- it totally epitomizes my feelings right now towards life and all the bullshit that comes along with it.
Possessed Furby
>writes song about the poison of materialism >does commercial for Pepsi >gets shit on by fanbase >changes music to appeal to a different demographic >???? >profit.
Evil Grunt 98
The riff for this song is stolen from the iron maiden song prowler
thou shalt not get get drunk and listen to Angels and insects, lest you want a broken tablet, a lost wallet, lost keys and very very broke. -_-
Diego Romero
I can take your money, Jacoby, i can liberate your terrenal soul.
Y de repente PUM! Un comentario en español!! Viva México!
show the old pictures = / 
Jonathan Bradley
136 people have terrible taste in music
Bobby G
one of the truest songs I've ever heard.
Keith Swainson
Thx for putting this together. God bless!
Orhan Yavuz
the main riff was stolen from: iron maiden-prowler. your welcome
Andrea Fomasi
Fight Club
The Morning Star
This band never sold out. They just grew as a band.
Jack Purvis
People ought to quit complaining about "stealing" the riff. Absolutely every riff you will ever hear has been done by somebody at some time. It's even okay to be inspired by other songs or go "Huh, that riff would go great with what I'm working on!" Now, it would be stealing if they claimed to have written it before Iron Maiden or to have taken the song with the intent of screwing them over. Music itself is entirely about sharing and artistic expression anyhow so to get all fussy about another song sounding like another is ridiculous.
Fewhfeuiwhfweuibf Febwuifbweuifbgweuifgbweui
The realest fucking song I have EVER heard. I have never heard anything like it. I have never heard such real lyrics. Does anyone know where I can find songs like this. Greed, money, the system. Anyone?
Am I the only one here for Papa Roach and not something called fight club? xD
irish gaming13
intro is the best
I think that Jacoby hates Mr Krabs
I love when he frist starts singing I love that low voice
caleb register
This song makes so much more since at 22 then it did at 16.
Jose Antonio
La codicia del mundo y el sistema que nos domina ahora, es la realidad que vivimos día a día solo trata de escapar abriendo tu mente, pero mientras estés aquí el dinero, las posesiones y las obsesiones te dominaran y nunca podrás huir salir y menos GANAR
Fight Club quotes...
Jack Hart
The intro sounds like Iron Maiden's Prowler.
Andres Acevedo
interesting lyrics
Nikolina Ugarčina
woooww dudee thaankes for sharing ..such a nice song long time no hear.. who is listening in 2018 :D
Makes you want to punch a small animal all pissed off
Chris James_official
Hip hop influenced rock is awesome.
compassion and evidence is all you need to live an amazing life
Spacegrid wyvrom
I don't need that shit!
Tasin Al-Hassan
“How strange and foolish is man. He loses his health in gaining wealth. Then, to regain his health he wastes his wealth. He ruins his present while worrying about his future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as though death shall never come to him, but dies in a way as if he were never born” ― Caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib
swearing at work!!!
Rusty The Assassin
I love this song and I get the meaning but I laugh because the song is called between angels and insects but they never say that once,just sayin
Semih Celikoglu
I used to listen that song in past when I didn't know English. Still liked and jumped with it's energy. I heard this song 2 days ago again after many years and it dawned on me. Great lyrics. 
I dont need that shit !
Stevie Jones
Profound Lyrics, coalescing instrumentals etc, great band. XXXXXXX
Insurance Services
This is ausome and out standing and hands off to this video . I will marry with this video if i get a chance
Miguel Angel Lp
Un pepino de grupo \m/ O_O \m/
Zeke Rush Sky Stanley
y otro comentario en español xd xd 
Melchi Zedeq
when a robber ask for my wallet...I will sing this
rants n' rambles
i wonder if he practices what he preaches
i totally got to see him at cruefest in rockford, illinois back in 08 :D they were all so amazing, but i loved papa roach the best! //hardcore papa roach fan <3
Tayler Viele
love this song xD
I thought i was hallucinating but the text does get bigger at some parts and stays the same at others. >.>
Best hard-rock song ever if you ask me. GOOD quality hard rock, with no ridiculous screaming. If anyone knows others bands with heavy guitars, but normal vocals, holla at me. I can't stand the grunging shit.
makes me sad
King Keif
correct me if i'm wrong please but is this song based of withdraw of drugs
Samantha G. Jones
you started seing them in their infancy?!.....lucky you btw
they were great when the played this song at earthday birthday 17 they were so awesome 2nd time i seen them
Subuscribe lol
question: what does this have to do with angels & insects? just pondering out loud.
the poop is strong with this one (yoda voice)
i hit mine so much it got pregnant.
@Shad3dVip3rz wut u got a problem with poeple not bein happy
Hey man same here, That comment of yours is what I am thinking about all the time, I mean, I ;ve been on three different continents I have my own house, I have a job, AND a study, I dive, do martial arts and yet for some reason no one ever talks te me, or calls me, and I don't know if you have that feeling aswell but I honestly feel like there is something wrong with me
Hey man I hope you land on your feet and get everything sorted out and that you can do the things in life you want to, for me the only period that I ever felt fitting into a group was in Indonesia when we were at a Martial Arts camp, even though language seemed like a big barrier, the people over there quickly accepted me as one of their own, it's so different then from the western world, Back here when the training is done everybody rushes straight on towards home, But I think you are right.
they owns
thumbs up idf your still listening to ths in 2011
@devilspider13 They've just changed is all, I think old and new is great, so what if they've changed, they aren't sell-outs they just want to do something different
Indeed. I'm going to see them for the 2nd time in Dec, and I'm very excited. They rock out loud live.
this song has probably been the most important thing in my life the last 5 years
A good friend of mine used to defect trapped russians to a better apparently is dating someone in Congress & a State Cop....WTF 66? That goes against EVERYTHING we believe in......Freedom....They believe in CONTROL....and voting for us to not be able to do things we like, such as smoking in public places, seat belts, LAWS....bullshit!!!! WTF 66????
Chance Law
@w1ck3dad4m hahaha, i was thinking that
Chance Law
doesnt he make songs to get music :D
and ironically and paradoxically, you probably craved getting those things because you thought you'd fit into society better and find it easier getting a girlfriend
BloodMC _
You are fired sir.
Cecil Drakan
This song would fit perfectly for a Terraformars english opening
cool song
wa m9awed
I like other men.
Papa Roach Kicks Sooo Much Ass! This is my fav song by them too. \m/
Arjun Kansara
10/10 would mosh
I'm reading of the most true thing in the world,and it's a light at the end of the tunnel who told it to me...
Edvinas Volkovas
I'm glad you asked. I feel better now not knowing. Thought I was just getting ancient for a second and out of touch with kids today XD
This is a wonderful message to the world
Conner Dixon
u suk
Virgilio Junior
They can give me their money if they don't need it
King Rob
He speaks with his soul
I blame Tom green for my weirdness
I remember singing this when i walked out of a job i hated so much, well i was only 18 then, i feel so old listening to this now. lol
shut up and die
i totally agree. im agnostic too, but i totally believe in god and dont see how this is satanic at all.
This song is based on the film "Fight Club". If you have seen the film then you'll appreciate the song even more.
Michalis Vardoulakis
stereotyping is also a sin(since it's pretty much racism) but you don't seem to care, so I guess see you in hell when our time comes(assuming god exists...).
Weapon of Light
dude, save yourself the headache. christians are happy in their little comfort zone of lies, and everyone who disagrees is crazy. quite ironically, they're the ones who are beyond saving. don't waste your enlightened brain trying to reason with them.
Weapon of Light
haha believe me i get it
Jeroen de Ridder
life is love and love is life imo who needs money
Conner Dixon
The more the years the more the songs about revolution and revolt come to light a revival is coming soon
Alex Donnett
u peeps need to get lives