Htc Sensation XE vs Samsung Galaxy S2 Boot And Browser Comparison

This is my first review, They are extremely close. The samsung seems to be the winner regarding browsing but the htc is better overall, looks better, better battery, and Sense 3.0 is much better than TouchWiz 4.0

Feminati Cuntfirmed
Obv you would prefure s4 over one x -.- one x is last year.
Franz Barrientos
S2 1gb ram better screen quality better gpu xe just looks better I had a htc before too so I know hey make good hardwarwe but im using s2 now I still prefer s4 over one x
yes we can
There both the same thing
Patient 71
ye ye I know, it was a typo
Jan Banan
Nope, All of them have 8 megapixels.
Jan Banan
Beats is just a big hype. But I like the style of them.
Akasagi Phan
I have the Sensation XE and I must admit that it only wins about the appearance, the Sense UI and HTC-exclusive apps, and also the speed is slightly faster than the SII (XE has a better processor anyway). My friend's Samsung Galaxy SII wins the other aspects: battery life, stability, the screen has a lower resolution but gives great image quality, XE screen looks nice but less impressive than SII screen.
The XE is only 300mz faster than the s2, (No a massive difference thats why they have same/similar loading speeds. but the s2 has the better screen, but not resolution, in comparison to the XE (I have the XE not the s2 so im not a s2 fanboy)
Patient 71
Yeh, I kinda fucked up, that's what I meant.
Cars bikes and chill
al 8mp
kiss peter
lol s2 8mp :-))
deni tulev
i am thinking of geting one is the memory on the Sensation Xe enough?
Inglebert Humperdink
I used to own the sgs2,now i own the xe, (with ics updated), tbh the ONLY thing that i "miss" is not having DivX on the xe, either way BOTH phones are very similar, I never did like the "plasticky" lightweight feel u got with sgs2 & the overheating, so maybe xe does slightly "win"... ANDROID LOVER... at the end of the day ;-)
milanista incazzato
processor risolution and body is better sensation xe..the black of display galaxy...i prefer htc
Wasim Alkabani
The Htc
Wasim Alkabani
Actually, Beats Audi is a software in addition to the head phones which are no more included with the device. You should try the version of beats audio that came with the device not ones that been brought from regular shops... S2 has more RAMs but Sensation XE has 1.5 dual core while S2 has 1.2 dual core.. plus no need to connect the device to pc when updating the Android you have with HTC while you have to that in the galaxy I have tried both devices and both are super awesome but I prefer the
Patient 71
galaxy s2, s3 note and note 2 all have a 5 megapixel camera, so i dunno what you're saying.
Patient 71
Beats audio is a complete waste. I've tried actual beats from my friends and the 10 dollar headphones that come with the galaxy s2. Guess what, galaxy s2's headphones aren't worse than Beats at all. Especcially with apps like poweramp. WE've got easier root allowing cpu overclock and you have less than 1 gb ram. And from what i've seen the galaxy s2 is smoother.
Wasim Alkabani
Actually both phones are with 8 mgp & both are full HD but the HTC records stereo sound when u capture a video, plus it has beats audio, 1.5 dual core processor while in Galaxy its 1.2 dual core and the most important thing is that it looks much much better than the Galaxy! Of course that's my opinion :)
Sensation Xe With Beats.Audio !
Lileo Lightworker
its diffucult to type text on HTC keyboard is too narrow and uncomfortable :( I dont know how it is on Samsung?
Lileo Lightworker
why HTC is better? I liked Samsung more. only it has 5 mgx camera.. thats Why I bought HTC bcs it has 8mgpics
Wasim Alkabani
XE is much better!
marcy oh
Abhi Muzic
Samsung galaxy s2 (y)
Stijn Langedijk
yea, but he's using the wrong browser in the htc
Elias V.Karstad
never..... ;(
Marc Mourad
When will ever people know that the processor speed doesn't matter when it comes to internet browsers??! :@
HTC win win !
FAil ! Lmao !
ay yo
wth theyre both really slow
why does in gsmarena says that xe have less stand by time than seems like amoled screen save more power im gonna go for s2,,,beats audio,,why dont u buy beats for ur s2,,and now ull have sgs2 with beats
you mean the oposite
if you are looking for dual core smartphones with the best performance in gaming and browsing you will look the GALAXY SII and the ONE S any other can beat these two
Ex is better:)
bettini alessandro
W htc
Jefferson Xian
s2 win
Thumbs Up For -----> Samsung Galaxy S2
WARNING: The HTC Sensation and the Sensation XE have a water/moisture detector at the bottom part of the screen at the side (I think it's the left). It will show up as a white dot, if it goes pink then HTC will not honour the 2 year warranty. I'm telling you this because the outer shell fits the inner workings of the phone rather like a shoe fits a foot and you have to remove the shell to get to the battery, sim and sd card slots. Don't handle the phone with moist or sweaty hands!
Zeyad Shanbaky
Matan Barth
They both have flash...
Zeyad Shanbaky
Pleaseeeeeeeeee help S2 or xe ........ helppp :((
Htain Lin Tha Xe is now with ice-cream sandwich+Sense 3.6 better than ever :) mhwa ha ha ha ha ha ha :)
Can we all just say that Iphone sucks?
umut çakmak
galaxy great !!!
Sensation XE Rocks!
same problem here. i think i'll go with the xe. but it's up to you. personal preference. :D
Of course XE, XE beats S2 :))
Mahbub Alom
Wich is better ???
Flash is unabled on S2, so htc wins. And no im not a htc fanboy
Panayiotis Prod
so galaxy s2 is thinner,lighter,faster,has 4 times more memory,more RAM 768mb on htc vs 1gb on s2, faster HSDPA 21mbps s2 vs 14,4 on htc ,wifi direct, 2 mp front facing camera on s2 vs vga on htc, better gpu mali-400mp, better chipset exynos, gorilla glass.. battery life would be the same since htc has higher clocked cpu. The only thing that xe is over s2 is beats audio...
Asxanya go for the sii is better at screen colors and browsing speed....if you want good music go for the xe.....
Mahbub Alom
Can somone plz tel me S2 or xe???
your internett is so slow ...
I have a HTC, and it is far away better than S2 (It looks like a flattop
antony carrington
Xe all the way!!!!!!
Thumbs Up if you hear a clock ticking!
Mohamed Mahmoud
come on it's browsing not swimming does really seconds or part of it matters while browsing? I think not
chulan kotudurage
I wuld go fr xe...coz of beats...web browsing,gaming(both similar)app loading and multitasking s2 holds the king of all...xe has sense mand is im
Михаил Михаил
HAHAHA look at brilliant super amoled + on sgs2 and dark , dirty screen on xe . xe is lol !
galaxy finished fuuuuurst xD
Robin Burghardt
Samsung is Scheiße vor allem das hier
Russinator 13
Sensation xe have a feature of ultra fast boot. dont say that they enable fastboot
Salih Akgül
Kasmanın gereği yok Galaxy s2 hepsine koyuyo işte, Always best phone Galaxy s2
i know ur pasword :P
@TheJoni123321 getting mine in 2 days.. :D
guys, samsung is PLASTIC... who the hell needs a plastic phone which costs more than 100$? that's just stupid...
Tibor Sütő
@MrSimplyoriginal i didn't said that the Touchwiz looks like HTC Sense. I said that the Sense is almost worth as much as the more ram, better display, etc. :D
mohsin khan
htc sensation xe 1.5 ghz > s2 1.2 ghz...yet it is good in term of browsing,display brightness and quality,light weight more practical than xe. it might be even more faster than xe after ICS update come out....
Tech It Out
HTC has a fast boot setting so it is not really booting from off but from sleep mode. This is why it looks so quick and the reviewer should know this if he has any real knowledge of these phones.
Joel Mahay
Just because Samsung's phone is a few seconds slower here, and it isn't as good, doesn't mean it's crap and Samsung is a failure. I prefer the HTC, but Samsung gs2 is still awesome. The s3 will not be as good as the one x unless they release it in 20-30 years lol
Sabiinn Stha
what phone is better I'm really needing a phone and I think the xe is good wht phone do you think people !!
Arrvinder Singh
Sensation XE rules!
s2 is the best phone ever
Khuzaima Mustanzir
sensation xe the best galaxy sucks
Tibor Sütő
Galaxy S2 is better, more RAM, better display, but there is HTC Sense which is almost the same :D
@nicoleizmyname lol it has a slower processor and the screen is crap
i love htc but let's face it samsung is grater any way any android phone is a great phone
galaxy sII has flash deactivated while htc not :P
Scott McDonald
You should have pulled the batteries as HTC supports fast boot, it hasn’t fully shut down to the level of the galaxy s ii. Also you should have done some bench marks would have been interesting to see the score, I remember seeing the original sensation with it 1.2 GHz snapdragon, its benchmarks where pathetic compared to the galaxy s II. I wouldn’t be surprised if the SGSII got a higher score. Also if I had to choose I’d pick touch wiz everyday of the week, sense is a blotted piece of crap.
Daniel Hessling
Samsung Galaxy S2 is the best phone in the world. HTC Sensation XE try to be better but they can't.
At 2:40 you can se how the S2 load faster but then you can see there is a video on the sensation witch didn;t load on the s2. S2 have smaller screen, less pixels. Look at the htcs home screen. Everything is anymated with nice animations and htc widges. The people are only looking the hardware stuff. A few comments below (afsaldurranihotmail) said that touch is not as good as s2 ( look at 1:18 ) you can see how his finger sticks on the screen.
Moosa Mahsoom
you have to remove the battery before booting an HTC phone or disable fast boot.
chrille xeo
@talkoosh118 HAHAHAHA!! you cant compare this phones.. the xe its much faster!!!!at all like games and boot.IT SEEMS YOU ARE A SAMSUNG FAGGOT WHO HAVE NOT MUCH MONEY
Russinator 13
Ok I will buy sensation xe ;)
man s2 is the bst smartphone along with iphone 4s... just accept it htc is good with sense ui and all but there touch is not as good as s2 or ip4s.... smoothness is not there... i bought sensation xe as soon as it came out i thought it was a winner... but i was using s2 and ip4 before it it didnt satisfy me... if its ur first phone r your htc user then it will be a great phone 4 u... if u hv nt xperienced s2 or iphone then this is a great phone go for it...
Blaise Mallard
Samsung's UI looks really cheap?
diablo jim
Sgs2 was the android phone of year 2011, and sensation isnt even best phone in HTC.
Jonatan Djuranovic
Thumbs Up For----> HTC Sensation XE
@m1ndZz well, the things fall a part in no -time(like the small things that protect the ports) in smart phones the screen unlocks itsself. i (personally ) dont like how they look.(and feel(plastic)) and also, samsung does these annoying things with phones like they bring one out without the ability to have apps installed, and a month later theres a new one with apps.... i haven't had the galaxy yet but from all the other ones ( about 6) i hated em all.
@djsd007 okay, so may u tell me why u hate samsung phones so much?
@m1ndZz u do know the comment section only has opinions in it..... and most of the things they make are good, i'm just telling you i hate the phones, this is my opinion and if u don't accept that then ur just a hatefull dick :)
@djsd007 who cares about ur opinion? :) be more impersonal, samsung is the leader in electronics, for example just have a look at their LED TV's presented recently at CES 2012, they're fantastic :) so are the phones, SGSII is still the best, despite the fact he is nearly a year old, SGSIII's gonna PWN everyone, trust me
Aviv Fadlon
@talkoosh118 agree
@m1ndZz dude, samsung is like the most sucking brand in mobile phones (in my opinion) i hate every single phone they have made :/
@m1ndZz i agree the display is bettr on the samsung, (htc isnt bad either, just not as good), but in anything else,(hardw,earphone,build qua) HTC is lot better
Samsung Galaxy S2 BETTER, Htc Sensation XE has an older 1.5GHz Dual Core while the GS2 has a new Exynos 1.2GHz Dual Core
people are fighting over just because they want to make their money worth it.