Wales v Romania WC Qualifier 1993

Wylde Wylde
Both teams were great, but Romania was better, not only that night, but at the World Cup they finished in the first eight after eliminating Argentina and beating Columbia. Even more, Romania climbed to the top of the FIFA rankings, finishing 1995 as the third best team in the world! That was an impressive generation with names like Hagi, Popescu, Dumitrescu, Raducioiu, Belodedici, Munteanu in their squad. Belodedici won two European Champion's cups, Hagi won the European Super Cup with Steaua and the UEFA Cup with Galatasaray and is one of a handful of players who played for both, Barcelona and Real Madrid. The late 80's and the 90's were the golden years of Romanian football, with Steaua Bucharest winning the 1986 Eoropean Champion's Cup, in addition to playing another final in 1989 and a semi-final in 1987. Their National team also qualified to the World Cup in 1990, 1994 and 1998 (where they beat England and Columbia) and at the Euro 1996, 2000, 2004. The end.
Cezar Popescu
Lipseste Lacatus daca juca el in 94 castgam cupa mondiala
I'm Welsh and Romanian, so either one of my teams would advance to the World Cup.
come on Wales you dragon slayers.
marius abwege
Wales had a great line-up too but we were too good :)
Chris Cruciat
For the love of God Romania should have had 2 or 3 additional goals. Never seen so many clear chances wasted. I know this was tough for Welsh supporters but To put things into perspective Romania went to the World Cup and clearly beat Argentina and Columbia, lost stupidly to Sweden on penalties in the quarterfinals. It was our time we deserved to qualify. We were clearly the better team.
KlanDue X
10:18 it's all over now surely ::) Neville Southal looks back in despair
makishev 90
07:29 the moment when Ryan Giggs was the closest to the major tournament.
Sever Sever
Before was were god Romania mega win
Decebal Holhos
Lol.90's Referees were a joke, more or less,they were bought by home teams. #min 5.17 Ryan Giggs lost the ball fair and square / not so fast, the referee said# free kick and goal. Wales pk was questionable as well ....
in romania nu poti avea incredere nici in tata
Hen Smithers
why did that fool take it??? why??? im Irish but loved this Wales team
Back then 11 WELSH players. Now, half the team is English.
dincuta cristian
Dacul adrian
7:10 Commentator: I don't think there is any doubt about that(penalty)..if that kind of penalty would have been sanctioned in the Scottish League, they would have chased the ref. :)))
gareth roblyn
This game broke my F###ing heart
unb jon
Penalty😂😂😂😂 we always been robed by thys mofos referees
johnny fartpants
a terrible evening!!
albert krauss
saunders,the butcher...
Elena Neacsu
Em nanau
no penalty , fake referee
Valentin Petre
Prunea spectator ca si la world cup.
Ian McIntosh
just about to watch the 2018 qualifier vs Ireland had to google the this one Paul Bodin. Why did he take the pen?
Ian McIntosh
Can someone explain
Valentin Petre
Muie dragnea muie psd
Stefan Ciochina
Elena Neacsu
HAGIII ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
KlanDue X
I wonder now, why did they leave Paul Bodin to shoot that penalty? They had so many good players like Giggs, Speed.Rush, Saunders, Horne and others.
Alexandru Pxxxp
Lucas Alves
So sad :(
Florin Aiordachioaei
The missed penalty kick proves that justice has been made.Hai Romania !!!
Florin Lupse
I still enjoying the won of Romania and the lost of BBC commentators. The referee was a shame. The Wales a great team with Rush, Souness, Giggs.
Stefan Ciochina
România Romania is gonna win
It followed the tour of 1994, after which Romania started to shine with the withdrawal of Hagi and his generation in communism for cigarette and dacia cars, pepsi cola, steaks instead of money or little money , you're wondering what motivates them to laugh. But now that footballers are winning hundreds of thousands of euros, club performances are no longer the same. Example ??? The CFR CLUJ champion team, who a few years ago beat Rome at home with 2-1 without qualifying. in 2018 he loses 2-3 or 2-5 if he does not mislead with a team from Luxembourg in the UEFA cup. Romanian football has died a lot. Let's see the new generations at work and
sunt roman,dar mai bine nu eram roman
Hun Hool !
Lucky oláh’s
Little boy
With a real keeper this welsh team maybe would have qualified for the WC. They had very good atacking players like Rush, Giggs, Hugues or Saunders. This group with Belgium, Romania and Czekoslovachia was tough as well.