Didier Drogba : "It's a Fucking Disgrace" 20090506

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Chelsea-barcelone. 3 pénalties non sifflés pour Chelsea ! On comprend la colère de Didier !

In the "home" match at Camp Nou, there was a clear penalty to Henry and Drogba said nothing then... it would have changed all because Chelsea could not have played Catenaccio in Stamford Bridge. Anyhow, Barcelona deserved passing to the final ... Chelsea football sucks and Barcelona was poetry!
Milen Borislavov
ITS A FUCKING DISGRACE!!!! Chelsea Forever!
il s'est bien vengé aujourd'hui
He clearly does'nt. Probably in the top 2 strikers in the world right now.
Jesper West
good comment
Bertrand Kaegeg
Je suis un fan de Manchester United mais j'avoue que ce match c'était clairement abusé et je comprends la réaction de Drogbite.. Mais bon la UEFA ne voulait pas d'une deuxième finale 100% Anglaise je suppose, pardon que la Premier League soit si supérieur au reste ..
j'aime pas chelsea ni drogba mais à ça place j'aurais réagi pareil une telle injustice, le barca n'avait rien montré sur ce match
David May
nasty person nasty owner nasty club. That just sums up Chelsea FC.
Lilia Dufresne
ca lui apprebdra a plonger comme un marseillais de base ( la bonne ecole du plongeon mytho )
J'aime ta façon de parler français ! c'est assez catastrophique ! Bien sur que j'ai vu le match aller, et Barcelone ne mérite pas de passer !
Bien sur que non le barça n'a pas sa place en finale ! ils ont volé le match ! comment tu appelles ça, 4 pénalty volés ! c'est une honte ! Le Barça détruit le foot !
DJ Steph
C bien fait pour Chelsea ils avaient qu'à jouer au foot au lieu de défendre. Ils auraient pu tuer le match avec Drogba par ex, en plus Abidal s'est fait expulsé pour rien, ils auraient dû profiter ! Allez barça !
Adam Budziński
to be honest , CHELSEA played a very good game, barcelona isn't a good team at all , andthe refeere? - a dumb blind ashole.
Drogba is the greatest player ever
Joëlle Neveur
Totalement d'accord avec Didier Drogba, Le Barça n'as pas sa place en Finale. Un grand bravo à Piqué pour sa magnifique main dans la surface , pas grillée du tout ....
Ronald Guerra
the referee is a fuckin shit.
through cheating and a paid off ref... WELL DONE!!
Stupid refeere... Chelsea played much better!! ;/
Va Va Voom
Ahmad Y
thanks drogba. im not very good in english but now i learn something from u F......G DISGRACE if somebody make me angry, i will use this word
That bald ugly freak of a referee should never set foot in England again and he can take his 2 blind sidekicks of useless assistants with him. A trio of cunts.
the referee didnt give pinalty for barcelona in CAMP NOU !!! with tierry henry ! and PIqué !!! and barca didnt say a thing !!!!!!!!! BARCELONA best team :) in everyting even behaivor
Mr Buckman
you said it mate that ref was the biggest fukin fukin disgrace i have ever seen
galopin FAN
drogba tu n'avais qua avoir les pieds moins carré . olalala la honte chelsea perdre dans les arrets de jeu par ces guignoles d'espagnole enfin ça fais rire tous le monde petit bonhomme.
drogba hope you read this "what come's around goes around all the time's you have cheated in the past .....all fair in love and war .
yes, totally correct. Let's just face the fact that UEFA obviously has a big ass problem with Chelsea. This is worse than being christian!
romeo gh
Drogba needs to stop diving, and start taking his chances in front of goal
romeo gh
THAT'S definitely my top 2
lol, have fun watching barca win against man u! face it u got beat by a better team. even if we did get a lil lucky. visca barca!
most hated players: 1. drogba (by a long way) 2. ronaldo (moans to much) 3. diouf (need i say)
Yeah i support united but i reckon chelsea were robbed. i think either that ref was a retard, or that match was fixed- on the part of the ref. the latter seems likely...
he's got the x factor, hence the rapid x's with his arms
Essatu Te
it's not about the goal, Chelsea was denied so many penalties and kicks
I'm totaly on Drogba's side, I love this man. He's one of the reasons I am a die hard Chelsea fan. I would support him if he fucking stabbed that norwegian son of a bitch ref and Platini or whoever though the away goal rule was fair.... fucking A, I wanna take my life right now
anybody have a fucking idea about what the heck he's saying?