Jordan Belfort: "Insanity happens."

Piers Morgan talks to Jordan Belfort, the subject of the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street". More from CNN at /> To license video from CNN/HLN go to or e-mail: [email protected]

" I take 10 to 15 ludes a day for my back pain, adderal to keep me focused, xanax to take the edge off, pot to mellow me out COCAINE to wake me back up again and morphine... well because its awesome"
Jake Huseman
I cannot tell you how much I dislike piers morgan
Rick Blanchette
"You don't lose your soul all at once you lose it a little bit at a time"
i must have a screw loose
Kyle V.
Guy made everything of himself and then lost it all, went to jail, and did it all over again minus the drugs and craziness. Guy made the most of an American Dream. In this world your skills are what get you places and this man put his skills to use.
And he's still rich after all that
Ed Findlay
He just has all the story's we want to hear.
when i grow up i wanna snort tons of coke like him
Keith Gliksman
im so fucking curious to hear his story at the end
Bill .Marsh
Put aside Jordan Belfort, what about Piers Morgan? What an absolute obnoxious, self absorbed worthless interviewer. It's a blessing he was fired, and back to England he will go -
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"Whether you say, 'I can' or 'I can't,' you're right either way.” ― Jordan Belfort
San Tommaso d'Aquino
You're all hating because you're poor. This guy is an OG
I stopped watching this video before the third minute because of Piers Morgan.
a woman choosing to shave her head for $10k is not shocking its something I think most would do! its only shocking if she's forced. Hair grows back its hardly end of the world!
How are people upset that he ate a goldfish when they eat meat standardly anyway?
Makes money convincing people hes a good guy, goes to jail for making millions illegally, makes a movie that made him millions, and now hes praised before our eyes in this video
I just finished the movie.  I am going to become a stock broker now and live the life he did.  I guess I have a screw loose and only lots of cash, drugs, and women can screw it back in!
Ryk Comerford
I'm not a big Scorsese fan, but this movie is mostly a 3 hour comedy. It's a very funny movie, even though it's about unappealing characters.
Kieran Etoria-King
Something really irked me about Piers Morgan introducing the trailer as a clip from the film
jordan @4.00 was holding that smile back so hard.... you know he was thinking about the 49 million lmoa
lol this dude rocks!!i think he aint regreting all the things he did
Man, Jordan Belfort is "Quagmire." 
Christopher Karimi
Bad guys win. Love it.
Piers Morgan is corrupt. He's always nice to immoral sophistic capitalists (like him) but not others. Absolutely no challenge whatsoever. It wasn't an interview, it was a promotion. Why didn't he ask Belfort about the fact he's barely payed any of his restitution?
I'm pretty sure CNN paid a hell of a lot of money to Belfort to make him appear on CNN for an interview
Please fire this awful interviewer immediately
This guy has lived a crazy life
J.R.C.S Productions
Aaron H
I knew a guy who was a diagnosed psychopath. Charming guy. This guy reminds me of him. 
Max White
wow the remorse of this man is humbling...
ckeller 89
The way he looks with his eyes is so weird
4R Reel
I love Jordan Belfort but it seems like Leo had his life threatened to say those things.
Guy Michaely
7:33 I've done more for waaay less, someone get me in touch with the old version of him
11:30 piers you walking into the office is enough for cnn Just kidding tho
Finance & Fitness
22 months in jail for living the dream, come on, id do 20yrs for it... ;) Sign me up.
Anyone knows where can I find the full hour-long interview?
Jordan Belford is a cool mofo
pancake rachel corrie
why does this idiot keep mentioning gordon gekko? CNN is owned lock stock and barrel by the government .....what about the filth and corruption going on after the cameras are off? Piers?
Thanos Sofroniou
This guy is a normal guy who got blinded by money and stuff and got a slap (although some would argue not strong enough) and he turned back to realization of his actions it seems.
Menchaca Moto
my respect, Jordan Belfort. legend!
internet champ
Piers is having flashbacks to his time at the Daily Mirror
why are people hating on Piers Morgan? he is just exited and want to ask a lot of questions that's all.
Jarek Stankiewicz
Mr Jordan Belfort, I salute you. Your dreams define you
I saw the movie and decided I want to be a stockbroker
Luke Zoupp
It's just me or Belfort looks like Kevin Rahm
Matthew Sisti
A lot of people miss the message of this movie. The beginning shows degrees of glamorization of this lifestyle, but any critical thinker could see the tremendous backfire. Let's also remember that 1 person gets a movie made out of this, and every other person that tries this is just a copycat. There are 1 million people that try this drug and greed lifestyle, and it ends a much more extremely negative way. Let's not forget those people.
"... so it was pretty raunchy" Piers: "Okay"
Brady Sundheim
haha anyone have any idea what Jordan is talking about with the disgusting thing at the end there?
whaat?! 50 prostitutes?! hahaha! kudos Sir James!
Jason Lazcano
Is it just me or he sound like Barry Kripke?
Jordan got off real easy, I wish the movie patronized more of what is right.
Ash Smith
when he was on 60 minutes australia the journalist asked him about his money and was he hiding it in australia and he stormed out of the interview... great guy..
Aw. It's a shame, I imagined Jordan would be still completely unapologetic after everything
Wow! This man is uncool. He still needs to pay the people he screwed over, I read.
People hating this man ? For what ? There are thousands like him out there . He aint sorry for shit .. He just lost it all and wanna make a new way around this . Wtf
Carl Taylor
LEGEND he's had more fun in 5 years than most have ever
I WANT TO BECOME JORDAN BELFORT!!! DAMN!!! HE IS AN EVIL GENIUS! HAHAHAH..he is smarter than his victims tho
Tim Horton
Honestly, this man is a legend. He is not normal by any standards. His manipulating skills and public speaking talent is matched by none, and when you have a skillset like that, the sky is the limit. Jordan Belfort took opportunity as soon as he saw it, because in his mind, he was rich already. He knew that he would be rich, it was just a matter of how fast he would get there and how much he would accumulate. A man like this is one in a million, and a man with the ambition level of his own is one in a billion. Shame to any who doubt him or call him out for his illegal acts, for they do not understand what he went through to get where his now.
Piers just die and make the world a better place.
Belfort is a legend. He tried to beat the system and, for a time, he actually did. Legend.
aditi manav
Been so early and fast but that character or more over Jordan Belfort is just amazing guy.. Right from his talent to mold thing iN the way he wants to creating the deep impression... i really loved him..
Jordan Belfort
Prison was worth...
Thor Klauson
You can tell he is good at selling the way he talks fast, fluently and confidently.
Daniel Delgado
Piers, shut up! You're not the one being interviewed ... 
vickie jones
Great movie loved it. Should have won an oscar
Alex Soul
It's amazing how some people have so much self-confidence this Jordan Belfort guy could've been one of the greatest...and he could still is
Ging Freecss
jeremy paxman shouldve interviewed him
Sean Marsh
He started from nothing and stole everything, good example to set.
This guy is insanely smart, but I know he doesn't regret anything except getting caught, he loved his lifestyle and misses it day, he just knows what he needs to say.
What a legend
anyone know where i can find the whole bachelor party story?!
He tossed them. Oh, yes. I understand he still has to get his fix most nites and toss a couple dwarfs. He's all of us, really.
Alex Andrei
where can i find the full interview
Hare Brahs
if i was his employee i would go to work 7 days a week
Ronald Gibbs Jr
well ms Rodriguez that's the US Government for you. Land of freedom move to Canada or London Maybe Australia
Christian90z Bunke
Is he the nicest guy in the world nope, but if the things that's being portrayed in the movie is pretty accurate then I'd say the people who tanked the economy who now have more then they could spend in five lifetimes are the real criminals. Sure the movie doesn't really explore what happened to the people who invested with them so I can't really say anything about that one way or the other, but it also kinda seemed that people who struggled got a chance to work there and did pretty good for themselves while it lasted. Ok again I'm not saying he is the nicest guy in the world, but after what's been going on in the last 20 years it was hard not see the movie from that perspective and not just see a hustler who dealt with dollars instead of pennies.
What was the last part he was describing? Was it shown in the movie?
Paul Rizzo
The toad of excess leads to the palace of wisdom
Love Jordan Belfort.. Wolf of Wall Street is my favorite movie of all time.. Leo di Caprio did an excellent job
Living Dead Paradox
What sexual act could he be talking about?
Lola Lopez
He is still stealing and scamming for money. Watch the 60 minutes out of Austraila.... Oh yeah and he is still coked out of his mind!
Daniel Soanes
I can listen to this guy all day
Felipe Corleone
This guy has enough to pay off the fines, the government should pressure him to
Fallout Boy
I watched the movie and it being really comedic and all, it's ironic that at the end I just felt sad and empty. If he'd only lost his wealth, the story wouldn't have been as interesting and powerful. Cuz losing money, well, it's already expected of a downfall story. Money can always be earned back, as he did. What touched me most was him losing his family and his friends. At the end he's violent towards his wife and slams his car with his daughter inside. Later, he's ultimately forced to confess on hundreds of employes and friends he'd gather over the years. The ultimate betrayal. The movie ends with him doing a seminar. Alone. No wife, no kids, no friends. At the beginning, at least he had his wife, but now? He has less than when he first started. Just a truly sad story.
Tom Cox
his interviewing is so sub par
I feel like Jordan belfort and ray liotta are strikingly similar.
Luis Garcia
perfect way to end this video
King Chibot
I wish Piers would STFU and let the guy talk.
Matt s what was it? Asking for a friend
Piers Morgan talked more than Jordan... what a terrible interviewer.
ba zinga
Hahaha this man is hero!!!
I probably have a screw lose then... I always watch the movie when I have an Interview... and am a software architect hehe
This guy is a annoying interviewer 🤦‍♂️
Amazing AJ
Did he just say there's gonna be a WOWS 2?
Trollos Ollolos
Where can you find the full interview, somebody link please??
Randy James
Piers Morgan has no concept of normal