Top 25 Funniest Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2016 Die Laughing Adverts

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For the tenth and final year, Doritos is asking fans around the world to create a Doritos television advertisement for the chance to see their ad air for an audience of millions. The ad that receives the most consumer votes will win $1 million and the opportunity to work with Zack Snyder, director of 300 and Man of Steel, Batman v Superman. The winner will work with Snyder as well as Warner Brothers and DC Comics on an undisclosed future project. Check Out Top 25 Funniest Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2016 Die Laughing Adverts. Which one in your opinion is the funniest one ? And If You Know The Winner ,write comment below. # 1 - "Candy from a Baby" by Sean Brown, USA 00:00 Like taking candy from a baby... # 2 - "The Pyramid" by Andrew Talley, USA 00:28 The idea for the pyramids. # 3 - "Have You Met Stacy?" by Parker Adams , USA 00:56 Word to the Wise: Don't ever pass up an invisible bag of Doritos.Produced by: Red Sky Studios LLCWritten # 4 - "Ultrasound" by Peter Carstairs , Australia 01:25 A case of starting early. # 5 - "Doritos Dogs" by Jacob Chase, USA 01:53 They're not about to let a sign stop them. Director/Writer: Jacob Chase, Producer/Writer: Travis Braun # 6 - "Elephant In The Room" by Chelsea Bo, USA 02:21 Dan's co-workers have a difficult time eating his Doritos. # 7 - "MR. DAVIS" by Jonathan Friedman, USA 02:49 One man may be getting a little too excited whenever he sees Doritos . . . # 8 - "Follow the Trail" by David Tenniswood, Canada 03:18 What happens when a five-year-old hijacks her bedtime story. # 9 - "Crybaby" by Brody Gusar, USA 03:45 Sometimes babies have a good reason to cry. # 10 - "A Mind of it's Drone" by Shane Free, USA 04:13 A man gets more than he bargains for when he uses a drone to retrieve Doritos. # 11 - "The Mark" by Nick Sivakumaran, USA 04:41 An old man with the perfect con meets his match. # 12 - "The Intercom" by Cameron Mark Lewis, USA 05:10 How do you enjoy your lunch break? # 13 - "Payday" by Sarah Butler, USA 05:36 Payday has never been this cheesy. # 14 - "Hansel & Gretel" by Brandon Delaney, USA 06:05 After winding up lost in the woods, Hansel & Gretel put their Doritos to good use. # 15 - "The New Kid" by Brad Bosley, USA 06:33 It's scary to be the new kid. Make friends with Doritos. # 16 - "Just a Puppet" by Keith Eng, USA 07:01 A little girl believes her puppet named Mr. Munch steals her Doritos at night. But that's impossible, right? # 17 - "Sharing" by Armand De Saint-Salvy, Australia 07:29 Young guy: Karl SvensenOld Guy: Peter Carmody. # 18 - "A Tasty Tragedy" by Thorbjørn Kragh, Denmark 07:57 A classical play takes an unexpected turn. # 19 - "Dorito Moth" by Thomas Price, Australia 08:25 A tour guide takes a group into the last known colony of the incredibly endangered Dorito Moth. # 20 - "Swipe For Doritos" by David Rudy, USA 08:53 #SwipeForDoritos Dating these days is quite the challenge! You never know what you're going to get when you "swipe"... so go ahead, swipe away! # 21 - "Cheese Man" by Maxwell Lloyd, USA 09:21 Phil Cheezeman, a cheese expert, has a nose that never fails him and guides him to the boldest aroma he's every encountered. # 22 - "Crunchy Couch" by Hans Knaapen, Netherlands 09:49 When John accidentally drops a Dorito he notices he's not the only one who likes Doritos. # 23 - "Totally Buying It" by Dean Coots, USA 10:17 A smarty pants Dad isn't as smart as he thinks he is. # 24 - "I don't think that's a Leaf Blower" by Stefano Pennisi, USA 10:45 Two friends find a strange looking leaf blower and go to show their friend Chad. # 25 - "Paranormal Snacktivity" by Logan Paul, USA 11:13 PAWS OFF, GHOST!Created for the 10th and Final Edition of the Doritos - Crash The Superbowl contest :)Featuring:Logan Paul (Logan)George Janko (George)Kirby Bliss Blanton (Ghost) ******************************************************************* Music at the end : SirensCeol - Coming Home NoCopyrightSounds: Coming Home [NCS Release] />Full track on NCS - /> Free Download @ />• NCS Spotify: /> Follow SirensCeol: /> /> /> -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- If you believe this video should not be broadcasted on our channel, please contact [email protected] to remedy the situation. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Funny Commercials
What is your funniest commercial in your opinion?
Skeleton Boss
1 like 50000000000 Doritos for everybody
Anaheed Magdi
1 like = 1 bag of doritos
YouTube Expedition- Day 23: I have seen to stumbled across a large pack of Logan Paulers. If you come across these creatures, be careful. They will protect their leader. And be warned, they don’t have many brain cells!
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Sub for 999,999,999 bags of doritos
11:14 Logan Paul
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Now I’m craving some doritos
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😂😂😂😂😂😂this is Halarius😂😂😂😂
11:13 I didn’t know Logan Paul was on a Doritos commercial...😂
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Omg Logan paul is here
Wafira Wafu
So that much value and taste for this doritos I didn't eat doritos in my life but I wanna eat that I am a malayali
Syed Makeen
I love doritos
Lillian Goodchicken
Haha Logan Paul in a Doritos commercial
Samvel Khachatryan
So good 15,18,19,23, 24,25
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I've you like doritos Like
The last one was skery
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Speeded Playz
11:15 Logan Paul
logan paoul was in a commercial?
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JAJA 😆😆😆
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In the last one login Paul was in it
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Logang 4 life #be a maverick
Steven Da_Dude
I’m eating Doritos right now
Hind Alareefi
98% in the comments talking about Logan Paul 2% how much they love Doritos
The last one is Logan Paul and George janko
logan paul and jake paul are crap my opinion
Tornado the Kitty Cat / The Meow Mix Show
I 💙 Doritos
GD Megastar98
Sadly they never made a "Free Doritos" Van one ;(
Emmy Ramirez
7:17 puppet:weres meh Doritos Girl:nah mine Puppet:grabs*thx Girl:wHAT THE F—explodes*
Rachel Kim
“And thats where they got the idea to build pyramids” “Dad, your an idiot”
Logan Paul wow
Aryam Tarek
I love the last one #logang4life
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Did that actually happened to Logan Paul
María González
i like doritos because is funny
Falling Unicorns
I watched this while eating Doritos😂 Do I don't get the craving😂
Tala and Zahras worlf
I was eating some Doritos while I was watching this video
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if you look at a Dorito it's a sign of the illuminati
kenVip avatar musik
1:49 This is the fastest way to give birth😀😀
Gio Micaela
Pause at 6:56 the bus has no front
diamond pro and candygirl
This made me hungry 😢
Maria Alev
I 💙 the last one #logang #logang4life #george #logan
Logan Paul and George janko in #25
The Arkham knight
Wish I had that elephant To show people not to mess with my Doritos!
Arkadiusz Haufa
mayar kdh
The super boy is super slow but is speed is love doritos 0:16
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If you're a #logangpauler like
Jake Paul
Logan paul
Zombie X2andrej
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Logan Paul
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Never mess with the monster Logan
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2017 anyone?
Tristan, games
I want some doritors
Pushwinder Kaur
The ending one its logan Paul and mark
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Came for logan paul BUT HIS NOT 1
Lucky gamer 2018
I love the Logan Paul one
Eoin Clenaghan
The last ones what we all want to happen to Logan Paul xd
BAK Robert Johnston
9:23 very useful class checking out cheese and guessing the cheese
HD red blue gaming
O.....M.....G isoll L O G A N P A U L
ItzRhon TheSegampong
Really logan
Alex Mckinley
Logan Paul was in one of the commercials
Christine Carayao
Logan paul in doritos commecial amazing
Drus 13
After I watched the 1st one two times I smelled Doritos
jeanette welsh
Number ten is my fav because they get a free dog
Carlos Menchaca
7:47 wtf my love come
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At 7:45 it looks like u are kissing and have sex until 7:48 I was he was trying to get a Dorito
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I wish the doritos had those crunch
1:14 LOGAN?
11:14 LOGAN?
Jocelyn Espino
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That's Logan paul
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adalyn bridwell
This is Dorito He is going stale He is dying because he is not being shared One like is one person getting a piece of this dorito
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1:30 is just so funny I starded to cry XD😂😂😂😂😂
6:43 wtf is dat
How did the dogs even pay