Red Black Tree - Part 0

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Properties, violations, and recovery of Red Black Trees.

Mel Iora
Nice video. I personally would have added rule #6: "a new node is always a red node".
Ronnie Coleman
Only engineers start with part 0 ehhm ehhm binary
Nithish JV
that's good enough for day before exam preparations!! :D TYSM!! ^_^
audwit Kaykobad
Awesome tutorial thanks for taking the time to make it
I think you miss something in the Properties, because according to them, a tree with all nodes black would be a valid Red-Black tree (it doesn't violate any of the rules you listed).
Vincent Proxy
who starts with part 0 ??? .......
Temren Alican
It looks really complicated with the little sub tree swappings when you try to memorize them. Just know that after rotating the subtree's of the rotated nodes must preserve the binary search tree rules, so there's really only 1 way you can stick them in the tree. Don't try to memorize the cases
Ziping Liu
well explained, good illustrations
Just what I needed! Thanks Zooce!
Mridul Gupta
You should also upload RB tree deletion video. Btw, thanks for the upload
Kornelius Pasztor
Finally someone that explains it from the very basic THX a lot! ^^
Nicolas Bouliane
That was very well presented, thanks a lot!
Reny Jose
is'nt root node supposed to black in the first case. as you have stated in propeties
Rafah Dahlawi
Thank u u helped me a lot to understand this Tree complete with this way with other trees I really like the video and ur explanation GD job
lalitha hariharan
In case 2,after the rotation,x became the parent of p .but it is also violating the red rule right?
Lindsay Lynch
This was very helpful!
chantelle rae
Thank you so much for this tutorial, it really made me understand. Could you also explain deletion. Right now i can only delete leaf nodes.
lalitha hariharan
In case 2,after the rotation,x became the parent of p .but it is also violating the red rule right?
Prashanth Vaidya
Beautifully explained! Thank you so very much :)
Mf Teng
Excellent, very clear and definite. Thanks for sharing.
nice metaphor with he families
Thanks, well explained!
mr. MS
i am Vietnamese. thanks so much
pleaseeeee keep up the good work, thnx (:
Part 0...
Good quality video. What software are you using for this?
By 'nil node', do you mean the actual nil pointed to by the leaf, or the leaf that points to a nil?
In case 1, how is it that you change the root color to red and leave it like that? Doesn't that violate the Red Black properties?
Teja S
very well explained. Thank you. Where can I find your first video after subscribing to these?
What's the tool to make this ?
Divine Dube
Cant believe you stated at 0, I thought part 1 was the first one , no wonder when I was watching part 1 without part 0 my brain was throwing an off by one error 🙈😂, good content though bro
Cesar Santos Visbal Lambis
can you make a video with a application in real life of red black trees ? or do you know where can i find it ?
hiem seyha
nice explanation thank so much
Dheeraj Pandey
Point number 3 is incorrect. If there are children in red node they must be black children else they can point to null also(red node can be leaf)
I can't implement dat? am i stupid?
At 8:32, The tree at the lower left hand side has a red uncle, isn't that violation?
Michael Salam
Explanation was awesome, but it would have been much better if the pointer was a bit bigger or visible.
Elva Zheng
I dont understand at 4:28. Why the uncle node cannot be red and we need to change it to black?
Mitrasree Deb
Y O U A R E B R I L L I A N T !!! Tomorrow is my data structure exam and I can't thank you enough <3
steve frt
Nide explanation, thanks
Rishi Venkatesh
what if in case 2 the uncle is red plz some body help
Aaron Ortiz
22ond ordinal, not 20-second (duration) :)
Fernando Dias Pauer
Your case 3 is wrong, violated property 4! You should not change the uncle color, it must be black.