Ed Harris' Meltdown

While promoting "History of Violence" at the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival, costar Ed Harris caused some tension when describing his own notion of "violence."

i did this on a job interview....didn't get the job
Quitting cigarettes is never easy..
King Sean
Ed Harris is distressed he hasn't found the maze yet
0 to 100 real quick.
kieran testa
it's not a meltdown, he's just making a point.
pretty sure this edited clip has taken the whole press conference and interview out of context.
Matt M
I love how Ed Harris is playing the role of the drunk Uncle who ruins thanksgiving here.
The movie is about slamming your fist into the table and throwing mugs.
Rick C
that's a damn good actor just promoting his film.
Still looking for those Glengarry leads.
Great method actor, he was staying in character, it wasn't a real melt down, he was staying in character as he's a devout method actor
Myk McGrane
What's. . . What is is this? Where's the rest of this at? Way out of context
Ted Fundy
Well that escalated quickly.
Tolive 89
I saw this a while ago and thought the guy was being a dick. Now I see it, he didn't hurt anybody, it was a different response than anticipated, it actually seemed interesting to me, on the nature of violence, it's random, disturbing, uncomfortable and often irrational. I'm either looking too much into it or this guy lost the plot.
Rusty Shackleford
1) This was edited. _Big time._ 2) He was just making a point, and a good one at that. He "became" violent which caused the audience to immediately become quiet and begin the fight-or-flight response. At that moment Harris got people to think about violence, and it worked beautifully. Well done!
What a chump, if you go that direction at least break the table.
Phil Badone
I did a bit of research, it was just an act, and there was a lot of editing.
Pedro Santos
0 to 62 in less than 3 seconds
I think this says a LOT about how GREAT a performer Ed Harris is that he can SILENCE THE ROOM and CONFUSE EVERYONE within a few seconds like this.  It's also funny that most people have so many different reactions to it.
Daniel Elford
What's funny is that, bad editing aside, this makes complete sense.  He's a naturally intense man, but all he is doig is explaining something.  Anyone who can't see that is dim
James Johnson
Lmaoooo, they were laughing first then we kept banging the table they were like "nah this guy is nuts"
On a deep level I take Ed to be making the point that violence and anger are not the same thing....Either that or he really wants a cigarette.
Ed was obviously channeling Jackson Pollack.
Xjucy Jx Cee
damn ed Harris has a history of violence
Well, that was odd.  I know what Harris was trying to do, but...still, pretty strange.
I hope his hand is ok
Buck Weet
Y'all gotta check out Ed Harris in "A State of Grace" with Gary Oldman and Sean Penn. Excellent Irish mob movie.
Smeter Pan
Eric andre did it better
This video is missing a lot of context.
Phil Rudd
One hell of a good film. And Ed is a brilliant actor. And is acting here.
Carlos C.
It must've been the weak, pitiful, apologetic applause he received from the audience.
Chazz Jocazzi
All he wants is his hair back. THUD ! My Hair back. THUD ! THUD !....fwoing, there's goes the Glass. My Hair back !...OK, Ed ? THUD !
This is definitely edited to a large degree, but I can't find the whole conference for viewing to render any logical conclusions about it in regards to Mr Harris, except that this clip's editor is kinda douchey.
...Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me, no more.
Andy Summers
Failure 0:31 is not 0:33 an 0:35 option 0:37
solomon Bc
broheme stayin in character
Andy Summers
Ed is angry with the 696 dislikes 0:31
I think he was just trying to make a point about violence in a physical manner to promote  discussion with the assembled people.
Hugh Burgess // Adjacent Radio
still in character??
Yoda Matrix
Poor table
Gregory Griffith
Yep! This is just click-bait! It's a master class of bait too! Or more accurately, just call it: "Master Bait!"
Tyrone W. James
umm gee Ed, thank you for that.
Andy Summers
I like the microphone bouncing around on the table lol 0:31
Joel Mc
Gotta love all of the intuitive geniuses here who claim Ed is just "acting" or "really into his role." No, Ed is being Ed. He is massively talented head case.
My High School Spanish Teacher
This doesn't seem like the entire interview. I can't see how a press conference would've been shut down from something like that
A Geek of One
Misleading video, edited out of context. Thanks?
Is this real, am I real?! ... 😀 🔥
Taken out of context I would dare say.
bud girl
I dont get it?? What's his deal??
The Captain's Old Dog
Well done Ed....great actor....maybe over peoples head here?
Yes, it's clearly edited and taken out of context, but the way he did that was still a little uncomfortable. How would people response if someone just started banging a table and throwing cups in a really realistic way. I'd be pretty speechless for a minute.
Steven Brennick
Take a pill Ed
Michael Lawrence
Badly edited unfunny joke.
Storms and Saugeye
Wow. No that wasn't a meltdown at all. That was a very powerful catch to prove a point about the movie. Well freaking done Ed. You are still one of my favorite actors of all time. And I'm sorry, but ever since I saw him in The Right Stuff as a kid, I've ended up seeing his actor as an overgrown boy scout.
Mistery Smithers
What happens when you really want to make a point but snorted too much coke 10 minutes ago...
William MacDonald
no respect...its the press you crave...you are an well paid actor...5' 5" 140 lbs..movie tough guy.....needs his butt kicked in real life
I'd have been the one person in the audience applauding the point he made. Now this is what an actor is supposed to do. They can turn this performance on in the blink of an eye!
Probably just mad he had to drive a Hyundai to get there.
Andy Summers
Ed is angry with the 692 dislikes 0:31
That's an artist helping people understand something. That's all.
I Don't Care
The maze isn't meant for you William....
Matthew Jansen
wtfh what was his problem?
Sam Fisher
Isaac Clarke
Jason Hudson!
Brent Taylor Art
Maybe the press conference for his next movie, A History of Butterfly Catching, will go more smoothly.
Brett Brazier
Ed Harris did a great job of impersonating Eric Andre
Yoshi Maeshiro
Not a meltdown, just a very able actor communicating with his craft.
Irrational Man
Ed Harris with Rabies!
truly one of the greatest poets of the 21'st century. Thank you Ed
Edmond Dantez
That wasn't a meltdown, that was just a teaser trailer performed live.
Andy Summers
Lower left corner watch the water jumping out the glass. 0:31 0:33 0:35 0:37 I guess the water reminded Ed about The Abyss?
Eldovio Desanfernandino
Ed Harris=great actor
He was great yelling at Pacino in glengarry Glennross
The Bacons
What is dancing? *tap dances* WHAT IS DANCING? *tap dancing intensifies* HUH, WHAT IS IT?? *TAP DANCING INTENSIFIES*
Hannibal Tate
wow. what is that. lol seriously tho that was genius
shit just got real..... . . . . . .. in Toronto!
ed harris = genius
Luvvie, calm down.
Edited the hell out of. He was playing a part in an interview.
Ontologically Steve
CNN must have been behind this clip... Cuz it's VERY FAKE.
bubba boowee
Id like to see Ed Harris and Billy Bob Thornton do a film.
Actions speak louder than words
It looks edited together.
There are many forms of violence. The psycological, the one not leaving traces, is the really traumatizing one, because it can destroy the victim over a longer period and go on unnoticed. Notice it's more how the victim perceives the situation, that determines how victimized he will get. Don't take it personal and it will not hurt you. Stop being victims without reason, it's just your own sensitivity often. Often it is how the person sees himself that determines if he goes into a victim role. Children often cry because they take unstable muggers in school serious and feel it's their own fault. They are uncertain of their own worth. Teach children to know they are always good enough and then hurting people will not be so hurtful. Then you also prevent a lot of vengeance: Perceived victims becoming muggers themselves. You also need to see a person in perspective. Is the editing made like that to profit from peoples tendency to judge easily. Solution: Always give the benefit of doubt. It's a commercial world that gives the emotion seeking scavengers what they seek to intensify their emotions.
Amir Akhlaghi
i'm having trouble really seeing what was so bad about what he did. i need more context or something? looks like he just pounded the table twice and broke a cup or something to get across the theme of the movie. are we upset because of the poor cup or because he elicited a genuine reaction? 
It was that laugh that sent him off. He was already on edge and then at 0:28 it came. I've heard it many times before. In a tense moment, when you have everything to lose but little to gain, and your comment comes over a little poorly and you want to move on, but that guy's laugh just ignited the air and blew Ed's fuse
Maybe he wanted to express the concept of "violence" in a very effective way, as a zen master would do ...maybe
That was awesome
Zombie world record attemtps
did the numbers get to him
Brilliant as always. The man is an acting genius.
DJ Poopy Pants
This is how all press conferences should be.
"Guess who the machine just closed. Harriet and Blah Blah Nyborg."
Micha Hund
Eric Andre?
Hardly a meltdown. Maybe more just highlighting the vagueness of the question.
Ed is a great actor, but he always seemed to have legit anger managment issues his whole life . Just watch 'The Rock- Outtakes' ...
He had just been on a United Airline flight. Nuff said.
what is the movie about? "Violence" - press conference endet in less than 1 minute ^^