Ivan Torrent - Dandelion (Epic Unique Beautiful Vocal)

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André Valdemar Sequeira Gonçalves
Lyrics by J. Fernandez & I.Torrent Cruising miles offshore  the life seems breakable... A never ending kiss I need to find  'Cause I'm a fragile soul,  a Dandelion... To keep me safe,  I need you by my side. Bring me all your love!! 'Cause you can save my world... your light is what it feeds the Sun, and warms the dawn...  You ́re always on my mind I feel the rain on me the whispers on the wind... I only need to think that I'm your kind.  I gotta break the wall, to reach the skies above, and fall into your arms to live and die... Bring me all your love!! 'Cause you can save my world...  Your light is what it feeds the Sun  and warms the dawn You ́re always on my mind...
There are no words to describe this awesomeness... just amazing!
Just close your eyes, and picture yourself in a land of dreams, where everything you've ever wanted surrounds you... Where you win the battle you have delivered for so many years... Feel the music flows in your body. In your heart. This is music.
Jadaya Indigo
heard it in a massive 2 hour "Epic music mix"  Got on knees and thanked god when there was a description with title of tracks and timelines added
This is one of those songs that whenever I hear it, my heart beats with excitement and passion as I feel this warmth and happiness spread throughout my entire body. And once it's over, I slowly open my eyes, feeling as if it had just taken me on a wonderful journey.
Clary Fray
this makes me wanna write some epic heart wrenching fantasy novel
its music like this that brings people together. I was just scrolling down and nothing but positive comments on here. <3
sergi solé
I cant stop of sing this...
sounds like savage garden's vocalist? at first i don't like the singing part but now it's addictingly good, if there's such a word
Sashank Kumar
Man, Ivan torrent, you are a genius. I could just finish all of my complex physics text books with this music
Marianne Mhasvi
Who's the main singer in this song? I'm in love with his voice<3
One of the most beautiful songs.......tough year (2014) behind me and describes my feelings towards a few people that I have "lost".....
Christian Ramirez Martinez
Cruising miles offshore the life seems breakable A never ending kiss I need to find ‘Cause I’m a fragile soul, a Dandelion To keep me safe, I need you by my side. Bring me all your love ‘Cause you can save my world your light is what it feeds the sun, and warms the dawn You ́re always on my mind I feel the rain on me the whispers on the wind I only need to think that I'm your kind. I gotta break the wall, to reach the skies above, and fall into your arms to live and die... Bring me all your love ‘Cause you can save my world Your light is what it feeds the Sun and warms the dawn You ́re always on my mind.
i love all epic vocal like less friction 
Angela Godwin
Reminds me of the band from late 90's to 2000 called Enigma
Älister Roquer
U could put this on the radio and it would perfect
Liam M
Omg I love this song! The guys voice tho, it's awesome! 1000/10 dude!
Reaching Hard Nommy
Whoa utterly surprised at the peacefulness and the epicness :O
Bryson Ward
OMG i love this song!!
Kitty Sweetensen
beautiful!! Guys have you noticed, that its a South Indian Temple which is depicted in the wallpaper? :-)
reminds me of enigma. beautiful song <3
Matt Allen
You know how you download a song with no emotional connection then later have an epiphany when the lyrics reach out to you? This song just did that for me.
Ellie Mandy
Sends me to my happy place!
Ahmad -Alghamdi
Nice song nice picture 😍😍
i love the intro and the chorus so much!! but not a fan of the song or its lyrics.
Nick Louis Butroid
Perfect voice and song!
Guilherme Roque Machado
Essa música me da vontade de ir embora pra outro mundo
Aghosh Roshni
This is an exceptional tribute to Enigma. Very much like them, but still original as well. Excellent work. 
Rocker Tiger 1618
Awesome song! I love this song! Cool!
livin abox
so many enigma rip offs these days
Jeffrey Wilson
Where can I find the lyrics to this?
aleksandar Ivic
So pure
Sihem Sihem
belle image
George Bone
The Byzantine-style chanting is absolutely brilliant - though I must say the English vocals caught me by surprise, however I enjoyed the song nonetheless.
Any suggestions for similar music? This is _epic_ !
I just can't describe how awesome this song is! It's a new level of Epic Music! Thank you with all my heart Ivan Torrent ! :)
Darkion Avey
Never disappointing :D
damn this song is indescribably awesome! I love the vocals! Could listen to it forever!
Oh wow.
DerpHerp DerpDerp
this is just amazing
Daniel Rus
king of epic
Greg Cross
I normally listen to heavy metal.. but this is beautiful. Epic. Powerful.
For Honor !!!!
So much Enigma, great tribute.
I sometimes have a love-hate relationship with these types of songs that have actual lyrics to them. I like the beginning leading up to the singing, but then I kinda start to turn off from it (not saying it's a bad song). On the other hand, I loved Les Frictions "Firewall". Maybe it just comes to the style of song.
Alexa B
Is the ERA they are singing with? It really reminds me of ERA. I miss ERA:(
YK Gaming
why is this not a city in skyrim >:(
this song is so magical and beyond words. the sounds is amazing and i love tracks like these with vocals. one of the best tracks i've heard in a while with vocals are aeralie brighton - unbroken and another torrent's piece - remember me. can anyone suggest me similar tracks like this one with great music and great vocal to go with it?!
Carrie's V.H.S.M
the man who sings is that Ivan Torrent. than has he a beautiful voice
Sanja Santos
Love it! Beautiful!
can't stop raping the replay button
This is not unique, this is just a tribute to Enigma. Enigma have been making music like this for years they created this kind of music. 
YEAH NO DISLIKES, enjoy the epic sound
Anime4 Mii
your always on my mind.
🇧🇷 😉😉😉 GOSTEI. Obrigada AMIGA Thamara Danthara por COMPARTILHAR. 😚😚😚💋
Rickus Kruger
This song has a samurai feel to it.
lucie 8
Mystérieux , sublime 🌬️ une pure merveille
Maitrayee Sengupta
this wallpaper exactly what that music need...
linusblanket32's epic music channel
The beginning reminds me of "My Neighbor Totoro."
was feeling sad today....this made my day
Madara Uchiha
man that hurts i'm sick of being alone when i listening to that masterpiece i start to think about my cruel past... no one cared about me but after i lost my trainer who was killed right in front me 3 years ago everyone started to think i'm crazy... i need to escape in to another world where i can find some kind of peace
Maja von der Alme
Wonderful... absolutely wonderful...
Carlo Martini
The vocals at the beginning sound like the ones in Two Steps From Hell's "Enigmatic Soul" (great track by the way, if you guys liked this you should check it out)
this is sooooo amazing !
Magnificent. ♥
David Quintanilla
Omg like enigma
Lia Baby
best music!!!!!!!!!!!
David Scheidler
love the Gregorian chant
Idk why but I just picture myself as an human alpha to a Wolfpack
Markus H
New Age
Alicia Baeza
Wonderful song .., and just for the day of my birthday .., thank you ... !!!!!!
Kierahn J.
So neat to hear the Japanese flute & Gregorian Chant fused together! Very well done!
Energy house
Umbriel Jorge
Bom trabalho.Great Job!!!
Ivan. S
Just one question where is he/they from?
no words only blessing
David Rajapandian
Am downloading this in my phone
Sounds very good! Superb !
Amari Lipscomb
males me feel like I'm in a different world⛺
This one has to be my favorite.
David Daniels
This is my favorite song by Ivan!! I downloaded it on my phone and have it on repeat!!
Steve Clarke
Mathis Ameln
this is so good (
sakis pasc
so wonderfull , that i couldn't resist to write a comment. it's like a call from heavean
Juan rueda piedrahita
wow, just amazing...
Mamba Black
Dies iræ?
Wooow the voice is so emotional!!!
love this song
Rikudou Makron
Por un momento creí que era de Enigma For a moment I thought it was an "Enigma"
zoul djalali wal ikram number7
Ivan Torrent, love their making so much
Cloud XBL
0:25 - 1:50 <3
Catherine SIDLER
It's just... beautiful. <3
kim kurt
i thought u offer torrent file
Fred Mcelroy
I have a Phd in Awesomeness and I endorse this!
<33333333333333333333333333333333333333 THIS IS AMAZING