How to Draw Babies, Teens, & Adults [FEMALE]

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FrashRats x
People Are Saying, "I'm having trouble with the mouth, ears ect" and I'm sat there thinking, "IM HAVING TROUBLE EVEN DRAWING THE HEAD LET ALONE EVERYTHING ELSE!"😭😭
Boo Taper
I remember when I first got interested in drawing I watched this video and attempted to draw what you did. The result was terrible, but at the time I was so proud of it and that was what inspired me to start drawing. I haven't put the pencil down ever since.
I'm crying. This video makes me so inadequate. I feel like everything I did and do was wrong and I wish I could draw something as cute as quick as that. I can't practice my drawing technics if I don't come close to what I want. It's a hopeless feeling, sadly.
doreen b
Wow...Mark you are very cool at this tutorial thing.  You have great patience and you are very clear at the process.  I'm a new subbie to your channel and look forward to reviewing more of your vids.  You are a awesome artist.  Love and Hugs.
Amelia Hopkins
Do one on the teenagers hair please
this is by far the most useful channel I have ever seen. Really good job!
elli cheah-koutrouba
I wish you didn't speed up the hair part,but I understand why you did it. Other than that, great video!!! I did the teenager and it looks nothing like yours xD. Subscribed! I love your channel!
I watched this 4 years ago, I still use this style. It really works!!!
Dark PurpleWave
Its beautiful as if you can see how one can grow up,i love ittt so realistic
This is so helpful.........thanks
Mia Rose
Thanks you really helped me with my school project!
staci Johnson
I love your drawings and KEEP UP THE VERY HARD WORK...!!!???,,,""" your Guy's work is 1,000% GOOD drawings. you know that wright
Thanks YOU SO MUCH We are drawing anime in my class and thanks to you we are learning how to draw different type of anime eyes and hair!!!
Destiny Darden
You are a really great drawer and you have inspired many people to follow their dreams so keep up the good work.
Keely Baker
Thank you! I managed to draw this at home and it turned out AMAZING!
citizenstormwatch coleman D. rhudy
wow, thanks Mark, you've really helped me out! people have shows, i binge watch your tutorials, haha
Aurora N
I drew the teenage version and it turned out beautifully! I'm glad there are gifted people like you to teach me!
Krysta King
The unevenness of the teenager's eyes looks beautiful, more natural..
Annabell Greblin
Can you make a video that shows how to draw the features parallel because I ALWAYS make one eye bigger than the other and same with the shape of the head.
nelson skinner
your drawing is amazing I just got your manga book and helped me a lot
Sai Babu369
Beautiful drawing & it's very nice
Anuja Deshpande
Very helpful video..thanks!! U make it look so easy tho..
Omg i can seriously watch you draw all day, you are the bomb!!
Marc K
You are just awesome, it was always my dream to get all this stuff in my head onto paper. Im sure you helped me out. And i hope i will become a master like u are. Greetings from Germany.
good man
i think i'am falling in love with you man, thank's for this ! it's so helping me
Allyssa Wilkins
Mark Crilley, you are incredible. I started watching your videos today and I subscribed. I was wondering if you have a video on drawing noses? If not do you think you could make one? Thanks for the incredibly amazing videos! :D
Woah, this video is mind blowing! :o
Tamou Anfaita
j'adore tes dessins vraiment
Richard Lapanne
thank you mark.i have done a lot of your realistic pictures and I have learned a lot of you.whoever doesn't watch and learn off you they are missing out.thanks again
Sonja Cronsioe
your artwork is realy inspiring, you realy put work into it! My dream is too be as good at drawing as u when I grow up!
Valentina Di-Maio
im doing art gcse at the moment and this video is such a great help.thanks!
debbie greer
I learn so much from your videos.Thank you
// XxEliteRobotxX6 \\
thanks man im gonna draw this to my teacher for teachers day
Erika Grimbley
Hi, I've recently been loving drawing but my people just weren't how I wanted them to be. Thanks, this video helped me a lot. You've gained yourself a subscriber...
Nadjah 123
I'm terrible at drawing I wish I could draw like you 😭. I love your drawing it's amazing.
Adrian Gomez
Can you do a video on how to draw peoples hair? That's something I really have trouble with when I draw, I thought I would learn how to do it in this video, but you had to speed up to do all three faces :/
Glynis Edward
Can you pls make a tutorial on drawing full female body tutorial. And to draw some female clothings and female hair styles. Can you draw a full body of a female front view, side view and back view?? I'm trying to find a lot of videos on YouTube, but none help. If you could pls make my request, then I would be sooooo thankful to you. I'm having a competition and don't know how to draw a female body. Pls help!!
mia m
my drawing came out so amazing you just found your self another subscriber
Darcy Morgan
You are the most amazing drawer :D thank you for making this video!! This will help me for my art homework x
Org Sehs
just i don`t know what i say it`s amazing thank you
StopUrself _
Im in love with the one in the middle 😍
Saborni Das
p.s- you got a new subscriber :)
Ashleyrawr _ 313
Winny GAO
how long have you've be drawing?each time i have to do my drawing homework and get stuck I always go and watch your videos because i always learn something new and it looks so real!. it helpas a lot. THANKS!!!
Sharu Arumainayagam
WOWW- this is totally awesome- you are SO good at drawing! Now all I have to do is try to draw something that looks remotely as good as that..........
Ajax_4249 W.
I love your art work. It's amazing! I try my best to work hard on my art work, and may end up selling my art work some day!☺
Angelica lopez
thank you this made a really big improve kenning my life thank you
Vikram Chowdhari
This is a great experience.. I learnt a lot from you tube drawing...
Zaphy Joseph
im really bad at drawing and I wanted to draw better, but when I finished this im am really impressed by what ive done, thank you sooo much
Skye Bentley
So I was looking around for tutorials on how to draw manga (because I can't draw that style for my life) and I happened to stumble across your channel and I've got to say, I'm addicted. Your drawings are beautiful and I can't stop watching all your videos! Keep up the amazing work, Mark.
Please can you do a tutorial on just the face proportions? I struggle the most with that! Thanks!
Lucas Stone
This helped me do hair thx
Wolf Queen
imagine that one person looks like who he drawled and is like wtf lol
Robert Marzullo
Great videos Mr. Crilley! Keep up the nice work!
Subscribed. U r awesome! :D
Pls remake this! Its so instructional!
jared larman
hey I love the Vids they teach me so much I was just wondering in this video what is the black pencil you use is it graphite or just a simple colored pencil? any way keep doing what your doing bro
"Miniature adult " haha you're so funny !
Caryl Laurenson
Wow! you are absolutely awesome! Amazingly helpful tips. I am so loving watching your videos and listening to your very reassuring and soothing voice. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent, what an awesome gift! xxx big hugs!
Axel Ekberg
18:48 at first I heard "menwhores" :p
Melissa Joy
you are so good i love all of your videos
Katie, it's so crazy!!!
I did enjoy the video. Learning the suptle differences in the aging process makes drawing a bit easier. Thank you.
Maricruz Cardenas
Omg. Thx so much my friend makes fun of me cause I can't draw realistically so it helps
Bianca Ticciati
Can you do a video where you explain how to draw the same character in comic books without making them look like a totally different character? It would be VERY appreciated! Thank you 😊
Maddie Hellmann
I tried to draw this and I think it turned out pretty good! This video really helped.
zoi geeti
it was described it in a very perfect way...wonderful job...Thank you soooooo much..
i was getting really into it until the fast forwarding part
Joe Zz
Your drawing is amazing!😄 but wouldn't this be kinda stereotypical😞
Helen Butler
Amazing, ur work is just amazing
wow, ur really good. How long have u been drawing/sketching?
I did terribly on this drawing.!!!!!!!
'this is a circle' lmao XD
It is just so cool to see the end result, you're really good. And I really do enjoying watching you draw. Love it!
Well...with so many tutorials I have watched so far, if I truly earned anything from each, now I should be top artist xD But I still can't get anything right than Donald Duck and (partially) myself. Well, I love pencil sketch as it allows you to draw realistic people greatly and this vid was awesome ;)
Arman Hajoyan
Ihor frozin
Great lessons!) Thank you for what you are doing)
Please no time laps, we can't see what you are doing!
Tom Timothy
This is amazing art. I love how you're able to simply break it down and explain things step by step with good detail. Your art, while it is pretty freakin' detailed, is not too detailed to the point we just simply give up. Its fun to see how it builds from a curved line and a circle to a detailed face. Nice job.
That baby has more hair then I've ever seen on a baby - looks more like a "Toddler"
Ana Aguilar
Like how much time approximately do you spend drawing each face?
Shina Ookami
Am I the only one that notices that the eyebrows are so different?
sara chau
i just picked up drawing n watercolor as my hobbies again. n i really enjoyed your vids n find them extremely helpful to improve my drawing skill. thank you !
The teen drawing looks just like Millie Bobby Brown for me
Trent Beale
wow O.O
amena martin
I'm having difficulties on drawing the babies mouth!
AnimalXpress Peng
You got talent! Thanks. I think I'll subscribe now, I wasn't rlly sure about it first, but now-OMGGGGGG This is awesome! <3 ^v^
Miko Music
Oh my god! You are AMAZING! I want to be someone like you!
No One
You so good at drawing
Rafaela Cabello
Amazing work! Can you show me how do a baby boy?
Mr Kandahar
Sir, you are really good at this. I need your advise, what kind of pencils do I need?
Mentarumori Miya
I'm still learning how to draw realistic faces as opposed to my manga-ish style that I usually draw in Your tutorials are incredibly helpful So thank you :3
I Quit
So long since I have been watching your videos Mark. Amazing! :-D
This is very helpful!! My picture turned out good so thnx!!
Kadence Phillips
I'm having trouble with hands and ears
Mavis Boakye
Your so good , your the reason why I can draw
Tiffany Dang
once he drew the hairline for the teenager... i saw eminem.
This helped a lot for my project thanks!!! You gave me what I needed!
Angel Garrido
I need help at drawing better can you do a video about tips
Charmaine Moffitt
This is good but can you draw it with just a teen next time
angel Wooley
this help a lot thank you