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The HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S 2 are two of the hottest Android smartphones out there right now, and in this comparison, we look at hardware, specs, price, build quality, availability, user interfaces, web browsing, and then we run Quadrant, SmartBench and LinPack benchmarks to determine which device is fastest. The HTC Sensation has a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU clocking at 1.2GHz. It has 768MB of RAM and 1GB of storage space, plus 8GB found on the microSD card. The front camera takes photos and video at VGA resolution, while the rear camera takes photos at 8MP and video at full 1080p resolution. The Super LCD display is 4.3" and qHD 960x540 resolution, making for a pixel density of 256. The battery is 1520mAh. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 featured a dual-core Samsung Exynos CPU clocking also at 1.2GHz. It has more RAM, at 1GB, and it comes in either 16GB or 32GB configurations. The front camera takes photos at 2.0MP but doesn't record video, and the back camera takes photos at 8MP and can also do 1080p video capture. The Super AMOLED Plus display is also 4.3" but WVGA 800x480 resolution, making for a pixel density of 217. The battery is 1650mAh. More Phone News Here: /> Subscribe: /> /> Follow us: /> /> /> /> /> About us: Pocketnow has been a key source of mobile technology news and reviews since its establishment in 2000. With offices on three continents, Pocketnow offers round-the-clock coverage of the mobile technology landscape, from smartphones to tablets to wearables. We aim to be your number-one source for mobile tech news, reviews, comparisons, and commentary. If you love mobile as much as we do, be sure to subscribe! Galaxy S 2 vs. HTC Sensation | Pocketnow /> PocketNow

Claude Speed
they don't make review like this anymore
Maxwell Opoku Yeboah
samsung galaxy s2 is the best
Sensation sucks
Sarujan Rox
karthik189 srm
resent news
Samsung is way better
I've had both phones and i sold both and got myself an S4. I have dropped my S2 face down on the road so many times and not a shit happened to it, but the HTC fcking broke. The HTC Sensations GPU and CPU sucks compared to the S2's Im not talking about durability but fucking function, the Sensation sucks ass.
What the fuck? compare the specs you moron
Patient 71
Benchmark don't say much. I had a benchmark of 4200 on one rom and 3500 on android 4.2.2, I can tell you the difference between the 2 in smoothness is intense. The 4.2.2 ROM is just soo smooth.
I am Batman
All the way? only CPU and Ram, No animation and Good Looking.. its just Solid Rock..
I am Batman
Thumbs up if you are watching this with Sensation ;)
Srdjan Nisic
With custom rom my Galaxy s2 scored 4510 on quadrant :D
Jhonny Lozano
Wich one would you recommend for gaming? Galaxy s2 or HTC sensation
its a llama
my sensation scored 3333 on quadrant ..... :|
its not u fucknut
Marko Koprivica
I had galaxy s2,excellent device,and now i got sensation.S2 got a better display and s2 is faster than sensation.but sensation got a more ''life'' than s2, I mean sensation got a better unlock widget and widget design..>S2 is better,but sensation is too good and looks better.
HTC all the way
Jonas Lehmann
I don't really care what phone I have. As long as I'm happy with it, it's fine. I prefer the SGS2 tho.
Ayman swikkish
Nokia 3310 BEATS ALL!
Paul Erik Nordvold
Brandon miniman
Please how can i get this screen lock on gs2, i have ICS and i have another screen lock and cant find this one. thanks
HTC Sensation - Vote here !
Mykolas Music
Its been an year an my htc sensation looks kinda ugly xD
Oscar Eduardo Gomez Bonilla
Galaxy s2 :)
Goutham Shiva
t mobile got the galaxy s 2
Tiến Thành Nguyễn
Samsung is getting better in technology
eric cahyo
s 2 is great handphones
Chen Tom
We all know that HTC is the best
Why do i see pink on the white colour on the samsung and not on the htc?
HTC is best
Jaspreet Singh
i use both phone.. and htc is my favorite samsung lag sometime and htc working smooth. HTC Sensation rocks. \--/.
Yam Pun
SGS2 is best
zack benson
thumbs up if u r watching this with galaxy s2
Fernando Vasquez
Not really. Sensation beats the S2 both on benchmarks and on UI smoothness.
Fast? The S2 is the quicker phone.
you can get sense widgets if Google play store
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What is your name!!
No) Pentile is shit ) And no SD-card touch-wiz is better Sensor kays bad ( Camara is worse than S2 pff ))
Lukasz Slawinski
Gs2 wins
James Carson
the quality is brilliant! even in 240p!!!!!
I own a HTC Sensation and believe me, if the One X is made the same way then HTC have a serious problem on their hands. My Sensation overheated so badly it rebooted to protect the processor, the volume button fell off the shell and couldn't be fixed back on, I had to buy a new shell in the end. The final nail in the coffin was hammered in when the touch screen buttons stopped working and HTC wouldn't honour the warranty because the water damage gasket showed red, now I screwed!
Liti Hima
the samsung galaxy s2 is the best smartphone, but the sensation feels good too, and i just bought it. the xe version, its preety cool
pablo velazquez
Normal que en las pruebas de gráficos y cpu den algo menos, puesto que la pantalla es de 540x940. Y no como el s2 que tiene 480x800, y que los widgets no se pueden redimensionar? Del tiempo y reloj tienes como 10 diferentes, más bonitos, no redimensionables, y feos. Muerte a Samsung, estafadores
IF only the Htc one X was made just like the sensation
Samsung galaxy S II is faster and has better screen :). Btw. FUck HTC fanboys, they see it is slower, but they write it is better..;o?
in this battle sgs2 is better
Ahmed Kelantan
maybe s2 IS BETTER but also the sensation
Naveen Kopparam
dude you have coffee with trisha at 10:00 AM at barista.. if you are busy reviewing phones.. am ready to go..:-) let me know:-)
Denis Nickolov
yeah keep calming yourself for spending ur money on shit! ;)
Lets Try This
I have the sensation :) its great i would recc it to anyone!
i had a sensation and now have a galaxy s2 and i have to say the galaxy is a lot better. battery lasts longer, screen looks better, is much faster and i had to restart my sensation after a couple days because it would just get so slow. that being said i did like htc sense very much and the widgets are awesome looking. but i like the galaxy better.
Dennis Mugimba
Thanks for the review. Browsing speed is all that matters for me; and second comes the contrast of the text.
i prefer the galaxy s2 though i wish i had some of htc's widgets
Mfatz ren
haters will make famous galaxy s2....
Mj anders
oh right.i live in sri lanka so i reckon i will end up getting the international version.well its awesome phone and yes the galxy s3 will be a awesome phone too :)
yea the resolution blows but i had a iphone both took a hit. The sensations screen with its washed out black didn't move me. i use lcd density set at 160 on my sgs2 n i love it. I waiting on the sgs3. I hear the Htc one X will only have dual core Qualcomm when it comes state side.
Mj anders
Galaxy S2 is a better phone I guess then.I just dont like the super amoled screen and the resolution..which is why i ended up buying the sensation..which ive not had any issues with since purachses which was like 4 months ago.Im thinking of buying the htc one x next.maybe in 4 months time.
own will regret purchasing the Sensation
it was under warranty and i replaced it THREE (3x) times. All I can tell u is Test for yourself. My tests show the Sensation isn't even a fast as the evo 3d and the Sgs2 blows that out the water on sprint (in quad standard and in daily use where it counts). the sensation just didn't live up to the hype and the contacts on back case housing wear down after a while causing service signal loss. Sgs2 is just a all around superior phone. except sense ui is nicer than touch wiz but i use go launcher
ehsan Sheikh
this review is bias to sensation xe.....
Liam Miller
my gs2 comes thursday :D
Mj anders
hmmmmm...well if your phone was under warranty you could have got it replaced.ive heard of people with terrible issues with the galaxy being how quicly the battery drains out..the screen looks way too unnatural.
Well I never had lagging issues with both of em and never rooted any of em.... Both are smooth but after the ics update sensation feels smoother.... I am giving an honest reply buddy so don't sweat it....
they are no where equal in speed in real life daily use... the sensation lags regularly...i've owned both
i had to replace my sensation 3x...wifi issues...and even after rooting and swapping roms it was slower and worse on battery when compared to my epic touch...U CAN KEEP THE SENSATION!!! lol!
Mj anders
the only down side for the Sensation is the viewing angles.I do not like the galaxy display it looks way too unnatural..but id still go for the sensation any day
Fernando Vasquez
The Sensation with ICS is WAY better than the Galaxy SII (with ICS or GB, doesn't matters). FAAAAAST!
Like if HTC is better!
Mick Minecraft
Like if you like the Samsung Galaxy S II Better!
Syam Ardhy
Samsung Galaxy S II is Great...
the htc is quire ugly imp and looks cheap
Fantastic video review. This has really helped me make up my mind.
NuZ - Music Needed
Watch the dust/dandruff fall on the phones during the first few minutes....
Nandu Surendran
I just love my HTC Sensation XE, but Galaxy is also a super phone as it has much more users than HTC
I had experience with both... I liked HTC better because of HTC sense.... Looks and comfortable grip.... Both are somewhat equally fast and beasts....
Max van Andel
i like the HTC
Shvan Omer
@LaughTime2012 lol i just had my glasses on.
jonathan hahn
and i know this pocketnowvideo(video uploader) is one of GS2 haters. this fucking douchebag's GS2 tests always show lower performance compared with other tests
jonathan hahn
i dont understand why some people hates samsung despite of the fact that GS2 is currently world's best phone in the league along the iphone... htc is great but they dont even have their own AP technology to maximize the phone's performance.
@softazz yehh, cant wait, then another HTC will be humiliated by samsung
other test with the same software showed 48,999 megaflops on the Galaxy S2...
i don't remember the last time i sticked my phone in my orbits to see pixels...SGS2 ftw:"D
Andy Yau
47 dislikes.... 47 phone users saw this video.....
run quadrant on my cousin's sensation and saw ~3100 consistently O_o what ddi you do wrong before filming?
The galaxy s2 is so unoriginal it looks to much like iPhone. It feels cheaper to
Ajdin Hasanić
Like for Nokia 3310 lol
@ENGBIBO2 100% I have galaxy S 2 :)) Ill make it this way. If you wan;t phone that is strong inside and beautiful on outside take Galaxy s 2 If you wan't phone that is strong from outside and beautiful inside take htc sensation... :D
i´ll never take a htc again ! everything runs choppy as shit; they actually devided the app drawer in sections so you don´t see the choppynes -.-', the aluminium casing gets dents if it falls down even from the lowest hights, you have to wait ages for updates, htc doesn´t work and it is heavy like a stone. the only point it gets is for the cool widgets and sense ui (wich may be the reason for the overall choppynes).
HTC Sensation!
Не пиши Мне
shut up fuck stop talking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Не пиши Мне
Galaxy s 2 screen black and htc white
Alex Orban
Is it snowing on the samsung?:))
Good review. Again no one compares camera and game preformace... Why!?
I have the sgs2 its epic