Kalevala (epic folk metal)

You can purchase and listen to this song on iTunes: tinyurl.com/yc4wxoo7 Amazon: tinyurl.com/ydxylflw Google Play: tinyurl.com/yarvxjuz Bandcamp: tinyurl.com/yanzxclj Spotify: tinyurl.com/y838g2zg 'Northern Steel' is a massive folk metal album with nine epic tracks and over 110 minutes of content. The metal songs have Nordic, Celtic, Slavic and epic symphonic elements in the vein of bands like Ensiferum, Wintersun, Moonsorrow, Equilibrium, Eluveitie, Arkona and Turisas. For business inquiries, licenses, custom soundtracks and commissions, please visit my web page at anttimartikainen.com and read the FAQ, License and Commission sections before sending me requests. All music composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by Antti Martikainen (anttimartikainen.com, www.facebook.com/anttimartikainenmusic, youtube.com/user/AJMartikainen, soundcloud.com/anttimartikainen) This song depicts myths and events in the Finnish national epic Kalevala in various folk metal styles. Time stamps for the different parts of the song: I The Birth 00:00 II An Ode to Kalevala 02:44 III The Northland Trials 06:07 IV Old Man's Lament 08:56 V The Forger of Horizons 12:22 VI Witch of the Abyss 16:34 VII Battle for the Celestial Sphere 18:31 VIII Restoring the Sun and the Moon 21:05 IX Eternal Bliss 23:04

Hey man, I think I will include you in my PhD "thank you" section. I think I have coded ~10k lines or code or more to sound of this video, and read ~100 papers. To hell with "relaxing study ambiance music <3 (sun emoji)" videos.
Daniel Šubrt
I grew a beard after two minutes of this. Someone help me get out of my house.
Peter Knutsen
Happy 100th birthday, Finland!
Andrew Hurlburt
Just to make it easier to get to the different parts: I The Birth 00:00 II An Ode to Kalevala 02:44 III The Northland Trials 06:07 IV Old Man's Lament 08:56 V The Forger of Horizons 12:22 VI Witch of the Abyss 16:34 VII Battle for the Celestial Sphere 18:31 VIII Restoring the Sun and the Moon 21:05 IX Eternal Bliss 23:04
Essence Of Soul
I'm totally in love with this ♥ Amazing!!!
Antti Martikainen, you have surpassed yourself. What an enthralling and melodious folk metal video you have composed. I will love this until the Gods claim my soul. Cheers from Scandinavia.
WOW, what a powerful stunt! I remember we discussed some years ago about the possibility whether you could/would compose something of Kalevala. What an amazing result! The visuals are breathtaking, stunning, a unity with the music, like not from this world. Did you make them, too? I like the parts best, when the autumn leaves are slowly floating down. The best slowmo I've seen in a long time. And what dramas happen up in the sky - simply awesome! Loads of thanks, Antti - you made (not only) my day. ツ
Lady Queen Yipsy
Wonderfull doesn't get any better then this any were thanks .
Geor's Tunes
So much Finnishness distilled in that song! Great one Antti!
Antti perkele ei petä!
And now, a live concert please. Seriously, this would be a great show to see. All there instruments and players, choirs. Man...
Ice Daemon
Väinämöinen comes.
If the soul is a flame... Then listening to this has turned my soul into a raging inferno!
Victorbrine Cassini
"And beyond the plains of the south, the lakes of Finland, the mountains up high in Finnmark, lies the empire of dragons. Your adventure is only beginning, young one, for a little dragoness like you has a lot to learn. Your journey will be riddled with obstacles, foes and falls. But the land of the dragons is calling you, for they await your return, to your ancestor's land. Far north of the Poles, the Swedes and the Finnish, a place where creatures like you can live in peace, thrives. When you are ready, tell me and you shall traverse Poland, Sweden and Finland, to the mountains of the North."
Shadow Knight
I love this track a lot. It makes my mind wonder to distant wild mountains in which wolves run free. Amazingly made
Kion Roach
Music so good it's crashed my computer.... it's awesomeness cannot be contained
As I listen to this my Elder Scrolls Oblivion play through becomes Glorious!
Miranda Hawley
This song is fantastic and its crazy nice to hear a metal variety of music that doesn't spend most of the song screaming or half of it cussing. Also you feel taken away to the worlds in the beautiful pictures as shown in this video! Beautiful!
Gives me the taste of Stratovarius with Nightwish in the Last of the Wilds
Love your Metal work!! Also, great visuals :o
Alina Norman
This song has quickly become one of my all time favorites. It's so easy to get lost in and to imagine the story the music tells.
Absolutely beautiful!!! Brought a tear to the eye and sent shivers down my spine!
Just wanted to say thank you. Your music is how I calm myself after difficult days. A friend of mine put me on to you after I mentioned that I was looking for the soundtrack to a particular game. Thank you for creating such beautiful music.
The Aziz
If the footage wasn't epic enough (hard to believe it's still our Earth) and there is also this music.
This is very cool, lovely music. 5 part especially like/ Большое тебе русское спасибо
Cesar Lessa
Amazing compilation! Thanks a lot!!
Pavel Zajac
Those shots of the landscape are just AMAZING !!! and music is AWESOME too ;) Great work !! keep going ;)
Kris Lonewolf
Absolutely Wonderful !!! Epic and very inspiring music !!! You are very talented Antti !!! Continue your good Work !!
This, Mr. Martikainen, is a MASTERPIECE. When I listen to this I wanna grab my wacom-tablet and draw vikings.
Lucas Stchur
Oh my God I feel like I can rule the goddamn world when I listen to this!!!!!! Some of the most epic music I’ve ever heard!!!!!
Kefkie Teapot
Part V. Forger of Horizons, VII. Battle for the Celestial Sphere and IX. Eternal Bliss are my favourite parts. Upea Antti!
Hey Antonio
DAMMNNNNN, I stumbled upon this after talking to my Finnish wife about the Kalevala. Purchased!
The whole song is pretty amazing, but The Forger of Horizons part is sooo good.
Alejo G
Que vaina mas hermosa. I have just found your channel, just AMAZING!
Shades of Grey
Well done Sir! ((standing ovation))
Slavic Pride
Epic! I recommend everyone to read the national epic of Finland: The Kalevala!
Shannon Kelly
You should collaborate with Antti Kokko of Kalmah. God, the musical magic you two could work together...
It has become a daily ritual to listen to great pieces of this song and send myself into a meditative state. I wish you great joy.
janne halinen
THANKS! I just heard this awesome music. Kalevala is our national book. AMORPHIS also plays songs from Kalevala.
freeparadiselost BWG
Antti Martikainen Music simply is the best ,f*ck , that's awesome !
Simon Palmer
Well, i got to admit this, I have only discovered your works two days ago, and let me tell you this. I feel so sorry i did not do this earlier. Your music is amazing. I have this undescribeable feeling as if drifting into another world whenever i listen to this. As if i can forget all my worries for a moment and just listen to this work of art. Its beatiful. 25 full minutes long, but with enough varation and so many different styles to keep you listening and makes you want to listen over and over again. The visuals are stunning! They fit so well with the music. It just increases the effect every note, every sound has on me. On to the instruments, i am so impressed. And i heard that this is all just virtual? I used to absolutely despise metal. But your music has shown me that these intruments can be mixed to produce something amazing. Changed my perception of it forever. Last but not least i want to say thanks. Discovering this channel has introduced me to a lot of new things. You, together with Two Steps from Hell, are everything i need when it comes to music. I will certainly be checking out more of your music in the next few days. All i can say now is..Keep up the terrific work! Respect.
Hugo Dunsany
"Martikainan and...Antti Martikainan. But bring them together and you get--" "Annihilation, Jim. Complete--and total--annihilation..."
Senewitch Apple
Amazing composition! Finnish music is as beautiful as Finnish nature!! Respect and good luck to the author from Russia!
original search: alestorm - Mexico Edit: youtube Magic few clicks forward
Souverain Rain Rain
C'est genial musicalement et visualement parlant. J'adore. Continue^^
I swear I can feel my beard getting longer as I listen to this... Such an amazing composition.
Kiitos! (I think that's how it's spelled, anyway.)
Klára Šindelková
Do these parts exist separately somewhere? I would like to listen to the last one :'(
Boss fight music!
Love this. I wish I could buy it on CD MP3 is all very good but I can't play it through the really good speakers that it deserves.
David Clarke
Just beautiful and powerful composition. Awesome and magickal.
Kuro Yuki
Best 25 minute in a long time
Roberto Zubbiani
Complimenti! Bravissimo! 👍🏻
Flash D
I love you stuff and it would be great to hear you work with +TheSnakeCharmer she is amazing.
Jonathan gg
I love this song Is beautiful :3 💓
Aritz Aguirre
muy buena lista de reproducción llevaba tiempo buscando algo así ademas de unas imágenes impresionantes=) !!!!!
Pavel Slama
Perfect. Is there any way to listen to those single parts listed in the description? I would really like to listen specificaly to III The Northland Trials. Thanks for answer.
Tristania Wolf
This is not music, THIS IS ART!!!!!!! <3
*Great!!* Really interesting to listen it, thank you for this wonderful job!
Gustavo Alejandro
Man....dude....that was amazing! I am speechless, I stopped what I was doing to just hear that. Congrats!
THAT WAS AMAZING! I love your music so, so, so, so much! They're so epic & so groundbreaking. Keep up the good work, man. You are my favorite music composer.
Kelly Combs
This takes my whole ride to work to play. That's awesome.
Daniel Cederberg
Man, this was really good. Kiitos!
Grazie, you are my sound track for my novel about Celts!
oleg vasilenko
Amazing! Thank You,bro! May I to see the chords for it?
Lee Ana
This is insanely beautiful 😍 It feels like I'm in some kind of magical world with dancing elves or ogres crushing rocks.
God i love Finland, just the talent of music artist alone made me love Finland. Cheers from the US!!
Cam Rehman
Friggin' excellent! Only downside is that this is only 25 mins long! :(
Official Spartacat
I like how you do frame transition timed with the note transitions. I like it alot. I wish more people would do it. Good job! =^_^=
I love this <3 Your style reminds me a lot of nightwish lol. :) Keep up the good work :3
Kenny Newby
This song truly is epic! The more I listen, the more amazing it becomes. It dominates my mind when I can't listen to music. Quite possibly the best composition I have ever heard. VERY well done, Mr. Martikainen!
Sariah Bowman
This is breathtaking. It takes me to a new world and I love it. Thank you for this.❤
Cipri Aan
Who dafuq would downvote such a masterpiece?? Both visually and audio, Antti, you've done an excellent job! A perfect mixture of metal and folk. Just perfect.
Thrash Sis
Well done! can you show to us... "making of video" please
Julien P
Great motivation music! Masterpiece ! 🤘🎼
Ildiko B
WOW! What a fascinating journey! Fantastic music and breathtaking visual. I can't be thankful enough to listen to your masterpieces. Keep up the absolutely amazing work! :)
Trane Westbrook
playin´the new god of war listening to this... amazin'!
Bryce Boepple
This is badass, video perfectly compliments the track
So progressed...! Keep progressing! And we will keep loving your content
After wind on a mountain's peak, this is my second favourite sound on the earth. Thank you.
Edison Quisigüiña
Epic composition, Thanks for sharing it to us :) Hello from Ecuador :)
Symphonic - powerful - epic - that´s what the world need
Wintersun Frost
Definitivamente es arte , el mejor subgénero del Metal es el folk , Celtic y Viking metal .
Ogre Bear
This is what Techno Viking was really marching to
40/5000 This is life. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
Tyler Durden
truly epic! magnificent work
Do all track names reference some part of Kalevala? I can recognize #8 and #2 is obvious, but the rest elude me (if they are indeed references).
Csenge Pap
It's absolutely brilliant! I actually read the whole Kalevala, and this album gives me back every epic feeling which I felt reading that legendary, beautiful book. Bravo!
Snazzy Jovial Wyrm
Dunno how I got from a finnish man screaming at a black bear to this, but I'm not dissapointed in the results! Nicely done with this whole album, Antti. You're phenomenal at this stuff!
Oscar Alexander Escobar
Excellent! It´s a great work! I enjoyed from beginning to end
One of the most beautiful songs I know
Mar_ _X
This amazing piece just made my day, thank you and well done sir .
Ashwin M Iyer
Epic! Parts 5 and 8 are very great. Love from India
Nico Cione
#Antti Martikainen Music,where did you get the aerial views and the time lapse videos and the slo-mo video of autumn?
James West
So powerful, so moving and so amazing!!! 🤘😎
This is absolutely epic, dude! Fire runs through my bones!
Heidi Schigt
Absolutely amazing! I am extremely glad I found your music :)
Alessandro Raminelli
Northern Steel: Bought right now on bandcamp. You're great, man.
The truth is out there
I think I just fell in love with a song..?? music..?? magic..?? I clicked on this because how could you not and am hooked throughout all my remaining lives. I shall find you somehow, someway, someday...😉😊😁😆😂🤣