Transporter 3 - Jason Statham Best Fight Scene HD

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They need to shake the camera more. I almost saw some of the moves.
Kyle Andrews
he is the most badass british guy ever
vin desiel, paul walker, and the rock have to go up against this guy in furious 7.... yea good luck guys
Ozan Şanlı
why  dont they attack at the same time instead of one by one??
Matthew Mason
Now this guy should've played the role of agent 47 from hitman
Raeyne Jaymeson
Only he could find a way to kick the shit outta someone with his clothes.
his foot has meet more asses than a proctologist
maximilianmus general
Are you the smart one? No! I'm the big one!
Ashish Kumar
lol in the beginning  black guy: give me the carfax Jason statham: no
You know its just a move when Jason Statham beats up k-1 fighter Semmy Schilt.
Jason X
you guys are over analyzing this fight scene.   of course its ridiculous, but thats the fun of it.  its meant to be entertaining, and statham is definitely that.  he is the most consistent action hero of the past 15 years
Chris Poirier
wow wtf kinda fighting is this, strip fu?
Jerry Stacks
Just like I said......I can watch Jason ALL DAY LONG!!!
Gwenn Demi
Not so big anymore are you? Bam!
Walwalkn Wewnrkl
btw for the people who don't know; the big guy at the end is Sem Schilt, a dutch karate and K1 champion. He even fought MMA, for example against Fedor Emelianenko.
what a way to ruin 700$ worth of clothing
jason statham is so badass, one of the reason hes in my action team
Alex Zaharkevich
Thyagu S
Back in the Car Frank? No
Jason Statham
Can't believe I always end up without my shirt at the end of a fight.
now these fight scenes i like, not the Steven Seagal ones
Alex Jun
and not one of them thought to bring a gun
this is what happens when jason Statham loses his shirt.
john adams
That ginger sort is well fit.
just me
how about Jason versus the guy for V for Vendetta
Amierliciious HD
Awesome ending so funny
lior c
gotta love j.s
Editing editing editing.....
lol somehow he got thrown through a brick wall...
I love Jason's movies, but the sheer number of cut scenes in this gives me a headache trying to watch it. Every second, there's about 2-3 cut scenes.
In real life, they would've just mowed him down with gunfire.  Still, it's a pretty cool (and entertaining) fight scene.
LMFAO, the amount of cuts.
Ashley the Fox
1:42 Awesome attack
kutty Bala
Last scene awesome 😎😎😎
Oh this man! Oh this man!.. He is a master and I am a sub! 
this is what you can do with a tailored suit everyone.
Gaming Geeks
Thank god he didn't used his pants :D
Brain Drain
The Best Fight Scene EVERRRR!!
man that guy's so sexy
HsOom Hus Hus
He is never ever die in all movies. ☺
buzu adriko
I have just enjoyed YouTube
мехридин донаеров
jeyson statham is the best
Giota Katsakouli
stop coping "kill bill" fight scenes 😋
Kerim Timirbulatov
In 3:30 It would have been much cooler if the filmmakers put blood in his face after getting so many punches in the face.
Zolatar Zaeras
+$hadowboxer/$ZA 3:20-3:24 Lol pawned
Yes, attack him one at a time, he seems very tough but if we keep at it one on one we will sure defeat him somehow #HollywoodLogic
Lord Grogar
2:34 Jason Statham: you're the smart one? Big One: No, I'm the big one. That made me laugh for some reason. Lol
Arnaldo Rivera
Crap Hollywood effects. I've seen more realistic scenes.
Chris Dooley
I'm going to have a seizure from all the quick cut editing. Jesus it's tough to follow imo
jhon jani
My favourite
Mark Hazleton
I LOVE how the LG Commercial with Jason Statham is playing before a Jason Statham scene. It's literally the best commercial I've seen in my entire life.
Omar J.
The music and the voice of that guy makes it seem so threatening
Mr. J
Amazon: Your packages would be delivered in 2 hours by Jason Statham
Sloth Guru
-"Back in the car Frank" -"No"
Edward Mateus Mateus
show Jason um dos melhores lutadores do mundo
"You're not so big any more don't ya"? LMAO
when Jason Stanhan's topless, you know shit's about to go down
No Name
The last 2 guys though. "Hey yo know that guy who we just watched knock someone out with a belt?" "yeah?" "Lets run at him screaming while he has a metal bar!" "Good idea!"
Back in the car Frank! Nope!
yoga tanaya
he is the Chuck norris's Student 😂
David Galvan
How kick ass would the fight be between him and Bruce Wayne
add some crazy facial hair and hair in general and ud have best wolverine on screen ever with that statham ferocity
Fight + strip-tease in same time with Statham.... Me :😋😋😋😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😛😛😛😚😚😚😚<3<3<3
Δημήτρης Καστάνιας
the last fighter is Semmy Schilt kick boxer
İmkan Group -Kıbrıs
Öldürsen item düşer amk :D
Abdul Alhazred
I like the Russian variant of translation in the scene with the big guy. Sounds like: - Are you the smartest one? - No, the biggest one. Don`t remember the final words before the shovel blow, but anyways this moment is awesome.
Niklaus Mikaelson
There's no way you can get out of this situation if it is true situation HAHAHA
Andrew Chin
@2:21 Was that really necessary? He just straight up killed those two dudes. And yet, the rest of the gang he just beat up?
That forklift scene DAMN!!!
Yes sir
i loled at the end hahaha rest in peperoniz
Wesley Van Der Voort
that big guy that says ' no im the big one ' is semmy schild, a dutch professional MMA fighter
Petr Fridrich
Určitě ne HD, hrozná kvalita
Well nice concept of the movie but there are to many cuts in fight scenes. After a while you dont understand anything.. I dont wanna critisice the fight scene cause they are hilarious! But sometimes the cuts are very annoying..
3:31 is what i think to be one of the significant difference between many of asian movies fighting scene and hollywood ones . Sometimes it's not about the camera movement (although rapid cut like in this one are indeed quite annoying), or cinematography, special effect or anything like that. It's actually about the character of the protagonist itself. If we look at the protagonist in a movie like Flash Point, The Raid, The protector etc. They fought because they had no other choice, and fighting for your life is not a enjoyable and glorious experience for them. The expression when they fight are so focused, serious and sick at the same time because of the thought that they have to either kill or be killed. While in the western Hollywood movies the protagonist is almost GUARANTEED to do a stupid 1 liner either during or after the fight as if it was just a everyday game for them even if he just killed dozens of people. Sometimes the reason on what they're fighting are almost so silly it actually make me hate the protagonist (to showoff in front of their girl, etc). Yes it made them looks like a total badass, but do you seriously want us the audience to actually feel the heat and realism of the fight when the protagonist itself able to spit those 1 liner here and there? I seriously want to see a video where someone being mobbed in the street by thugs and able to say those silly 1 liner while fighting them off....  
Laura Esther Puga Martinez
Papacito!!!Guapísimo... He's my favorite action star. !!!!
back in the car frank LOL NOPE
The flower at the end still cracks me up 😂
Surigen 12
"You're the small one?" "No, I'm the big one." These must be the stupidest lines ever written on a script.
Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Jason Statham are best. <3
Fight with the brain ;))
Sonny LoSpeechio
He’s good, but his skills with the belt pales in comparison to Robert Freeman
Black Queen
WOW! Jason Statham😍
Rob C
Aholes ruined the fight scene with quick back and forth cuts.. Jason is good enough they don't need to do that..
Marquan Brand-moorehead
Rest in peace big guy,
Semmy Schilt haha That's not he's real voice lmao He's got a much higher voice.. Isn't matching he's size so it's a clever move.
Alt Man
I think that is the closes we'll ever get to recreating Arkham City's combat irl
Chinese Nationalist
sigh.. the power of editing.
Nick Ferrum
I still think when he defeated the big guy, he should have said, "you were right, you aren't the smart one"
Steven Guy
lol love the ending fight with the rose lmao
hanzo akuma ninja
Best best best best fighting scene ever
the word badass falls utterly shot to describe Statham here
Yose Sanchez
Jason statham fights good
James Connor
Statham is simple a fighting machine!
Did he just teleported himself into a bollywood movie?
Super Kill
This fight scene is one of the best.
Roronoa Zoro
team fortress 2 engineer voice "NOPE"
I mean seriously man... 10 against 1?
Jesse Trevino
john wick fight scenes are awesome long cuts
Ylesss Pouye
best man of the action films
rafas malidis
Respect to Jason Statham!!