Hunting Dog has Heat Stroke or Hypoglycemic Attack

I am sharing this video of my hunting dog BO having an episode. Either a Hypoglycemic Attack or a Heat Stroke. Hoping that it saves someones pet. This was a scary experience and very hard to watch. If it was Heat Stroke: There are so many ways to prevent this. It can happen fast. Just seconds before this BO was hunting Rooster Pheasants just fine. He showed some signs of fatigue such as Heavy Panting. But nothing I have not seen from him before. It was a 70 degree day and cloudy. A day you typcially don't have to worry about a dog having a heat stroke. But it happened. What to do: Treating Heat Stroke in Dogs -Remove the dog from the heat. If possible, move the dog indoors to an air-conditioned area. ... -Allow the dog to drink cool water. ... -Cool the dog with water. ... -Contact an emergency veterinarian. ... -Place rubbing alcohol on the pads of the dog's paws. ... -Do not cover or confine the dog. If it was a HDH Attack: In order to prevent HDH, the problem areas that need to be addressed (in approximate order of importance) are: (1) physical conditioning, (2) feeding, and (3) nutrition and ration formulation:

ur lucky u had a hose ur wife really needed to stay calm. Bad things happen when you don't stay calm
What actually scared me was the girl's reaction
Good that the man keep calm and knew how the react.
J. Hansome
I personally feel like she overreacted but glad the dude kept her calm cuz that was def annoying on her part.
Old Soul
Such a beautiful pup. I'm glad he's ok. What a nightmare that had to be.
Thank god this man has some common sense and did not just stop and and keep saying omg omg omg! Like his wife/gf and acutely took care of the situation like you should
The man stayed so calm, rational and in control, but the woman went into hysterics. To make matters worse, now the man has to deal with the dog having a stroke and the hysterical woman at the same time, but he did it like a pro. I think the worst part of the video was when the woman in her panic mode began telling the rational man what to do. I felt like she should just go sit in the truck, be quiet and let the man take care of everything. She was like a little kid getting under foot during an emergency.
Super PuMpO
Omg I feel so bad for the woman I’ve lost my bird I had the same reaction I couldn’t really calm down he was like a dog idk why he would hunt where my mom hide the crackers😂 I feel bad for the dog 😔
Sharky Playz
Thanks for putting the tips at the end because now I know (I was legit about to go search for what to do but then you put some tips lol)
Project Ace
God bless this man, such patience and attentive to the situation. Did everything appropriate, and didn't panic in the situation. Absolute legend. Glad everything is fine.
Omg I gave my dog some water after this
I’m happy he’s okay! I’ve never had something like this happen to my dog, but my teacher has seized up and collapsed in class, it was pretty scary, I would be terrified if it happened to my dog.
dog.exe has almost stopped working
Thank you for sharing this, it was very informative. I'm glad your dog's okay 🐶
Beargaming 656
I'm so glad to see you care so much about your dog
hung chau
Thank you for sharing this video. A lot people including myself do not know how to detect heat stroke. I just lost my best friend because of this. 😢
John Kour
Damn... Bless you people you are true heroes
Adia Hasty
Omg i was scared 4 u ,but good job staying calm❤👍
Ashinawa deLanglade
Women who react this way need to understand that they only make the situation worse.
Lena F
What are you hunting
Mary Vitória
Ela(e)morreu tadinha (o)
Ben Schu
She seems so scared😥😥
Freaky Roblox
I was shocked when I watched him do like that and I'm too worried about him.... Oh, God please help him live...
Man when I saw him go down with his back legs out I thought he was a goner. I had a Weim that was 13 years old and had cancer and everything started shutting down on her one morning. The vet said nothing he could do but put her down, she wanted to come home so I didn't let him do it. Brought her home and about midnight she wanted out for a walk, she came back to the porch, coughed and hit the ground exactly like that and never moved again. Hardest freaking day of my life so far, that dog was a work of art. Good job taking care of yours in this case.
Christopher Solomon Jr
If he would of never said calm down that could panic the man and the dog.
Prime mations
Did he survive Edit: Why are there hate comments and dislikes? Are you really that pathetic
Shahara Parker
Shes clearly not helping the situation
God bless him. Y'all are good owners to take such good care of him.
jaden sykes
you really handled the situation really well you took care of the dog and calmed the girl down like a boss you sir are a man
Random Cheez-It Guy
Thank you. You helped save my dog. He was playing and then had a heatstroke. Thank you for showing me that all i have to do is get them colder whith water
kenneth grant
U PROOVED u love ur dog....i have HELKA RESPECT FOR U
TilDeath1776 US
Someone needs to teach u to count. Only one bird there. Glad dogs ok!
Bumblebees_blues plays
My heart is beating fast anyways (be ok pup alright we r all counting on u!)
You handled this situation so well :) Great job. I'm glad your sweet dog was okay.
Kamarri Stovall
Hunting simulator 2019 looking good.
Why didnt you BLAST THE AIRCON!!!
Aurora Clark
Wowwwwww.. when I saw her freaking out. She freaked me out too.. best Caring couple Ever. Poor dog.🤧. Thank you.
James Nunn
Were u trying to film a hunting vid because its ok if u were jus t asking but poor doggo ):
Alex30 TV3
Well as much as I hate dogs...this dog seems very...very important to them so THANK GOODNESS ITS OKAY
Paul Racine
You reacted like a real man should!... way to go,brother!
maxillis Are dorks
“Oh god” counter. Over 90M
Zachary Starling
Props to this guy for staying calm, he handled the situation extremely well
Dragon's den Stories
This man did everything he was supposed to do, he handled this situation perfectly, a calm attitude. Thank go for this man!
This reminded me of the time my brother had a seizure and I laughed. Im a horrible person.
Timothy Hines
kingbahablast young kid life
I've been helping dog for a really long time and so
Swag_ Lordship
Screenshot the tips 5:56 just in case
Lqhua Lbwnkw
He *_protecc_* He *_atacc_* But most importantly He is a good boi, lets have moment of silence for him and hope hes okay.
Mileah De Vries De Vries
How could almost 3000 people disliked this u have NO SOUL
Tiffany or TJ H
My dog got heat stroke my forgotten her in the in a hot hot day with all the windows rolled up for almost 4 in a half hours
I lost my lab that way. I'm super careful now. Glad you're boy made it
danny man
You was very lucky make that a lesson learned don't hunt them to the ground make them did well man to get him cooled down.
Privileged White Male G.C. Rep.
*Poor lady just scared for her dog*
the guy was super chill I like how he handled the situation
Seizure. Heat and stress.. common , poor dogs stressed to perform for their masters mixed with heat is not a good mix.
Artem J Ford
Wow man i have seen people stay calm in intense circumstances but what you did was amazing and you were a trooper great job man
Luis Cañamar - MediaBros
“Do not cover or confine the dog” * confines the dog *
sydni 16
For everyone who is upset about how he put him in the crate.... my grandfather has had this happen to one of his labs and the best thing to do is put them in their crate to help them calm down so that they know they aren't hunting anymore... and to spray them gently with old water helps and the man did just the right thing
Richard Becker
RULE #1...DONT PANIC ! ! !.... assess the situation, and fix it
Mortally Challenged
get that frickin' women outta here...only GAMERS know how to handle a situation such as this. gangweeders RISE UP!
Dari SaysWhatSheThink
You reacted well💪👍
Clangador Yoder
Aw poor doggy. I hope he got better. Edit: glad to see your dog is better at the end of the video.
Eric Laforge
Slap some scence to the girl
Omg immm sooooo glad he’s okay
dab cat 2018
It's so sad i cryed!!!😩🤕🙁😭😢😞
arrudazachary official
Can you update us on this?
This is the advntage humans had over other predators, we had the best cooling systems in nature, allowing us to simply jog after faster animals untill they collapsed of heat.
Randi Matthews
humble man admits his mistakes.
Steve Menard
Relax girl y ou got stress the dog
Horse lover AW
You guys are good people by saving a dog good work
emma Vasquez
His a dog his ok how did he just start running and now he's like that
dog.exe has stopped responding all jokes aside, Im very glad that doggo is living well now
Kymberly P
I'm so glad you put this video out there for people to see. That is/was very responsible of you. 👍
Craig Carter
Poor guy he tried to run away he struggled and then flopped onto the ground 😔
and yet the camera keeps rolling....
PuberZ _
Is everything oke whit HIM now
Jeremy Boateng
Oh my god, bruh this vid made me grab a cup of ice cold water sending your family as much love as I can thru a computer screen 💕 :/
Flawless Drawings
Please live buddy I feel sad :(
Simone Sherrod
We got a couple birds (one bird on truck
Indra Setiawan
Keep calam and trust the god, everithing its ok
Lorenzo Notarianni
Jesus I was fricken worried for the beautiful dog and the womans reaction just proved how very much she CARES for the dog.
Leyahna Cooper
Don't die puppy your team so beautiful be care full and get 👍
Killer K9
I love Howe he handled it so calmly
Jermaine Inkerman
So heart broken💔 sending love ur way💖💝
Tompog 89
And the moral of the story is, don’t work your dog too hard on a hot day. Give him/her time to rest and cool off.
This Dudeee
I love how the girl cares so much
Hugo Tran
Its super sad i wish his okay😭😭😭😭
I think its so sweet how he remained calm for her if yal gonna bully someone for worrying about their doggy tho you shouldnt own one
Nutty 'fucking' Geeza
Respect he handled that situation brilliantly
Florian Geyer
She made the situation 1000 x worse!
frank hernandez
Calm thinking and emotional reaction. This is why men rule the world. Lol
Mike Jones
I'm rolling with water 👊$
Damien Ward
If no tap around put them in a river and hold there head up then at the least in your air con flat out , you did well and its a good video to warn others.
Preston Robinson
Thank you so much for this video buddy!! I know it was super hard and I have a black lab so now I can watch out better and good job on staying calm!!
Danielle Caston
I'm glad u saved him/her in need
Horses for life
That to me one time it was scary I was freaking out
Jonovan And Gaming
What's a "Hypoglycemic Attack"
Kieran Hunter
Tbh I don’t really care since your a hunter