Hunting Dog has Heat Stroke or Hypoglycemic Attack

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I am sharing this video of my hunting dog BO having an episode. Either a Hypoglycemic Attack or a Heat Stroke. Hoping that it saves someones pet. This was a scary experience and very hard to watch. If it was Heat Stroke: There are so many ways to prevent this. It can happen fast. Just seconds before this BO was hunting Rooster Pheasants just fine. He showed some signs of fatigue such as Heavy Panting. But nothing I have not seen from him before. It was a 70 degree day and cloudy. A day you typcially don't have to worry about a dog having a heat stroke. But it happened. What to do: Treating Heat Stroke in Dogs -Remove the dog from the heat. If possible, move the dog indoors to an air-conditioned area. ... -Allow the dog to drink cool water. ... -Cool the dog with water. ... -Contact an emergency veterinarian. ... -Place rubbing alcohol on the pads of the dog's paws. ... -Do not cover or confine the dog. If it was a HDH Attack: In order to prevent HDH, the problem areas that need to be addressed (in approximate order of importance) are: (1) physical conditioning, (2) feeding, and (3) nutrition and ration formulation:

Stevo Canuck
the girl pissed me off, sorry.
Good that the man keep calm and knew how the react.
Old Soul
Such a beautiful pup. I'm glad he's ok. What a nightmare that had to be.
What actually scared me was the girl's reaction
Thank god this man has some common sense and did not just stop and and keep saying omg omg omg! Like his wife/gf and acutely took care of the situation like you should
Just Blazed
Women make a bad situation worse
Lil B.A.R.S
that girl is retarted like "whats wrong with him?" tf you think
Dead Meme
you can tell she is a VERY caring person I love people like that
Johnnie Arreola
Calm down be a real women
0:50 when women get panic and annoy you Kappa
Project Ace
God bless this man, such patience and attentive to the situation. Did everything appropriate, and didn't panic in the situation. Absolute legend. Glad everything is fine.
J. Hansome
I personally feel like she overreacted but glad the dude kept her calm cuz that was def annoying on her part.
Sydni C
How did they not even have a bowl. Took the dog out there.. with no water.
Saint TW
Omg I gave my dog some water after this
Asmr slimerlife
I'm cryimg
Mikkel Örstedholm
In case of emergency: 1. Remove hysterical women 2. Deal with problem
logan paul fan logan paul
I am 11 and I watched but I have to say poor dog
Prime mations
Did he survive Edit: Why are there hate comments and dislikes? Are you really that pathetic
Sharky Playz
Thanks for putting the tips at the end because now I know (I was legit about to go search for what to do but then you put some tips lol)
Super PuMpO
Omg I feel so bad for the woman I’ve lost my bird I had the same reaction I couldn’t really calm down he was like a dog idk why he would hunt where my mom hide the crackers😂 I feel bad for the dog 😔
This is the advntage humans had over other predators, we had the best cooling systems in nature, allowing us to simply jog after faster animals untill they collapsed of heat.
Cookienese draws
Spicy moon
Bruh shut up it's not having a seizure
The man stayed so calm, rational and in control, but the woman went into hysterics. To make matters worse, now the man has to deal with the dog having a stroke and the hysterical woman at the same time, but he did it like a pro. I think the worst part of the video was when the woman in her panic mode began telling the rational man what to do. I felt like she should just go sit in the truck, be quiet and let the man take care of everything. She was like a little kid getting under foot during an emergency.
Beargaming 656
I'm so glad to see you care so much about your dog
I’m happy he’s okay! I’ve never had something like this happen to my dog, but my teacher has seized up and collapsed in class, it was pretty scary, I would be terrified if it happened to my dog.
Katina Porter
She was crazy like oh my god oh my god
Kyle Hall
I can’t stand hearing her say oh my god sometimes women just make shit way worse obviously she didn’t do a damn thing even had to tell her to calm tf down . Just calm down all you can hear is you crying Made the video 10 times worse the dog was going to be OK and you crying like a dog made it seem like he wasn’t going to be goddamn lady should you be out hunting for real
Damn everyone hating on the womans reaction. You guys obviously have never had a pet you cared alot for... it's a natural reaction to be worried for a pet you have raised since birth... but kudos on how you handled the situation guy. Glad your dog is alright :(
I am glad the dog made it. I do 100% understand how the young lady felt. Dogs are more intelligent then people. She had a right to be upset, the dog is like family. To those who said she was being dramatic.. see how you'd react! You may not react like you think you would!
Noodle Poodle
Ok people need to stop being mean to the women.I am very emotional and I probably would have done the same thing as her
Ben Schu
She seems so scared😥😥
_ senpai
Ik I'm late and I understand that u would be afraid if ur dog was acting that way too but u don't need to freak out like that u have to be calm as well
i understand its a traumatic event to witness but do women now see where you get the "hysterical woman" stereotype from?
Laylah Pysadee
Is he going to be okay and yeah and I'm really really harsh or something if you guys didn't do something about it 😫😥😢😭😔😦😴😌😲😧😨👍💔
Tiffany H
My dog got heat stroke my forgotten her in the in a hot hot day with all the windows rolled up for almost 4 in a half hours
Sharky Playz
Yoo this got to me man I'm 16 and got my dog when I was only 2 so imagine my silly thoughts and was just thinking about her.
dab cat 2018
It's so sad i cryed!!!😩🤕🙁😭😢😞
Ashinawa deLanglade
Women who react this way need to understand that they only make the situation worse.
ayari mitzu ojinaga
too much drama! dislike....
Christopher Solomon Jr
If he would of never said calm down that could panic the man and the dog.
Cinthya Ramirez
One like=one dollar for that dog for help🙏🏻
Jeremy Boateng
Oh my god, bruh this vid made me grab a cup of ice cold water sending your family as much love as I can thru a computer screen 💕 :/
Craig Carter
Poor guy he tried to run away he struggled and then flopped onto the ground 😔
Freaky Roblox
I was shocked when I watched him do like that and I'm too worried about him.... Oh, God please help him live...
Mary Vitória
Ela(e)morreu tadinha (o)
emma Vasquez
His a dog his ok how did he just start running and now he's like that
Horses TV
I can't watch that!😭😭😭
Rozel Reilly
I have to take care of 2 snakes and 1 rabbit with my family and my bro takes care of a hamster and my mum saved 2 birds life's
Flawless Drawings
D-Shark Barnes
He won’t die
Angela G
I've been taking care of special needs animals for a long time, if one has a seizure I no longer freak out, but for someone that's never seen it happen, that can be very traumatic. The woman may have been freaking out a little, but she was actively helping, and his soothing tone kept her from going full panic. To be honest her freaking possibly kept him calmer. Hopefully there wasn't much damage done to the pup, and the video will help the vet see exactly what happened
Oml throw the carton at that lady
cupcake Fireball
Should I not watch this because I am only 5
emma Vasquez
Kiley Carr
hey im sorry for what happend
*O H G O D*
Mariela Alcoser
Who else is a children
iLoveBooty xxx
Dari SaysWhatSheThink
You reacted well💪👍
ur lucky u had a hose ur wife really needed to stay calm. Bad things happen when you don't stay calm
taylor 🍃
the girl crying is really annoying lol
Sharky Playz
Lol that nearly needed to drive not only that dog to the vets but also bring that women to the hospital for having a heart attack.
dab cat 2018
Poor puppy!!!🙁😢❤
Its Kamila
The girl is kinda annoying with the OH GOD OH GOD
Man when I saw him go down with his back legs out I thought he was a goner. I had a Weim that was 13 years old and had cancer and everything started shutting down on her one morning. The vet said nothing he could do but put her down, she wanted to come home so I didn't let him do it. Brought her home and about midnight she wanted out for a walk, she came back to the porch, coughed and hit the ground exactly like that and never moved again. Hardest freaking day of my life so far, that dog was a work of art. Good job taking care of yours in this case.
peytons life
It wasn't your fault
Trisha Nicole Santos
That’s so sad
savage player
I just want watch the world burn for me i thought it was funny
Ninja doggo Daniel Kneale
poor dog
Matt Carroll
Screaming girls are the reason for nuclear technology.
PlusCottonwood Yt
That happend to my freind he hit his body on a pole while running then he was laughing then he just fell to the ground and fell asleep for like to min 😂😂😂😂
Mary Vitória
Ele esta morrendo que pecado gravar o animalzinho nesta situação ao e vez de gravar leve ele ou ela o mais RAPIDO POSSIVEL AO PRONTO SOCORROOO CARAAA
Mariah Baker
We the •••what is wrong with you BICH,!!! 😢😢😭😭
That girl was so annoying.
jaden sykes
you really handled the situation really well you took care of the dog and calmed the girl down like a boss you sir are a man
Frentz Kristensen Alanes Chee
Lady shut up as long as the dog aint dead then shut up.
Can she stfu damn it worrying the dog more
pointerpup 1
Get him covered with water first then put him in the truck with the AC on you did good bro
Joey Ferris
I just did a treatment video for this... Serious stuff that some people don't pay enough attention to
ExoticGaming 208
One like = more water
Teresa Sapała
Scuzate cane moto? Che sucesso?
Shahara Parker
Shes clearly not helping the situation
Well done guy. Handled the dog and your wife with such grace.
T Sommers
I'm sitting here next to my new puppy and hearing your wife just put me into immediate tears!
French Fry
I've read quite a few comments commending the man for his heroic efforts and his calm, efficient demeanor, but have yet to see a single nice thing said about the woman. In fact, the complete opposite. Every comment I've read regarding the woman's reaction has been unnecessarily harsh and rude. It's obvious to anyone who watches this video that both people love and adore the dog and have his best interests in mind. Yes, the man was cool, calm, and collected and the woman wasn't as level-headed. However, I don't see why it's necessary to criticize her so much. Everyone who wrote a comment saying how crazy and panicked she was has absolutely zero, ZERO, room to talk unless they were in these people's exact situation. When it's YOUR dog in that condition, the perspective is completely different. Suddenly, it isn't some stranger's dog in a video you're watching, it's YOUR dog. So unless almost every person who commented about this woman has firsthand experience in a similar situation, I don't see how there's any room to be throwing shade. We also need to consider the fact that not every single person on earth is the same or has the same abilities as every other person. So one person might be capable of handling more than another person is capable of, and that doesn't mean they should be scrutinized, trash talked, or disrespected. And, she asked several times what was going on and what was wrong. She was scared because she didn't understand the situation and also didn't know what to do. In my mind, she was more than justified for her behavior. When it's your own dog's life, the intensity of the situation is increased tenfold and you don't know how you're going to react to something like that until you experience it for yourself. Knowledge is power, people. That's why it's a good idea to educate yourself about circumstances that you might be thrown into. Know what to do and how to do it properly before you ever get out in the field, and also have the necessary materials easily accessible to take care of any incident quickly and correctly. To conclude, I think people need to be more empathetic, and put themselves in other's positions before they say such degrading and nasty things so unnecessarily. Keyboard warriors will always be out there, though. Smh.
Star Fire
Lady is a crying itch. Dog will sense that,
Cinthya Ramirez
OML All of the guys in the comments got me pissed off literally she doesn’t know what’s going second of all that’s a normal freakin reaction obviously women show more emotion than men because that’s in their system motherly love thirdly if you’ve never been in a remotely similar situation you can’t talk my dog was attacked by a dog and that was my reaction I was scared nervous and angry I’m surprised I didn’t slip up and beat the dog with rocks I cried then I took care of it by myself
mercedes_ collins
Today it happened to my sisters dog I was the only one home I didn’t know what to do so I went with my instinct I put her in my lap put her head on my leg held her body still with my other leg and kept petting her until she calmed down
огромная эрекция
Who's having the stroke, the woman or the dog?
Sabine M.
My dog passed away on nov 4th 2018, to, what I believe, a stroke. On nov 16th she normally should have celebrated her 12th birthday...I wasn't home when it happened, so I couldn't help her :( She was flat on her belly, rear legs spread open, face sideways to the floor, laying on one front paw and the other spread out next to her :( I blame myself for not staying at home, but she was all fine when we left...And it was only 4h that she'd stayed home alone... :( This video assured me for a 100% that she had a stroke, due to the position of how your dog lay when it went bad. Thanks for uploading, even though it is graphic, people need to see, so they know what to do.
American Made
Aw, the girl's getting too much hate. She obviously loves the pup and is terrified she's going to lose him. Is it helpful, no...but it's human.
Hilda Torres
They should not take them in such hot weather and they probably need to carry water bowl that the dog can drink
Jennifer Fletcher
I feel bad for her. I was the same way with my animals. I sucks but you can't help it. In heat always bring a spray bottle of alcohol and a wet (not soaked) towel just in case. My cat had heat stroke 2 years ago. Her temp was 105.9 and she almost died. The vet did the alcohol spray on her pads and the damp towel thing. She is still here. She was rushed to the vet right away.
She made the situation 1000 x worse!
This is actually very common with GSP and really all pointers. They over heat easily, but if you address it quickly will cool right down with no permanent damage. It happened to my GSP when he was 2. He is 6 now and is perfectly healthy and hunts during out entire quail season (even though its short in Florida). I keep reading all these comments about these "monsters" bird hunting. I will tell you that is what that dog is bred to do through generations. Mine is a huge pampered baby, he thinks he is a lap dog and sleeps on the sofa every night, he is deeply loved. But he also has some thing he loves which is hunting, when he realizes its time to hunt his entire attitude changes, he is happier(granted he is never not happy unless you take is ball away), acts more like a puppy and is ready to go. it is what he is made to do and where he truly thrives. if your against hunting so be it and nothing i say will change you mind. But if your on the fence i suggest watching a video of bird dogs working it's beautiful. I can also tell you the "hunting" dog stereotype is so unfair. This dog is a bird hunter, that is it, some can track big game but they don't want to eat your cats or little dogs(my dog is confused by little dogs and scared of cats), eat squirrels, or mess up little kids. Most bird dogs are pets that are loved deeply(hence why she is so upset, that is very scary when it happens) who simply have a job they excel at.
shirly boned
thats a sign of a caged animal let loose. ive seen people put their dogs in 3x3 cages for most of their lives. which causes many health issues and for what? not saying thats the case here because car carriers can be beneficial. i once worked at a place that i noticed, as i was leaving a note on furnace repair, there was a dashound in this little car carrier on the kitchen floor with piss and shit over its feet. standing there shaking. i opened the door and it wouldnt come out until i gave it a little pull. then i dumped the carrier out on the floor and left a note. "if you ever do this again, im going to shit in this and lock you in it. and one way or another, i will make you fit"
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How's he now