SNIPER KILL + BEST SHOT EVER! Battlefield 1 Top Plays of the Week (BF1 World Record Sniping)

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Welcome to the Battlefield 1 Top Plays of the Week LAST WEEKS BF1 TOP PLAYS - />Send in your Top Battleifeld 1 moments here - />SUBSCRIBE! ► />MY LIVE STREAMS /> Welcome to the Best battlefield 1 kills of the week. Every friday we host the BF1 Top 5 plays. Which is a battlefield 1 montage of some of the most epic mulitplayer moments. Top 10 plays in battlefield 1 funny moments countdown. Top 10 top 5 plays of the week featuring BF1!

Welcome to the Battlefield 1 Top plays of the week. Comment who has your favorite clip for a chance to win BF1 STUFF! Enjoy!
Candi Soda
9/10 shots were people just standing there
Kelby Edmonson
Why don't I ever get that stupid of enemies?
Hank Moody
These are the stupidest enemies I've ever seen
2:21 to :2:24 you can actually hear a tie fighter fly over head
Ga Pitbu11 Gaming
Jbstreeter's 473 meter headshot on a moving target hands down was #1!!!
That sniper clip was dirt!!! Battlefield 1 Premium Twitter:The_Fancy_Wolf
I think that the first clip (Sirromny) was the best one. @AJXboxGamer
Cash Bramlet
Would love premium, couldn't get it when I shattered my collarbone, great vid btw Twitter: SMR_Gaming
I have to go with DGates77's clip.. That double bunny hop with the cavalry was sick.. BF1 premium is always welcome @ramteidisking
Josue Carrizales
sirromny had the best clip @aka__swaggy on Twitter and premium would be nice
Sirromny has da best clip! Twitter @blaketomasch xb1!!
Favorite clip- Sirromy by FAR. LOVE SNIPING. Probably almost as Whiteboy loves new socks Twitter- Groflcopter
#1 of course, that's some prime scouting. @mreidy28 Battlepacks
Chris B.
hey dude I've been subbed for years. and I have to say, I really like the transition into battlefield.. I switched over to battlefield as well. it's an amazing game with constant exciting moments as you show every week. keep it up dude. PS. I live in MASSACHUSETTS.. and we legalized Marijuana... just wanted to rub it in. Hahaha
I think BTM GAMING had the most amazing streak. Premium please :) Twitter: saeker810
best clip for me was Sirromny , i'd like bf1 premium on ps4 twitter:@EnerrSS
I found Sirromny's sniper spree the best, mostly because of how satifying it is to get sniper sprees like that. Premium for PC @SirSebnev
Toni Subić
Sirromny!!! I dont get guys in my games who flank like that <3 Premium please XD
Julio Lespier
after watching only a couple videos I had to subscribe. great work 👍😊
Sniper clips is the best premium please ; ) @Maccabeast123
quality of these clips is definately lacking
Jason Dober
sinflair was my favorite. PS4 BF1 don't have a Twitter
Salvador Sanchez
sirromny had the best clip! premium ps4 @salgh11648
Sergi Costa
Sirromny was the best, very good clip also Kman, gewehr ftw
Ken Gordon
Excellent clips as always. I'd have to say Sirromny is my favorite clip. Those were some insane sniper kills! Thanks for all you do putting these together for our enjoyment. Have a great weekend.
matthew kluge
Sirromny had the best one for multiple reasons . lol
Logan McNicol
Sirromny, PC Premium plz and my twitter is EoicMonkey37
Logan McNicol
Sirromny, PC Premium plz and my twitter is EoicMonkey37
Custom Rounds
First Clip due to the fact of the precision of the sniping and that all I do is snipe myself or fly lol Battlepacks Please Twitter: Custom_Rounds
PH Caldwell
Damn, 473 meters on that last headshot
My favorite clip was Sirromny ofc, Twitter: JakobGame01 Was the clip on pc or console?
Hassan Banat
Hey man I would really loved it I won copy of battlefield 1 Keep up this amazing videos my twitter account @hassanbanat
Mahmoud Gad
I love Sirromny's clip he is amazing And i hope i win Battlefield Premium for PC @MahmoudHassanGa Thank you WhiteBoy
Cc Chicken
Great clips as usual, but I'd give the gold medal to Sirromny.
Sirrmonys was the best and if I won I would love premium @EDG4IZ
Oliver Steinbeck
how do I submit my 23 scout kill streak clip? it's the latest video!
John Hancock
The sniper clip was amazing. I would really like battlepacks. Trying to get those legendaries
Wasup Sebastian with the long range sniper shot that was an epic kill brilliant
TheNotorious CornLeaf
hey white boy wanted to know if you play on Xbox one
Jack does gaming
Sirromny, was the best kill streak battle packs and Twitter is @JackFC9
ClanAccros Jallel
Great video as always whiteboy! Ill send you clip for nexterino épisode 😉 (crossower_feedzcod)
Sirrommy is the best clip!! Battlepacks! Twitter: jerryverhaagh thanks man!
Teo aravena castro
Sirromny was the best Tweet: @TeoAravena I want premium so bad
Turner Welborn
that first try cross map field gun was sick and the 428 meter shot on sinai desert was ridiculous but that very last clip where he lead the guy across the map at a dead sprint on the first shot.... that was a God mode snipe.
Milo PBrown
Fav clip was the 2nd one , really want premium 👌🏼 my tweeter is @mpabr
I honestly can't believe you featured me in this video ! I've been a long time subscriber, and really appreciate you picking my clip. Thanks again, and hope to get some more content your way soon. Sirromny
Thomas L.
top Players xD hahaha top noobs of the week is the right description. noob pc gamers
Elvira Anderson
premium please I like sirromny the best @stOrm_laZar0
Daequan Loco
Keep using red arrows and circles. They get you more views that you deserve. ( As the trump of YouTube )
Miles Ellison
@kman1169 had the best clip. Impressive with the iron sights. I'm on Xbox and my twitter is @miles_ellison2
Bobaganoosh Gaming
My favorite was rob204ert! I'm on ps4 and I love the series! keep it up!
Onion Rings
Sick clips. Premium if I win, thanks. @OnionRingsGames
METROID PRIME : A First-Person Adventure Game
4:09 LOL I died XD _♪ Cool guys don't look at explosions !! ♫_
Firdhauz Ramlee
5:25 is sick.
Josh Fontaine
Love these top plays mang. @joshfontaine8
haydn mclennan
Jbstreeter easily. Twitter is haydn_mclennan. Nice vid man
Nick Lang
Simmory with the epic sniper streaks and I have no twitter but u instagram is nick.lang02 and xb1
Kingsmann 48
Are you playing on pc or on ps4 ?
Tessie Dwyer
2.5 million subs and 75 thousand views? You're so irrelevant. Get a good quality mic too.
Hi Man
Favorite one was Sirromny. @Coldman321
Kaan Öztürk
these type of vids is actually stolen from stonemountain 64
Team rocket blasting off again! @0:16
james cartex
Damn is it easier to aim on the pc? Or is it that I suck, like I'm not bad but aiming on the PS4 controller is ass
clementine from twdg
the sirromy clip was really good Battlefield premium on Xbox one
Gappie Al Kebabi
"This is for subscribers only" Well, then I guess I'm a rebel!
Norberto Rincon
sirromny was my favorite clip, i would like premium for xbox one thanks for the great clips, twitter is @norbertorincon2
Jason Spartz
Favorite clip: sirromny. ps4 premium would be amazing. twitter:jasonspartz5
Aww man my clip isn't hear.
Eric French
I would like season pass twitter: FR3NCHYFR35H
Antonio Cruz
sirromny has the best clip no doubt
Noah k22 definitely was the best clip this week so lucky and funny. If I win I would love some bf premium and my twitter is @jaryd_campbell
I love that first sniper clip. PS4 @420basement
Liviu Blosenco
I would love the premium pass , I think sirromny has the best play because I know how hard it is to snipe
King Keanu
Hay I found your YouTube channel and subscribed how does the video sharing work because I have a few and that would be cool if there is some way I can send it to you. Thank you and I also liked your video
Seth Wheeler
Sirromny was definitely the best I love using that sniper it's a beast
David C
Damn I should upload some vids, boy be gettin buckets with the sniper rifle lol
Nick H
Bless A Fan With Some Battle Packs Whiteboy.
Joe Riley
Reid Dantonio
sirrommy had the best clip in my opinion, if I win I'd prefer premium
Tactical Kraut
My favorite clip was the sniper rage at the beginning! Premium for Ps4 would be amazing!!!
Sirromny was my favorite just the precision accuracy was really satisfying to me and my twitter is @tbehr523
hector j lora r
Sirromy my fav clip, I want bf1 ps4 premiun @hectorjoselora
hector j lora r
Sirromy my fav clip, I want bf1 ps4 premiun @hectorjoselora
Louis Dupont
it's a realy good video, i play with the same sniper :) if you like skills and frag with sniper you should watch Pacifae videos he is à a french streamer on twitch and he makes videos with awesome skilss
SSG xStormzy
My twitter is @MalachiTFulcher and my favorite play of the week was the Sirromny sniper clip. I would prefer a premium battlepack
Always look forward to your videos, BF1 is a great game
Malachi Grimm
Sirromny had the best clip by far. that was one of the best sniper kill streaks that I have seen. @Mittens1896
Sirromny had the best, that was an sick clip!!
Nick Saban is the DEVIL
battlefield premium, my favorite was the horse clip at the beginning. My twitter is @NCRftw
That first clip from Venom36, it left me repeating it so much because it was just so funny XD Poor horsie and my twitter is @KenKarmq
I am glad you finally got to put the caps in your name. Keep up the good work
Cloak Majestic
sirromny was my favorite. I would prefer premium and my twitter is Cloak Majestic @nicklebacon.
Sirromny This amazing Killstreak with the sniper holy moly Twitter: Luki_02
Nathan Galea
JBstreeter. would really like a premium version of the game for pc
Jelle Posthuma
Sirromny was the best! I would also really like battlefield premium for the ps4! (twitter: posthuma_jelle)
Cristian Marquez
Idk why you say youre the host with the most anymore like you once were a great youtubure but everyone forgot about you and now you ain't nothing 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Zombie Frogg
Spawned into a game once where each squad had 3 scouts.. worst game ever.
@clip one: I have to say, he did well taking advantage of bad players.
Jason Ryan
sinflar's clip was my favorite clip. I would like the premium pass for bf1 on ps4 I own the game but not the pass. twitter @XeJason3