SNIPER KILL + BEST SHOT EVER! Battlefield 1 Top Plays of the Week (BF1 World Record Sniping)

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Welcome to the Battlefield 1 Top Plays of the Week LAST WEEKS BF1 TOP PLAYS - />Send in your Top Battleifeld 1 moments here - />SUBSCRIBE! ► />MY LIVE STREAMS /> Welcome to the Best battlefield 1 kills of the week. Every friday we host the BF1 Top 5 plays. Which is a battlefield 1 montage of some of the most epic mulitplayer moments. Top 10 plays in battlefield 1 funny moments countdown. Top 10 top 5 plays of the week featuring BF1!

Welcome to the Battlefield 1 Top plays of the week. Comment who has your favorite clip for a chance to win BF1 STUFF! Enjoy!
Candi Soda
9/10 shots were people just standing there
matthew kluge
Sirromny had the best one for multiple reasons . lol
Ga Pitbu11 Gaming
Jbstreeter's 473 meter headshot on a moving target hands down was #1!!!
2:21 to :2:24 you can actually hear a tie fighter fly over head
Dogelul Haiduc
TheNotorious CornLeaf
hey white boy wanted to know if you play on Xbox one
Turner Welborn
that first try cross map field gun was sick and the 428 meter shot on sinai desert was ridiculous but that very last clip where he lead the guy across the map at a dead sprint on the first shot.... that was a God mode snipe.
Leonard Wyrick Gaming
1:37 some serious sniping bro!
quality of these clips is definately lacking
fuck off
Misael Ortiz
Jb's shot was the best. Premium PS4 @MisaelXO
fuck off
si best
PH Caldwell
Damn, 473 meters on that last headshot
JBStreeter had the best clip. Premium for PS4. @RELZED
haydn mclennan
Jbstreeter easily. Twitter is haydn_mclennan. Nice vid man
Kingsmann 48
Are you playing on pc or on ps4 ?
Tactical Crocodile
Sebs is the best clip by far, love somone who knows how to aim well, bit of advice is to use the Chevron reticle as it gives you the most cleared scope and has a pinpoint direct centre aim, great for long distance
Wasup Sebastian with the long range sniper shot that was an epic kill brilliant
Miles Wilson
I love the sound of getting headshots
james cartex
Damn is it easier to aim on the pc? Or is it that I suck, like I'm not bad but aiming on the PS4 controller is ass
Liviu Blosenco
I would love the premium pass , I think sirromny has the best play because I know how hard it is to snipe
It doesn't matter what your name is, it doesn't matter, matter, matter.
Sirronmy has my vote. I would like some battlepacks if I win. My twitter is R3_picon and keep up the great content!
Daequan Loco
Keep using red arrows and circles. They get you more views that you deserve. ( As the trump of YouTube )
gg ABN
battlefield premium sirromny i like the most @koenlurvink
Eamonn O'Leary
battlepacks please cos I have premium @eamonn_leary
Dark Day's
that last sniper shot was so hot.
Jordan Belfort
I made a across the map 500 metres kill
Firdhauz Ramlee
5:25 is sick.
Ksus Susk
So clear this is console, the aiming takes ages. How can you enjoy this awful gameplay though.
Hank Moody
These are the stupidest enemies I've ever seen
Aww man my clip isn't hear.
So your just not going to play walking dead new frontier
J Savage
Gotta love those oblivious console scrubs
Kelby Edmonson
Why don't I ever get that stupid of enemies?
Sirromny has my favorite clip as he shreds the enemies apart with my personal favorite rifle! Also I would love the premium for PlayStation 4 (psn) and my twitter handle is @eliteckilla
Joe Riley
Alonzo Sanchez
Lol, this console gameplay is so static in compare to Pc Gamers
Kieran Swift
Ok do you still do these because I ive got the best clips or probably gonna see
Nice clips :) A few days ago I managed to get back-to-back pilot kills, unfortunately I didn't record it :/
Scopes are for pussies, Iron sight forever :P
пздц!)) киллстрик)) по статичным и лежачим врагам шмаляет
Sirromny has to be the best play this week. Battlefield premium pc if by any chance that I win @kienio
Wyatt Thacker
First one 😂😂😂😂
Cameron Cameron
1) my favorite clip was the roadkill with the plane while that guy was falling. That scream will always get me. 😂 2) I'd like premium please. 3) my twitter is @dominator1276
Sam Arg
Hey jst do not know if its me or what but when i watch snipers having great games on youtube the enemy seem like bots or really dumb, im a sniper player and ive never had a game where people stand still well not on the NZ/aus servers anyway. so please how do u find games where everyone stands still??
Honk Honk
heh, it seem sthat you guys haven't heard of stodeh
How do I send a clip into u mate?????
Riah IT
Cod Name
The German EKWAH ist the BEST SNIPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EKWAH BF1 SNIPER ....YOUTUBE
The Sharp
I deleted a clip of me getting a 364.26 meter headshot
Nego_fox The fox
Mira óptica na snipe mira no rifle do medico e um bando de time ruim contra que ninguém olhou o pelotão morrendo no mimi mapa e nem de onde vinha os tiros assim ate os noobs de granada de gás matam mais de um soldado !!!
Где он таких дубов находит, которые стоят, даже когда рядом убивают :)
Raw Butterball guy walks around through poison gas without a mask and barely flinches. I wonder how he does it without a gas mask given that I die within 3 seconds in the same scenario. Lots of stuff like this to be seen on Youtube from these so called "great" players. It's just odd, not saying he's cheating, but it's certainly unfair to see this. Maybe he put the mask on before the clip started, but it certainly looks like he does not have it on.
Aaron Hernandez
You sound like the small white bat from the movie Anastasia
Santiago Rodriguez
I don't understand how these guys don't change the range on their rifle but still always just aim at the head wether they are close or far unless they're obscenely long range and get the headshot but I have to range find my rifle and either aim high or low depending how close my range is to get the headshots and half the time I can watch the bullet go right through the guys head just to see them get up and run away.
2:43 The "Grwöhr" ^^ Sry, but this sounds so damn funny^^
Djpaul 1210
There’s something very suspicious about that sniper streak. He just stands there in full view for most part and isn’t spotted or shot at once while the enemies just stay as still as dummies right next to someone that’s just got hit totally oblivious where the shots are coming from and not making any attempt to return fire or find cover.
pixies hart
I love the 1st one I liked subed and turned on the bell
Macdonalds Internet
Omg I remember when you had like 7k subs and you used to do bo1 vids. Now you have 2mil? Nice
whiteboy gets less views than a 100k channel
King Keanu
Hay I found your YouTube channel and subscribed how does the video sharing work because I have a few and that would be cool if there is some way I can send it to you. Thank you and I also liked your video
They need to balance that game. 95% of the people I ever ended up playing with all played as snipers. They need to make it so there is a balance of snipers, medics, engineers and assault classes. You notice that the teams that all play as snipers always always lose. Those people dont care about the team winning, all they care about is their personal k.d.r and it ruins the game. The game is already pretty much trash with the unrealistic ballistics, but these people just make it worse. This is a good game for little kids and teens. Any person with a sense of reality laughs at this garbage. I am so so happy I didnt buy it..
Shane Potter
Dude at 3 minute mark is literally looking through the walls for players. All these best BF1 plays have so many aimbotters and wallers.
troll guy 2.0
i only dislike ever video from this guy because of the narrating
yago rocha
69 kils?
Wow 4:56 earphone warning. My earballs are bleeding, easy with the yelling.
BoB the Budgie
you got a new SUB!  thank you : )
deadly gaming
At 2:45 that's not hard if they line up like that many times with a iron sight sniper rifle I can get a very very far sniper
Onaj klinac sa Grbavice
I'm 19 whiteboy, I feel like I don't have my shit together when did you get yours straight? When did your perspective on life change?
RogueBeetle 93
I dont understand why everyone uses the sniper verson of the m1903 not the marksmen. because they are all standing not useing the bipod
KnightBillyV gaming
KnightBillyV gaming look up and find battlefield 1 with pope hunter
Kawaii Batman
Honestly, sniper clips/plays are not worth showing off in this game. The subtle bullet-drop and the lack of cover for the target make sniping ridiculously easy and OP, especially on certain open maps. Some maps are not that bad, other maps are just horrendous.
nice video to promote camping
Sam Richards
I have never seen so many snipers stacked in one area like that.. nice easy picking
Phantom Artist I0Z Federation
this is why I snip alone...
Team rocket blasting off again! @0:16
Whenever someone has iron sights + sniper rifle its always been an indicator of hacks! Its been in every battlefield before! I wonder if he's noticed that two iron sight snipers with hacking aim have been in her 2 weeks in a row!!
short step
Awesome channel
Bro your personality is so cool. I've been a long time subscriber, every time I play bo1 I think about your video how you said the Enfield was such a great gun xD and I remember the video on bo2 where you went 72 and 0 or some shit with the five sevens. I'd love to see those times again but that's in the past now. It would be awesome if you could move on and maybe do some other videos. That's just my opinion. Do whatever makes you happy.
Lasagna titty
I’m just tryna get some scraps man
Raphael Oracion
I'm also a BF1 player and would also like to submit videos of my in-game plays. I would just like to ask what program/application you use to record those awesome in-game plays. Im a PC user. Thanks
Josh Dennis
the Sirromny dude i believe had the best clip, simply due to the amazing consistency and accuracy in all the clip. PS I don't use twitter but could you E-mail me at [email protected] please. I would really like a PS4 premium if that is possible. Anyway love your videos thanks a lot.
SSG xStormzy
My twitter is @MalachiTFulcher and my favorite play of the week was the Sirromny sniper clip. I would prefer a premium battlepack
why its console its sad...
David C
Damn I should upload some vids, boy be gettin buckets with the sniper rifle lol
Louis Dupont
it's a realy good video, i play with the same sniper :) if you like skills and frag with sniper you should watch Pacifae videos he is à a french streamer on twitch and he makes videos with awesome skilss
Miles Ellison
@kman1169 had the best clip. Impressive with the iron sights. I'm on Xbox and my twitter is @miles_ellison2
The first sequence in the opening couple minutes of the video..... he's just sniping people standing completely still that aren't looking his direction. I mean I guess the kill streak is nice but anyone can do that to stupid unsuspecting enemies.
ClanAccros Jallel
Great video as always whiteboy! Ill send you clip for nexterino épisode 😉 (crossower_feedzcod)
Patta Hausi
the best thing i reached in bf1 was a double headshot with the sniper and a 21 man killing streak with the horse :D when i see this in the video i realize that i'm a very boring gamer :D
Low key would be happy with premium... but as many ppl would say... it's 1 in a million... sooo... honestly my favorite clip had to be the sniper montage... even though I might not win.. here's my twitter Blood_bandit123
Tyler Cline
iron sight cavar sniper kill switch all time fav
Carlos Rodriguez