2Pac - Little Do You Know feat Sierra Deaton (2017 Love Song + Music Video)

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Ademola TAIWO
Only 2Pac can wear a nose ring & make it look cool. Only 2Pac can wear a crip & blood bandana with no consequences. Only 2Pac can be mixed into another person's song 20 years after his death & still make it sound little a billboard hit song. #ForeverA2PacFan
"T" = Tough "U" = Undisputed "P" = Philosophical "A" = Almightiest "C" = Conqueror
the creatures that disliked this video really need help in music taste
jay gold
Put this song on your play list n go hit the gym... remember there will only b 1tupac..
Damn 21 years since he died , his words are still revelant to this day. RIP to the Rap Poet, PAC ✌
Mr. Stano
T --- Teamwork U --- Understanding P --- Protection A --- Arrangement C --- Caring This is the key of a calm releationship. YOU'RE WELCOME 🙋🏻‍♂️
lyric Alvey
I think he is still alive. which would be awesome. always have loved his music
124 #solowkey
I'm not a fan of the Tupac remixes, but this one ....I'm going thru all that shit atm
Shelby Mulford
This is so true.Everything this man spoke was the TRUTH. THAT'S why everyone was on him because he said it like it was and still is.This WORLD is cruel but very real at the same time. This Shelby and this is real SHIT that people don't want to see.Welcome to the real WORLD no one wants to see.THIS IS MY WORLD. I LIVE IT EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY.ONE LOVE ALWAYS.
Anya Vlad
"There comes a time in your life when you have to choose to turn the page, write another book or simply close it" Shannon L. Alder Great song!! ❤💪
VooDoo Rem
Finally found a remix that it isn't with "how do you want it". Amazing work as always good sir.
Antoine Cook
Little do you know I'm alive My street credit known too set it off. Left with a broken heart cuz I'm alive within my mind. Find me getting high since High School breaking all the laws of man. Rutha find God or die lost with only immorality in pictures Yes with my voice being heard across the nation
Kahoku Brightscales
Damn Another Bangin' Remix, Much Respect 2Pac Remix 420 <=====~~
Zayn Mrtz
I miss you 2pac😢😓
Dση тαмιму
Hola if u hear meeh
Mandy Ice
Grew up listening to Pac!!!! He may be dead!! But he lives in through his music!!!
C beachdude
feeling this one
Shelby Mulford
This man was way ahead of everyone on EVERYTHING. His thug mentality was one that VERY few can understand or relate to.
Little do u know im lovin this track
Google User
I think this has to be my all-time favorite, or at least top three, of a mashup ... love me some Tupac
Ricky Riko2
D j Ur the best Man, 2 pac shakur always kicking the right point👌👍
Rafael Manzano
He is,was and will be the full PAC in this 💪🏻 for life 😎
Saulo Makiavelico
Martin Bakalov
Like and add to a 2Pac playlist before even listening the song <33
Apollos of Burque
Time to rise!!!
Saulo Makiavelico
PAC end the Doors OK
Respect ✊
Peter Kroeker
The man will stay relevant because truth never goes out of style
Mesak Sambono
love it ❤ from Australia with respect
Milo D. Ace
Tu pac lives....🌹
Mała Mi
Dawid 😭
damn thats fire
Kato Achumi
Tupac lives in our hearts 😘
Jada Mackenzie
Is it just me or when he says tricks can you hear the emotion in it ?
Shelby Mulford
This man was the best poet slash greatest rappper.People couldn't understand the truth he spoke in all of his songs and tried to turn it against his character that couldn't be touched by no one.
wessel zandvliet
still 7 wating and bro love all we care about is famlie
kelvin Popa
2 pac 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹🍃
Perú - Tupac Amaru USA - 2pac Shakur Legends!!!!
clanll jayr
2pac the best
Mickael Leonard
the earth will continue to turn without me
Lanre Olajire
damint.. well done... this hit em up louder!!!
Ail Jamhour
2pac 💜
Nancy Lo
I love this remix song!! Loveeeee iiiit.... Keep up the music going.... 😍😘🙏💯
Stuart Buchanan
thanks for sharin pac's luv
This is an excellent mix
Nicole Maldonado
Love it...
Velma Garcia
luv that song. .
ell ell
This song at the minute I love you but Little do u know I'm crying in pain lot better than Eminem version
SAM Anders
Dave Leggy
Unreal this track shared to my Facebook 2018 👌
Bettys RAW
Chester Didzena
i support u no matter what il give u my love
Oh Yeh Yeh
People who have trust issues are the ones who get far in life.
Ayub Cabdiqadir
I love King 2"pac Welt
Greggory Dobisch
JACK Macrae
omg i love this👍
This is awesome! (it really is)
How do I purchase this track? It's so awesome!!!
Mr. Stano
This song describes...a lot 🤦🏻‍♂️
nice mix bro i like ur choice of verses
Jesse Ω
dang so legit
Simon Simone
Really nice mix, anywhere I can get this? I would like to play this in my car when I go to work.
Echale Mojo Remix
I love it great work
Shawn1 Charles
Damm ya this is so true
Lady Scarface
Balling my eyes out rn... this is my life rn. R.I.P Pac! Without his music I wouldn't be here. Saved many of us.
Lone Star Kennels
shit is nice but depressing af
Louise Abdull
strong 💪 feel love ❤️ time heals heart broken but can heal 😍🔥🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💋💪😭2pac love
Stephen Wilson
damn.. this remix is straight fire.. an goes hard, loving this track
Man if Pac was still around he'd be wise to work with you on albums man!!! You're an amazing DJ & I'm glad I'm subscribed. Take care man!!
Roblox-ImaPoorBaconMan 1107
Hi. I. Loved you for like 1 mounth
Mr X
another good one
As always flawless. Love from croatia your biggest fan ❤️
Different,.Nice! Real Nice!!!.. I've heard another version like this?..Voice a lil' too 'High' Love this!!
David phillips
Jeeeeeez tupac was and always will be the best He spat the truth and was a decent good hearted guy wish he was still here tho
jilo fatuma
listening frm kenya..2pac u rock
Imma be real thanks Skandalous your music gives me good vibes even in dark times like now 👍
Laceylace Productions
This is so very beautiful :) Love the video too....it makes a statement. Nice work!
Dennis Rogova
i just love it nice work:D
Ris. chan park
Samantha miguel love clyde buhay namin❤️👋🏻✌🏻
Martin nkoa zongo
2pac une légende vivante .Martin ETOGA depuis le Cameroun
eye of a shadow
love love live it!! 2pac forever💋
Imene Jmili
in luv ❤
garonne campo
This is beautiful ❤️
QueenSwagJennifer Roblox
Trust nobody.. stranger danger😃😎😎😂
Marcus Bennett
wow I would say in my opinion that is the best 2pac remix on utube right now.
Liam d
its like pac is alive. been a fan for over ten years and still hear remix of songs i havent heard
Someone here no have on 2PAC
Andrew Brady
I’ve been listening to PAC since the early 90s must admit little do you know what a song keeps me realising what a poet pac was
Lu She
Top #5best mixes ever, God, goosebumps every time when I'm listening to it ... 🔛🔝☝️
Greattt mix man keep going
Courtney Bee
Damn... this song mashup is amazing... you will forever be missed pac.. r.w.g Everytime I hear this song I think of that one person Keith Gene Dishler💗💗💗😩
Jaella Bernal
New it is remix.....but it's not....wow. hell yeah
Danys Flores
Forever 2pac
Lonnie Fuzzy
This is the best remix I have Heard wow
Melvyn Hoot Ma Whaap
Best rap artist in the world..respect 🤘
francis khekha
2pac..... One of the best..... Rapper.... I loved it 2pac.
God Sun
2 Pac for Ever. Amazing
124 #solowkey
Great break up mix