2Pac - Little Do You Know feat Sierra Deaton (2017 Love Song + Music Video)

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DJ Skandalous
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Ademola TAIWO
Only 2Pac can wear a nose ring & make it look cool. Only 2Pac can wear a crip & blood bandana with no consequences. Only 2Pac can be mixed into another person's song 20 years after his death & still make it sound little a billboard hit song. #ForeverA2PacFan
"T" = Tough "U" = Undisputed "P" = Philosophical "A" = Almightiest "C" = Conqueror
the creatures that disliked this video really need help in music taste
Damn 21 years since he died , his words are still revelant to this day. RIP to the Rap Poet, PAC ✌
Mr. Stano
T --- Teamwork U --- Understanding P --- Protection A --- Arrangement C --- Caring This is the key of a calm releationship. YOU'RE WELCOME 🙋🏻‍♂️
Zayn Mrtz
I miss you 2pac😢😓
Shelby Mulford
This man was the best poet slash greatest rappper.People couldn't understand the truth he spoke in all of his songs and tried to turn it against his character that couldn't be touched by no one.
hashir khattak
What's the name of girl in that video..?
Dση тαмιму
Hola if u hear meeh
Shah Gamer
People who have trust issues are the ones who get far in life.
Peter Kroeker
The man will stay relevant because truth never goes out of style
Milo D. Ace
Tu pac lives....🌹
Google User
I think this has to be my all-time favorite, or at least top three, of a mashup ... love me some Tupac
Velma Garcia
luv that song. .
Martin Bakalov
Like and add to a 2Pac playlist before even listening the song <33
Rafael Manzano
He is,was and will be the full PAC in this 💪🏻 for life 😎
lyric Alvey
I think he is still alive. which would be awesome. always have loved his music
meeti Tupac
Tupac is Nelson Mandela.
J Smalls
Who is she? Can't find anything about her. No other videos.
Kahoku Brightscales
Damn Another Bangin' Remix, Much Respect 2Pac Remix 420 <=====~~
Ahmet Abdallah
Who watching 2017??
Apollos of Burque
Time to rise!!!
Nicole Maldonado
Love it...
Ricky Riko2
D j Ur the best Man, 2 pac shakur always kicking the right point👌👍
Shelby Mulford
This man was way ahead of everyone on EVERYTHING. His thug mentality was one that VERY few can understand or relate to.
124 #solowkey
I'm not a fan of the Tupac remixes, but this one ....I'm going thru all that shit atm
Anya Vladim
"There comes a time in your life when you have to choose to turn the page, write another book or simply close it" Shannon L. Alder Great song!! ❤💪
C beachdude
feeling this one
ashly garcia
Little do u know im lovin this track
Lady Scarface
Balling my eyes out rn... this is my life rn. R.I.P Pac! Without his music I wouldn't be here. Saved many of us.
James Albanese
Danys Flores
Forever 2pac
Kato Achumi
Tupac lives in our hearts 😘
jay gold
Put this song on your play list n go hit the gym... remember there will only b 1tupac..
thug Love
Lit asf love it
wessel zandvliet
still 7 wating and bro love all we care about is famlie
clanll jayr
2pac the best
Mesak Sambono
love it ❤ from Australia with respect
Mickael Leonard
the earth will continue to turn without me
Louise Abdull
💥💥💥🍌🍌🍌💧💧🍉👅👅💦❤️eat alive tupac
Ail Jamhour
2pac 💜
Respect ✊
Roy Garcia
Tupac all day
Saulo Makiavelico
James Albanese
damn thats fire
Chester Didzena
i support u no matter what il give u my love
Saulo Makiavelico
PAC end the Doors OK
Perú - Tupac Amaru USA - 2pac Shakur Legends!!!!
Ayub Cabdiqadir
I love King 2"pac Welt
Shawn1 Charles
Damm ya this is so true
124 #solowkey
Great break up mix
Jaella Bernal
New it is remix.....but it's not....wow. hell yeah
David phillips
Jeeeeeez tupac was and always will be the best He spat the truth and was a decent good hearted guy wish he was still here tho
Jada Mackenzie
Is it just me or when he says tricks can you hear the emotion in it ?
kelvin popa mint
2 pac 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹🍃
Lone Star Kennels
shit is nice but depressing af
Simon Simone
Really nice mix, anywhere I can get this? I would like to play this in my car when I go to work.
Bettys RAW
Sarah Bowers
Michael Lendor
you won't leave the single life the million women life or the model type look life I never thought you were the type to cut a person down like you do when you should look in the mirror first and see yourself and really see deep as well as outside before judging anyone else. you r a very nasty negative person and what u do to women I will be opening my mouth publicly about it. and to kids. and schools for free .it hurts me inside knowing it. and you have a 13 year old daughter.
Andrew Brady
I’ve been listening to PAC since the early 90s must admit little do you know what a song keeps me realising what a poet pac was
Cod Father
Who's the girl?
Net S.A.M
Someone here no have on 2PAC
Mr. Stano
This song describes...a lot 🤦🏻‍♂️
ליאורה עמנואל
Lanre Olajire
damint.. well done... this hit em up louder!!!
eye of a shadow
love love live it!! 2pac forever💋
This is an excellent mix
Stuart Buchanan
thanks for sharin pac's luv
Tyloe Vanichi
His songs make you think of what u been and going though
Becx Xxxx
Wat a tune ❤️luv ya 2 pac RIP😘😍
Rican Marrero
Y r with one who treats u all that stress....Alone I think I knew alone before u were born alooooooneeeeeee yep not lonely
Antony Mgz
2050 !!!!!!! 2pac forever 👌💪
Melvyn Hoot Ma Whaap
Best rap artist in the world..respect 🤘
Amanda S
Such a beautiful song! ❤️
I think I love you 08 is too early to tell them we are barely friends are working on the Wishingwell open my hand but she was skeptical of the power and the shirt in June to a bridal tomorrow will be the one showing what’s the wing of your openings of sorrows maybe I am coming in on changed on the 17th is this something new for garbage from you so damn wrong at all how many for you to please give me a call I don’t understand why you must either way you can change the pin on me do you pay name is Ruby and then you go from strength to indoor me movies now my heart is so tedious ask you to apologize sequence in lies the normal till the Lazarus see no more deception when I look into your eyes are windows were always be there if you tell me that you love me and you really don’t care where is to head to say to you were proven German love you too love you see you are just tired all I really do just go play in the valves face to pieces this scare the really I do you didn’t burst your bubble right now see you soon Gooby you every single day and every day I know way even though it’s her turn to live without you I don’t want to fight you on the glass valves when was the last time I made you smile I really want to make you proud to be the mother of my child and I keep going back to discipline out and see you’re not my enemy in bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh I hope you forgive me but there is there is no steals it The space between us just turned me apart and hopefully I can find a way back to your heart and tired of this drama between us I guess we can close this week because this is the mistress so be breaking up with you going to do what are you got to leave baby please let me know suicidal as I tote my Bible The search is sayingin thanking you understand my pain I’m going to say without you I need you in my life As my wife
Pj Harrington
Super song
Stoichio M3tric
Came 4 2pac... stayed for Sierra Deaton. RIP Makaveli
Steven Tolifson
Danger made love to a stranger and married her at 19 had 2 more and moms said no more straight teeth so is have confidence when I spoke to the street sniiped them to reverse it again and give ya a little man
DK Borba
Eine Legende, aber ob ihm die ständige Mixe gefallen hätten?
very dope remix kevin ! did you remix the bubba sparks one ?
Ris. chan park
Samantha miguel love clyde buhay namin❤️👋🏻✌🏻
Jonatas Lopes
Courtney Boso
Damn... this song mashup is amazing... you will forever be missed pac.. r.w.g Everytime I hear this song I think of that one person Keith Gene Dishler💗💗💗😩
Medina Alcántara
Love it !
James Albanese
I'm still so in luv with angie143143143
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James Albanese
another day clean for ur mom the past is the past I got all ur letters the bear I met ur mom I got u she was beautiful she's resting now 143
Michael Hurtado
Not all things are meant but know when to walk away 805 miles from the bullshit that calls me her world but showed nothing towards the darkest hours
I love Miss care for and we shall all love Miss and care for Tupac Shakur
Chuck Liddell
Little do you know ❤️
Dave Leggy
Unreal this track shared to my Facebook 2018 👌
Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac Tupac
James Albanese
luv will outlast anything I luv this lady in this video
dalibor benovic