Alexa Bliss is rudely interrupted in her dressing room: Raw, Jan. 14, 2019

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Sayed Hussain Alwadaei
You know vince is back when this happens
Ratings aren't the only thing that's up
Well done Vince, 4.2M views in just a day, this was obviously your idea.
The Commenter
If only Alexa was in the attitude era.
Sean Sewell
Bring back bra and panties match
Strong Style Shooter
This is proof that Vince knows what the fans want
I’m surprised they didn’t disable the comment section 😂
Alec Escobar
"Get out of my room". Meanwhile, the camera man is still in there.
These segments will bring viewers back.
Shaquille Johnson
Altamash Kalania
Funny thing is she is worried about that guy and not about that cameraman who entered with him XD lmao
Pimp King
*Where's the rated-R version with no towel on her?*
❕ *1/19/2019* *Alexa Bliss Dressing Room: 6M Views* (⬆️0.1M) *Mandy Rose Hotel Room: 3M Views* (⬆️0.3M)
To be honest I'm not even mad about the attempt to be edgy again. Just mad about the half assness of it. Not one inch of boob even for a second was shown. Come on guys. If you're gonna do it then you can at least go a little further than that.
john cena
Alexa Bliss vs Mandy Rose Bra & Panties Match BOOK IT VINCE!!
AG Experience
Thank you Vince for listening to the people. -- WWE Universe
soccer boi213
Bring back bra and panties match !!!!
Gaurav Dubey
Thumbnail made 5.2M views in 2 Days 🤣🤣🤣
Please bring ruthless aggression or attitude era back
Abhinaba Das
I guess the cameraman was John Cena
Charles Tadare
Bring back ruthless aggressive and Get rid of new PG Era
At this time, Braun Strowman used all his strength to lift over Vince's limo and could only get 3.6M views. Alexa just took her shirt off and got 4.4M.
El TitiMan555
OMG Alexa has a beautiful body she is so pretty. 😍😍😍😘😘😘😍
Riley Brown
Alexa is the most beautiful women in WWE 😍😍😍
ya see how easy it is to get a million views
hazim zufar
Next Asuka and kairi sane segments.. kawaii fanboy waiting list
WiLd 420
The act would have been more better if she yelled at cameraguy too. That would have lookedmore genuine. But nice job 😁👍💯
It was really good. Better than the PG.
Golden Eagle9
Bro that vid should of lasted longer
Unikorn_ TheKidd
Alexa Bliss : " well it's not the bird box challenge go " 0:27-0:28 That was funny 😊
Abdul Aahud
00:26 *i didn't HEAR anything*😂😂
Eva Mendez
After seeing this,i remember when Undertaker said 'NEXT TIME KNOCK'! 😂
Nunya Bizznazz
Keep it up!!! If attitude era 2.0 come around, you'll definitely get about 5 million old fans back! 😁
Davon Lawrence
lol Finally WWE is Watchable again😂😂😂😂 Keep it up!!!!!!
Migi Big
Guy in the background chanting "yes" 😂
*is Alexa deaf? she cant hear him knocking so many times and talking?*
Dark Knight 77
Mark My Words.....This Video Will Soon Get Above Over 100 Million Views.
Rakesh Singh
Alexa bliss didn't have problem with cameraman🤣🤣
Aditya Shirsath
1990s golden era is back😂😍
Tushar Singh
What's the reaction of BRAUN STROWMAN😂😂
Cold Summer
Alexa bliss didnt let the camera man go out!!!🤣🤣🤣
Shinra Tensei
Literally Vince : I AM GENIUS !!!!!
Shubham Choudhary
Triple H-"Our TV ratings are lowering every week what should we do" Vince-"Hold my beer"
Binay Kumbhar
*She* *wanted* *the* *man* *to* *leave* *the* *room* *but* *not* *the* *Cameraman* 😂😂😂
pro danker
Job of a camera man is the best 😂
Devin Riley
The Bangbros ad lib would've played at the beginning if I was in the video😂😂😈💪
Jbs Sayed
yeah as hhh say in samck down vs raw 2007 game this raw baby 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Vortexx WWE
beast mode
Honestly she is one pf the sexiest women in wwe and ma all tym crush😻
Iron Mike
6.2 million views in just 5 days wwe keep up the good work but hoping to see more then just her back lol
Ic Mexico
I love Alexa Bliss with all my heart, she is the woman of my dreams. .. Carlos.
Ultra Slasher
She has problem with the guy but not with the camera man 😂😂🤣
Rtx Meatlug
*Alexa caught topless in her dressing room.* *John Cena destroying Vince by his words.* *Finn Balor spitting the truth on the mic.* *Braun Strowman flipping Vince's Lemo.* Looks like the Attitude Era is coming back.
Foreign Warren
Can't believe this got such a pop but I see why in 2018. A great example of how WWE gets a lot more for less by not hotshotting themselves & the business.
This is why I love wwe hell yeah,who else heard the crowed chanting yes at this segment good stuff.
Ryean Adon
Now 6.8M😊Still watching this video...Me too.😍😘
Forever Venom
this is the best moment of bliss ever! done ridiculously but it's great. she's two feel away from the door but can't hear the knock.
Sid Shades
I bet this segment was Vince's idea
Vince has the best ideas
Nina Vega
Ambrose losing his title 890K views This 4.2M views I wonder why
Allen Murphy
I read the title as: "Alexa Bliss is nudely interrupted in her dressing room."
Golden A
I bet wwe's cameramen wear camouflage armor. Sneak 100
Dariel Reyes
That was not rude he seemed like a nice person and Alexa bliss treated him unfairly
If Johnny sins in her room absolutely make a history 😂😂😂😂
R C Poetic Soul
I love this woman her talent speaks volumes and her body is amazing. omg.
Major Boolin
She’s tripping on the dude but not the cameraman? Makes sense lol
King in the attitude era would have gone "PUPPIES!!!"
sasuke uchiha
There should come more like this
Arun Upadhyay
I dont know why she is cover her breast she have nothing in there only flat pitch😂😂😂😂😂😂
LOVE IT!! My girl needs to have more segments like this!
who clicked for the thumbnail
Dineth Madurawala
my dude was trying to give her the drink so shell take her hand off to grab the drink... Nice try dude
ayyyyyyy ma boi vince knows whats up
Midnight Jury
Would've been better if he covered his eyes, split the coffee on her, and she dropped that shirt or towel or whatever. Might have actually made me interested in watching RAW for the first time in 10+ years... and dare I say it... popped a rating.
Spoke Fists
*_During attitude Era, the question Would've been , "Why did you even knock ?"_*
Alexa Bliss Show all plss
Lil drunky
The way she's grabbing her tit tho lmaoo 😂
Ryan Lesner
Alexa what time is time? Six twenty eight AM Alexa What is the temp outside? 40 degree currently Alexa do I have any new Facebook messages? Yes. Alexa who is my Facebook message from? Your message is from Alexa.... Alexa Who sent the facebook message? Alexa.... Alexa did you sent it? No. Alexa Who sent the message? Alexa... Alexa What does Alexa's message say? Our upcoming WWE match with me has been delayed I am changing my name after someone I got annoyed when someone in the same Subway eatery called my name 22 times I confronted the man about yelling my name repeatedly because I ignored him it turned out he was speaking to a poorly operating phone app that sound just like me. Everyone watching finding the situation funny laughed at me. So at this time I would like to say sorry for the delay. Alex Bliss
Ekansh Gupta
Why the camera man is stay there is she can't see him or he is john cena (you can't see me). or Batista(invisible man). Nah it's scripted.
combat devotee
Attitude era vibes.
Neeraj tiwari
Very hot I want this back wwe please.
Joaquin Palafox
More please Vince. Alexa is the most beautiful! ❤🙌😍😍😍😍
Lexi Kaufman
Bliss is best.And also the sexiest!
It's amazing how obvious this is but how it worked completely. Great job WWE.
I would crawl over broken glass to tap Alexa 🔥🔥🔥
Wants Sean to leave but not the camera man 😂
game bro
Cameraman is just like🤤🤤...😜😜
Saurabh S Kaushik
Vinny Mac is the cameraman I bet... Alexa...will be a great toy, in different ways...
Fresh Shah
I actually feel like WWE is trying to bring back the Attitude Era.
Miami Heat Gaming
-Attitude Era- -PG Era- Attitude Era 2.0
SBJ Sports Podcast Show
She heard him knock lol Alexa bliss onnat😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️
What kind of Anime/Hentai is this
Tanay Patel
We Want These Kind Of Segments Please....!!!
krs. shiv2500
She sends the guy with the coffee out but not the camera man. LOL
Windy City Heel
Alexa Bliss turned some boys into men tonight.
I find it amusing that 46 seconds of this brings in over 6 million views. You can tell how over Bliss is
Brendon Tyler Stump Way
Go, this isn’t the bird box challenge😂😂😂
Crimson Wolf
Came here for this video. Probably not going to come back until they have more videos of this quality