The Tiger Lillies & Leningrad - "Псих" ("Psycho")

This fabulous medley of footage, was edited together by our very own Wellington - fearless moderator of The Forum of The Tiger Lillies! The footage in this video comes from both the Huinya DVD, (A DVD that came packaged with some releases of Huinya, and shows the making of the album.) and a rare performance by The Tiger Lillies on Russian TV. The song is "Псих" ("Psycho"). Huinya, (2005), is a collaborative album between The Tiger Lillies and Leningrad, and features Leningrads Interpretation of classic Tiger Lillies songs. "Псих" ("Psycho") however, was a new song recorded especially for Huinya, and is very special because each of The Tiger Lillies sings his own solo! For more information about The Tiger Lillies, please visit the official site: /> Come chat with us about The Tiger Lillies on the forum, here!: /> And keep up with the latest Tiger Lillies news on Twitter!: /> *All rights belong to their respective owners, we own nothing

2 of my favorite bands. great that they found eatchother =D
sasha smirnoff
do you know where i can find a video that dosent include the talking parts..
Agreed, the Adrians have pretty cool voices, would love to hear them do a number or two.