Earth 2100 part 1 0f 9 HD ABC Global Warming Effects

- Join the fight Part 1 of 9 Earth 2100 Hosted by ABC journalist Bob Woodruff, the two-hour special explored what a worst-case future might look like if humans do not take action on current or impending problems that could threaten civilization. The problems addressed in the program include climate change, overpopulation, and misuse of energy resources.

eric fire
its almost 2015 and oil is plunging lol not surging
Michi Flores
Although climate change has happened before in the past, it never was influenced by Mankind. Today we can proove our part in climate change. Since the Industrial Revolution, when great amounts of CO2 emissions were released, we have seen a constant rise in worldwide temperatures.
That's what John D. Rockefeller did when he ushered in the age of oil -- he pulled the rug from under the oligarchy based on whale oil, and they instantly lost their grip on the economy. If some new investor does this to the fossil fuel economy, the world will turn on a dime, and whoever controls this new energy technology will become the overlords of a new age of limitless energy resources. Solar panels and wind power are simply not revolutionary enough to change to world like that.
The way to head off this dystopian future is to discover some new technological breakthrough, like cold fusion or hydrogen fuel cells, and develop it in a way that will undermine the elites of the oil-based and fossil fuel-based status quo.
rapture (reprise) - marbury
Omniscient 1
One day people will look back and laugh at how easily most fell for such cheaply produced propaganda.
Anyone know the song that starts at 1:22?
People. This movie is a wake up call.
When has 360p become HD?
Genesis 1:28 God blessed them. God said to them, 'Be fertile and become many. Fill the land and conquer it. Dominate the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and every beast that walks the land. 1:29 God said, 'Behold, I have given you every seedbearing plant on the face of the earth, and every tree that has seedbearing fruit. It shall be to you for food.
I didn't know about the Catholic Church solar power project.May we all work to follow Elohim's commands, starting with ending homicide Matthew 5:17 Think not that I have come to destroy the law or the prophets: I have not come to destroy, but to fulfill. 18 For verily I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one yod or one point shall in no way pass from the law, till all be accomplished.
Flap Flankers
You still need resources from Earth, unless they can manage to develop and grow everything by themselves, but still. Overpopulation and overuse of resources can happen up there, or down there, however you want to look at it.
Steven R
Climate change is real idiot!
Flap Flankers
Oil just seems to be unlimited doesn't it? I guess God just gets up in the morning, takes a piss, and bam. There it is.
sofe bubble
military expenditure is always a big chunk.
Resource Based Economy, we just need to develop some important technologies first.
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Didn't really bring him up, but sure. Believe in what you want.
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Now that ur talking about iron, its gone up in value, weight plates are mad expensive in Wal Mart now. Iron used to be real cheap.
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Albert Ibarra
It starts on my birthday!I'll Be a hunderd years old
Humans pass gas out the ass.
Also man it'd be a blast if this kind of future came along. Sign me up :).
Who cares about the future of the human race lol. This race has done more harm in its stupid ideas of bettering and fixing things than anything else - it should learn to leave well enough alone.
So far this video is right about gas prices rising
Well it's good to know earth won't end in 2012, it will end in 2100, good thing for me is I'll be dead by then.
yea but there are reports that there are signs of upcoming droughts throughout the U.S.
misteriosaanonimo verc
como podemos impedir esto
We can never and will never run out of water we only use 1% water on earth
Graham Thomas
That's just a temporary fix. We're just going to destroy other planets and moons if we cannot change our ways.
jayajay jayjay
i'm not starting arguements, but this movie isn't just about pollution. when you watch every part of it, you realize it is taking all of the issues that not only is the earth facing, but also humanity as well, and combining them all together in a short period. is it propaganda, yes. but there is truth. it would never take 100 years for all of this to happen. espcially at once. it would take hundreds, if not thousands.
Masahiro Sekine
follow bees to prevent
ProPAGANda!!! This nothing but lies and maybe's from a bunch of establishment talking heads out to scare the sheeple into believing that 'man-made global warming' is going to destroy the world. When in truth it is the people who are describing this disaster are taking their marching orders from the money powers and their puppet politicians who are the people really responsible for polluting the planet and raping the people of the world. Look into Agenda 21 and Mystery Babylon - C o o p e r
The pollution that we have "cleaned up" is what was protecting the ozone layer. We need that layer of pollution to reduce UV Rays and reduce radiation. If we have a problem it is because we removed our protective insulating layer of smog. This stupid video shows jet spraying something back into the atmosphere to protect us from radiation and the earth warms. Had we not removed our nice cozy layer of "smog", we would not be in this situation. This is all a man made FAIL
don't let these morons scare you with all of these imaginary scenarios.
You got it, this is man made by design propaganda. I'm calling Bravo Sierra on this whole "false phophetic" scheme to get YOUR MONEY
You had me until I saw Van Jones, this is what the Obama clan is using to sell his green energy propaganda. Commie Van Jones is the wrongest man I ever heard.
I mean like gasoline, but still, that's a good point.
Yep. Humans for example. We fart, burp, breath out gases, and there's more or less than 7billion of us.
Lori Amodeo
gobal warming is caused by the sun. not polotion
Can you please quit murdering the English language? We are also not going to another Ice Age and if you say we are I want proof. Also we can't keep the earth warm forever do you know what that will do? and if we keep polluting we'll just end up using all our resources and and end up with nothing. Also Do you want Earth to look like Venus? The Hottest planet and not even the first from the Sun. I also don't know what part Europe you live in part in France it is very warm.
Every singe video I go to. I always see people saying "OHH, BLAME AMERICA" OR "AMERICA SUCKS" Does it really need to be on every single youtube video? We arn't the only who pollutes. Most countries use cars and has factories. Let's replace "America" with "Humanity" because there's alot of polluted areas. Are we the only ones who use cars, factories, nukes, atomic bombs, nuke plants? I respect your opinions but's it on every video I see. I do hate our government tho
Upstate SC Dashcam
That's why we should do this plan "poco a poco" and save the oil for the necessary, if we don't kill ourselves for it.
Mmmmm yeah since solar is .05% of Americas power supply. We can just throw more money at solar panel companies like Obama did and let 5 billion in tax dollars disappear. More energy is used to manufacture a wind turbine that you get back from the entire lifetime of using it. There is no solution to replace oil.
Upstate SC Dashcam
Solar power is the solution. Nice try tho
And in America electricity comes from either coal, nuclear, or gas. It doesn't solve anything you fuck face.
Don Mega
lol the world has existed just fine without oil. we'll just be back to more of a 18th century way of life. or more likely we're forced to develop alternative energy technologies. cars running with electricity is not even future, but today. and glues can be made without oil. we'll have less plastic goods as plastic also requires oil and it'd get too costly for making this piece of crap called plastic anyway. so ur shopping bag would be paper, also ur one time use mugs would be paper. makes sense!
Don Mega
it's good in terms of bringing awareness for people to avoid pollution. since it creates so much pollution to produce ur electricity. BUT global warming bullshit theory it shouldn't be about. we have 5 coldest winters in a row. last winter was record setting. we've never had it this cold in whole of europe. so far for al gore's statement "snow is a thing of the past" LOL
Don Mega
damn u al gore to hell for ur bullshit agenda of imposing a global carbon tax. u carbon nazis don't even have proper science. u sun denier son of a bitch. sun warming up is more of a a cause than any damn co2. besides as ice ages come in 20,000y cycles, and there being roughly 10,000 since last ice age we're soon starting to head towards another ice age. this cycle having to do with the elliptical shape of the planet. if anything we need to make effort to keep the planet warm as long we can!
CDR. Shepard
earth hour is needed
@wokeupthismorning100 yeah but then you would eventually have a shortage of lithium
Where can I get this comics?
James Evans
if we run out of oil then we r F**ked and if global warming continues then we r F**ked.
I blame the communists and obama who is a communist jerk
i do hope it will never happen
Brandon Conn
Americans need to lower their standards. I think we are all fucked by the year 2100. FUCK AMERICA for their ways!
Demolish the suburbs? Would that work to reduce oil usage?
@wokeupthismorning100 Cars aren't the only things that use gas.
i know the solution to this. Space colonies.
Upstate SC Dashcam
Electric cars is the solution you herp derps
Cvk Abhiroop
lol! haha so then good nite n nice meeting you. lol ^^
Cvk Abhiroop
@mercanaries3 lol i was inspired by al gore's documentary. yeh la they would come bak la but then the thing is we are cutting them faster than they grow back. by the time they grow back, it seems there is no guarantee we would even be thr.
Cvk Abhiroop
@mercanaries3 but like isnt our world becoming one without plants? like deforestation n all
Cvk Abhiroop
@mercanaries3 so your saying co2 isnt doing any harm? o.0 lol din noe that. always thought like oh green house gases den the 1st thing that comes to your mind is co2 o.0. curses maybe i SHUD have taken geog. n dropped physics. i hate physics -.- bio ftw!
Cvk Abhiroop
@mercanaries3 it is true that nature has its own way of replaces, or rather controlling co2 levels, but the thing is we are changing nature. if we were like some tribal civilisation who does not change the environment, rather suits themselves to it, we can go on, but cutting down trees n well other stuff *my GK a bit low bah, cant give other examples sry >.<* , it doesnt look like nature will be able to do anything about it. That just leaves co2 out there to kill o.0
Cvk Abhiroop
wakaka meat based diets? im vegetarian ^^ wa feels good to be playing my part
Cvk Abhiroop
@mercanaries3 and then again this is what people in the video probably thought and ended up like that. we must not forget that it is important to change the 'things will remain for a while more' mindset. im not like targeting u or anything lol but just saying >.<
anyone noticed how the "solutions" they try to advocate for in the end are more or less what was done just an hour before in that fictional futuristic New York and did not save it?
I watched this and i stayed up all night.
Wtf, great, a sci-fi genre video now bashes Europe. I'm sure America would go down first, It's weird how they're not shaped like a cheeseburger.
edwin pineda
this is scary
Kristinals SD
there is so much proof this shits not real I mean what better way for the governments to gain controll over the people then to scare the shit out of them with this crap
@frednoname1 right the romans said the same thing when they heard of the visagoths
The only thing that has been raising the prices on gasoline are the oppresive gasoline taxes that the States levy to pay for welfare for the non-productive.
Don't you love HD at 360p, chopped into pieces and worthy for the Old Millennium? ;-)
Robbie Rotten
it's 2017 and gas is still cheap
Kimberly Williams
I am back again. I watch this to be reminded of how things could go.
I believe the impossible is possible, but there's one HUGE problem: the RICH🎩 are OK while we pay the burden. Perhaps it doesn't make sense now. BUT that is why WE😌 don't get anything accomplished. Instead, we make ENEMIES👿 more than FRIENDS😃. You, O'Reilly, and other innocent people MUST NOT share the same Fate as all the other EMPIRES, KINGDOMS, or DYNASTIES. The RICH🎩 gets away with the CRIME🔫, while WE😌 pay for the CRIME🔫.
Unicorn _kathy
They show me this at my school when I was in 4th grade And I had this wired dream it was a earthquake and tornado at my school Me and my two friends Had the dream
People sure are stupid. Looks like no one who made this utter foolishness has ever heard of God. I mean, He has been mentioned in many books - even has His own.
oil will be plentiful forever 
DEFORESTATION and 60 mile diameter mega cities with an average 5 to 10 F temperature increase creating climate chaos.  REPLANT RAIN FORESTS or this will be the future.
They don't point out that the solution has been here for a century. The Government and the cronies behind them are keeping that technology necessary to resolve the problem from us, while blaming us for the problem.They have murdered many great scientists and engineers and suppressed knowledge OF ZERO POINT ENERGY in order that they can maintain their existence from the proceeds of OUR natural resources.They are short sighted and despots like Nero who 'fiddled while Rome burned'! The solution is to invest in Zero point energy so that all in this world can benefit from our great minds. Using HHO cells to drive machinery or comic energy as discovered in the 'Joe cell' ! The tech. is here just let us use it for the world and the myriad of creatures in it.
Nancy O'Malley
Lucy looks a bit like Arya Stark (GoT)
funny how the temperature keeps going down now isn't it?