Heroes of Might and Magic 3 - VCMI - New Interface + Cove Town

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VCMI 0.96b + New Interface Mod + Horn of the Abyss Mod

Andrei Brănescu
I like this interface. Maybe you can submit it so it becomes the default interface for VCMI.
Ninja Wizard
This is a old version of HotA, its by far the best city i saw so far, and the only one worth download in my opinion, im offering myself to make new towns, i can work on the theme for now if someone want to
Chess Addict
the attack, defence and intellect skills are looking the same as in king's bounty gameplay. Are those two related somehow?
Wow those Sea Serpents look sick, man!
Darek Sytnik
where can i downland this mod 0.96b?
Savage Source
The problem is the next: Why some of the sound files in the mods folder don't play while gameplay? Like spellcasting, or Cove town characters like nymphs should manage to be heard the move.wav the moveend.wav etc...? Why does this thing happen?
Lý Tuyết Nhi
lol Ballista in Cove ? XD
Great interface design.