Brutal Fails - HOT GIRLS FAIL compilation 2017

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3:34 That was not a fail. That was a win.
Dandyy Calles
1:20 si esas son amigas👿 espérate que sea tu enemiga
Juan Lopes
8:33 When your house turns into a strip club
Luigi the Super Gamer
3:21 the beach guy from spongebob is real
3:20 laugh sounds like a dolphin
10:30 is not a fail... just a great idea. XDXD
Tyorne Mother Fucking King
Those two guys at window well if I saw a girl doing something sexy I might look is
Vincent Cawley
1:25 you realise this is a school girl right?
Matheus Morais
3:20 when the car don't starts
Rocio Hernandez
4:32 He's a good man
7:25 Dutch girl
Joseph Dillard
8:33 That's hilarious, she don't mind showing the whole world online but two guys at the window, that's too much 😂😂😂
That generic"Dixienormous"picture guy.
2:05 damn she was too quick.....
gazze r
3:32 that wasn't a fail, that was cool as
Merzax Axel
the woman made a rainbow~ 9:23
Jason Walton
11:02 like wow dude..really
marcus vinicius martins do nascimento
At 3:13 that is what I call a doggie position
4:13 there are some spectacular breasts under that top.
1:39 who is this gymnast?
girly gamer 28
OMG and lol at the Sam time
Goofy girls - gotta love ‘em.
at 4:42. that guy is a real man. didn't laugh just ran to her side and made sure she was ok. (it's perfectly fine to laugh after)
cool ganer
0:59 - Darude Thotstorm
El Bigotes De La Tienda
4:33 That's not funny, dude...
Yoloswagpro Bro
I'm stuck! I'm going to die in a freezer!
ivar uutar
2:04 for the nipple.
Isaiah Allen
1:10 isn’t the title hot girls
Aaron Juarbe
3:31 is a win in my book perfect timing
Jam Isaq
Painful to watch.
Cobbalt Madinchi
1:50 lol that is hilarious 😂😂 😂
2:03 thank me later
Yeah,the last orca is really hot
Nern Guan
3:21 Surfing fish from Spongebob
Hello There
2:10 Loved the Benny Hill music.
Honestly, I feel so bad for these girls.
Rosemary Mead
0:16-0:25 hear her bones being crushed🙊😖😖
jim bianchi
That girl on the skate board is a champ!
Xbdhdbb Xmxnxn
3:12 köpeğin yerinde olmak isteyenler
John Doe
2:09: The duration of that mishap made it the funniest. Shit was falling down for like 5 whole seconds.
8:32 this was the best thing i've ever seen. the reaction off all of them is hilarious
Jerry Obiago
9:22 some serious rope burn though x0
Chuck S.
3:17 - that poodle looked like a dude! Makes it even more creepy.
7:33 what the heck are these walls made of? oO Paper?
Damian Ortner
The girl with the vacuum cleaner XD
harry west
sometimes what beautiful specimens of our species we have, other times FUGLY !
Maya Lawrence
3:12 That was art.
Aka Productionz
I don't get why people put away the camera after the fail
кто знает, зачем я это смотрю?
8:10 the name of the full Video 😂💪
brad h
7:23 The cat is out of the bag.
7:13 se le quemo el bollo 😂😂😂😂 bollito rostizado para todos
1:51 he went from I'm so lucky to have her to it's over in 3 secs (im assume he's not an airhead as that girl of course)
Jeff Brigman
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life
Mildred Urena
i love that when the girl feell of the skate board her boyfreind said :Are you ok baby? at 4:34
Mechanical Pants
3:53 "Vacuum cleaner lips" had me in hysterics! The terrified look on her face is priceless!
Priscilla Lander
Babes with no brains, say NO to the HOE
Daniel Gidra
*7:11** essa garota tem fogo no cu, ao pé da letra! kkkkkkkkkkkkkk*
1:50 GENIUS 😂 😂 😂
Amy Yee
why the heck do girls wear swimsuits for everything? And high heels? I'm done. Nope.
why are there so many morons who skate withput a helmet
Served them right lolx...!!!!!
girly gamer 28
doum people are all right here
screen name
When I see a hot chick getting paralysed it turns me on Is it normal?
Why is it that the goofiest girls have the greatest asses?
why people skateboard wearing shorts, nothing protective like pads, half helmets, pants, I'll never understand. Everything is fine until you break your neck, shatter your jaw, leg arm etc. A few simple precautions and you can enjoy without regretting
1212 12
3:21 laugh
joshua treefelner
Buddy, some of those girls are like 13....that’s not’s sick
Chuck S.
1:24 - the question on everyone's mind while watching these videos.
Mayhem Milkyway
3:13 Continued on Porn hub XD
Daniel Juno
1:46 don't give inexperienced riders your bike or this will happen
ZrixesMCPE - Mcpe , Games , and Stuffs
3:10 wtf
Michael Perez
331 was so great
Little slippy
Haha popcorn girl
Ciobanu George
Are you okay? Yes, she`s okay...but still a idiot. :)
Dick Hasselman
Haha, the guy at 1:53 absolutely brilliant! Error girlfriend broke
matt daniels
Ssems like the hotter they are the harder they fail. Lol
StepByStep Draws
2:05 you can see the tity thank me later b
Dante Howlstice
3:30 is a fuking win
Zachariah Kelley
what that girl real name on 1:00
d a d d y
why is this on my recommended
Kirill Heart
kill switch
Yeah brutal....not
19xfan 1
I like the squak shots!!! 💖😉👌🏻👍
Sallah Uddin
03:54 LMAO
c iuli
god dammit 99% off the comments are pornographic or age restricted good job humanity!!!
complete waste of time. Girl falls into tub. Girl falls off table. Girl falls while wearing high heels....snoring.....snoring.... wow so hot! NOT
69696 subscriber with no videos challenge
1:06 you're welcome ;)
good masturvation minute 1:16
3:13 bestiality boning
the good part of youtube
Shut da hell up
5:18 that looks kinda painful
Y Vorius
3:23... We all have one of those...
Xzep Gamer
john Baldock
Beauty Fades BUT Dumbness Doesn't!!
Tawfik Samer
Finn Benthin
3:25 this laugh though
Odd One
why am I watching this..
* Photogramagic *
The new ragdoll engine...