What About Bob- I'm Free!!

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After Dr. Leo Marvin ties up Bob for Death Therapy, he is overwhelmed with joy. No copyright infringement intended

This is good to play when you're about to get off work xD
National Coaster News
Me on the last day of school
My friend just quit his job and he sent me this....He is im a much better place now
When you can't afford an iPhone but find one on the ground without a password or iCloud lock.
MisAnthro Pony
How your summer vacation starts.
thanks why I came to this video haha!
Science Walk
Because he is free.
daniel fife
I did toooooooooooooo
daniel fife
why is he happy?
Thank you for having this. It was driving me CRAZY trying to remember where I got "I'M FREEE!!!" from. The Inter-Nets comes in handy once again. :)