20 AMAZING Details in GTA IV

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Here's 20 Small details in GTA IV, This game turned 10 years old less than a week ago and man it has some pretty good details, with a few done better than in GTA V, Enjoy. Check out More Videos Here: 17 God of War Details: /> 25 Far Cry 5 Details: /> 10 Far Cry 2 Details: /> 7 Sea of Thieves Details: /> 28 Witcher 3 Details: /> 31 Uncharted 4 Details (Part 2): /> 25 Uncharted Details (Part 1): /> 9 Kingdom Come Details: /> Top 10 Details of 2017: /> 16 Tomb Raider Details: /> 11 Watch Dogs 2 Details: /> 20 Battlefield 1 Details: /> Assassin's Creed Origins Details Part 1 - 20 Details: /> Subscribe and Hit the Notification Bell to Keep up to Date with When I Upload! ►Subscribe to me here!: /> ►Follow me on Instagram: /> Grand Theft Auto IV is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles on 29 April 2008. Players complete missions—linear scenarios with set objectives—to progress through the story. It is possible to have several active missions running at one time, as some missions require players to wait for further instructions or events. Outside of missions, players can freely roam the game's open world, and have the ability to complete optional side missions. Composed of the fictional city of Liberty City, the world of Grand Theft Auto IV is larger in area than most earlier entries in the series. At the beginning of the game, players can only explore the first island–composed of Dukes and Broker–with all other islands unlocking as the story progresses. Music: GTA IV Main Theme

o Knightz o
Bet you'd never guess what game I'm covering next...🎮
Rafael Nogueira
I remember the first day I played GTA 4, at one moment I was driving a car and hit a small wall, Niko just fly over the front window and hit a street light, he put himself up, and the steel from street light hit he head, and then he die. I still remember every seconds of this moment. I played all GTA's and this game is so much special to me .
Uniday Studio
Liberty. 9:00
BR70 !
I think we can all agree this game was wayyy ahead of its time.. A true masterpiece
Boruto Channel
GTA V = Winner Grapichs But GTA IV Is Real Life
Okay, I'm reinstalling this bad boy.
gamers 11
who think gta 4 is better than gta 5
NPC'S are reacting to rain as well :).
I remember everytime Niko hits another car he goes *You American Asshole* the good old days.
H&H productions plays
Gta4 has better physics than gta5
Aus Luq
better than gta 5
I play gta 4 in 2018 <3
Henrique RC
GTA IV > GTA San Andreas > GTA V
Jesus Christ
Hands down the best Gta game
Hemanth Aru
GTA iv is better than GTA v isn't it??
Xavier bohn #2
Better than Gta5
Crime RO Gaming
Gta 4 has 24 gb Gta 5 has 60 gb But the only thing biger in gta 5 is the map and the shitiest driving
Hunter Mantis
5:06 I do the same thing but I go to the no mini diner and take ketchup and mustard bottles
When Niko has fought for a long time using gun his clothes and face is stained with blood
ᅩ ᅩ
Bloody footprint appear in GTA3
Mario Stoicescu
Gta 4 is better than gta 5. Like who agree
/T/H/O/T /S/L/A/Y/E/R
Don’t let this you from the fact that I didn’t say distract
Shuffle Raver
GTA 4 is better than 5 the story is better , the combat is better and the physics are just great , GTA 5 is good but over the top it's graphics are good but the physics are bad and the story, the characters and the combat are all just over the top I mean you can shoot somebody in the toe and they will die it's just too much so I hope that they will combined number 4s physics and 5s graphics and we will have one hell of a GTA 6.
Anaswar Baburaj
GTA 5-Graphics GTA 4-Reality
Its sad how gta 5 is just not half as good
Euphoria Physics is the best physics in the ALL saga of gta and Rockstar Games
Above Aura
Obviously R went for the money approach with gta v with all the online and the destructive behavior towards the modding community. I just hope this wont continue with VI and onwards on the franchise because itd be a shame to ruin a legendary and revolutionary series because of greed.
Irish Julian
7:52 Which character is that?
Rithvik Srinivas
Student, Matthew Tyson
Wow 10 year old but Gta Iv is a best game
Cecilia Munyiri
I like gta 4 than gta 5
SuP3r V33r
This game music make me moist. old dayz I love this game audio 💗 they should bring back all characters at one game
Lyberty! Gta 4 was after gta san andreas the best game from @rockstargames
Number 3 is unrealistic because in America they would've shot that nibba
Gamers Stop
Gta 4 is better then gta 5 like if you agree
Omg dude I want buy gta 4 now thanks for this video I liked 👍💚(Really I'll buy gta 4)
Ur mom is 10 years old
elite gamer br
4:45 once time me punch one guy and take his phone and throw on water
i like tacos
Back when rockstar cared
Александр Леонов
Hello everybody! GTA 4 is the best game of GTA! Who is agree with me? And I have a question... Am I alone Russian here? Then greetings to my Motherland! If you are Russian, Belorussian, Ucranish or Serbian then write me please
Akash Timsina
My favorite version of gta... Gta 4
Tk Racing
Love the gta iv you can shoot tires AND suspension :D and throw with a gigarette :D
GTA 4 have best gameplay GTA San Andreas have best story GTA 5 have 'best' online experience
Phoenix Jonathan
One of the most insanely detailed game ever made
Tomik505 GD
Gta IV is bether then Gta V 🤘
Many of my friends who don't normally play any Rockstar Games always give me flak for liking GTA V less than IV. I could be biased because IV was my first GTA game, but this video illustrates just some of the little things about GTA IV that make it that much more alluring to me. Attention to detail is important!
mclaner memes
Thats why i like gta4
Stars Games
What Good
Tahmid Antar
I can not believe how Rockstar were able to cram so many details into one game in fucking 2008. Even today its physics animations and details are unmatched. I'm pretty sure RDR 2 will be a downgrade from RDR as well.
Alejandro Flores
gta4 has better physics than most "car simulators"
Riley Hunt
I did see all the amazing details in Grand theft auto 4.Can you please do another video about the amazing details in Grand theft auto 5 or 1 2 3 6.Because that was a sssssooooooo epic ( chanting ) video,video,video video video video video video video video
•Polar• :#
6:41 How do you do that on PS3?
Edy V
who wants to bring grand theft auto IV to life to give like
Soldier of God Yoel Romero
GTA iv was and still is the best game I’ve ever played. Not gonna lie I think I clocked it about 15 times.
Igofi Games
Najeeb Pasha
ive just installed the game pc specs: 8gb ram graphics 1800mb integrated windows 10 stucked once press the start game them images keep on changing but the game wont load or start
What are your PC specs man ? I am buying a new PC can ya tell me so I can play this game again without any lag
agdaf 123
I want a remastered gta 4 like if you agree
This game is better simply because of fat cops
angel Perez Alvarez
Que detalles
Johnny Guerrero
I hope rockstar is watching this
angel Perez Alvarez
Gran videojuego
Why does it take 11 minutes to see them.
Adrian Sandy
Gta 4 is the best
Nihar Pednekar
Thanks bhai ha video kelya baddal!
Aed Garcia
Why everytime you post video there's an arrow and red circle hmmp.
Amazing Youtuber’S
Zomata ad is very bad it comes at all videos
Open Me
GTA IV physics + GTA V graphics = GTA VI
Suculent Beebs
eleandro caça,pesca e muito mais
Só eu do br
Gibson Gold
GTA IV is better physics wise, GTA V is better character story/dialogue and graphics wise. My opinion
Gta 3 3d + Gta Vice City Bad ass Character + Gta San Andreas's Like Story + Gta Iv Physics + Gta 5 Graphics and Good Details = The Perfect game of History
Iceto Xristov
gta 5 Amazing
Sareni Gamer
H&H productions plays
I also play gta4 on my xbox 360 and im about to complete it i love gta 4
Uchiha - Zone
Rizky ramadhan
I love the story gta 4 its better than gta 5
ha1o Ez_
Liberty :) cool video bro
My Childhood in a nutshell 😂😂 6:00 Best game I've ever played until the ring of death.
Vector Unit Developer
I have GTA5 and GTA4 I play gta 5 for the graphics I play gta 4 for the physics
Aryan Pathak
SuP3r V33r
Nice 💗💖
patrick hit407
Liberty 🗽
Altijd Rodi
Gta4 better den gta5
Rulas Gaming
When you burn tires the tires explode
Comment "Liberty" if you made it this far.
Ayhan Ahmedov
Gta 4sucks gta 5betterw
Heyner Jheis
Jake the Snake
Better than gta 5, but worse than gta San Andreas.
like ko zna da prica srpski
i GET THAT 3:42 you had to show bloody footprints but why kill that innocent girl that too with a pumpy ! I repeat "girl" ..... #feministAlert