Pacers vs. Heat Game 6: LeBron James highlights - 25 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists (5.30.14)

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For the entirety of the regular season, the supremacy of the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference was brought into serious question by the Indiana Pacers. Then came the playoffs. And the question was answered -- emphatically. The Heat became the third franchise in NBA history to reach the title series in four consecutive seasons, a laugher of a conference-title finale getting them there again Friday night. LeBron James scored 25 points, and Miami eliminated the Pacers for the third straight year with a 117-92 romp in Game 6 of the East championship series. "I'm blessed. Very blessed. Very humbled," James said. "And we won't take this opportunity for granted. It's an unbelievable franchise, it's an unbelievable group. And we know we still have work to do, but we won't take this for granted. We're going to four straight Finals and we will never take this for granted."

5:55 most meaningless half court buzzer beater of all time
League Bat
I was at work, checked the score and it was 84-48 i was like is this real life?? lol
The game was over in the first quarter
richel sambilad
Aye Itz Braden
Did anyone else see that AMAZING HALF COURT AT THE BUZZER?!! SICK!
Bingo Bingo
Lance Stephenson should be kicked out of NBA 4ever, tho his defense is pretty good, hes extremely unprofessional, immature and dirty as a player.
King 27
Lebron is on a mission and Wade is the 3rd greatest SG of all time.
Dillon pierce
Lebron is sick! Best player in the nba by far!
John Mark Dalida
Lbj have a very powerful arm . Can't wait to see who's Miami Heat will going face .!. But I still salute the Indiana Pacers play. Even lance stephenson is like out of his mind .but I still a fan of lance.
First quarter KO, Pacers annihilated in the first round by Heat.
Cool Breeze
1:13 Finished with the left hand. Pretty Damn impressive.
abby belingonVevo
i love watching the Miami win.....! My prayer was answered! :)
Viet Nguyen
The word dominant gets thrown around loosely, but that was a dominant game on both ends
What Up Gangstaaa
LOL he made that last shot beyond half court, just threw it up
Lee Everett
thank you for this highlight video. ESPN doesn't show this much on sportscenter.
Congratulations Miami Heat for a 4th straight Finals appearance, we meet again!
Jeremy Shorter
This was a Hat off to David West.
Genaro Cabrera
It's a team full of all-stars I never expected pacers would beat them
richel sambilad
JL HammondD
Wonderful memories...
tnx for uploading!!!
I'm a boss
This series by lance was luck people throught he was good but this game 6 n his season with the hornets exposed him😂😂
Yannick Willems
u know the rule hand down man dowm
Jeramay Villacorta
GO! GO! GO! MIAMI HEAT.... i can't wait to see the rematch.... i love you all guys!!!! Good Luck and God Bless to the Finals!!
Calvin de Leon
sas vs mia 2
That buzzer beating three by Donald Sloan felt like a buzzkill to these highlights
5:55 yeah, that's what's up
The refs actually didn't favor the Heat this game, which was a miracle, having watched the entire San Antonio and Indiana series last year plus about half the Chi series all against the Heat... I still feel strongly that in a Game 7 even in Indiana, refs would have handed the game to them on a silver platter probably favoring the Heat by more than 2-1 in foul shot attempts and endless BS foul calls or non-calls. This was not a great performance by the Heat and a boring as hell game to watch especially after Game 5... George didn't play well, but the Heat made about 90% layups in this game and LeBron has nothing to be proud of after this game... I don't know what the hell the stats are but even though they blew out Indiana, they just completely used their size and athleticism... It is just like let's say for example when you were in 8th grade with your friends on a playground, and 9th-10th grade kids said, you want to play a game and they were all like around 20 pounds heavier than you, 2-3 inches taller than you and could jump higher and more athletic, that is how I see this Indiana-Miami series... especially this game 6. The media will spin it as, "the greatest player on the planet imposed his will once again atop his throne" please he played like sh*t this series and Game 5 was horrendous... I am freaking sick of this league now, when Kobe/Melo retire which should be 2 years for Kobe and 5 or 6 for Melo, it's gonna be downhill... Durant is not clutch so he will never be a superstar in my eyes, Chris Paul is a superstar and maybe Rose although he has no jump shot. Paul George has insane potential though...
Thx for the upload
Aiden Tijerina
5:24 Lebron traveled
Weezy Wayne
garbage time started in the beginning of the 3rd quarter
Lance sephenson lmao
Joshuel Herrer
sal galvez
Lets face it the pacers dont have a go to guy, the closest to that is paul george and he is a beast but the pacers will only go as far he takes them! And lets not forget its always miami in the way! RESPECT FOR THE PACERS!
Beats S
lebron killed pacers
Rocky G
that final point tho
Too good!!
Funny how George hill saw Lebron coming and got scared and tried to fake him. Lebron was like nah Bruh you gotta do better than that.
Levan Foster Carter
Lebron travels a lot, I mean the refs calls everything else
Kerlowey Tingson
The haters are on facebook lol @reneboy gelicame
I didn't see that half court coming
The Uncle Drew
I think making it to the Finals 4 straight times along with the greatness of Pat Reilly is enough to make LeBron stay 5 more years. Everybody wants to discredit the value of Wade & Bosh. I think with a couple more younger veteran additions in rotation Miami will 4peat, possibly 5peat. Just amazing to watch this team grow over 4 years and the chemistry is the chemistry of the New England Patriots. HeatNation
if they win it will be the third time in a row
rob neri
where can i watch the full replay of this game?
LeBron James is the best player in the NBA!!!
mark reese
its over pacers fans!!!! hahahahaha
Miss lebron in Miami
Dat travel at 5:40
Why didn't you give credit to GD and Dawkins.
Not gonna lie ..I use to hate this guy with a passion but he's really become one of my favorite disrespect to Kevin Durant or his raw-butt fans but Lebron, you the real MVP
I heart this man
Lei Van
Goodluck to the REAL MVP and his team vs Spurs
anthony cheesman
Lebron gonna be bbq whoever plays in the finals cuz okc and spurs dont play defense lol and r classy so they wont blow ppl lol
I just love hearing Mark Jackson's commentary. I wish he wouldn't coach anymore so he can be at the games. Mama there goes that man!!!
khim imba
paul george and usher look alike
Rafael Mejia
Lebrun is happy 5:52
Tyler Nichols
4:18 Carry
Aiden Tijerina
5:24 Lebron traveled
reneboy gelicame
where are the haters?hahaha
3 peat
jack ivey
Did anybody else notice the half court shot at the end?
Jeweller Ista
Why ppl hate on him he's good
samuel ko
Travel by Lebron at 5:44
Daniel Mabien
Lebron on killin i
Kobe Bryant's 31 points vs. LeBron James' 37 points highlights: Lakers vs. Cavaliers (1.21.10)
moustafa ghanem
5:40 travel!!! wtf
Junior Alcala
Lebron can take over any way..
Rhea Mae Angub
LeBron James my idol
But that half court buzzer beater at the end tho... Lmfaooooo
Angelica Pagaduan
King James for the Win!!!
but that shot at the end of the game though....
5:38 travel btw
this is the guy ppl are mocking?? wow. I think its out of fear of knowing LBJ might eliminate the Spurs  AGAIN..
3:36 did he say "running for the touchdown"
+1RonBurgundy1 You are obviously a pacers bandwagon fan The refs never favored the heat in this series, you should see some of the calls on Lebron in game 5, complete BS. The refs also never favored the heat in any of the three series you mentioned. Indiana would have been favored, not the heat The fact that you said this was not a great performance by the heat and the game was boring proves you are a bandwagon fan who cares only about the pacers. You also say that George didn't play well, he did, unless, I'm assuming you're blind. Does it matter the heat made 90% layups? Layups are the easiest shots in the game, if you have them take them, unless you are a bandwagon like you who doesn't know basketball. Also that is a lie by the way, The heat made a lot of jump shots, you are just too blinded by hate to see that. You also say the heat used their size and athleticism. Athleticism yes, but size? A definite no. The pacers were huge compared to Miami. I repeat, the heat were never stronger or bigger than Miami. so based on your logic the pacers would have dominated? The pacers were heavier and taller, so don't give me that crap. Usually if you blowout a team you are better, not because you are bigger and stronger, so the heat were obviously the better team. The media is right about Lebron he is great, I hate him, but he is so get over it. He played like shit? Then how come he still won and posted good numbers? Game 5 was horrendous, only because he played about 16 minutes because of phantom foul trouble. You act like Kobe and Melo are the best players currently, they aren't Durant is awesome, so is Lebron. Chris Paul and Rose are no where near best player to play currently. Paul George was the only good player you said had potential another thing that proves you are a bandwagon fan. I think you should go back to watching soccer, because you clearly know nothing about basketball.
Abdirahman Mohamoud
4:39 I swear I thought it was R.I.P Roy Hibbert
Jhonrey Pelino
Quintin Roberts
And everyone just ignored the last shot from past half court by who I couldn't see who it was
jay fairman
Woow he made that Last Shot 😑😐 .. Heat Nation Ya Heard Me been a fan since Sippy cups ya heard me
Rod Gossett
Miami is Ready for, tina park, old tim, mama hips diaw, manu-uchoakely & old Pop. Not happening tacos & salsa town. 3-HEAT!
Joshua Justo
Nobody notice that half court shot in the end haha
Miami Heattttttttttttttttt! Champions I bet there win the NBA finials
G4ming Terror
Miami has one of the best fans around, when Lebron was around..... Lebron left tho.......
lol, Rashard Lewis has the ugliest shot and stance.
because of three pts @5:55, i won 500!!  HAHA!!
Ballers Life
Heat Bron was just a totally different demon. He was quite frankly unguardable & unstoppable. Just soo fast with an attitude of destruction.
Asian Allen
nice last second shot my brothers luv u all
bruh 111
that buzzer beater tho, i know it won't mean anything to make it, but little things like that in the betting world changes the outcome of winning a bet or losing a bet, i know from experience
Lee Everett
5:56 how about that buzzer beater lol
Man O'Neal
You could tell from the tip-off that this thing was all Miami. LeBron could have went for 40 plus if they needed it.
Jordan Thornhill
Someone hit a half court shot at 5:55 2
That half court shot tho!
JD 23
3:46 Is this a fake video??? Chris Smoove commentary???😂😂😂
Lance STevenson was a retard and was useless
Miami Heat 2014 NBA Champions!!!!
Beastie Boi
2:21…look familiar?
Chase Marcy
these games dont seem to have the same type of momentum that the games now do