Home hack - DIY - How to remove the broken screw

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Tushar Rajula
Didn't worked Makes a hole in the rubber 🙁
Makes sense. You increase the friction with bits of rubber. I will try that next time I have this problem.
That is truly a real lifehack for anyone who has had this problem. Once you get it out enough you can use a metal saw to slice a slot into it to use a flat head screwdriver to get it fully out.
Len Ngametua
Didn't work for me all it does is put a hole in my rubber
Stīvs Gulbis
its farm rembo, one screwdriver for all type screews...
Wow 100 like and 0 dislike, thank you so much :P
Hmm, great idea.
neat !!
Câu Phao
you had teached me a lesson
Govind Sagar P
Wow... Well done
Robert Litman
Interesting, though I'm not convinced it will work on a truly stuck screw. I'll have to try it. What I need to point out though, is WHY that screw is stripped in the first place. Those are pozi-driv screws, and you're using a Philips bit. They're incompatible.
Wow 8k Likes and... 717 dislike ???? Why ?
Mixd plate
Slightly deceiving title. The screw is not actually broken, it is stripped. I'm needing to remove a screw that is broken, no head to drill into. But great way to remove a stripped screw!
I simply bought some Japanese screw pliers! (these are like combi pliers with jaws that grip the perimeter of ruined screws & don't slip of)....but thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it :-)
use the right screwdriver bit to start with you are using a PH2 driver and bit with a PZ2 screw
Dr. Tarrin P Lupo
Pretty damm smart, kudos
you learn something new every day!
Sandiren Parianen
wow Thanks for the share man :) Thumbs up
Samuel Caban
it wouldn't work on a hex bolt rusted on a metal machine tho....wood is easy
Naseer Naseer
Liu Wenbo
amazing! you such a genius
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what kind of rubber are you using?
Soh Swee Gim
Thank you very much for sharing !
how to open a GameCube controller without the triangle screwdrive?
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What the music name
Jamie Atkinson
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aneta jones
omg thank you life saver
Kal Ali
what is the orange piece your using? is plastic ?
Warning though: if you source your rubber from a condom, remember not to put it back in your wallet!
no wonder, you are using the wrong tip, thats how you (haha puns) screw that screw
GS Narayanan
what does the 159 dislike fellows need..........
darrell Prince
why did you round the head off in the 1st place? because it's a pz2 screw and you're using a ph2 bit... wrong bit bruce
that's just rubber right or is it something else?
Jae Hus
What is the fabric you are using please ?
Harshal Satpute
zach wasil
thanks for showing me how a regular screw on the left thats not stripped operates....;] were really just interested in the stripped one for future reference
This is epic... 😄👍
sagar chuadhari
Succede che si consuma la testa della vite solo se l'inserto non è adatto come nel video. Stai usando un inserto Phillips2 e la vite è Pozidriv2. Se si usa l'inserto adatto la vite non arriva a quello stato!!! Il tuo sistema è efficiente solo su materiali morbidi, su legno più duro non credo che funzioni...credo sia meglio fare uno spacco con il dremel sulla testa della vite ed usare successivamente un inserto a spacco!
Dave Saenz
If rubber increases friction why are condoms............ nevermind!!
Генерал Юденич
У Вас же на головке самореза стоят насечки PZ, а бита PH. Уже нестыковка;-)
BoboChacha Ho
i had same idea too only i use a used brillo dishwashing pad but didnt work as the blunt headed rusted screw was on my washing machine metallic surface. in the end, follow what a commenter here said to screw open with simple plier and that works!
A few days after I watched your video for the first time, I bought a second-hand table at a Habitat ReStore. I needed to disassemble the table in the parking lot, in order to get it into my vehicle, but one of the screws had a stripped-out head. I tried your trick using the finger tip of a neoprene glove between the drill bit and the screw. It worked like a charm! Thank you very much for sharing the idea. I'm put the piece of neoprene into my drill case, so that I will have it next time I need it.
Ivor Blaas
I see how you destroyed the screw in the first place. You used a philips head bit on a pozidrive screw
My Tech
Help full
Hudson Cox
What a legend
You got to be kidding me????? Oh my god there is hope out there!
Alex Volk
отличный совет! благодарю.
сергей мельников
всё гениальное-про100!!!
June Carlo Duran
it didnt worked for me
Asaduzzaman Jony
thanks mate :D :D :D will try soon :D
- NjjX
why would you dislike a video like this?
Kunal Das
I have this problem with laptop
Robin Yoon
Awesome... this video was short and straight to the point. I hate videos where the person spends the first 5 minutes of a 6 minute video talking and talking and talking. Thanks for the post igor30!
Sagar Yadu
Lord Ba'al
How about talk and say what you're using.
el benjaz ra ra ra
Jajajajajajajajajaja a gringos como sacar tornillos barridos en aglomerado jajajajajajajajajaja aaaaa gringooosss
Sukhjeet Singh Happy
Nice to Meet You
Great trick, thanks
bjurze 10
can I use this method for small computer screws and for example toilet paper ?
Rona Saputra
Nice info
m türkmen
Very good👍
tom barker
great way to make/remove your own vandal proof screws, lol
Sree Ram
Lucian Bartus
Good on a loose screw. .you've no chance on an old or new screw which is tight. Tip. . If the damaged screw is in a door hinge. . Then drill the head off the screw, remove the hinge, then use grips or mole grips to clamp screw shaft then remove. If it's in a piece of work that you don't want to damage, use a dremel to cut a slot then remove with flat screw driver.
also see me
Good idea
Neo Matrix
What the hell?!!!! Wished you had posted this vid years ago. Would have saved me all the headaches and time wasted. Thank you!
Jaquan Johnson
hi. sorry dkldllld life palma Ezra lowly poodle propel do Earle does iron orioles Kirk customary
Possible Kim
Raghothama Chaerkady
Super! I am going to try this idea! thanks
Lok Tom
This is the best reason not to use the stupid Philip screw heads in the first place.
Stefan Walz
This song at the end!!!
Thank you. Very useful.
Chicago Rc
Mind blown!!!!! Lmfao I was like whaaaaaaaaat lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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For starters you might want to use the right bit for the right screw...
Jorge Luis Mejia
Excelente me an salvado la vida 🤗🤓
Angela Nakiyingi
Now how do I do this without a drill?
Banta Wague
love it..learned something new everyday...thanks
Arthur Mann
Great idea!! Never thought of this one. Thanks Igor30!! :-)
AJ Singh
brother u will be Brother I can go east I can go west but u are gone to be BEST...
minority report
Igor good idea, many people have this problem, and this is easy, economic solution ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
sam leo
محمد المفضلي
whats with the stupid music
Great presentation! Thank you!
Love the happy music at the end :-)
im using to screw a stripped screw in bc im cheap xD
khee bong
This trick better than the sooooo called "Speed out 5 seconds"
JudashX Ixkariote
Amazing! thanks for the tip bro! :)
Michael Low
that screw was really broken
OMG!! Thank you so Much! Need this NOW!! :-)
Arthur Mann
Great idea!! Never though of this one. Thanks Igor!! :-)
It's useful
ironmarty Sharpe
The best way to do this is use a Dremel tool with a cutoff wheel attached and cut a slot across the screw , Then use a slotted screwdriver , Or you can try the Speed Out stripped and broken screw extractor , Available at stores that sell those products " As seen on TV "
Nick Walton
Wow. I know now how to extract those screws I've been putting off! Thanks a million. Genius.