Home hack - DIY - How to remove the broken screw

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That is truly a real lifehack for anyone who has had this problem. Once you get it out enough you can use a metal saw to slice a slot into it to use a flat head screwdriver to get it fully out.
Stīvs Gulbis
its farm rembo, one screwdriver for all type screews...
Makes sense. You increase the friction with bits of rubber. I will try that next time I have this problem.
Tushar Rajula
Didn't worked Makes a hole in the rubber 🙁
you learn something new every day!
I simply bought some Japanese screw pliers! (these are like combi pliers with jaws that grip the perimeter of ruined screws & don't slip of)....but thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it :-)
Hmm, great idea.
neat !!
Govind Sagar P
Wow... Well done
Len Ngametua
Didn't work for me all it does is put a hole in my rubber
Liu Wenbo
amazing! you such a genius
Sandiren Parianen
wow Thanks for the share man :) Thumbs up
fernando Valencia
Un trucazo querido amigo.. Saludos desde colombia🖒
Dr. Tarrin P Lupo
Pretty damm smart, kudos
Wow 100 like and 0 dislike, thank you so much :P
Steffen Rosmus
C 4 is faster and more effective😉
Zacks Random Projects
Hey cool trick! I subscribed!
god bless you for this video, I was so stuck and it works
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use the right screwdriver bit to start with you are using a PH2 driver and bit with a PZ2 screw
Jamie Atkinson
Kris Jenders
Brilliant I'm about to replace old decking soon and I am bound to come across some dodgy screws. Cheers for the tip.
JudashX Ixkariote
Amazing! thanks for the tip bro! :)
Randle Richardson
I’ve got a screw rounded out on the master cylinder on my four wheeler I’ll use this to get it out thanks great ideas GOD BLESS.
Sparte Maura
utile e geniale!!!!bravissimo!!!GRAZIE
No Name
mind blown man, very simple and it works!! thank you!
1. use the right tool, i.e NOT a PH bit for PZ screw.
Kahele Kok
Holy moly If I knew this a long time ago I would have less grey hair AMAZING STUFF
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what kind of rubber are you using?
Robert Litman
Interesting, though I'm not convinced it will work on a truly stuck screw. I'll have to try it. What I need to point out though, is WHY that screw is stripped in the first place. Those are pozi-driv screws, and you're using a Philips bit. They're incompatible.
Frank Rizo
Thanks. Have couple of screws I will try it on.
Vladas Kurkinas
lesson 1. use a proper bit for a screw. it's a pozidriv, not a phillips.
Bayu Wicaksono
Thx u, now i can solve my problem :)
Carlos Cano
Genius! Thanks Amigo
Agus Dwi Putra
What if we use a manual screwdriver?
Pro Rider
What if the screw, it really tight and screwed into iron
The Arcadian
Great fix! Nice one, cheers! 👍
Lo Daughtry
That screw is stripped🤔
Drago XドラゴX
i can fix my beyblade string launcher now
marlia nngsh
Thanks.. very helpful
Rudi Yang
Kelly Ferguson
Simple and genius! Going to try it RIGHT now :)
0:35 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
OMG!! Thank you so Much! Need this NOW!! :-)
quit the rat race! financial independence
good hack but why screw it back in? lol
Math Teacher
I will definitely remember this. Maybe it won't work 100% of the time, but it looks like its worth a try.
아주 좋습니다.감사합니다. 저도 망가진 bolt가 있어서 걱정하던 중이었는데~
Pro Rider
What if the screw, it really tight and screwed into iron
Hoof Hearted
will old condoms from the 70's work?? got a box kickin round somewhere
Sain Arshad
Unbelievable. You get 5 stars
Soh Swee Gim
Thank you very much for sharing !
Albert Barnes
Every timeI use A robber breaks. Do you suggest lifestyles magnum Trojan?😂😂
minority report
Igor good idea, many people have this problem, and this is easy, economic solution ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Robin Yoon
Awesome... this video was short and straight to the point. I hate videos where the person spends the first 5 minutes of a 6 minute video talking and talking and talking. Thanks for the post igor30!
nice , but will it work on screw in metal 😉
Cal L
Nice tip. I do suggest you go with a pozidriv bit next time :)
Very helpful
Arthur Mann
Great idea!! Never though of this one. Thanks Igor!! :-)
aneta jones
omg thank you life saver
thepmongkhon tanthip
wow. thank you so much.
Henry Chan
A left hand spot drill will work too
f yourself
I tried it, did not work for me.
Maria H
brilliant, just brilliant
Samuel Caban
it wouldn't work on a hex bolt rusted on a metal machine tho....wood is easy
?몰카 구멍이다 빼애애이ㅣ애애애앵애애어어이어애어어앵 쒸익쒸익쒸익쒸익 꾸웨웨웨웨윀
Love the outro music :)
Sean Danes
absolutely brilliant tip.
Ken Collins
WHY do you keep putting that striped out screw back in? GET A NEW SCREW! UGH 💥 😱
Marko ASDA Driver
Thats just... WTF. Any other tricks.
Arthur Mann
Great idea!! Never thought of this one. Thanks Igor30!! :-)
Mikay Sage
nice! :-) this'll be very useful. thanks for sharing.
MEG, RS 4// Ramo.
THX Bro🙄👍
Phao Câu
you had teached me a lesson
Boss HoggingMex
Nice, great idea 👍🏼
Tristan Gasc
first ;) sinon bonne video
Tabrez Mulla
Thanks for this ideas
Nemesis 74
What the hell?!!!! Wished you had posted this vid years ago. Would have saved me all the headaches and time wasted. Thank you!
Kal Ali
what is the orange piece your using? is plastic ?
Sami Kettyles
thank u off to surch for some rubber
Jihadcy 16
I am a carpenter i learned from you and good respect sir. 1000 like
[Mr.][Asian][Guy] [Plays][Video][Games]
What if they are rusted to the surface that are in
Dark GT
In which universe that actually works?
darrell Prince
why did you round the head off in the 1st place? because it's a pz2 screw and you're using a ph2 bit... wrong bit bruce
Mark Collins
Use a left hand drill bit. When you drill into, will grab screw and extract it self.
Martin Anthonyo
The screw for the wiring of my bass is damaged, and I can't get it out, I need to fix it
Michael Low
that screw was really broken
Mikael Sundvisson
once you got it out a litte, you can put it in the screwdriver (the screw, not the bit) And the screw it out...
Lars-Erik Franson
Okey, getting it out great!But why would you use it again... 😳
Mystical Flame
it's a helpful trick. but what if this trick also not work. I face the problem. one of my laptop nut isn't unscrew with this trick. pls tell me anyother trick
Alas Kador
its easy to remove coz it was screwed on wood.. what if the broken screw is iron or motorcycle parts for example.. it wont work..
Try that with a twin thread 4" 5mm screw!!!
Jonathan DB
But how do i install a broken screw?
Morn star
now...that a really useful life hack...i needed that thanks
Alex Volk
отличный совет! благодарю.
Aidan Gribbin
Excellent. if I had  €1 for every rounded out screw I struggled with over the years, I would be rich.a bit of rubber in my toolbox from now on. thank you.
Carl Zorro
the best idea to remove a screw thanks.
kasno Ardiansyah
Work !!! Thanks man