Luke Nguyen with iain mckellar from just seaweed on the isle of Bute on the west coast of Scotland.

Luke nguyen harvesting seaweed with Iain mckellar from just seaweed (the seaweed guy) on the isle of Bute Scotland ALL SEAWEEDS AVAILABLE FOR WORLD WIDE SHIPPING FROM />Ii had a fantastic few days filming with luke.

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Oh no u dropped ur wok 😂
Is throwing the wok into the sea part of the langustine recipe?
milky white
I couldn't stop laughing when he dropped his wok!!!
Oh shi----jeeeesus! Hahahaha oh Luke 💕 he's so adorable
Kealan Gifford
Haha barbecuing steak and he brings chopsticks instead of a pair of tongs 😂
Linsey Huang
Love ur video anh ..
Hello Seaweed Man and Luke .. Beautiful water and looks very tasty cooking! Thank you for nice presentation. Maria
iain mckellar
theres more on the just seaweed website.
Ben Ten
Vivian Nadzharyan
This is what i call good EATS
Dun dun dun
that was lovely. I didn't know there were so many flavors of seaweed.
Che che Marquez
it's a nice smile!!!!
Milan Gurung
lol throwing out after done
" luke nguyen " he's my uncle. 👌👌
Peter Vautier
that thing was alive and he just starts cutting the legs off.....
sharon x
I'm starving now!
nguyen loan
u're vrry lovely chefcook , love ur video , thank u Luke Nguyen
Fausy Math
Lol good excuse to wash you dish.
jarred marques
I am a food advocate I wish I can team up with people and make a sentimental documentary about all the hidden gems pack with nutrient density.
Ruel Martinez
Same Filipino food,wow beautiful place
wow I love and appreciate the cinematography, music, food, and culture shown in this.
Noomwa Lis
Love Luke. Such a nice guy.
Melanie Balajadia
love seaweeds
Anooblikeguy Lol
Is there a low protein beef?
Angel Balbin
this is my favorite of luke's videos. i first have seen this in australia. we would borrow his videos in the library repeatedly. hahaha the wok
sandman olivia
so interesting
What a peaceful place
Karen Bergstrom
It cut off at the end... where's the rest?
IsugMasuko C2O
Wow! This is so delicious seafoods eats.. ahahahahahajhaajajaj the saucepan tous down im the beach. Lucky it is not run by the wind current. So fresh foods.
Dude randomly reaching into the water and naming things in the fly
this is great bro. thank you for putting out A++ quality work
Hy Truong
my idol
Lutfi Saidin
Feijoia Purple
trang xuan
cuộc sống thiên đường
decca ayu
I am comment hahhahhaha why wok throwing to the sea
Sam Sonite
New here. From philippines. Love to see your videos...
Jay D Great
the meat is still raw
Ketchup...silly fisherman...then he proceeds to basically make shallot infused ketchup/catsup to cook them
iain mckellar
Ulla Sari
ahahahah that must say "what a stupid human"
Gabriel Shaltiel
So you had to go where its mostly unpolluted?  It sickens me that the depletion of the earth of over fishing and now helping to deplete the shrimp in that area?  Go Vegan, STOP thinking every thing is ok! ITS NOT