Beautiful Relaxing Acoustic Guitar | Masaaki Kishibe | Dandelion | Taylor 314ce

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Daria Semikina
Support me on Patreon ( and get rewards such as mp3, tutorials and personal advice to improve your playing and recordings.
Jake Huff
Just curious: what nationality is the name Semikina? Masaaki Kishibe is a Japanese name, is it not? You play a lot of Masaaki's music. Do you know him personally? As I said, I'm just curious and would like to know more about you and your choices of music. Thanks, Daria.
Xiaowei Han
我正在学这首歌 很优美的旋律。 thank you ~
You Tube치양저격
It's nice!!!!
Ngọc Thái Đào Phạm
thank you very much!! beautiful melody
Nathan Medina
Very nice job. This sounds beautiful.
Albert Gyorfi
Nice playing! :)
Estephany De Luna
Do you play by ear??
Baynuri Ikhya
How you record this clean sound?
good quality !
Edward Aydon
very beautiful, love Japanese music
Hitoshi Yokoo
Very polite performance, beautiful sounds
Kevin Loh - Classical Guitarist
Many thumbs up Daria.
Mark Wilson
Beautifully played.
Irene Ting
lovely soothing melody! <3
Anthony Campanella
Sooo good!
Kevin Liwang