Damien Walters Falling With Style X

Subscribe for more: /> Damien Walters is a British gymnast, stuntman and parkour practitioner with one of the largest followings on YouTube. Star of Walters and Shieff as well as his own videos - this is where to find the latest content from Damien.

Michael Len
I kinda wish at some point you showed the landing. I understand the video's mainly about the stunts in the air, but without EVER showing a landing makes the whole edit feel incomplete.
so unsatisfying that you dont show the landing
Golden Bros Squad
Please do more content in general. I would like to see more than one video in one year :)
Много ли здесь нас ?? Русских!
Aleks Dark
есть русско говорящие ?
Where did you land? In a pool?
Rombout Versluijs
Damn 1scnd was already sick! Holy crap, havent seen vids from your channel in months... BUt hell did you upgrade on quality! Is this regular now or was this special shoot? Epic vid bro!
jake alexander
Cool editing and nice artistic angles, but I would've liked to actually see the full flips.
Trevor Dustin
It had way too much editing
Fun stuff but the edit killed me. I wanted to see more of the flips, but they kept cutting off. I also wanted to see what you were landing on.
Brandon F
I'll always come back to your vids Damien. No matter how long u make us wait😂
Flawless edit!! -Would’ve been cool if you followed that last shot through the landing.. 😎🤙🏼
Be a Game Character
Awesome video and editing, but I am irrationally upset that I never saw any landings. This feels like trick montage blue balls. O_O
Александр Александр
Уровень видео растёт) а количество трюков к сожалению нет.
ToughGamer Est
I was hoping everyone was ranting about not showing the landing, i was waiting for it the whole video too.
Damien only uploads like every 3 years but the wait is always worth jt
Tino Frei
Best legend in the whole world 🤙
maxime. bdq
nice 😎🤙🏾
I really want to meet you😩 your such a big inspiration🤙🏽❤️ i watched all your vids. Your tricks are just so creative. 2011 showreel is the best vid😆
Random Stuff
Ay bruh, time for 2018 showreel
song name and artist?
Китай Рулит
jacoboss 64
1st love you man
Shalini Tiwari
Please upload more parkour videos..
Alexander Khasib
Look who it is
Dave Slaz
WOW ! Epic editing !
Claudio Viola
Damien walters is the kind of guy who could be absolute number one in parkour, gynnastics ans stunt videos on youtube. There's like no competition, if he wanted to he could have the throne. But there are just not enough regular uploads on his channel. If he kept up what he was doing with the showreels from 2009 to 2011 his channel would be waaay past 5 million subscribers right now. Easy. And i know that's not what it's about, but i really do hope we will see more regular uploads and more compilations of stunts and gymnastics instead of overedited slowmo videos like this one. Still got mad respect fot the man, don't get me wrong.
Jeremy Christopher
I miss your vids man
Aexoero V
Next video: Landing with style! Meeeh.
13Express Gaming
been a while since you posted awesome video love the stunts post more videos
Lorenz Kami
Imagine living in that neighbourhood and seeing this regularly xD
Emmanuel Espinoza
Legend has it they're still falling
Classical Title
Please show in real speed not cutaways show from takeoff to landing please at least for a few of them. No POV shots?
Franc pug Mops
Make more videos plz
Seen Butcher
we need a best of 2018!!!
Daniel Kemnitz
Anyone been here long enough to remember the good old days of Damien and Livewire doing their interactive videos? Oh those were the days of innovative youtube editing :D
YouTube’s Greatest
Please upload more my guy
Adrian Alonso
The best is back ❤❤❤❤❤❤
yo... I don't know if you would be willing, but it'd be really fun to get access to the raw footage to play around with and make an edit of my own
Bryan Lyle
Wish this dude would just cosplay Saitama already.
This should be the music video for that song!!
Juston Johnson
Your a legend
sonny live
Damien banlieue ultimete?
That ending with the pipe, really nice how the guy fell.
Is Me Minh
is been a very long time
I watched you in 2016 at that moment you had only 10 thousand subscribers now more than 700 thousand oh times ....
1:55 spiderman ...anyone else tried to figure out where they landed?
Clean edit
Luis Aybar
Song name pls
Jake Lawrance
Everybody is asking about the landing. There was none. They just had heaps of stunt doubles
Isaiah Serrato
1st comment and like
It's very beautiful!!!
Leon Heart
MichaelReinoso CLASSICS
This video is epic ! Try watching it upside down even more awesome
The landing is prob more interesting.
super boss163
Куда они приземляются?
tell me the track please!
Зови Как Хочешь
Daru Warchief
Holy moly Im so fed up with slowmo, come on! Its not 2011 anymore!
Ben McKegg
Good song choice!!
Jan Simon
1:49 yo greg that's so cool
Aryan Sahani
I am your big fan
Зови Как Хочешь
idea too
cat intensifies
Not showing the landing is a really cool touch, this is sick
The Owen
Need to do videos with Tim and street media bro
toystory reference
Turgut Öksüzce
Why Greg, everytime? :)
Douglas Rodrigues
Uoow it's Very hard
Sasha BG
Woody : - thats not flying,that is falling with style.
Amberres 007
I can do that
David Ross
Where you been at???
Brixt Youtube
Green Jake
👍👍 Let us see it in real speed.
can we get 1000 subscribers With no video's??
Please come back
they dont show the landing because they land on hard ground so everyone only has one take.
Зови Как Хочешь
music good
Song name?
chris lowis
Welcome back! Bet that looked interesting from a distance without context
chris lowis
Welcome back! Bet that looked interesting from a distance without context
Roman Chetpes AZ
Yes good
Андрей Отряскин
Please, give me mp3 :)))
Wow this is cool
Jesus Pk
Very nice vidio ;) 😎🔥👌
This video felt like joke with no punch line cause we never see the landing.
Fin TF
Moni_ Kanoni
Nico Puls
Song name?
Dreck Ajax
You're a magician.
wirawan srg
Wow...amazing 😉😉
Maitre Manos
B Boy Lil Doo
Niiice damin